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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Mt Misery ZL3/HOT-027
ZL3/HOT-028 ZL3/HOT-028
Mt Thompson ZL3/HOT-031
Flagstaff ZL3/HOT-032
Mt Cutten ZL3/HOT-039
ZL3/HOT-042 ZL3/HOT-042
Mopanui ZL3/HOT-044
ZL3/HOT-048 ZL3/HOT-048
Signal Hill ZL3/HOT-049
Porteous Hill ZL3/HOT-050
Trig A24C ZL3/HOT-052
ZL3/HOT-053 ZL3/HOT-053
Scroggs Hill ZL3/HOT-054
ZL3/HOT-056 ZL3/HOT-056
ZL3/HOT-057 ZL3/HOT-057
Eldorado ZL3/HOT-059
Trig B17H ZL3/HOT-062
Mt Baldie ZL3/HOT-063
ZL3/HOT-066 ZL3/HOT-066
Taiaroa Hill ZL3/HOT-069
Sheppards Hill ZL3/HOT-072
Trig A231 ZL3/HOT-076
Trig A26D ZL3/HOT-082
Total HEMA Humps: 23 0 0
ABC Cave ZLH/OT-001
Big Hut ZLH/OT-008
Jubilee Hut ZLH/OT-042
Leaning Lodge ZLH/OT-049 YES YES
McHardys Creek Huts (Dunedin Carrying Co Huts) ZLH/OT-056
Philip J Cox Memorial Hut ZLH/OT-067
Possum Hut ZLH/OT-068
Total Huts: 7 1 1
Goat Island/Rakiriri ZLI/OT-010
Pudding Island ZLI/OT-031
Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua ZLI/OT-033
Wharekakahu ZLI/OT-051
Total Islands: 4 0 0
Hawksbury Lagoon ZLL/0135 YES YES
Kaikorai Lagoon ZLL/0167 YES YES
Ross Creek Reservoir ZLL/0995 YES YES
Salt Lake ZLL/1015
Southern Reservoir ZLL/1036 YES YES
Sullivans Dam ZLL/1047 YES YES
Tomahawk Lagoon ZLL/1092 YES YES
Total Lakes: 7 6 6
Cape Saunders ZLB/021 YES YES
Heyward Point ZLB/038
Taiaroa Head ZLB/087 YES YES
Total Lighthouses: 3 2 2
Te Papanui Conservation Park ZLP/OT-0004 YES YES
Rock and Pillar Conservation Area ZLP/OT-0014 YES YES
Silverpeaks Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0028
Maukaatua Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0051 YES YES
Taieri Gorge / Outram Glen Scenic Reserve (Part) ZLP/OT-0060
Mill Creek Scenic Reserve (Pt) ZLP/OT-0063
Mount Watkin/Hikaroroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0068
Careys Creek Conservation Area ZLP/OT-0069
Rock and Pillar Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0088
Conservation Area - Mill Creek "Scenic Reserve" ZLP/OT-0090
Aramoana Conservation Area ZLP/OT-0097
Aramoana Ecological Area ZLP/OT-0098
Sandfly Bay Wildlife Refuge ZLP/OT-0109
Orokonui Nature Reserve ZLP/OT-0129
Mount Cargill Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0130
Chalkies Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0151
Sandymount Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0155
Conservation Area - Hope Hill "Scenic Reserve" ZLP/OT-0166
Conservation Area - Sandfly Bay ZLP/OT-0176
Sutton Salt Lake Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0186
Flagstaff Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0225
Waikouaiti Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0228
Burns Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0233
Signal Hill Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0239
Town Belt and Oval ZLP/OT-0242
Deep Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0245
Conservation Area - Boulder Beach / Highcliff Block ZLP/OT-0255
Allans Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0291
Heyward Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0334
Frasers Gully Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0335
Westwood Recreation Reserve (Pt) ZLP/OT-0340
Prospect Park,Woodhaugh and Botanical Gardens ZLP/OT-0342
Town Belt (Part) ZLP/OT-0362
Conservation Area - Boulder Beach / WWF Block ZLP/OT-0363
Waikouaiti Sports Ground ZLP/OT-0364
Sullivans Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0381
Hyde Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0386
Port Chalmers Town Belt Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0391
Sandymount Wildlife Refuge ZLP/OT-0404
Conservation Area - Garden Bush ZLP/OT-0417
Aramoana Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0424
Mt Cargill "Scenic Reserve" (Proposed addition) ZLP/OT-0426
Hope Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0451
Henley Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0454
Conservation Area - Silverpeaks "Scenic Reserve" ZLP/OT-0468
Waikouaiti Racecourse ZLP/OT-0476
Grahams Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0485
Conservation Area - Brinns Point ZLP/OT-0493
Evansdale Glen Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0540
Conservation Area - Heyward Point ZLP/OT-0548
Truby King Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0563
Mount Pleasant Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0575
Chisholm Park ZLP/OT-0600
Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0602
Woodside Glen Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0618
Tunnel Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0634
Conservation Area - Orokonui "Scenic Reserve" ZLP/OT-0640
Peter Johnstone Park ZLP/OT-0658
Hawksbury Lagoon Wildlife Refuge ZLP/OT-2174 YES YES
Hawksbury Lagoon Wildlife Refuge Government Purpose Reserve ZLP/OT-2175 YES YES
Warrington Local Purpose Reserve (Coastal Protection) ZLP/OT-2176
Orokonui Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-2178
Total Parks: 62 5 5
Rock and Pillar Conservation Area NZ-0197 YES YES
Te Papanui Conservation Park NZ-0217 YES YES
Silverpeaks Scenic Reserve NZ-0435
Maukaatua Scenic Reserve NZ-0456 YES YES
Total POTA Parks: 4 3 3
SOTA Summit
Maungatua ZL3/OT-419 YES YES
Silver Peak ZL3/OT-436
ZL3/OT-439 ZL3/OT-439
Swampy Summit ZL3/OT-441 YES YES
Hummock ZL3/OT-442
Mount Allan ZL3/OT-446
Scratchback Hill ZL3/OT-448
Mount Cargill ZL3/OT-454 YES YES
Waikouaiti ZL3/OT-457
Mount Watkin/Hikaroroa ZL3/OT-465
ZL3/OT-469 ZL3/OT-469
Mihiwaka ZL3/OT-475 YES YES
Saddle Hill ZL3/OT-492 YES YES
ZL3/OT-498 ZL3/OT-498
Pahatea/Durden Hill ZL3/OT-499
Hammond Hill ZL3/OT-501
ZL3/OT-506 ZL3/OT-506
Mount Charles/Poatiri ZL3/OT-507
Peggys Hill ZL3/OT-509
Sandymount ZL3/OT-517 YES YES
Harbour Cone ZL3/OT-520 YES YES
McCartney Hill ZL3/OT-524 YES YES
Total SOTA Summits: 22 8 8
Te Papanui Conservation Park ZLFF-0089 YES YES
Rock and Pillar Conservation Area ZLFF-0194 YES YES
Total WWFF Parks: 2 2 2