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Hut ZLH/SL-001 AA Hut SL Dilapidated but weatherproof hut on the Waikaia Bush road. Possible an old roadmans hut.
Hut ZLH/OT-001 ABC Cave OT Rock bivvy with wooden sleeping platform, table, bench. Warm and dry, but some mattresses would be nice on the hard wooden bed! Water from creek at 15m
Lake ZLL/0001 Abel Lake WC Lake on west side of Main Divide, feeding into the Perth River
WWFF Park ZLFF-0001 Abel Tasman TM
Park ZLP/TM-0003 Abel Tasman National Park TM
POTA Park ZL-0034 Abel Tasman National Park TM
Park ZLP/TM-0028 Abel Tasman Scenic Reserve TM
SOTA Summit ZL3/CB-805 Abners Head CB
SOTA Summit ZL3/OT-016 Abseil Peak OT
Park ZLP/WC-0259 Abut Head Scenic Reserve WC
SOTA Summit ZL3/FL-080 Access Peak SL
Park ZLP/MW-0239 Accretion Conservation Area MW
Lake ZLL/0002 Acheron Lakes SL For the two small lakes in the headwaters of the Upukerora River (midway between the lakes)
Lake ZLL/0003 Acland Lagoon CB Feature shown on: NZMS260 H37 Edition 1 1994
Hut ZLH/SL-003 Acton Hut SL A run-down private hut on the border of public land in the Acton valley. Two bunkrooms, 6 bunks but pretty rough. Stream water. Woodburner probably unsafe.
SOTA Summit ZL3/SL-297 Adam Head SL
Park ZLP/MW-0064 Adams Conservation Area MW
Island ZLI/ZZ-001 Adams Island Adams Island
POTA Park ZL-0069 Adams Wilderness Area WC
Park ZLP/WC-0013 Adams Wilderness Area WC
Hut ZLH/WC-001 Ada Pass Hut WC Serviced Hut
Park ZLP/CB-0235 Adderley Head Scenic Reserve CB
Park ZLP/HB-0091 A'Deanes Bush Scenic Reserve HB
SOTA Summit ZL3/FL-033 Adelaide Peak SL
Lake ZLL/0004 Adelaide Tarn TM Tarn in the Douglas Range, 500m east of the peak, "Trident", at the head of the Clark River.
Hut ZLH/TM-001 Adelaide Tarn Hut TM Basic Hut/bivvy
SOTA Summit ZL3/OT-265 Advance Peak OT
Hut ZLH/WC-002 Adventure Bivvy WC Basic Hut/bivvy
Park ZLP/AK-0609 Aerovista Place Resrve
Hut ZLH/CB-001 A Frame Hut CB Basic Hut/bivvy
Park ZLP/AK-0522 A F Thomas Park
SOTA Summit ZL3/CB-181 Agassiz Range CB
Island ZLI/AK-001 Ahaaha Rocks
Feature shown on: NZMS260 S10 Edition 2 1995
Park ZLP/CB-0129 Ahanui Conservation Area CB
Park ZLP/WC-0154 Ahaura - Kopara Scenic Reserve WC
Park ZLP/WC-0207 Ahaura River Amenity Area WC
Park ZLP/WC-0193 Ahaura River East Amenity Area WC
Park ZLP/WC-0160 Ahaura Road Amenity Area WC
Park ZLP/WC-0094 Ahaura Terraces Ecological Area WC
SOTA Summit ZL1/BP-018 Ahikaeaea HB
Park ZLP/GI-0061 Ahikouka Conservation Area GI
SOTA Summit ZL1/WK-022 Ahipaepae WK
Park ZLP/NL-0013 Ahipara Conservation Area NL
Park ZLP/NL-0099 Ahipara Gumfields Historic Reserve NL
SOTA Summit ZL1/MW-113 Ahiweka MW
Island ZLI/NL-001 Ahoroa Rock NL
Feature shown on: NZMS260 O05
Park ZLP/WK-0314 Ahoroa Scenic Reserve WK
Park ZLP/TN-0022 Ahoroa Scenic Reserve TN
Park ZLP/MW-0025 Ahuahu Conservation Area MW
Park ZLP/MW-0199 Ahu Ahu Stream Conservation Area MW
Park ZLP/MW-0268 Ahuataranga Conservation Area MW
Park ZLP/CB-0501 Ahuriri Conservation Area CB
Park ZLP/CB-0010 Ahuriri Conservation Park CB
POTA Park ZL-0070 Ahuriri Conservation Park CB
Park ZLP/HB-0020 Ahuriri Estuary Conservation Area HB
Park ZLP/HB-0039 Ahuriri Wildlife Refuge HB
Park ZLP/NL-0158 Ahutoatoa Conservation Area NL
Island ZLI/AK-002 Aiguilles Island AK
Feature shown on: NZMS260 S08 T08 Edition 1 1983
SOTA Summit ZL3/CB-007 Aiguilles Rouges CB
SOTA Summit ZL3/FL-063 Ailsa Mountains (Mid) SL
SOTA Summit ZL3/FL-098 Ailsa Mountains (North) SL
SOTA Summit ZL3/FL-057 Ailsa Mountains (South) SL
POTA Park ZL-0071 Ajax Conservation Park OT
Park ZLP/OT-0016 Ajax Ecological Area OT
Park ZLP/CB-0876 Akaroa Head Scenic Reserve CB
Park ZLP/CB-4631 Akaroa Marine Reserve
SOTA Summit ZL1/NL-050 Akatere NL
Park ZLP/NL-0209 Akatere Historic Reserve NL
Park ZLP/NL-0311 Akeake Historic Reserve NL
Park ZLP/AK-0620 Albany Heights / Three Streams / Serenity Reserves
Park ZLP/AK-0071 Albany Scenic Reserve AK
Lake ZLL/0005 Albatross Tarns Group of tarns on north side of Southeast Harbour, Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku.
Park ZLP/OT-0012 Albert Burn Conservation Area OT
POTA Park ZL-0072 Albert Burn Conservation Area OT
Hut ZLH/OT-002 Albert Burn Hut OT Standard Hut
SOTA Summit ZL3/SL-028 Albert Edward Peak SL
Lake ZLL/0006 Albert Lake CB Small man made lake, east of Lake Victoria in North Hagley Park, Christchurch
SOTA Summit ZL3/OT-025 Albert Peak SL
Park ZLP/OT-0316 Albert Town Recreation Reserve OT
Park ZLP/WK-0211 Aldermen Islands (Ruamaahu) Nature Reserve WK
Park ZLP/WK-0210 Aldermen Islands (Ruamaahu) Wildlife Sanctuary WK
Park ZLP/OT-0096 Aldinga Conservation Area OT
Island ZLI/ZZ-002 Alert Stack
High conical islet off south-western promontory of North East Island, Snares Islands/Tini Heke.
SOTA Summit ZL3/WC-393 Alexander Range WC
Park ZLP/OT-0267 Alexandra Recreation Reserve OT
Park ZLP/OT-0428 Alexandra Town Belt OT
Park ZLP/OT-0353 Alfern Creek Conservation Area OT
Park ZLP/CB-0551 Alford Scenic Reserve CB
Hut ZLH/CB-003 Alfred Hut CB Standard Hut
SOTA Summit ZL3/WC-246 Alfred Peak WC
Lake ZLL/0007 Alga Lakes
Numerous small lakes found on Mawson Oasis.
Lake ZLL/0008 Algal Lake
A small, roughly circular meltwater lake about midway between Skua Lake and Island Lake on Cape Evans, Ross Island.
Park ZLP/AK-0674 Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve
Park ZLP/AK-0101 Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve AK
Hut ZLH/MW-001 Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge MW A spacious 8-bunk hut under an hour from the roadend, so very busy with young families, 'youth', hunters, etc. A separate private section is locked and used by NZDA. The hut has a woodburner and tank water, and looks out across the Oroua Valley from high on the southern valleyside. Standard Hut
SOTA Summit ZL3/FL-023 Alice Peak SL
SOTA Summit ZL3/SL-047 Alice Peaks SL
Park ZLP/AK-0556 Alison Park