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Feature shown on: NZMS260 F39 Edition 1 1993 Reprinted 1995; NZTopo50-CA12 910616
Public access to AZ
Via public road(s): Ashgrove Lane; Horrell Lane; Ardmore Street; Bay Rise; Aubrey Road; Wanaka Luggate Highway; Youghal Street; Dungarvon Street; Eely Point Road; Totara Terrace; Lakeside Road; Plantation Road; Kings Drive; Brownston Street; Morrows Mead; Ruby Island Road; Lismore Street; Stone Street; Mcdougall Street; Meadowstone Drive; Kelliher Drive; Sargood Drive; Upton Street; Kidson Lane; Rimu Lane; Homestead Close; Blacksmiths Lane; Bills Way; Stonebrook Drive; Helwick Street; Dunmore Street; Matai Road; Old Station Avenue; Roche Street; Manuka Crescent; Beech Street; Tapley Paddock; Jessies Crescent; Roto Place; Wanaka Mount Aspiring Road; Mcfarlane Terrace; Willetts Green; Tramore Street; Little Street; Scaife Place; Hillview Place; Collins Street; Toms Way; Lucys Way; Bay View Drive; Bremner Park Road; Stonebridge Close; Wynchwood Lane; Monley Lane; Motatapu Road; Studholme Road; Pembroke Lane; Hedditch Street; Chalmers Street; Houliston Close; Penny Lane; Percy Lane; Macandrew Lane; Russell Street; Bullock Creek Lane; Outlet Road; Beacon Point Road; Waimana Place; Infinity Drive; Hunter Crescent; Rowan Court; Buchanan Rise; Maungawera Valley Road; Dublin Bay Road; Preslands Track; Mt Gold Place; Ridgecrest; The Terraces; Briar Bank Drive; Avalanche Place; Atherton Place; Baker Grove; Bull Ridge; Penrith Park Drive; Minaret Ridge; Sunrise Bay Drive; Marina Access; Eely Point Access; Winders Street; Heuchan Lane; Parkhill Avenue; Hyland Street; Norman Terrace; Cliff Wilson Street; Lindsay Place; Mackay Street; Wiley Road; Beaumont Street; Lansdown Street; Cherry Court; Makarora Lake Hawea Road; 12 unnamed road(s)
Via DOC track(s): Rumbling Burn Track; Minaret Burn Mouth Track; Parkins Bay Access Track; Deans Bank Track (Mtb); Lookout Track; Homestead Bay Track; Outlet Track; Mou Waho Island Arethusa Pool Tk; Minaret Burn Track; Dublin Bay Track
Via park(s): Waterfall Creek Recreation Reserve (Part); Wanaka Memorial Reserve; Rumbling Burn Conservation Area; Colquhouns Flat Conservation Area; Pembroke Service Lane (Wanaka); Damper Bay Lakeside Recreation Reserve; Hawea Conservation Park; Lake Wanaka (West Side) Marginal Strip; Graige Burn or Notting River Marginal Strip; Beacon Point Recreation Reserve; Dublin Bay - Outlet - Albert Town Recreation Reserve; Clutha Outlet Recreation Reserve; Glendhu Wetland Reserve; Conservation Area - Peninsula Farm; Wanaka Showgrounds and Camp; Wanaka Station Park; Stevensons Island Scenic Reserve; Matatiaho Conservation Area; Manuhaea Conservation Area; Station Creek Conservation Area; Albert Burn Conservation Area; Upton / Warren Streets Recreation Reserve (Wanaka); Mt Aspiring Road Scenic Reserves; Bullock Creek Recreation Reserve (Wanaka); Eely Point Recreation Reserve; Dublin Bay Recreation Reserve (Part); Roto Place Recreation Reserve (Wanaka); Wanaka Cemetery; Wanaka Community Buildings and Parking; Wharf Creek Recreation Reserve; Wanaka Utility Reserves; Scenic Reserve - Boundary Creek Campsite; Kidson Lane Road Reserve (Wanaka); Plantation Road Recreation Reserve (Wanaka); Mou Tapu Scenic Reserve; Minaret Burn Mouth Conservation Area; Pembroke Park; Winders Recreation Reserve; Ruby Island Recreation Reserve; Mt Aspiring Road Recreation Reserves; Roys Bay Recreation Reserve; Glendhu Bluff Conservation Area; Mou Waho Scenic Reserve; Lake Wanaka (Parkins Bay) Marginal Strip; Boundary Creek Scenic Reserve; Parkins Bay Conservation Area; Lake Wanaka (East Side) Marginal Strip; Meadowstone Recreation Reserve (Wanaka); Glendhu Bay Recreation Reserve; Lismore Street Recreation Reserve
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A recognised variant of Lake Wanaka
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