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Distance from nearest road
NZTM2000: 1114128, 4360421
1204123.73 ha
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[ZLI/AK-088] Opahekeheke Island
[ZLI/AK-111] Puharakeke Island
[ZLI/WK-088] Motutara Island
[ZLI/AK-127] Shark Island
[ZLI/ZZ-127] Rose Island
[ZLI/ZZ-008] Auckland Islands
[ZLI/ZZ-065] Friday Island
[ZLI/AK-069] Motukuru Island
[ZLI/ZZ-060] Figure of Eight Island
[ZLI/ZZ-135] Shoe Island
[ZLI/NL-153] Motutere Island
[ZLI/WK-029] Kaiwhai Island
[ZLI/AK-085] Nun Rock
[ZLI/TN-011] Tokomapuna (Barrett Reef)
[ZLI/ZZ-172] Yule Island
[ZLI/AK-046] Lion Rock
[ZLI/WK-058] Motukahu Rocks
[ZLI/WK-075] Motunau Rocks
[ZLI/AK-083] Ngarango Otainui Island
[ZLI/ZZ-064] Frenchs Island
[ZLI/ZZ-098] Masked Island
[ZLI/NL-138] Moturoa Island
[ZLI/TN-013] Whareumu (Lion Rock)
[ZLI/WK-105] Ngatokakairiri Island
[ZLI/AK-034] Ihumoana Island
[ZLI/WK-162] Tokapiko Rocks
[ZLI/NL-126] Motuouhi Island
[ZLI/ZZ-052] Dundas Island
[ZLI/WK-149] Te Rarangi Rocks
[ZLI/WK-031] Karetoto Island
[ZLI/TN-010] Tokatapu
[ZLI/AK-103] Paratahi Island
[ZLI/WK-125] Purimu Rocks
[ZLI/ZZ-001] Adams Island
[ZLI/WK-150] Te Teko Island
[ZLI/AK-157] Waikauri Island
[ZLI/TN-006] Opourapa Island
[ZLI/WK-112] Opeope Rocks
[ZLI/ZZ-112] Ocean Island
[ZLI/WK-177] Whatitirinui Island
[ZLI/AK-134] Taitomo Island
[ZLI/NL-255] Titipu Island
[ZLI/AK-041] Keyhole Rock
[ZLI/ZZ-042] Davis Island
[ZLI/ZZ-049] Disappointment Island
[ZLI/NL-202] Pupuia Island
[ZLI/TN-004] Moturoa
[ZLI/AK-079] Motutara Island
[ZLI/TN-001] Mataora (Round Rock)
[ZLI/AK-054] Manukapua Island
[ZLI/NL-165] Ngamotu Island
[ZLI/TN-003] Motuotamatea (Snapper Rock)
[ZLI/AK-151] Tīpare Island
[ZLI/WK-116] O Wiwi Ku
[ZLI/AK-039] Kauwahaia Island
[ZLI/WK-032] Karewa/Gannet Island
[ZLI/WK-030] Kapiapia Rock
[ZLI/TN-002] Motumahanga (Saddleback)
[ZLI/AK-091] Otamanewa Island
[ZLI/ZZ-068] Green Island
[ZLI/ZZ-007] Auckland Island
[ZLI/AK-075] Moturemu Island
[ZLI/NL-056] Kaiwhitu Island
[ZLI/AK-038] Kauritutahi Island
[ZLI/ZZ-058] Ewing Island
[ZLI/WK-072] Motukotuku Rocks
[ZLI/TN-007] Pararaki (Seagull Rock)
[ZLI/WK-061] Motukaraka Island
[ZLI/TN-012] Waikaranga (Seal Rocks)
[ZLI/AK-086] Oaia Island
[ZLI/TN-005] Ngā Motu/Sugar Loaf Islands
[ZLI/WK-090] Motutere Island
[ZLI/ZZ-103] Monumental Island
[ZLI/ZZ-057] Enderby Island
[ZLI/WK-148] Te Motu Island

[ZLP/AK-0137] Waioneke Conservation Area
[ZLP/AK-0016] Okahukura Conservation Area
[ZLP/AK-0096] Omokoiti Flats Marginal Strip
[ZLP/NL-0368] Oruawharo River Marginal Strip
[ZLP/AK-0276] Kaipara River Conservation Area
[ZLP/NL-0453] Tomb Point Conservation Area
[ZLP/WK-1816] Esplanade - Ann Point, Raglan Harbour
[ZLP/AK-0057] Awakohukohu Creek Conservation Area
[ZLP/AK-0387] Big Bay Marginal Strip
[ZLP/WK-1554] Esplanade - Cox Bay, Raglan Harbour
[ZLP/TN-0294] Sugar Loaf Islands Sanctuary
[ZLP/AK-0112] Upokonui Creek Marginal Strip
[ZLP/AK-0098] Drury Creek Islands Recreation Reserve
[ZLP/WK-1825] Esplanade - Bay View Road, Raglan Harbour
[ZLP/AK-0323] Karukaruhui Creek Conservation area
[ZLP/ZZ-0009] Auckland Islands Nature Reserve
[ZLP/AK-0440] Mangere Conservation Area
[ZLP/TN-0253] Kawau Pa Historic Reserve
[ZLP/NL-0475] Kohatutahi Marginal Strip
[ZLP/AK-0363] Irwins Road Conservation Area
[ZLP/AK-0067] Omaumau River Scientific Reserve
[ZLP/ZZ-0003] Auckland Islands - Motu Maha Marine Reserve
[ZLP/AK-0213] Kakaraea Islands Conservation area
[ZLP/AK-0053] Manukapua Government Purpose (Wildlife Management) Reserve
[ZLP/AK-0035] Tauhoa Conservation Area
[ZLP/AK-0219] Matawhero Marginal Strip
[ZLP/AK-0033] Parakai Conservation Area
[ZLP/AK-0253] Kaipara Conservation Area
[ZLP/NL-0842] Local Purpose (Esplanade and Historic Buildings) Reserve (located at 1087 Whakapirau Road - Northland)
[ZLP/AK-0166] Te Pahi Creek Marginal Strip
[ZLP/NL-0325] Ruawai Conservation Area
[ZLP/WK-0895] Marginal Strip - Ngarunui Beach
[ZLP/TN-0173] Sugar Loaf Islands Wildlife Refuge
[ZLP/NL-0664] Titipu Island Recreation Reserve
[ZLP/AK-0309] Paparoa Marginal Strip
[ZLP/NL-0681] Hokoraka Creek Marginal Strip
[ZLP/AK-0122] Waitara Stream Marginal Strip
[ZLP/AK-0278] Te Hana Creek Marginal Strip
[ZLP/WK-0939] Marginal Strip - Omahina Creek
[ZLP/AK-0223] Tikitu Creek Marginal Strip
[ZLP/WK-0659] Marginal Strip - Pitone coast
[ZLP/NL-0683] Paparoa Creek Marginal Strip No 1
[ZLP/AK-0017] Tauhoa Scientific Reserve
[ZLP/WK-1593] Esplanade - Pourewa Point, Aotea
[ZLP/AK-0268] Hamiltons Gap Marginal Strip
[ZLP/AK-0036] South Head Road Scientific Reserve
[ZLP/WK-1317] Recreation Reserve - Morrison Road, Aotea
[ZLP/AK-0259] Whangamaire Stream Marginal Strip
[ZLP/WK-1736] Foreshore - Wallis Street, Aroaro Bay, Raglan
[ZLP/NL-0488] Tomb Point Marginal Strip
[ZLP/ZZ-0008] Subantarctic Islands National Reserves

[ZLL/0346] Lake Hinemoa
[ZLL/0782] Lake Tutanekai
[ZLL/1065] Teal Lake
[ZLL/0715] Lake Speight
[ZLL/0779] Lake Turbott

[ZL9/AI-002] Mt Raynal
[ZL9/AI-003] Mt Easton
[ZL9/AI-005] Omega Peak
[ZL9/AI-004] ZL9/AI-004
[ZL9/AI-006] ZL9/AI-006
[ZL9/AI-007] Flagstaff
[ZL9/AD-002] The Dome
[ZL9/AI-001] Cavern Peak
[ZL9/DI-001] Disappointment Island
[ZL9/AD-001] Mt Dick

Wwff parks
[ZLFF-0019] Auckland and Campbell Islands