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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
St Marys Range ZL3/HCB-036
ZL3/HCB-041 ZL3/HCB-041
ZL3/HCB-046 ZL3/HCB-046
ZL3/HCB-056 ZL3/HCB-056
Mt Weta ZL3/HCB-060
Maerewhenua Range (south) ZL3/HCB-062
ZL3/HCB-078 ZL3/HCB-078
ZL3/HCB-080 ZL3/HCB-080
ZL3/HCB-091 ZL3/HCB-091
ZL3/HCB-116 ZL3/HCB-116
ZL3/HCB-130 ZL3/HCB-130
ZL3/HCB-145 ZL3/HCB-145
ZL3/HCB-203 ZL3/HCB-203
Mt Alexander ZL3/HCB-216
Clay Cliffs ZL3/HCB-222
Chain Hills ZL3/HCB-269
Hawkdun Range (mid) ZL3/HOT-003
Hawkdun Range (south) ZL3/HOT-005
Stag Hill (high point) ZL3/HOT-034
Dunback Hill ZL3/HOT-036
ZL3/HOT-037 ZL3/HOT-037
Razorback (north) ZL3/HOT-038
Razorback (mid) ZL3/HOT-040
Middle Mount ZL3/HOT-043
ZL3/HOT-045 ZL3/HOT-045
South Peak ZL3/HOT-047
Trig A2AH ZL3/HOT-051
ZL3/HOT-055 ZL3/HOT-055
Taieri Peak ZL3/HOT-064
Mt Charles (high point) ZL3/HOT-068
Quarry ZL3/HOT-079
Moeraki ZL3/HOT-083
Total HEMA Humps: 32 0 0
Brodrick Hut ZLH/CB-027
Brown Hut ZLH/CB-029
Chimney Creek Hut ZLH/CB-044
Elcho Hut ZLH/CB-066
Green Hut ZLH/CB-080
Hagens Hut ZLH/CB-085
Hawkdon Hilton ZLH/CB-090 YES YES
Hideaway Bivvy ZLH/CB-092 YES YES
Hut Creek Hut ZLH/CB-100
Ida Railway Hut ZLH/CB-101 YES YES
Main Huxley Forks Hut ZLH/CB-128
Maitland Hut ZLH/CB-129 YES YES
Monument Hut ZLH/CB-138
Officers Hut ZLH/CB-146
Otamatapaio Hut ZLH/CB-148
Shamrock Hut ZLH/CB-174
Snowy Gorge Hut ZLH/CB-176 YES YES
South Temple Hut ZLH/CB-179
Tailings Hut ZLH/CB-188 YES YES
Top Clear Stream Hut ZLH/CB-195
Top Hut ZLH/CB-198 YES YES
Wire Yards Hut ZLH/CB-219
Staircase Hut ZLH/OT-081
Half Moon Hut ZLH/OT-102
Kahikatea Lodge ZLH/OT-103
Total Huts: 28 7 7
Black Jacks Island ZLI/CB-003
Goose Neck Island ZLI/CB-008
Junction Island ZLI/CB-013
Turnagain Island ZLI/CB-035
Whanau Island ZLI/CB-038
Total Islands: 5 0 0
Bortons Pond ZLL/0046 YES YES
Dumb-bell Lake ZLL/0099
Kellands Pond ZLL/0176 YES YES
Lake Benmore ZLL/0214 YES YES
Lake Middleton ZLL/0493 YES YES
Lake Ōhau ZLL/0538 YES YES
Lake Ruataniwha ZLL/0699 YES YES
Lake Waitaki ZLL/0824 YES YES
Raupo Lagoon ZLL/0988 YES YES
Red Lagoon ZLL/0990
Swan Lagoon ZLL/1053 YES YES
Total Lakes: 11 9 9
Cape Wanbrow ZLB/022
Katiki Point (Moeraki) ZLB/045 YES YES
Total Lighthouses: 2 1 1
Oteake Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0007 YES YES
Ahuriri Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0010 YES YES
Ruataniwha Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0014 YES YES
Mount Ida Conservation Area (ex Mt Ida Syndicate) ZLP/CB-0030 YES YES
Lindis Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0033 YES YES
Dunstan Peaks ZLP/CB-0064
Glenbrook Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0069
Conservation Area Killermont ZLP/CB-0079
Conservation Area - Oteake Conservation Park (Proposed Addition) ZLP/CB-0095 YES YES
"Otamatapaio Scenic" Reserve ZLP/CB-0124
Quailburn Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0130
Ben Dhu Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0162
Conservation Area Lower Waitaki Riverbed ZLP/CB-0163
Conservation Area - Maerewhenua River ZLP/CB-0183
Bog Roy Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0218
Bendhu Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0221
Ben Avon Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0248
South Maerewhenua Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0268
Conservation Area - Otekaieke River ZLP/CB-0276
Lower Ahuriri Riverbed Conservation Area True Right ZLP/CB-0290
Conservation Area - Otiake River ZLP/CB-0292
"Tara Hills Scientific" Reserve ZLP/CB-0305
Otamatapaio Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0311
Lower Ahuriri Riverbed Conservation Area True Left ZLP/CB-0337
Sunny Peaks Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0422
Lake Middleton Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0496 YES YES
Ahuriri Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0501
Spring Creek Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0522
Conservation Area - Waitaki / Otekaieke Rivers ZLP/CB-0533
Duntroon Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0544
Ribbonwood Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0545
Omarama Golf Course Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0550 YES YES
Earthquakes 'Scientific' Reserve ZLP/CB-0598
Omarama Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0636 YES YES
Conservation Area Lake Ohau West ZLP/CB-0691
Gards Road "Scenic" Reserve ZLP/CB-0721
Falstone Creek Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0739
Conservation Area - Otekaieke Access Strip ZLP/CB-0815
Ohau C Camping Ground Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0847 YES YES
Round Bush Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0862
Loch Laird Camping Ground ZLP/CB-0928
Parsons Rock Camping Ground ZLP/CB-0938
Kakaunui Conservation Area ZLP/OT-0018 YES YES
Waianakarua Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0023
Redbank Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0047
Conservation Area - Frasers ZLP/OT-0070
Deighton Creek Nature Reserve ZLP/OT-0074
Waianakarua Scenic Reserve Addition ZLP/OT-0093
Scenic Reserve - Glencoe (North Otago) ZLP/OT-0102
Manuka Stream Conservation Area ZLP/OT-0105
Conservation Area - Kakaho Bush ZLP/OT-0106
Conservation Area - Razorback Ridge / Kurinui Creek ZLP/OT-0161
Conservation Area - Trotters Block / Pigeon Bush ZLP/OT-0171
Pigeon Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0183
Trotters Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0185
Conservation Area Waitaki River Wilson Rd ZLP/OT-0238
Oamaru Recreation Reserve (Oamaru Racecourse) ZLP/OT-0251
Conservation Area - Trotters (Ex Herbert Forest) ZLP/OT-0258
Waihemo Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0296
Conservation Area - Glencoe "Scenic Reserve" ZLP/OT-0302 YES YES
Matakaea Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0319
Conservation Area - Kauru River, Frenchs Road ZLP/OT-0379
Conservation Area - Waianakarua River ZLP/OT-0385
Conservation Area - Kakanui River / River Road ZLP/OT-0398
Conservation Area - Waitaki Bridge ZLP/OT-0399
Goodwood Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0452
Conservation Area - Kakanui River / Robbs Crossing ZLP/OT-0455
Beach Road Foreshore Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0456 YES YES
Golden Point Historic Reserve ZLP/OT-0460
Murphys Flat Historic Reserve ZLP/OT-0480
Glen Warren Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0495
Moeraki Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0515
Glen Street Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0516
Maheno Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0545
Centennial Park (Oamaru) ZLP/OT-0557
Conservation Area - Town of Nenthorn ZLP/OT-0565
Oamaru Gardens ZLP/OT-0582
Conservation Area - Pleasant River Sand Spit ZLP/OT-0619
Waihemo Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0632
Green Valley Conservation Area ZLP/OT-0641
Bushy Beach Scenic Reserve ZLP/OT-0643
Fenwick Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/OT-0655
Awamoa Park ZLP/OT-0657
Piata Scenic Reserve (formerly Bog Pine Scenic Reserve) ZLP/OT-0670
Total Parks: 84 13 13
Ahuriri Conservation Park NZ-0070 YES YES
Kakaunui Conservation Area NZ-0143 YES YES
Lindis Conservation Area NZ-0156 YES YES
Mount Ida Conservation Area NZ-0168 YES YES
Oteake Conservation Park NZ-0179 YES YES
Ruataniwha Conservation Area NZ-0199 YES YES
Dunstan Peaks Park NZ-0342
Glenbrook Conservation Area NZ-0346
Killermont Conservation Area NZ-0353
Waianakarua Scenic Reserve NZ-0431
Redbank Scenic Reserve NZ-0452
Total POTA Parks: 11 6 6
SOTA Summit
Mount Saint Mary ZL3/CB-088 YES YES
Temple Peak ZL3/CB-106
Rabbiters Peak ZL3/CB-107
Mount Hiwiroa ZL3/CB-109
Boanerges ZL3/CB-118
Mount Maitland ZL3/CB-124
Taiaha Peak ZL3/CB-128
Pakeke Peak ZL3/CB-130
Elusive Peak ZL3/CB-132
Mount Peterson ZL3/CB-137
Mount Stafford ZL3/CB-144
Steeple Peak ZL3/CB-145
Paku Peak ZL3/CB-150
Bruce Peak ZL3/CB-156
Gillies Peak ZL3/CB-163
ZL3/CB-169 ZL3/CB-169
ZL3/CB-185 ZL3/CB-185
ZL3/CB-208 ZL3/CB-208
ZL3/CB-226 ZL3/CB-226
Kohurau ZL3/CB-235
Mount Sutton ZL3/CB-237 YES YES
ZL3/CB-251 ZL3/CB-251 YES YES
Saint Marys Range ZL3/CB-262
Mount Domett ZL3/CB-263 YES YES
Ohau Peak ZL3/CB-271
Benmore Peak ZL3/CB-282
ZL3/CB-283 ZL3/CB-283 YES YES
ZL3/CB-295 ZL3/CB-295
Little Domett ZL3/CB-298 YES YES
Totara Peak ZL3/CB-318
Ben Avon ZL3/CB-373
Grayson Peak ZL3/CB-402 YES YES
Shingle Hill ZL3/CB-403
Mount Saint Cuthbert ZL3/CB-443
Mount David ZL3/CB-482
ZL3/CB-488 ZL3/CB-488
Big Ben ZL3/CB-496
Mount Horrible ZL3/CB-498
ZL3/CB-530 ZL3/CB-530
ZL3/CB-532 ZL3/CB-532
ZL3/CB-535 ZL3/CB-535 YES YES
ZL3/CB-538 ZL3/CB-538 YES YES
The Buscot ZL3/CB-539
ZL3/CB-546 ZL3/CB-546
Otekaieke Hill ZL3/CB-567
ZL3/CB-590 ZL3/CB-590 YES YES
ZL3/CB-614 ZL3/CB-614 YES YES
ZL3/CB-639 ZL3/CB-639
ZL3/CB-675 ZL3/CB-675
ZL3/CB-687 ZL3/CB-687
ZL3/CB-690 ZL3/CB-690
ZL3/CB-699 ZL3/CB-699
ZL3/CB-705 ZL3/CB-705
Cloud Hill (North East Peak) ZL3/CB-728
Pass Peak ZL3/CB-741
ZL3/CB-749 ZL3/CB-749
ZL3/CB-761 ZL3/CB-761 YES
Kurow Hill/Te Kohurau ZL3/CB-801
Snowy Top ZL3/CB-853 YES YES
ZL3/CB-859 ZL3/CB-859 YES YES
ZL3/CB-867 ZL3/CB-867
Wire Yards ZL3/CB-876
Mount Huxley ZL3/OT-011
ZL3/OT-074 ZL3/OT-074
Mount Martha ZL3/OT-198
Birch Hill ZL3/OT-208 YES YES
Hawkdun Range ZL3/OT-209 YES YES
Mount Gladwish ZL3/OT-216 YES YES
Puke Makariri ZL3/OT-220 YES YES
Saddle Ridge Track ZL3/OT-267 YES YES
Mount Ida ZL3/OT-283 YES YES
Dromedary Hill ZL3/OT-296 YES YES
Pavilion Peak ZL3/OT-309 YES YES
ZL3/OT-315 ZL3/OT-315 YES YES
Cone ZL3/OT-323 YES YES
Obi ZL3/OT-343
Mount Evelyn ZL3/OT-346 YES YES
Maerewhenua Spur ZL3/OT-347
Mount Dasher ZL3/OT-359
ZL3/OT-360 ZL3/OT-360 YES YES
Kakanui Mountains ZL3/OT-373
ZL3/OT-382 ZL3/OT-382
Half Moon Spur ZL3/OT-392
Ben Lomond ZL3/OT-398 YES YES
Lower Ben Lomond ZL3/OT-407
Conical Peak ZL3/OT-411 YES YES
Mount Miserable ZL3/OT-420 YES YES
Highlay Hill ZL3/OT-426
Mount Fortune ZL3/OT-430
ZL3/OT-447 ZL3/OT-447
Razorback ZL3/OT-468
Razorback Range ZL3/OT-470
Mount Trotter ZL3/OT-472
Mount MacKenzie/Pakihiwitahi ZL3/OT-479
Blue Mountains ZL3/OT-494
Kauru Hill ZL3/OT-495
Mount Pleasant ZL3/OT-505
Puketapu ZL3/OT-514 YES YES
Mount Royal ZL3/OT-518
Mount Humphries ZL3/WC-044
Total SOTA Summits: 100 30 29
Oteake Conservation Park ZLFF-0030 YES YES
Ahuriri Conservation Park ZLFF-0077 YES YES
Lindis Conservation Area ZLFF-0149 YES YES
Mount Ida Conservation Area ZLFF-0169
Ruataniwha Conservation Area ZLFF-0196 YES YES
Total WWFF Parks: 5 4 4