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Serviced Hut The map is very incorrect around here! In mid 2014 Upper Caples Hut was given/sold to the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association. It is now a private locked hut. Bookings to use this hut have to be done via the NZDA website or their office in Queenstown. As part of the transfer the markers linking the Caples hut to the track, and the markers linking the hut with the swing bridge over the Caples River were removed. It is now not obvious that there is a hut there from the Caples at all if you weren't looking at a map or didn't know the hut existed. -The Caples Track completely bypasses the hut. -The track to/from the swingbridge over the Caples River runs straight southeast to the Caples Track. The Kay Creek track does not follow Kay Creek down the spur, but swings westwards at about the 560m contour. The Fraser Creek track does not follow the Caples, but swings southeastwards at about the 540m contour. Both of these 2 tracks meet in the bush north of the swing bridge at about the 480m contour and connect to the bridge. -There is no track around the dogleg of the Caples River just south of the hut.
Distance from nearest road
NZTM2000: 1222428, 5023271 (alt: 472m)


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