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SMS gateway for spots and alerts

ZL4NVW posted in ZLOTA - Help on 2022-10-06

I have set up an NZ SMS gateway for spotting and alerting Lakes, huts, parks, etc.  This is a test version at present. Please try it out & let me know of any issues.

You will need to have an ontheair.nz account and register your phone number in the 'mobile phone' field in your profile.
Note that mobile number you register against your account must be in E.164 format (e.g. +64272030405)

The phone number of the gateway is:
027 3105319

The SPOT format is:
spot <callsign> <reference> <freq MHz> <mode> <comments>

e.g. send an SMS with:
spot ZL4NVW ZLL/0001 3.690 SSB comments

The alert format is:
alert <callsign> <reference> <freq MHz> <mode> <yyyy-mm-dd> <hh:mm> <comments>

alert ZL4NVW ZLL/0001 3.690 SSB 2022-10-06 01:00 Quick lake activation!

  • All spots and alerts will be forwarded to both ontheair.nz and parksnpeaks.com.
  • If 'comments' starts with 'test' then the alert will be uploaded but not emailed out or sent to ParksNPeaks.
       e.g. spot ZL4NVW ZLL/0001 3.690 SSB test spot
  • Please do not use this for SOTA - use the official SOTAWatch site for SOTA spots and alerts.

Adding contacts to non ZL parks etc

ZL4NVW posted in ZLOTA - Help on 2021-07-18

To log a contact to an overseas park, summit etc,  simply type the park / summit code into the description box on the relevant row of log form. The system will recognise standard format codes as WWFF / POTA / SOTA. Make sure you use the full code and use the correct / and - symbols. The code must be the only thing you enter in the box. Multiple codes must be separated by a comma.

VK3/GL-123    ... SOTA
VKFF-1234   ... WWFF
VK-1234   ... POTA
VK3/GL-123, WWFF-1234    ... SOTA and WWFF

When you view your log after saving recognised codes should show as highlighted links to the associations page for that summit / park.

GPX files to load waypoints onto GPS or phone

ZL4NVW posted in ZLOTA - Help on 2021-06-25

Links to GPX files for the lakes (and huts and parks,inshore islands and SOTA summits) are below.  These can be loaded into most GPSs and mapping apps. They take a few seconds to generate, so be patient! The locations should display with name and code (and points for SOTA).

Matt - ZL4NVW ... admin@ontheair.nz

Inreach / Email gateway for SPOTs and ALERTs

ZL4NVW updated in ZLOTA - Help on 2021-06-09

Users of InReach can create spots and alerts on OnTheAir and ParksNPeaks from their InReach device whilst in the backcountry. This will also work from any device capable of sending an message to an email address.

To create a spot send an InReach message:

  • To: spot@ontheair.nz
  • Containing a message like: ZL4NVW 1234 ZL1THH ZLH/0001 3.690 SSB Calling CQ now inr.ch

Where ZL4NVW is your callsign, 1234 is your PIN (this is different to your password. Set your PIN in your profile)

Creates a spot for: ZL1THH 'calling CQ now' from ZLH/0001 on 3.690 SSB. The inr.ch terminator (as also required by SOTA) is there to mark the end of your message, as inreach adds other information to the end of what you send. Note that the subject of the email is ignored.

To self-spot:

  • To: spot@ontheair.nz
  • ZL4NVW 1234 ! ZLFF-0001 3.690 SSB On air in 5 mins inr.ch

If you are spotting yourself you can replace the 'calling callsign' with !, as above

To create an alert:

  • To: alert@ontheair.nz
  • ZL4NVW 1234 ! ZLFF-0002 3.690 SSB 2021-05-26 02:00 Time approx inr.ch

Alerting: ZL4NVW will be in ZLFF-0002 3.690 SSB at 02:00 on 26/05/2021 ***UTC***. You can specify a differenct callsign instead of '!' to alert for someone else.

All spots and alerts for NZ entities will be notified on both OnTheAir and ParksNPeaks. VK entities will only spot/alert on ParksNPeaks

If the comment starts with 'test' or 'debug' then the spot / alert will be verified but not published

SMS Gateway for ZLOTA, POTA and WWFF spots

ZL4NVW posted in ZLOTA - Help on 2021-06-09

ParksNPeaks offer an SMS gateway to allow spotting from parks, huts, islands etc when in marginal coverage.  Spots sent to this gateway will appear both on parksnpeaks and at ontheair.nz.  Note that they will not be sent to the 'spotted portable' mailing list.

You will need to register with parksnpeaks.org to use this.

Help on using it is available here and the specific format of SMS message for ZLOTA (ZL parks,huts,islands,lakes) is here