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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Camp Creek Hut ZLH/WC-016
Ces Clark Hut ZLH/WC-025
Cone Creek Hut ZLH/WC-029
Croesus Top Hut ZLH/WC-034
Elizabeth Hut ZLH/WC-042
Jacko Flat Hut ZLH/WC-065
Jim's Flat Hut ZLH/WC-067 YES YES
Kiwi Hut ZLH/WC-075
Lake Morgan Hut ZLH/WC-078
Mid Trent Hut ZLH/WC-092
Slaty Creek Hut ZLH/WC-125
Top Crooked Hut ZLH/WC-138
Top Trent (Lagoon) Hut ZLH/WC-143
Tutaekuri Hut ZLH/WC-150
Waikiti Hut ZLH/WC-153
Moonlight Tops Hut ZLH/WC-164 YES YES
Total Huts: 16 2 2
Cobden Island ZLI/WC-008
Killeen Island ZLI/WC-014
Refuge Island/Takataka ZLI/WC-021
Takatakaiti ZLI/WC-027
Total Islands: 4 0 0
Erua Moana ZLL/0105 YES YES
Kangaroo Lake ZLL/0172 YES YES
Lady Lake ZLL/0181 YES YES
Lake Ahaura ZLL/0186
Lake Avernus ZLL/0205
Lake Brunner / Moana ZLL/0226 YES YES
Lake Haupiri ZLL/0327 YES YES
Lake Hochstetter ZLL/0348
Lake Ida ZLL/0364
Lake Julia ZLL/0378
Lake Karoro ZLL/0397 YES YES
Lake Margaret ZLL/0465
Lake Morgan ZLL/0507
Lake Poerua ZLL/0590 YES YES
Lake Ruby ZLL/0702
Lake Ryan ZLL/0703 YES YES
Lake Swan ZLL/0723 YES YES
Lake Whitestone ZLL/0845
Swans Retreat Lagoon ZLL/1058 YES YES
Total Lakes: 19 10 10
Conservation Area - Otira-Kopara Forest ZLP/WC-0009
Conservation Area - Granville Forest ZLP/WC-0023
Conservation Area - Paparoa Range South ZLP/WC-0025
Conservation Area - Hohonu Forest ZLP/WC-0033
Granville Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0042
Bell Hill - Granite Hill Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0043
Hochstetter Wildlife Management Area ZLP/WC-0044
Card Creek Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0048
Otututu Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0050
Flagstaff Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0051
Greenstone Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0052
Granville Wildlife Management Area ZLP/WC-0056 YES YES
Conservation Area - Blackwater Creek - Souters Creek ZLP/WC-0057
Conservation Area - Lake Brunner ZLP/WC-0059 YES YES
Mt Te Kinga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0060 YES YES
Roaring Meg Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0064
Lake Hochstetter Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0066
Saxton Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0075
Mount Harata Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0077
Conservation Area - Callaghans Creek ZLP/WC-0078
Lake Ahaura Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0081
Conservation Area - Mt Marshall ZLP/WC-0082
Waipuna Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0087
Conservation Area - Brunner Forest ZLP/WC-0092
Ahaura Terraces Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0094 YES YES
Conservation Area - Ongionui Creek ZLP/WC-0095
Woods Creek Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0100
Omotumotu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0105
Conservation Area - Cockeye Creek - Cockabulla Creek ZLP/WC-0107
Conservation Area - Ahaura Riverbed ZLP/WC-0108 YES YES
Deep Creek Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0111
Rapahoe Range Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0114
Bywash Pakihi Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0118
Conservation Area - Mcleans Creek ZLP/WC-0122
Three Mile Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0125
Nelson Creek Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0131
Specially Protected Area - Westland Petrel - Punakaiki River ZLP/WC-0132
Conservation Area - Otututu Valley ZLP/WC-0133
Conservation Area - Eleven Mile Creek ZLP/WC-0139
Conservation Area - Ahaura River ZLP/WC-0141
Lady Lake Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0148 YES YES
Conservation area - Ex Harbour Board Endowment, Sewell Peak ZLP/WC-0152
Ahaura - Kopara Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0154
Conservation Area - Lake Hochstetter ZLP/WC-0158
Moonlight Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0159
Ahaura Road Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0160
Hohonu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0165
Nancy's Clearing Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0168
Conservation Area - Sewell Peak ZLP/WC-0170
Conservation Area - Taramakau Riverbed ZLP/WC-0173
Conservation Area - Grey Riverbed ZLP/WC-0174
Three Mile Hill Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0177
Lake Brunner Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0178
Arnold River Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0185
Lake Haupiri Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0189
Lake Hochstetter Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0191
Ahaura River East Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0193
Scenic Reserve - Haupiri ZLP/WC-0199
Marsden Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0204
Conservation Area - Roa - Blackball Creek ZLP/WC-0205
Revell Terrace Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0206
Ahaura River Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0207
Otututu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0214
Deadman Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0216
Arorangi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0225
Conservation Area - Paynes Gully Road ZLP/WC-0233
Conservation Area - Fireball Creek ZLP/WC-0238
Conservation Area - Atarau ZLP/WC-0239
Coal Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0248
Conservation Area - Bell Hill ZLP/WC-0250
Conservation Area - Nine Mile Creek ZLP/WC-0257
Conservation Area - Rough River ZLP/WC-0266
Conservation Area - Kangaroo Lake ZLP/WC-0276 YES YES
Conservation Area - Nelson Creek Riverbed ZLP/WC-0280
Conservation Area - Ten Mile Creek ZLP/WC-0285
Tini Kaiwai Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0290
Craigieburn Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0293
Conservation Area - Paparoa Forest ZLP/WC-0303
Conservation Area - Maori Gully Creek ZLP/WC-0318
Conservation Area - Runanga ZLP/WC-0319
Conservation Area - Moonlight Creek ZLP/WC-0320
Conservation Area - Haupiri River ZLP/WC-0322
Conservation Area - Moana ZLP/WC-0325
Conservation Area - Barrytown Flat ZLP/WC-0332
Te Ara Taiko Nature Reserve ZLP/WC-0336
Bell Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0337
Conservation Area - Blackball Creek and Terraces ZLP/WC-0346
Conservation Area - Bell Hill Farm ZLP/WC-0349
Pike Stream Conservation Area ZLP/WC-0353
Lake Whitestone Tapuhoki Wairua Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0356
Conservation Area - Waipuna Clarke River ZLP/WC-0363
Conservation Area - Hohonu River ZLP/WC-0367
Eldon Coates Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0372
Mosquito Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0373
Moana Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0380
Punakaiki Nature Reserve ZLP/WC-0384
Orangipuku River Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0387
Conservation Area - Seven Mile Creek ZLP/WC-0391
Conservation Area - Crooked River ZLP/WC-0393 YES YES
Punakaiki Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0402
Conservation Area - Blackball ZLP/WC-0404
Conservation Area - Big River ZLP/WC-0405
Conservation Area - Grey River ZLP/WC-0406
Conservation Area - Cape Terrace ZLP/WC-0419
Conservation Area - Barrytown - S.H.6 ZLP/WC-0422
Conservation Area - Greenstone River ZLP/WC-0427
Scenic Reserve - Coast Road, Barrytown ZLP/WC-0445
Paynes Gully Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0448
Conservation Area - Batty Creek ZLP/WC-0451
Crooked River Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0455
Conservation Area - Nelson Creek Farm ZLP/WC-0457
Conservation Area - Arnolds River ZLP/WC-0463
Conservation Area - Camerons ZLP/WC-0468
Nelson Creek Recreation Reserve ZLP/WC-0496
Conservation Area - Haupiri ZLP/WC-0509
Conservation Area - Canoe Creek ZLP/WC-0515
Conservation Area - Rapahoe ZLP/WC-0524
Scenic Reserve - Lawson Creek ZLP/WC-0554
Conservation Area - Hochstetter Forest ZLP/WC-0559
Langridge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0573
Conservation Area - Crane Creek - Haupiri Road ZLP/WC-0591
Conservation Area - Mitchells ZLP/WC-0605
Conservation Area - Kangaroo Creek ZLP/WC-0609
Total Parks: 123 8 8
Paparoa National Park ZL-0037 YES YES
Bell Hill Granite Hill Nature Reserve ZL-0074
Card Creek Ecological Area ZL-0080
Granville Forest Conservation Area ZL-0091
Hohonu Forest Conservation Area ZL-0093
Otira Kopara Forest Conservation Area ZL-0107
Paparoa Range South Conservation Area ZL-0108
Granville Nature Reserve ZL-0129
Hochstetter Wildlife Management Area ZL-0135
Otututu Ecological Area ZL-0180
Granville Ecological Area ZL-0274
Flagstaff Ecological Area ZL-0499
Greenstone Ecological Area ZL-0500
Granville Wildlife Management Area ZL-0503 YES YES
Blackwater Creek - Souters Creek Conservation Area ZL-0505
Lake Brunner Conservation Area ZL-0506 YES YES
Mt Te Kinga Scenic Reserve ZL-0508
Roaring Meg Ecological Area ZL-0511
Lake Hochstetter Conservation Area ZL-0513
Saxton Ecological Area ZL-0521
Mount Harata Ecological Area ZL-0524
Callaghans Creek Conservation Park ZL-0525
Lake Ahaura Amenity Area Reserve ZL-0528
Mt Marshall Conservation Area ZL-0529
Waipuna Ecological Area ZL-0534
Brunner Forest Conservation Area ZL-0536
Ahaura Terraces Ecological Area ZL-0537 YES YES
Ongionui Creek Conservation Area ZL-0539
Woods Creek Amenity Area Reserve ZL-0544
Omotumotu Scenic Reserve ZL-0549
Cockeye Creek - Cockabulla Creek Conservation Area ZL-0551
Ahaura Riverbed Conservation Area ZL-0552 YES YES
Deep Creek Ecological Area ZL-0555
Total POTA Parks: 33 5 5
SOTA Summit
Mount Alexander ZL3/WC-177
Mount Ajax ZL3/WC-218
Mount Elizabeth ZL3/WC-262
ZL3/WC-266 ZL3/WC-266
ZL3/WC-273 ZL3/WC-273
ZL3/WC-303 ZL3/WC-303
Mount Howe ZL3/WC-306
ZL3/WC-316 ZL3/WC-316
ZL3/WC-324 ZL3/WC-324
ZL3/WC-340 ZL3/WC-340
ZL3/WC-344 ZL3/WC-344
Fetlock Shrouds ZL3/WC-349
Mount Monotis ZL3/WC-359
ZL3/WC-370 ZL3/WC-370
ZL3/WC-376 ZL3/WC-376
ZL3/WC-379 ZL3/WC-379
Mount Wilson ZL3/WC-382
ZL3/WC-386 ZL3/WC-386
ZL3/WC-387 ZL3/WC-387
Alexander Range ZL3/WC-393
ZL3/WC-410 ZL3/WC-410
ZL3/WC-412 ZL3/WC-412
ZL3/WC-425 ZL3/WC-425
ZL3/WC-429 ZL3/WC-429
Mount O'Shanessy ZL3/WC-430
Mount Lodge ZL3/WC-443
ZL3/WC-461 ZL3/WC-461
Mount Priestley ZL3/WC-466
Mt Elliot ZL3/WC-467
The Pinnacle ZL3/WC-472
ZL3/WC-478 ZL3/WC-478
Mount Treacey ZL3/WC-486
Mount Bruce Murray ZL3/WC-488
Mount Newcombe ZL3/WC-495
ZL3/WC-500 ZL3/WC-500
Mount Pecksniff ZL3/WC-507
Mount French ZL3/WC-508 YES YES
Ben Claddagh ZL3/WC-510
ZL3/WC-511 ZL3/WC-511
ZL3/WC-513 ZL3/WC-513
Taff Tor ZL3/WC-516
Mount Marshall ZL3/WC-519
Mount Mason ZL3/WC-521
Mount Smart ZL3/WC-527
ZL3/WC-529 ZL3/WC-529
White Knight ZL3/WC-533
Mount Ryall ZL3/WC-535 YES YES
Mount Te Kinga ZL3/WC-539
Granite Hill ZL3/WC-551
Paparoa Range (South) ZL3/WC-559
ZL3/WC-571 ZL3/WC-571
Mt Davy ZL3/WC-575 YES YES
ZL3/WC-591 ZL3/WC-591
ZL3/WC-594 ZL3/WC-594
Bell Hill ZL3/WC-609
ZL3/WC-615 ZL3/WC-615
ZL3/WC-632 ZL3/WC-632
ZL3/WC-658 ZL3/WC-658
ZL3/WC-672 ZL3/WC-672
Lake Hill ZL3/WC-676
Kakawau ZL3/WC-690
ZL3/WC-695 ZL3/WC-695
Kinsella Peak ZL3/WC-702
ZL3/WC-704 ZL3/WC-704
ZL3/WC-705 ZL3/WC-705
Rata Tree Peak ZL3/WC-706
ZL3/WC-714 ZL3/WC-714
Mount Buckley ZL3/WC-715
ZL3/WC-720 ZL3/WC-720
ZL3/WC-721 ZL3/WC-721 YES YES
Rapahoe (Twelve Apostles) Range ZL3/WC-722
Three Mile Hill ZL3/WC-724
ZL3/WC-726 ZL3/WC-726
ZL3/WC-732 ZL3/WC-732
ZL3/WC-734 ZL3/WC-734
Total SOTA Summits: 75 4 4
Bell Hill-Granite Hill Ecological Area ZLFF-0104
Big River Conservation Area ZLFF-0106
Card Creek Ecological Area ZLFF-0111
Granville Ecological Area ZLFF-0125
Granville Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0126
Hochstetter Wildlife Management Area ZLFF-0129
Hohonu Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0130
Otira-Kopara Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0178
Otututu Ecological Area ZLFF-0179
Paparoa Range South Conservation Area ZLFF-0181
Total WWFF Parks: 10 0 0