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Hut ZLH/SL-001 AA Hut SL Dilapidated but weatherproof hut on the Waikaia Bush road. Possible an old roadmans hut.
Hut ZLH/OT-001 ABC Cave OT Rock bivvy with wooden sleeping platform, table, bench. Warm and dry, but some mattresses would be nice on the hard wooden bed! Water from creek at 15m
Hut ZLH/SL-003 Acton Hut SL A run-down private hut on the border of public land in the Acton valley. Two bunkrooms, 6 bunks but pretty rough. Stream water. Woodburner probably unsafe.
Hut ZLH/WC-001 Ada Pass Hut WC Serviced Hut
Hut ZLH/TM-001 Adelaide Tarn Hut TM Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/WC-002 Adventure Bivvy WC Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/CB-001 A Frame Hut CB Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/OT-002 Albert Burn Hut OT Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/CB-003 Alfred Hut CB Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/MW-001 Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge MW A spacious 8-bunk hut under an hour from the roadend, so very busy with young families, 'youth', hunters, etc. A separate private section is locked and used by NZDA. The hut has a woodburner and tank water, and looks out across the Oroua Valley from high on the southern valleyside. Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/WC-003 Almer Hut WC Serviced-Alpine Hut
Hut ZLH/WL-001 Alpha Hut WL Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/TM-002 Anatoki Forks Hut TM Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/TM-003 Anchorage Hut TM Great Walk Hut
Hut ZLH/WL-002 Anderson Memorial Hut WL Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/CB-004 Anderson's Hut CB
Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/TM-004 Angelus Hut TM Serviced Hut
Hut ZLH/CB-005 Anne Hut CB Serviced Hut
Hut ZLH/CB-006 Anti Crow Hut CB Popular hut with tourists and those eager to try a night in a hut.. An easy 6km from the Arthurs Pass highway. Occasional trampers too on Friday nights ... for an early start to the weekend. 6 bunk NZFS hut. Woodburner, tank water, sandflies. Door and floorboards do not seal, so bring the repellent. Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/CB-007 Ant Stream Bivvy CB Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/CB-008 Ant Stream Hut CB Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/WL-003 Aokaparangi Hut WL Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/SL-004 Aparima Forks Hut SL Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/SL-005 Aparima Hut SL
Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/BP-001 Apiti Hut BP
A tidy 4-bunk hut in a large clearing above the Opaewai/Mangawai confluence (where the river becomes Apiti Stream). The hut is reached from the river by a track 100m up Opaewai Stream from the confluence. Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/HB-001 Aranga Hut HB A four bunk hut (two still usable) that left DOC hands in a treaty settlement some years ago, owing to its position a few meters the wrong side of a line someone drew on a map. The hut has since deteriorated - the woodburner was removed a few years ago, and the former fireplace fell away from the hut in 2011, leaving a gaping hole. This has since been patched roughly, but the hut is barely weathertight (the roof is ok, but the walls leak) and really just an emergency shelter at this point. A sad state for what was a good functional hut in 2006.
Hut ZLH/OT-003 Archie's Hut - Copper Creek OT Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/WC-004 Architect Creek Hut WC Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/WL-004 Arete Forks Hut WL Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/WL-005 Arete Hut WL Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/SL-006 Army Hut SL Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/TM-005 Asbestos Cottage TM Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/ZZ-001 ASC Iwikau
Alpine Sports Club A-frame Ski Hut, Iwikau Village
Hut ZLH/SL-007 Ashton Hut SL Four bunk hut with an open fire, nestled against a patch of beech on a terrace 100m above the river. Basic Hut/bivvy
Hut ZLH/OT-004 Aspiring Hut OT Serviced Hut
Hut ZLH/WL-006 Atiwhakatu Hut WL Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/CB-009 Avoca Homestead CB Standard Hut
Hut ZLH/CB-010 Avoca Hut CB Basic Hut/bivvy