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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Girdlestone ZL1/HWL-001
North King ZL1/HWL-002
Field Peak ZL1/HWL-003
Pukemoremore ZL1/HWL-004
Waingawa ZL1/HWL-005
Alpha ZL1/HWL-006
Quoin ZL1/HWL-007
Wright ZL1/HWL-008
Hells Gate ZL1/HWL-009
Neill ZL1/HWL-010
Haukura Ridge East ZL1/HWL-011
Omega ZL1/HWL-012
Elder ZL1/HWL-013
Concertina Knob ZL1/HWL-014
NoName ZL1/HWL-015
Blue Ridge (north) ZL1/HWL-016
Blake ZL1/HWL-017
Tangata Maunga ZL1/HWL-018
Tauherehikau ZL1/HWL-019
Raeotutemahuta ZL1/HWL-020
NoName ZL1/HWL-021
Jackatoo Spur ZL1/HWL-022
NoName ZL1/HWL-023
NoName ZL1/HWL-024
Rovers Hill ZL1/HWL-025
Pukeatua ZL1/HWL-026
NoName ZL1/HWL-027
Siberia ZL1/HWL-028
Whakanui Track (high point) ZL1/HWL-029
McKerrow ZL1/HWL-030
NoName ZL1/HWL-031
NoName ZL1/HWL-032
NoName ZL1/HWL-033
NoName ZL1/HWL-034
Tawera ZL1/HWL-035
NoName ZL1/HWL-036
NoName ZL1/HWL-037
NoName ZL1/HWL-038
NoName ZL1/HWL-039
Kakariki (high point) ZL1/HWL-040
NoName ZL1/HWL-041
NoName ZL1/HWL-042
Finis ZL1/HWL-043
NoName ZL1/HWL-044
NoName ZL1/HWL-045
NoName ZL1/HWL-046
NoName ZL1/HWL-047
Didet ZL1/HWL-048
NoName ZL1/HWL-049
Taipo Minor (high point) ZL1/HWL-050
Mangatarere ZL1/HWL-051
NoName ZL1/HWL-052
Mt Dick ZL1/HWL-053
NoName ZL1/HWL-054
NoName ZL1/HWL-055
Maungaraki ZL1/HWL-056
Pariwhariki ZL1/HWL-057
Rocky Hill Road ZL1/HWL-058
Black Mountain ZL1/HWL-059
NoName ZL1/HWL-060
NoName ZL1/HWL-061
Spothill ZL1/HWL-062
NoName ZL1/HWL-063
NoName ZL1/HWL-064
Rocky Hills ZL1/HWL-065
NoName ZL1/HWL-066
Pukekowhai ZL1/HWL-067
NoName ZL1/HWL-068
NoName ZL1/HWL-069
Summit Station (high point) ZL1/HWL-070
NoName ZL1/HWL-071
Cooks Road (high point) ZL1/HWL-072
Mt Misery ZL1/HWL-073
Pukeroro ZL1/HWL-074
NoName ZL1/HWL-075
NoName ZL1/HWL-076
Wharepapa Hut (high point) ZL1/HWL-077
NoName ZL1/HWL-078
Baker ZL1/HWL-079
Three Skulls ZL1/HWL-080
Moonshine Hill ZL1/HWL-081
NoName ZL1/HWL-082
Trig A21P ZL1/HWL-083
NoName ZL1/HWL-084
Whakarora ZL1/HWL-085
NoName ZL1/HWL-086
NoName ZL1/HWL-087
NoName ZL1/HWL-088
NoName ZL1/HWL-089
Waitawhiti Road (high point) ZL1/HWL-090
NoName ZL1/HWL-091
Trig A409 ZL1/HWL-092
Arikirau ZL1/HWL-093
NoName ZL1/HWL-094
NoName ZL1/HWL-095
Shepherd ZL1/HWL-096
NoName ZL1/HWL-097
Whakataranui ZL1/HWL-098
Nabhra (high point) ZL1/HWL-099
NoName ZL1/HWL-100
NoName ZL1/HWL-101
NoName ZL1/HWL-102
Flagstaff ZL1/HWL-103
NoName ZL1/HWL-104
Manawa ZL1/HWL-105
NoName ZL1/HWL-106
NoName ZL1/HWL-107
Puketeitei ZL1/HWL-108
Round Top (high point) ZL1/HWL-109
NoName ZL1/HWL-110
NoName ZL1/HWL-111
Umuhikiwaha ZL1/HWL-112
NoName ZL1/HWL-113
NoName ZL1/HWL-114
NoName ZL1/HWL-115
NoName ZL1/HWL-116
Mowlem (high point) ZL1/HWL-117
NoName ZL1/HWL-118
NoName ZL1/HWL-119
Dodgshun ZL1/HWL-120
Trig A2R7 ZL1/HWL-121
NoName ZL1/HWL-122
NoName ZL1/HWL-123
NoName ZL1/HWL-124
Trig A21F ZL1/HWL-125
NoName ZL1/HWL-126
NoName ZL1/HWL-127
NoName ZL1/HWL-128
NoName ZL1/HWL-129
Mt York ZL1/HWL-130
NoName ZL1/HWL-131
NoName ZL1/HWL-132
NoName ZL1/HWL-133
NoName ZL1/HWL-134
NoName ZL1/HWL-135
Pukeatua ZL1/HWL-136
Mt Grace ZL1/HWL-137
NoName ZL1/HWL-138
NoName ZL1/HWL-139
NoName ZL1/HWL-140
NoName ZL1/HWL-141
Limestone ZL1/HWL-142
Towai (high point) ZL1/HWL-143
NoName ZL1/HWL-144
NoName ZL1/HWL-145
NoName ZL1/HWL-146
NoName ZL1/HWL-147
Tinui Hill ZL1/HWL-148
NoName ZL1/HWL-149
Razorback (south) ZL1/HWL-150
NoName ZL1/HWL-151
Okoropeka (high point) ZL1/HWL-152
Trig 7802 ZL1/HWL-153
Trig A40L (high point) ZL1/HWL-154
NoName ZL1/HWL-155
NoName ZL1/HWL-156
NoName ZL1/HWL-157
Trooper ZL1/HWL-158
Motumatai ZL1/HWL-159
Trig B665 ZL1/HWL-160
Seaview ZL1/HWL-161
NoName ZL1/HWL-162
Trig B66A ZL1/HWL-163
NoName ZL1/HWL-164
NoName ZL1/HWL-165
NoName ZL1/HWL-166
NoName ZL1/HWL-167
NoName ZL1/HWL-168
Tirohanga ZL1/HWL-169
NoName ZL1/HWL-170
NoName ZL1/HWL-171
Upper Witako ZL1/HWL-172
NoName ZL1/HWL-173
NoName ZL1/HWL-174
NoName ZL1/HWL-175
Cairn (high point) ZL1/HWL-176
Racetrack ZL1/HWL-177
NoName ZL1/HWL-178
NoName ZL1/HWL-179
NoName ZL1/HWL-180
NoName ZL1/HWL-181
NoName ZL1/HWL-182
NoName ZL1/HWL-183
NoName ZL1/HWL-184
NoName ZL1/HWL-185
NoName ZL1/HWL-186
NoName ZL1/HWL-187
NoName ZL1/HWL-188
NoName ZL1/HWL-189
Kaikaikuri ZL1/HWL-190
NoName ZL1/HWL-191
NoName ZL1/HWL-192
NoName ZL1/HWL-193
NoName ZL1/HWL-194
NoName ZL1/HWL-195
NoName ZL1/HWL-196
NoName ZL1/HWL-197
Castle Hill ZL1/HWL-198
Mataihuka ZL1/HWL-199
Tareremango ZL1/HWL-200
Mt Victoria ZL1/HWL-201
NoName ZL1/HWL-202
Mt Albert ZL1/HWL-203
Para ZL1/HWL-204
Mana Island ZL1/HWL-205
Total HEMA Humps: 205 0 0
Alpha Hut ZLH/WL-001
Anderson Memorial Hut ZLH/WL-002
Aokaparangi Hut ZLH/WL-003
Arete Forks Hut ZLH/WL-004
Arete Hut ZLH/WL-005
Atiwhakatu Hut ZLH/WL-006
Barneys Whare ZLH/WL-007 YES YES
Blue Range Hut ZLH/WL-008
Boar Inn ZLH/WL-009
Carkeek Hut ZLH/WL-010
Cattle Ridge Hut ZLH/WL-011
Cone Hut ZLH/WL-012
Cow Creek Hut ZLH/WL-013
Dorset Ridge Hut ZLH/WL-014
Dracophyllum Hut ZLH/WL-015
Dundas Hut ZLH/WL-016
Elder Hut ZLH/WL-017
Field Hut ZLH/WL-018
Haurangi Hut ZLH/WL-019
Holdsworth Lodge ZLH/WL-020
Island Forks Hut ZLH/WL-021
Jacks Flat Biv ZLH/WL-022
Jans Hut ZLH/WL-023
Jumbo Hut ZLH/WL-024
Kapakapanui Hut ZLH/WL-025
Kawakawa Hut ZLH/WL-026
Kime Hut ZLH/WL-027
Lock Hut ZLH/WL-028 YES YES
Mahoe Hut ZLH/WL-029 YES YES
Mangatoetoe Hut ZLH/WL-030
Maungahuka Hut ZLH/WL-031
McGregor Bivvy ZLH/WL-032
Mid King Bivvy ZLH/WL-033
Mid Otaki Bio Hut ZLH/WL-034
Mid Waiohine Hut ZLH/WL-035
Mitre Flats Hut ZLH/WL-036
Mountain House shelter ZLH/WL-037
Neill Forks Hut ZLH/WL-038
Nichols Hut ZLH/WL-039
Orange Hut ZLH/WL-040
Papatahi Hut ZLH/WL-041
Pararaki Hut ZLH/WL-042
Parawai Lodge ZLH/WL-043
Penn Creek Hut ZLH/WL-044
Powell Hut ZLH/WL-045
Raukawa Lodge ZLH/WL-046
Renata Hut ZLH/WL-047
Roaring Stag Hut ZLH/WL-048
Sayers Hut ZLH/WL-049
Smiths Creek Shelter ZLH/WL-050
Sutherlands Hut ZLH/WL-051
Tarn Ridge Hut ZLH/WL-052
Tauanui Hut ZLH/WL-053
Te Kopi Lodge ZLH/WL-054
Te Matawai Hut ZLH/WL-055
Totara Flats Hut ZLH/WL-056
Turere Lodge ZLH/WL-057
Tutuwai Hut ZLH/WL-058
Waiorongomai Hut ZLH/WL-059
Waiotauru Hut ZLH/WL-060
Waitewaewae Hut ZLH/WL-061
Washpool Hut ZLH/WL-062
Wharepapa Hut ZLH/WL-063
Zacs Hut ZLH/WL-064
Total Huts: 64 3 3
Kapiti Island ZLI/WL-002
Mākaro / Ward Island ZLI/WL-005
Mana Island ZLI/WL-006
Matiu/Somes Island ZLI/WL-007 YES YES
Mokopuna Island ZLI/WL-008
Tahoramaurea Island (Browns Island) ZLI/WL-011
Taputeranga Island ZLI/WL-012
Tokomapuna Island (Aeroplane Island) ZLI/WL-013
Total Islands: 8 1 1
Battery Pond ZLL/0025
Boggy Pond Lagoon ZLL/0042 YES YES
Duckpond ZLL/0097 YES YES
Horseshoe Lagoon ZLL/0147 YES YES
Lake Kohangapiripiri ZLL/0412 YES YES
Lake Kohangatera ZLL/0413 YES YES
Lake Ngānoke ZLL/0524
Lake Ōnoke ZLL/0550
Lake Pounui ZLL/0599
Lake Waiorongomai ZLL/0816
Lake Wairarapa ZLL/0822 YES YES
Lake Waitawa ZLL/0826 YES YES
Macaskill Lakes ZLL/0878 YES YES
Ngatotara Lagoon ZLL/0928
Ōkupe Lagoon ZLL/0941
Tōtara Lagoon ZLL/1095 YES YES
Waimeha Lagoon ZLL/1123 YES YES
Whairepo Lagoon ZLL/1141 YES YES
Total Lakes: 18 11 11
Baring Head ZLB/004 YES YES
Cape Palliser ZLB/017 YES YES
Castle Point ZLB/023
Honeycomb ZLB/039
Karori Rock / Tongue Point ZLB/044 YES YES
Matiu / Somes Island ZLB/051
Ohau Point ZLB/058 YES YES
Pencarrow Head (historic) ZLB/063 YES YES
Pencarrow Head ZLB/064 YES YES
Point Halswell ZLB/069 YES YES
Total Lighthouses: 10 7 7
Tararua Forest Park ZLP/WL-0001 YES YES
Rimutaka Forest Park ZLP/WL-0002 YES YES
Aorangi Forest Park ZLP/WL-0003 YES YES
Lake Wairarapa Wetland Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0004 YES YES
Penn Creek Ecological Area ZLP/WL-0005
Kapiti Island Nature Reserve ZLP/WL-0006
Rewa Bush Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0007 YES YES
Mount Bruce Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0008
Kaitawa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0009
Queen Elizabeth Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0010 YES YES
Tora Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0011
Dry Creek Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0012 YES YES
Whareroa Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0013
Rocky Hills Sanctuary Area ZLP/WL-0015
Eastbourne Domain ZLP/WL-0016 YES YES
Hemi Matenga Memorial Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0017
Scenic Reserve - Baring Head (East Harbour Regional Park) ZLP/WL-0018 YES YES
Paraparaumu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0019
Whitireia Recreation Reserve (known as Whitireia Park) ZLP/WL-0020 YES YES
Mākara Hill (Peak) Mountain Bike Park Scenic Reserve (known as Mākara Peak Reserve) ZLP/WL-0021 YES YES
Mana Island Scientific Reserve ZLP/WL-0023
Maungakotukutuku Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0024
Scenic Reserve - Northcote Street - Wainuiomata ZLP/WL-0025
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at Parkway North, Wainuiomata - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0026
Awarua Street Reserves Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0027
Tauweru Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0028
Wainuiomata Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0029
Oumakura Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0030
Carrington Creek Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0031
Recreation Reserve (located off Stokes Valley Road, Lower Hutt) ZLP/WL-0032
Colonial Knob Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0033
Boar Creek Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0034
Turakirae Head Scientific Reserve ZLP/WL-0035
Stonewall Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0036
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located in the vicinity of Rata Street, Wesleyhaven - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0037
Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0038
Belmont Regional Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0039
Recreation Reserve - Wairarapa Lake Domain ZLP/WL-0040
Kilmister Tops Reserve Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0041
Wrights Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0042 YES YES
Caribbean Avenue Reserve Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0043 YES YES
Recreation Reserve - Eastern Hutt Road - Taita ZLP/WL-0044
Otari Farms Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0045
Scenic Reserve - Rimutaka Range SH 2 - Wellington Regional Council ZLP/WL-0046 YES YES
Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve ZLP/WL-0047
Wainuiomata West Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0048
Coastal Cliffs Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0049
Castlepoint Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0050
Recreation Reserve (alongside the Waikanae River) ZLP/WL-0051
Taungata Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0052
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at Sunny Grove, Wainuiomata - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0054
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at 42A Enfield Street, Wainuiomata - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0056
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located in the vicinity of the Eastern Hills, Wingate/Stokes Valley - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0057
Lake Kohangatera and Lake Kohangapiripiri Scientific Reserve ZLP/WL-0059 YES YES
Waihinahina Park - in memory of Dennis Duggan Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0060 YES YES
Lowry Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0061
Ocean Beach Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0062
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located in the vicinity of the end of Seddon Street, Naenae - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0063
Khandallah Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0064
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at the end of Rata Street, Naenae - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0065
Lowes Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0066
Trentham Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0067 YES YES
Mowlem Bush Scenic Reserve, Wainuiomata - Lower Hutt City ZLP/WL-0069 YES YES
Carey's Gully Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0070 YES YES
Scenic Reserve - Marine Drive ZLP/WL-0072
Johnston's Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0073 YES YES
Hillcroft Road Reserves Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0074
Carter Wildlife Refuge ZLP/WL-0075 YES YES
Carter Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0076 YES YES
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at Wright Street, Wainuiomata - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0077
Seton Nossiter Park Scenic Reserve (known as Seton Nossiter Park) ZLP/WL-0078
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at 215 Waddington Drive, Naenae - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0079
Scenic Reserve (located off Wainuiomata Road, Wainuiomata) ZLP/WL-0080
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located in the vicinity of the end of Whites Line East Road, Woburn - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0081
Wairarapa Lake Shore Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0083
Otaki Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0084
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at or in the vicinity of 53A-53D Kamahi Street, Stokes Valley - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0085
Mangaone Road Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0087
Waimeha Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0088 YES YES
Recreation Reserve (located in Waitangirua Corridor, Porirua City) ZLP/WL-0089
Tauherenikau Conservation Area ZLP/WL-0090
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located at the end of Wilcox Grove, Naenae - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0091
Old Coach Road Reserve (or Reserves) Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0092
Otari Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0093
Karori Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0095 YES YES
Gilberd Bush Reserves Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0096
Woodburn Reserve Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0097
Un-named Scenic Reserve (located in the vicinity of 10 and 12 Boyd Grove, Naenae - Lower Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0098
Percy's Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0099 YES YES
Pencarrow Head Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0100 YES YES
Taita Scientific Reserve ZLP/WL-0103
Mangaroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0104 YES YES
Pukerua Bay Scientific Reserve ZLP/WL-0106
Fitzherbert Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0107
Hikoikoi Reserve Recreation Reserve ZLP/WL-0109 YES YES
Scenic Reserve - Manuka Street - Stokes Valley ZLP/WL-0110
Recreation Reserve (located at 27A Matuhi Street/142 Tirohanga Road, Tirohanga -Hutt City) ZLP/WL-0111 YES YES
Tuhitarata Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WL-0113
Battle Hill Farm Regional Park ZLP/WL-0388 YES YES
Queen Elizabeth Regional Park ZLP/WL-0389 YES YES
Kaitoke Regional Park ZLP/WL-0390 YES YES
East Harbour Regional Park ZLP/WL-0391 YES YES
Belmont Regional Park ZLP/WL-0392 YES YES
Riversdale Marginal Strip ZLP/WL-0395
Titahi Bay Beach Marginal Strip ZLP/WL-0396
Akatarawa Forest Regional Park ZLP/WL-0397 YES YES
Pakuratahi Forest Regional Park ZLP/WL-0398 YES YES
Wainuiomata Recreation Area Regional Park ZLP/WL-0399 YES YES
Hutt River Regional Park ZLP/WL-0400 YES YES
Total Parks: 109 38 38
Battle Hill Farm Regional Park NZ-0046 YES YES
Belmont Regional Park NZ-0047 YES YES
East Harbour Regional Park NZ-0048 YES YES
Kaitoke Regional Park NZ-0049 YES YES
Queen Elizabeth Regional Park NZ-0050 YES YES
Aorangi Forest Park NZ-0056 YES YES
Remutaka Forest Park NZ-0065 YES YES
Tararua Forest Park NZ-0067 YES YES
Lake Wairarapa Wetland Conservation Area NZ-0151 YES YES
Akatarawa Forest Regional Park NZ-0242 YES YES
Pākuratahi Forest Regional Park NZ-0243 YES YES
Wainuiomata Regional Park NZ-0244 YES YES
Tōtara Regional Reserve NZ-0245 YES YES
Penn Creek Ecological Area NZ-0586
Kapiti Island Nature Reserve NZ-0587
Rewa Bush Conservation Area NZ-0588 YES YES
Total POTA Parks: 16 14 14
SOTA Summit
Tawhero ZL1/MW-079
ZL1/MW-166 ZL1/MW-166
Omaruapakihau ZL1/MW-189
Mitre ZL1/WL-001
McGregor ZL1/WL-002
Bannister ZL1/WL-003
Mount Hector ZL1/WL-004
Arete ZL1/WL-005
Lancaster ZL1/WL-006
Logan ZL1/WL-007
Mount Holdsworth ZL1/WL-008 YES YES
Mount Crawford ZL1/WL-009
Aokaparangi ZL1/WL-010
Maungahuka ZL1/WL-011
Kahiwiroa ZL1/WL-012
Quoin ZL1/WL-013
ZL1/WL-014 ZL1/WL-014
Te Mara ZL1/WL-015
Kapakapanui ZL1/WL-016 YES YES
Twin Peak ZL1/WL-017
Oriwa ZL1/WL-018
ZL1/WL-019 ZL1/WL-019
Mount Ross ZL1/WL-020
Te Maunga ZL1/WL-021
ZL1/WL-022 ZL1/WL-022
Mount Matthews ZL1/WL-023 YES YES
ZL1/WL-024 ZL1/WL-024
Papatahi ZL1/WL-025 YES YES
Reeves ZL1/WL-026 YES YES
ZL1/WL-027 ZL1/WL-027
Mount Barton ZL1/WL-028
Pinnacle ZL1/WL-029
ZL1/WL-030 ZL1/WL-030
The Peak ZL1/WL-031 YES YES
Bull Hill ZL1/WL-032
Climie ZL1/WL-033 YES YES
Waitatapia ZL1/WL-034 YES YES
ZL1/WL-035 ZL1/WL-035
Mangatoetoe ZL1/WL-036
Maymorn ZL1/WL-037
ZL1/WL-038 ZL1/WL-038
Tapokopoko ZL1/WL-039 YES YES
Kakanui ZL1/WL-040 YES YES
ZL1/WL-041 ZL1/WL-041
Waiohine ZL1/WL-042
Bawbaw ZL1/WL-043
Kaiwhiri ZL1/WL-044
ZL1/WL-045 ZL1/WL-045 YES YES
ZL1/WL-046 ZL1/WL-046 YES YES
Mount Mabel ZL1/WL-047
ZL1/WL-048 ZL1/WL-048
Dagg ZL1/WL-049
Iraia ZL1/WL-050
ZL1/WL-051 ZL1/WL-051
Winzenburg Hill ZL1/WL-052
Whakapapa ZL1/WL-053 YES
Rimutaka ZL1/WL-054 YES YES
Wainui ZL1/WL-055 YES YES
High Misty ZL1/WL-056 YES YES
Bruces Hill ZL1/WL-057 YES YES
Maunganui ZL1/WL-058
McKerrow ZL1/WL-059 YES YES
ZL1/WL-060 ZL1/WL-060
Deraa ZL1/WL-061
ZL1/WL-062 ZL1/WL-062
ZL1/WL-063 ZL1/WL-063
Mount Adams ZL1/WL-064
Kaumatua Ridge ZL1/WL-065
ZL1/WL-066 ZL1/WL-066
Devine ZL1/WL-067 YES YES
ZL1/WL-068 ZL1/WL-068
Mount Barton ZL1/WL-069
ZL1/WL-070 ZL1/WL-070
Popes Hill ZL1/WL-071
ZL1/WL-072 ZL1/WL-072
Rangitumau ZL1/WL-073
Field ZL1/WL-074 YES YES
ZL1/WL-075 ZL1/WL-075
ZL1/WL-076 ZL1/WL-076
ZL1/WL-077 ZL1/WL-077
ZL1/WL-078 ZL1/WL-078
Rewa ZL1/WL-079
Tent ZL1/WL-080
ZL1/WL-081 ZL1/WL-081
Snowden ZL1/WL-082
Kawakawa ZL1/WL-083
ZL1/WL-084 ZL1/WL-084
ZL1/WL-085 ZL1/WL-085
Outlook Hill ZL1/WL-086
ZL1/WL-087 ZL1/WL-087
ZL1/WL-088 ZL1/WL-088
ZL1/WL-089 ZL1/WL-089
ZL1/WL-090 ZL1/WL-090
ZL1/WL-091 ZL1/WL-091
High Maunganui ZL1/WL-092
Tuteremoana ZL1/WL-093 YES YES
ZL1/WL-094 ZL1/WL-094
ZL1/WL-095 ZL1/WL-095
Te Maipa ZL1/WL-096
ZL1/WL-097 ZL1/WL-097 YES YES
ZL1/WL-098 ZL1/WL-098
Pukeamuku ZL1/WL-099
Turumatakoko ZL1/WL-100
Hawkins Hill ZL1/WL-101 YES YES
ZL1/WL-102 ZL1/WL-102 YES
ZL1/WL-103 ZL1/WL-103 YES YES
Flagstaff ZL1/WL-104
ZL1/WL-105 ZL1/WL-105 YES YES
Windy Peak ZL1/WL-106
Rangituhi / Colonial Knob ZL1/WL-107 YES YES
Terawhiti Hill ZL1/WL-108
Mount Percy ZL1/WL-109
Belmont ZL1/WL-110 YES YES
ZL1/WL-111 ZL1/WL-111
ZL1/WL-112 ZL1/WL-112
Tanawa ZL1/WL-113
ZL1/WL-114 ZL1/WL-114
ZL1/WL-115 ZL1/WL-115 YES
Kaukau ZL1/WL-116 YES YES
Moikau ZL1/WL-117
Boulder Hill ZL1/WL-118 YES YES
ZL1/WL-119 ZL1/WL-119
ZL1/WL-120 ZL1/WL-120
ZL1/WL-121 ZL1/WL-121
ZL1/WL-122 ZL1/WL-122
ZL1/WL-123 ZL1/WL-123
ZL1/WL-124 ZL1/WL-124
ZL1/WL-125 ZL1/WL-125
Big Hill ZL1/WL-126
ZL1/WL-127 ZL1/WL-127
Pilgrim ZL1/WL-128
Makara Hill ZL1/WL-129 YES YES
Haldon ZL1/WL-130
ZL1/WL-131 ZL1/WL-131
ZL1/WL-132 ZL1/WL-132
ZL1/WL-133 ZL1/WL-133
ZL1/WL-134 ZL1/WL-134
Poroporo ZL1/WL-135
Mungaroa ZL1/WL-136
Mangapakeha Taipos ZL1/WL-137
Lowry ZL1/WL-138 YES YES
Mount Misery ZL1/WL-139
Pukemuri ZL1/WL-140
Maunsell ZL1/WL-141
ZL1/WL-142 ZL1/WL-142
Papakirae ZL1/WL-143
Otahoua ZL1/WL-144
Waipawa ZL1/WL-145
ZL1/WL-146 ZL1/WL-146
ZL1/WL-147 ZL1/WL-147
Rangitoto ZL1/WL-148
ZL1/WL-149 ZL1/WL-149
Morison Hill ZL1/WL-150
ZL1/WL-151 ZL1/WL-151 YES YES
Mount Cameron ZL1/WL-152 YES YES
Mount Crawford ZL1/WL-153 YES YES
Total SOTA Summits: 156 36 33
Aorangi Forest Park ZLFF-0042 YES YES
Remutaka Forest Park ZLFF-0064 YES YES
Tararua Forest Park ZLFF-0069 YES YES
Lake Wairarapa Wetland Conservation Area ZLFF-0143 YES YES
Total WWFF Parks: 4 4 4