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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
A Frame Hut ZLH/CB-001
Alfred Hut ZLH/CB-003
Anderson's Hut ZLH/CB-004
Anne Hut ZLH/CB-005
Anti Crow Hut ZLH/CB-006
Ant Stream Bivvy ZLH/CB-007
Ant Stream Hut ZLH/CB-008
Avoca Homestead ZLH/CB-009
Avoca Hut ZLH/CB-010
Back Basin Hide ZLH/CB-011
Baikie Hut ZLH/CB-012
Ball Hut ZLH/CB-013
Barker Hut ZLH/CB-014
Barratts Bivvy ZLH/CB-015
Barron Saddle Hut ZLH/CB-016
Basins Hut (new) ZLH/CB-017
Basins Hut (old) ZLH/CB-018
Bealey Hut ZLH/CB-019
Bealey Spur Hut ZLH/CB-020
Benmore Hut ZLH/CB-021
Black Hill Hut ZLH/CB-022
Black Spur Hut ZLH/CB-023
Bob's Camp Bivvy ZLH/CB-024
Boundary Creek Hut ZLH/CB-025
Boyle Flat Hut ZLH/CB-026
Brodrick Hut ZLH/CB-027
Broken River Hut ZLH/CB-028 YES YES
Brown Hut ZLH/CB-029
Bull Creek Hut ZLH/CB-030
Cameron Hut ZLH/CB-031
Camerons Hut ZLH/CB-032
Camp Stream Hut ZLH/CB-033
Candlesticks Bivvy ZLH/CB-034
Canyon Creek Bivvy ZLH/CB-035
Carlyle Hut ZLH/CB-036
Carneys Bivvy No. 1 ZLH/CB-037
Carneys Bivvy No. 2 ZLH/CB-038
Caroline Creek Bivvy ZLH/CB-039
Carrington Hut ZLH/CB-040
Casey Hut ZLH/CB-041
Cass Saddle Hut ZLH/CB-042 YES YES
Centennial Cabin ZLH/CB-043
Chimney Creek Hut ZLH/CB-044
Christopher (Ada) Cullers Hut ZLH/CB-045
Christopher Hut ZLH/CB-046
Cold Stream Hut ZLH/CB-047
Comyns Hut ZLH/CB-048
Cookies Hut ZLH/CB-049
Copland Shelter ZLH/CB-050
Crooked Spur Hut ZLH/CB-051
Crow Hut ZLH/CB-052
Curtis Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-054
Dasler Biv ZLH/CB-055
Devils Den Biv ZLH/CB-056
Dodger Hut ZLH/CB-057
Dog Kennel Bivvy ZLH/CB-058
Double Hut ZLH/CB-059
Doubtful Hut ZLH/CB-060
Doubtless Hut ZLH/CB-061
Dubious Bivvy ZLH/CB-062 YES YES
Eade Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-063
East Hawdon Biv ZLH/CB-064
Edwards Hut ZLH/CB-065
Elcho Hut ZLH/CB-066
Empress Hut ZLH/CB-067
Erceg Hut ZLH/CB-068
Esk Bivvy ZLH/CB-069
Evangaline Bivvy ZLH/CB-070
Evans Hut ZLH/CB-071
Fidgit Bivvy ZLH/CB-072 YES YES
Forbes Bivvy ZLH/CB-073
Gabriel Hut ZLH/CB-074
Gardiner Hut ZLH/CB-075
Glenrae Bivvy ZLH/CB-076
Glenrae Hut ZLH/CB-077
Godley Hut ZLH/CB-078
Goose Flat Hut ZLH/CB-079
Green Hut ZLH/CB-080
Green Point Hut ZLH/CB-081
Grough Hut ZLH/CB-082
Growler Hut ZLH/CB-083
Haast Hut ZLH/CB-084
Hagens Hut ZLH/CB-085
Hamilton Hut ZLH/CB-086
Hapuku Hut ZLH/CB-087 YES YES
Harper Pass Bivvy ZLH/CB-088
Hawdon Hut ZLH/CB-089
Hawkdon Hilton ZLH/CB-090 YES YES
Haycocks Bivvy ZLH/CB-091
Hideaway Bivvy ZLH/CB-092 YES YES
Hooker Hut ZLH/CB-093
Hope Halfway Hut ZLH/CB-094
Hope Kiwi Lodge ZLH/CB-095
Hornby Bivvy ZLH/CB-096
Horomaka Island Hut ZLH/CB-097 YES YES
Hurunui Hut ZLH/CB-098
Hurunui No. 3 Hut ZLH/CB-099
Hut Creek Hut ZLH/CB-100
Ida Railway Hut ZLH/CB-101 YES YES
Jam Hut ZLH/CB-102 YES YES
Jellicoe Hut ZLH/CB-103
Jervois Hut ZLH/CB-104
Jollie Brook Hut ZLH/CB-105
Jollie Hut ZLH/CB-106
Kahutara Bivvy ZLH/CB-107
Kelman Hut ZLH/CB-108
Kennedy Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-109
Kowhai Hut ZLH/CB-110
Lagoon Saddle A Frame Hut ZLH/CB-111 YES YES
Lagoon Saddle Hut ZLH/CB-112
Lake Guyon Hut ZLH/CB-113
Lake Man Bivvy ZLH/CB-114
Lawrence Bivvy ZLH/CB-115
Lawrence Hut ZLH/CB-116
Liebig Hut ZLH/CB-117
Limestone Hut ZLH/CB-118
Lochinvar Hut ZLH/CB-119
Louper Bivvy ZLH/CB-120
Lower Salmon Creek Biv ZLH/CB-121
Lucretia Hut ZLH/CB-122
Lyell Hut ZLH/CB-123
Macaulay Hut ZLH/CB-124
Mackenzie Biv ZLH/CB-125
Mackenzie Hut ZLH/CB-126
Magdalen Hut ZLH/CB-127
Main Huxley Forks Hut ZLH/CB-128
Maitland Hut ZLH/CB-129 YES YES
Manuka Hut ZLH/CB-130 YES YES
Mathias Hut ZLH/CB-131
McCoy Hut ZLH/CB-132
Middle Gorge Hut ZLH/CB-133
Minchin Bivvy ZLH/CB-134
Mingha Bivvy ZLH/CB-135
Mistake Flat Hut ZLH/CB-136
Moa Stream Hut ZLH/CB-137
Monument Hut ZLH/CB-138
Mt Fyffe Hut ZLH/CB-139
Mueller Hut ZLH/CB-140
Murchison Hut ZLH/CB-141
Murphy's Bivvy ZLH/CB-142
Nigger Huts ZLH/CB-143
Nina Hut ZLH/CB-144 YES YES
North Esk Hut (dilapidated) ZLH/CB-145
Officers Hut ZLH/CB-146
Onslow Hut (Steffan Memorial Hut) ZLH/CB-147
Otamatapaio Hut ZLH/CB-148
Pack Horse Hut ZLH/CB-149
Palmer Bivvy ZLH/CB-150 YES YES
Palmer Hut ZLH/CB-151
Park Morpeth Hut ZLH/CB-152
Pearson Hut ZLH/CB-153
Pinchgut Hut ZLH/CB-154
Pinnacles Hut ZLH/CB-155
Pool Hut ZLH/CB-157 YES YES
Potts Hut ZLH/CB-158
Poulter Hut ZLH/CB-159
Poulter Valley Bivvy ZLH/CB-160
Puketeraki Bivvy ZLH/CB-161
Ranger Bivvy ZLH/CB-162
Rankin Hut ZLH/CB-163
Reardon Hut ZLH/CB-164
Red Hut ZLH/CB-165
Red Stag Hut ZLH/CB-166
Reischek Hut ZLH/CB-167
Rex Simpson Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-168
Rokeby Hut ZLH/CB-169
Royal Hut ZLH/CB-170
Scotties Camp Hut ZLH/CB-171
Sefton Bivvy ZLH/CB-172
Seymour Hut ZLH/CB-173
Shamrock Hut ZLH/CB-174
Snowgrass Hut ZLH/CB-175
Snowy Gorge Hut ZLH/CB-176
South Opuha Hut (New) ZLH/CB-178 YES YES
South Temple Hut ZLH/CB-179
Spurs Hut ZLH/CB-180 YES YES
Stanley Vale Hut ZLH/CB-181
Steyning Hut ZLH/CB-182
St Jacob's Hut ZLH/CB-183
Stone Hut ZLH/CB-184
Stony Stream Bivvy ZLH/CB-185
St Winifreds Hut ZLH/CB-186
Sudden Valley Bivvy ZLH/CB-187
Tailings Hut ZLH/CB-188 YES YES
Tarn Hut ZLH/CB-189 YES YES
Tasman Saddle Hut ZLH/CB-190
Telegraph hut ZLH/CB-191
Tentpoles Hut ZLH/CB-192
Three Mile Stream Hut ZLH/CB-193
Tin Jug Hut ZLH/CB-194
Top Clear Stream Hut ZLH/CB-195
Top Hope Hut ZLH/CB-196
Top Hut ZLH/CB-197
Top Hut ZLH/CB-198 YES YES
Tribulation Hut ZLH/CB-199
Trust/Poulter Hut ZLH/CB-200
Turnbull Bivvy ZLH/CB-201
Tutu Hut ZLH/CB-202
Unknown Stream Hut ZLH/CB-203
Upper Nina Bivvy ZLH/CB-204
Upper South Branch Hurunui Hut ZLH/CB-205
Urquhart's Hut ZLH/CB-206
Waiau Hut ZLH/CB-207
Waimakariri Falls Hut ZLH/CB-208
Waimak Gorge - Hamilton Hut ZLH/CB-209
Waimak Gorge - Walker Hut ZLH/CB-210
Warden Hut ZLH/CB-211
Watchdog Hut ZLH/CB-212
Waterfall Hut ZLH/CB-213
Weka Burnet Bivvy ZLH/CB-214
West Harper Hut ZLH/CB-215
West Mathias Bivvy ZLH/CB-216
Wharfedale Hut ZLH/CB-217
Wild Mans Hut ZLH/CB-218
Wire Yards Hut ZLH/CB-219
Woolshed Creek Hut ZLH/CB-220 YES YES
Worsley Bivvy ZLH/CB-221
Youngman Stream Hut ZLH/CB-222 YES YES
Zoo Hut ZLH/CB-223
Otamahau Hut ZLH/CB-224 YES YES
Total Huts: 224 24 24
Aua / King Billy Island ZLI/CB-001
Black Jacks Island ZLI/CB-003
Browns Rock ZLI/CB-004
Cabbage Tree Island ZLI/CB-005
Garden Island ZLI/CB-007
Goose Neck Island ZLI/CB-008
Horomaka Island ZLI/CB-009 YES YES
Jocks Island ZLI/CB-012
Junction Island ZLI/CB-013
Manuka Island ZLI/CB-016
Morgans Island ZLI/CB-017
Motuariki Island ZLI/CB-018
Otamahua/Quail Island ZLI/CB-020 YES YES
Pukerauaruhe Island ZLI/CB-024
Rakaia Island ZLI/CB-026
Ripapa Island ZLI/CB-029
The Long Boat ZLI/CB-034
Turnagain Island ZLI/CB-035
Walkers Island ZLI/CB-036
Whanau Island ZLI/CB-038
Total Islands: 20 2 2
Acland Lagoon ZLL/0003 YES YES
Albert Lake ZLL/0006 YES YES
Amberley Beach Lagoon ZLL/0012 YES YES
Ashworths Ponds ZLL/0019 YES YES
Blackwater Lake ZLL/0032
Blue Lagoon ZLL/0034
Blue Lakes ZLL/0041 YES YES
Boltons Gully Lagoon ZLL/0045
Bortons Pond ZLL/0046 YES YES
Boundary Tarns ZLL/0048
Braemar Kettleholes ZLL/0050
Brooklands Lagoon ZLL/0054 YES YES
Casey Tarn ZLL/0061
Cluster Tarns ZLL/0069
Coopers Lagoon/Muriwai ZLL/0077 YES YES
Dumb-bell Lake ZLL/0099
Forks Lagoon ZLL/0113
Freds Tarn ZLL/0115
Gabriel Tarn ZLL/0117
Glenmore Tarns ZLL/0121
Grebe Tarn ZLL/0122
Hartley Tarn ZLL/0132 YES YES
Hooker Lake ZLL/0146
Horseshoe Lake ZLL/0148 YES YES
Horseshoe Lake ZLL/0151 YES YES
Jimmeys Lagoon ZLL/0165 YES YES
Kaituna Lagoon ZLL/0170 YES YES
Kellands Pond ZLL/0176 YES YES
Lake Alexandrina ZLL/0190 YES YES
Lake Aviemore ZLL/0206 YES YES
Lake Benmore ZLL/0214 YES YES
Lake Camp ZLL/0236 YES YES
Lake Catherine ZLL/0242
Lake Clearwater ZLL/0253 YES YES
Lake Coleridge ZLL/0256 YES YES
Lake Crichton ZLL/0260
Lake Denny ZLL/0266
Lake Donne ZLL/0273
Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora) ZLL/0287 YES YES
Lake Emily ZLL/0290 YES YES
Lake Emma ZLL/0291 YES YES
Lake Evelyn ZLL/0295 YES YES
Lake Forsyth (Wairewa) ZLL/0301 YES YES
Lake Georgina ZLL/0308 YES YES
Lake Grace ZLL/0311
Lake Grasmere ZLL/0312 YES YES
Lake Guyon ZLL/0317
Lake Hawdon ZLL/0329
Lake Henrietta ZLL/0337 YES YES
Lake Heron ZLL/0341 YES YES
Lake Hood ZLL/0349 YES YES
Lake Ida ZLL/0365
Lake Janet ZLL/0370 YES YES
Lake Letitia ZLL/0428
Lake Lilian ZLL/0429
Lake Lyndon ZLL/0441
Lake Man ZLL/0450
Lake Marion ZLL/0470
Lake Mary ZLL/0472
Lake Marymere ZLL/0474
Lake Mason ZLL/0475
Lake McGregor ZLL/0484 YES YES
Lake Merino ZLL/0492 YES YES
Lake Middleton ZLL/0493 YES YES
Lake Minchin ZLL/0496
Lake Murray ZLL/0513 YES YES
Lake Ōhau ZLL/0538 YES YES
Lake Opuha ZLL/0555 YES YES
Lake Paget ZLL/0569
Lake Pearson ZLL/0579 YES YES
Lake Poaka ZLL/0589 YES YES
Lake Pukaki ZLL/0603 YES YES
Lake Rotoiti ZLL/0633
Lake Rotorua ZLL/0685
Lake Roundabout ZLL/0694 YES YES
Lake Ruataniwha ZLL/0699 YES YES
Lake Rubicon ZLL/0701
Lake Sarah ZLL/0706 YES YES
Lake Selfe ZLL/0709 YES YES
Lake Sheppard ZLL/0712
Lake Stella ZLL/0717
Lake Sumner ZLL/0719
Lake Taylor ZLL/0742 YES YES
Lake Tekapo ZLL/0749 YES YES
Lake Tennyson ZLL/0755
Lake Thompson ZLL/0769
Lake Trinity ZLL/0773
Lake Waitaki ZLL/0824 YES YES
Lake Wardell ZLL/0832 YES YES
Lambies Lagoon ZLL/0857 YES YES
Leithfield Beach Lagoon ZLL/0860 YES YES
Little Lake ZLL/0862
Loch Cameron ZLL/0864 YES YES
Loch Katrine ZLL/0865
Manuka Lake ZLL/0889 YES YES
Maori Lakes ZLL/0891 YES YES
Margarets Tarn ZLL/0892
Mata Kopae ZLL/0895 YES YES
Mavis Lake ZLL/0899
Mimimoto Lagoon ZLL/0903 YES YES
Morris Tarn ZLL/0918
Muddy Lakes ZLL/0919
Mystery Lake ZLL/0923
Mystery Tarn ZLL/0924
Paradise Lake ZLL/0952
Patersons Ponds ZLL/0957 YES YES
Phantom Lagoon ZLL/0961
Princess Bath ZLL/0971
Quagmire Tarn ZLL/0982
Rakaia Lagoon ZLL/0984 YES YES
Rapuwai Lagoon ZLL/0987
Raupo Lagoon ZLL/0988 YES YES
Raupo Pond ZLL/0989 YES YES
Red Lagoon ZLL/0990
Red Lakes ZLL/0991
Red Tarns ZLL/0992 YES YES
Roys Lagoon ZLL/1007
Scott Pond ZLL/1017 YES YES
Seagull Lake ZLL/1018
Sealy Tarns ZLL/1019
Spider Lagoon ZLL/1041 YES YES
Spider Lakes ZLL/1042
Stony Tarn ZLL/1045 YES YES
Sunday Tarn ZLL/1049
Swan Lagoon ZLL/1053
Swan Lagoon ZLL/1054 YES YES
Tasman Lake ZLL/1060 YES YES
The Black Hole ZLL/1080
Trig 'N' Tarn ZLL/1098
Tui Tarn ZLL/1103 YES YES
Tūtaepatu Lagoon ZLL/1106 YES YES
Twin Lakes ZLL/1107 YES YES
Vagabonds Inn ZLL/1115
Wainono Lagoon ZLL/1124 YES YES
Washdyke Lagoon ZLL/1135 YES YES
Windy Tarn ZLL/1152
Total Lakes: 136 70 70
Arthurs Pass National Park ZLP/CB-0001 YES YES
Lake Sumner Forest Park ZLP/CB-0002 YES YES
Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0003 YES YES
Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0004 YES YES
St James Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0005 YES YES
Aoraki Mount Cook National Park ZLP/CB-0006 YES YES
Oteake Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0007 YES YES
Hakatere Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0008 YES YES
Rangitata/Rakaia Head Waters Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0009
Ahuriri Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0010 YES YES
Craigieburn Forest Park ZLP/CB-0011 YES YES
Lake Sumner (Hoka Kura) Recreational Hunting Area ZLP/CB-0012 YES YES
Ruataniwha Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0013 YES YES
Ruataniwha Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0014 YES YES
Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands Park ZLP/CB-0015 YES YES
Tasman Islands Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0016
Braemar Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0017
Hakatere Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0018 YES YES
Oxford Forest Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0019 YES YES
Lochinvar Forest Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0020
Hanmer Forest Park ZLP/CB-0021 YES YES
Rakaia Forest Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0022
Waimakariri River Regional Park ZLP/CB-0023 YES YES
Kirkliston Range Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0024
Mt. Thomas Forest Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0025 YES YES
Mt Potts Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0026
Godley Peaks Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0027
Puketeraki Forest Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0028 YES YES
Mt Cook Station Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0029
Mount Ida Conservation Area (ex Mt Ida Syndicate) ZLP/CB-0030 YES YES
Hunter Hills Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0031
Mount Hutt Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0032 YES YES
Lindis Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0033 YES YES
Central Southern Alps Wilberforce Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0034
The Hossack Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0035
Double Hill Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0036
Upper Hope Ecological Area ZLP/CB-0037
Liebig Range/Upper Jollie/ Cass Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0038
Conservation Area - Hakatere Conservation Park (Proposed Addition) ZLP/CB-0039
Conservation Area - Castle Hill ZLP/CB-0041 YES YES
Mount Studholme Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0043
The Poplars Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0044
Lochiel Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0045
Conservation Area - Mid-Tasman River ZLP/CB-0046
Conservation Area - Maryburn ZLP/CB-0047
Peel Forest Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0048 YES YES
Mount Manakau Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0049
Lake Alexandrina Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0050 YES YES
Mt Peel/Waikari Hills Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0051 YES YES
Conservation Area Nina Doubtful Rivers ZLP/CB-0052 YES YES
Mount Somers Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0053 YES YES
Conservation Area - Blue Mountain ZLP/CB-0054
Conservation Area - Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia - Proposed Addition ZLP/CB-0055
Conservation Area - Mead Block ZLP/CB-0057
Ashley/Rakahuri River Regional Park ZLP/CB-0059 YES YES
Woodbank Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0060
Jollies Pass Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0061 YES YES
Scenic Reserve - Matai Flat Clarence Bend ZLP/CB-0062
The Den Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0063
Dunstan Peaks ZLP/CB-0064
Mount Grey / Maukatere Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0065 YES YES
Mathias Ecological Area ZLP/CB-0066
Lower Doubtful/Boyle River Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0067
Scenic Reserve - Seaward Valley Road Kaikoura ZLP/CB-0068
Glenbrook Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0069
Ben Ohau Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0072
Scenic Reserve - Irishman Creek ZLP/CB-0073
Tinline Downs Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0074
Greenpark Sands Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0076
Snowden Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0077
Jordan Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0078
Conservation Area Killermont ZLP/CB-0079
Tenehaun Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0081 YES YES
Conservation Area Ashley Riverbed Rakahuri ZLP/CB-0082
Hook Bush Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0083
Hawdon Flats Reserve (held for national park purposes - proposed addition to Arthur's Pass National Park) ZLP/CB-0084
Seaward Forest Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0085
Conservation Area - Mt Gerald ZLP/CB-0086
Lake Tekapo Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0087
Mount Uerau Nature Reserve (Uwerau) ZLP/CB-0089
Scenic Reserve - Waipapa Bay Mororimu ZLP/CB-0091
Scenic Reserve - Oaro Headwaters ZLP/CB-0092
Te Oka Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0093
Rata Peaks Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0094
Conservation Area - Oteake Conservation Park (Proposed Addition) ZLP/CB-0095 YES YES
Lake Heron Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0096 YES YES
Conservation Area A- The Wolds ZLP/CB-0097
Conservation Area - The Island ZLP/CB-0098
Lake Heron Nature Reserve ZLP/CB-0099 YES YES
Porter Heights Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0100
Conservation Area B - The Wolds ZLP/CB-0104
Scenic Reserve - South Kaikoura Coastal ZLP/CB-0106
Lake Alexandrina, Tekapo Domain ZLP/CB-0109 YES YES
Wairewa Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0110 YES YES
Peak Hill Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0111 YES YES
Conservation Area - "Chetwynd" ZLP/CB-0112
North Waihao Bush Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0113
Conservation Area Head of Lake Sumner ZLP/CB-0118
Misty Peaks Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0119
Mt Algidus Ecological Area ZLP/CB-0120
Tuhaitara Coastal Reserve ZLP/CB-0122 YES YES
Glentanner Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0123 YES YES
"Otamatapaio Scenic" Reserve ZLP/CB-0124
Waimangarara Ecological Area ZLP/CB-0125
Conservation Area - Tekapo Triangle ZLP/CB-0126
Conservation Area - Mt Horrible ZLP/CB-0128 YES YES
Ahanui Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0129
Quailburn Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0130
Wainono Lagoon Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0132 YES YES
Simons Hill Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0135
Four Peaks Range Conservation Area Tops ZLP/CB-0137
Goose Bay-Omihi Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0140
Scenic Reserve Lake Alexandrina ZLP/CB-0142
Conservation Area Island Hills ZLP/CB-0143
Lake Ruataniwha Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0144
Scenic Reserve - Stewart Creek Clarence River ZLP/CB-0146
Ellangowan Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0147
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Martello Cliffs ZLP/CB-0148
Lake Clearwater Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0149 YES YES
Maori Lakes Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0154 YES YES
Studholme Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0155
Ben Dhu Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0162
Conservation Area Lower Waitaki Riverbed ZLP/CB-0163
Conservation Area Bealey/Waimakariri Riverbed ZLP/CB-0164
Conservation Area Upper Rangitata Riverbed ZLP/CB-0166
Sharplin Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0169
Bowenvale Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0171 YES YES
Mt Herbert Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0172
Lake Tennyson Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0173
Conservation Area Lake Pearson ZLP/CB-0174 YES YES
Mount Dalgety Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0176
Conservation Area Hanmer Riverbed adjoining Hanmer Forest ZLP/CB-0179
Gunns Bush Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0181
Lake Pearson (Moana Rua) Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0182 YES YES
Conservation Area - Maerewhenua River ZLP/CB-0183
Rockwood Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0184
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore ZLP/CB-0185
Scarborough Farm Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0186 YES YES
Pareora River Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0188
Conservation Area Lakelands Wildlife Reserve ZLP/CB-0189
Conservation Area - Cass Valley ZLP/CB-0190
The Gorge Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0193
Carews Peak Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0200 YES YES
Terako Downs Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0201
Kakahu Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0208
Kaitorete Spit Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0210
Lake Tekapo Regional Park ZLP/CB-0214 YES YES
Conservation Area Selwyn Riverbed Stoneydale ZLP/CB-0216
Bog Roy Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0218
Lake Grasmere Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0219 YES YES
Bendhu Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0221
Lottery Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0223
Conservation Area Waitaki Riverbed ZLP/CB-0224
Scientific Reserve - The Wolds ZLP/CB-0228
Blue Duck Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0229
Saddle Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0230 YES YES
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore Kaitorete Spit ZLP/CB-0232
Adderley Head Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0235
Mt Nimrod Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0238
Mt Sinclair Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0239 YES YES
Scenic Reserve - Black Miller Stream Mangamaunu ZLP/CB-0240
Lagoon Saddle Ecological Area ZLP/CB-0241
Conservation Area Motukarara Rail Trail ZLP/CB-0245
Pioneer Park Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0247
Ben Avon Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0248
Conservation Area Wilberforce Riverbed ZLP/CB-0249
Tauhinukorokio/Mount Pleasant Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0250 YES YES
Kelceys Bush Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0251
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore Waiau Rivermouth ZLP/CB-0252
Washdyke Lagoon Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0256 YES YES
Mt Alford Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0257 YES YES
Okiwi Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0259
Riccarton Racecourse ZLP/CB-0265 YES YES
Riccarton Racecourse Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0266 YES YES
South Maerewhenua Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0268
Sugarloaf Scenic Reserve/Te Heru o Kahukura ZLP/CB-0269 YES YES
Recreation Reserve Lyttelton ZLP/CB-0270 YES YES
Conservation Area Whistler Riverbed ZLP/CB-0271
Palm Gully Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0272
Conservation Area - Otekaieke River ZLP/CB-0276
Conservation Area Waitohi Riverbed Horsley Downs ZLP/CB-0278
Templeton Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0280 YES YES
Matata Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0282
Kura Tawhiti (Castle Hill) Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0284
Richmond Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0286
Tinwald Domain ZLP/CB-0289 YES YES
Lower Ahuriri Riverbed Conservation Area True Right ZLP/CB-0290
Redcliffe Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0291
Conservation Area - Otiake River ZLP/CB-0292
Godley Riverbed Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0293
Oxford Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0295
Richmond Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0297
Hororata Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0298
Ō Tamakura Historic Reserve ZLP/CB-0299
North Hagley Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0302 YES YES
Ngaroma Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0304
"Tara Hills Scientific" Reserve ZLP/CB-0305
Kennedys Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0306 YES YES
Lake Camp Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0307 YES YES
Otamatapaio Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0311
Tihiokahukura/Castle Rock Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0312
Conservation Area Hopkins River ZLP/CB-0313
Mandeville Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0314
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Aberavon ZLP/CB-0316
Timaru Racecourse ZLP/CB-0317
Timaru Racecourse Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0318
Orari Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0320
Milford Lagoon Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0321
Quail Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0323 YES YES
Waihora Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0324
Waihora Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0325 YES YES
Conservation Area Birch Hill Flat ZLP/CB-0326
Hae Hae Te Moana Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0329
Temuka Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0332
Ohau Terminal Moraine Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0334
Peraki Saddle Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0336
Lower Ahuriri Riverbed Conservation Area True Left ZLP/CB-0337
Woodend Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0338
Aoraki/Mount Cook Amenity Area ZLP/CB-0340
Lake Poaka Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0342 YES YES
Waipuna Saddle Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0346
Scenic Reserve - Kie Kie Stream, Kaikoura ZLP/CB-0347
Yarrs Lagoon Council Reclamation and Drainage Work ZLP/CB-0348
Glentunnel Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0349
South Hagley Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0350
Lake Grasmere Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0354 YES YES
Victoria Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0356 YES YES
Recreation Reserve Lake Ruataniwha ZLP/CB-0360
Conservation Area Rangitata Riverbed Clarke Flat ZLP/CB-0361
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Karambi ZLP/CB-0362
Conservation Area Pareora Rivermouth ZLP/CB-0364
Cheviot Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0368
Lake Camp Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0369 YES YES
Conservation AreaWainono Lagoon Foreshore ZLP/CB-0370
Rawhiti Domain Recreation Reserve (known as Rawhiti Domain) ZLP/CB-0371
Gore Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0374
Conservation Area - Kowhai Riverbed ZLP/CB-0376
Conservation Area Okuku Riverbed Hillside ZLP/CB-0377
Lake Guyon Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0378
Waikuku Beach South Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0381
Conservation Area North Opuha Riverbed ZLP/CB-0384
Travis Wetland Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0385
Ashburton Racecourse ZLP/CB-0386
Ashburton Racecourse Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0387
Hapuku Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0388
Rawle Gully Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0389
Scenic Reserve Tiromoana ZLP/CB-0390
Wainono Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0391 YES YES
Seafield Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0394
Grazing Licence - Clarence River - Murray ZLP/CB-0401
Conservation Area Orari Riverbed ZLP/CB-0402
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Rosebank ZLP/CB-0405
Boundary Creek Conservation Area proposed Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0408
Medbury Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0409
Port Robinson Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0411
Conservation Area Leader Riverbed Parnassus ZLP/CB-0412
Morven Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0419
Napenape Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0421
Sunny Peaks Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0422
Recreation Reserve Greta Valley ZLP/CB-0424
Woodbury Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0426
Recreation Reserve Bottlelake Beach Foreshore ZLP/CB-0428
Cranky Tom Conservation Area proposed Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0429
Devils Gap Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0432
Protected Area - Hunter Hills Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0433
Tutae Patu Wildlife Reserve ZLP/CB-0434 YES YES
Conservation Area Aoraki/Mount Cook Village Road ZLP/CB-0435
Conservation Area Opihi River Island ZLP/CB-0436
Wairangi Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0441
Spencer Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0447 YES YES
Centennial Park Recreation Reserve (Timaru) ZLP/CB-0449
Scenic Reserve - Ohau Bluff Kaikoura ZLP/CB-0451
Conservation Area - Kahutara River ZLP/CB-0453
Waimairi and Brighton Beaches Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0454
Paparoa Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0455
Scenic Reserve Kennedys Bush ZLP/CB-0456 YES YES
View Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0457
Mt Fitzgerald Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0458
Cass River Delta Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0466
Mata Kopae/St Annes Lagoon Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0467 YES YES
Conservation Area Pacific Oceam Foreshore Evesham ZLP/CB-0468
Recreation Reserve Duvauchelle ZLP/CB-0472
Barnett Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0479
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Balrazie ZLP/CB-0480
Manuka Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0481
Otepatotu Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0485 YES YES
Waiau Rivermouth Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0486
Conservation Area Kaitorete Spit ZLP/CB-0487
Kahutara Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0493
Kowhai Pass Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0494
Knottingley Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0495
Lake Middleton Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0496 YES YES
Balmoral Fire Lookout Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0500
Ahuriri Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0501
Mill Dam Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0505
Conservation Area Lower Hakataramea Riverbed ZLP/CB-0506
Conservation Area Coopers Creek ZLP/CB-0507
Shag Rock Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0508
Mount Somers Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0514
Armstrong Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0517 YES YES
Stavaley Lime Kilns Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0521
Spring Creek Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0522
Pukaki Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0523
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore Napenape ZLP/CB-0524
Pudding Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0528
Geraldine Recreation Reserve Racecourse ZLP/CB-0530
Geraldine Racecourse Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0531
Rangiora Golf Course Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0532
Conservation Area - Waitaki / Otekaieke Rivers ZLP/CB-0533
Waitohi Bush Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0535
Conservation Area Mason Waiau Riverbeds ZLP/CB-0537
Mt Pearce Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0541
Conservation Area Raincliff Stream ZLP/CB-0542
Ātaahua Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0543
Duntroon Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0544
Ribbonwood Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0545
Canterbury Park ZLP/CB-0546
Hurunui Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0547
Waitaki River Bed Crown Land ZLP/CB-0548
Magnet Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0549
Omarama Golf Course Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0550
Alford Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0551
Racecourse and Recreation Ground Hakataramea ZLP/CB-0556
Hakataramea Race Course ZLP/CB-0557
Tasman Smith Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0559
Lake Pukaki Terminal Moraine Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0561
Tiromoana Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0564
Maori Lakes Nature Reserve ZLP/CB-0565 YES YES
Conservation Area - Blue Slip ZLP/CB-0567
Conservation Area Okuku Riverbed Serenada ZLP/CB-0570
Ben More Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0574
Rhodes Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0575
Onawe Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/CB-0576
Long Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0578
Oaro Recreation Reserve - Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu ZLP/CB-0579
Matata Scenic Reserve Addition ZLP/CB-0580
Horseshoe Lake Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0582 YES YES
Conservation Area Hanmer Field Base and Picnic Are ZLP/CB-0584
Rocking Horse Road Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0592
South New Brighton Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0593 YES YES
Earthquakes 'Scientific' Reserve ZLP/CB-0598
Lyttelton Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0599
Waikuku Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0602
Burnside Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0605
Talbot Forest Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0609
Waiau Rivermouth Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0612
Thomson Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0618 YES YES
Glenavy Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0619
Karetu Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0620
Waimate Racecourse Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0623
Waimate Racecourse ZLP/CB-0624
Mt Cavendish Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0625
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore Coopers Lagoon ZLP/CB-0626
Roto Kohatu Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0628 YES YES
Redcliffs Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0629 YES YES
Conservation Area Chatterton Riverbed Ayrdale ZLP/CB-0633
Lake Alexandrina Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0635 YES YES
Omarama Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0636
Mary Duncan Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0638
Clare Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0642
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Mead ZLP/CB-0643
Tenehaun Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0645
Montgomery Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0650
Scenic Reserve Dyers Pass ZLP/CB-0656
Lake Denny Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0657
Ashburton Rifle Range ZLP/CB-0658
Kaituna Spur Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0659
Conservation Area Lake Taylor ZLP/CB-0661 YES YES
Weedons Domain ZLP/CB-0662
Loburn Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0663
Seafield Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0675
Waitangi Camping Ground ZLP/CB-0677
Dog Stream Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0678
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Peterhead ZLP/CB-0681
Conservation Area Cheddar Valley ZLP/CB-0683
Conservation Area Lake Ohau West ZLP/CB-0691
Conservation Area Makerikeri River Leigh Camp ZLP/CB-0694
Sign of the Packhorse Scenic Reserve Extension ZLP/CB-0697
Scotsburn Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0699
Conservation Area Lewis Pass ZLP/CB-0701
Conservation Area Waimakariri Riverbed Paddys Bend ZLP/CB-0702
Recreation Reserve Timaru Gardens ZLP/CB-0703
Nunweek Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0704
Rakaia Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0705
Coes Ford Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0706
Conservation Area Waipara Gorge ZLP/CB-0710
Marleys Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0712
Scenic Reserve Arundel Belfield Road ZLP/CB-0717
Micks Lagoon Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0720
Gards Road "Scenic" Reserve ZLP/CB-0721
Conservation Area McQueens Lagoon ZLP/CB-0722
Te Oka Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0723
Peraki Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0728
Hoon Hay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0734
Avonhead Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0736 YES YES
Conservation Area Waiau Riverbed Spotswood ZLP/CB-0737
Falstone Creek Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0739
Scientific Reserve - Kahutara River ZLP/CB-0741
Motuariki Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0743
Winchester Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0744
Conservation Area Lottery Riverbed Mason River Confluence ZLP/CB-0746
Leithfield Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0748
Ashburton Showgrounds ZLP/CB-0750
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Dobbins Ford ZLP/CB-0751
Waipapa Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0755
Balmoral Picnic Area Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0756
Motunau Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0759
Scenic Reserve - Kaikoura Peninsula ZLP/CB-0762
Allandale Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0768
Godley Macaulay Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0770
Conservation Area Rangitata Riverbed Rangitata Huts ZLP/CB-0774
Conservation Area South Branch Hinds Riverbed ZLP/CB-0778
Lincoln Golf Course Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0782
Conservation Area - Craigieburn Forest ZLP/CB-0783
Recreation Reserve Amberley Beach ZLP/CB-0784
Spider Lagoon Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0785 YES YES
Cave Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0786
Waiau Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0788
Lords Bush Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0794
Elizabeth Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0795 YES YES
Kaituna River Mouth (Te Waihora) Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0797
Conservation Area Hawdon River ZLP/CB-0798
Conservation Area Hororata Riverbed ZLP/CB-0799
Warren Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0800
Conservation Area Rakaia River Margin Blackford ZLP/CB-0801
Lake Ida Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0802
Claremont Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0804
Mangamaunu Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0809
Amberley Domain Reserve ZLP/CB-0810 YES YES
Omahau Downs Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0813
Halswell Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0814
Conservation Area - Otekaieke Access Strip ZLP/CB-0815
Conservation Area Wandle Bush ZLP/CB-0823
Amberley Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0824 YES YES
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore Gum Tree Gully ZLP/CB-0825
Puhi Puhi Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0827
Conservation Area - Riverbed Benmore Stream ZLP/CB-0828
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Glenaan ZLP/CB-0830
Conservation Area - Kaikoura Peninsula ZLP/CB-0832
Mount Somers Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0836
Recreation Reserve Stoddart Point ZLP/CB-0844 YES YES
Historic Reserve Takapuneke ZLP/CB-0845
Conservation Area Opihi Riverbed ZLP/CB-0846
Ohau C Camping Ground Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0847
Aorangi Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0855
Scientific Reserve (Motu Kānuka) (unclassified) ZLP/CB-0857
Round Bush Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0862
Lakeside Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0866
Ruapuna Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0867
Otaio Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0869
Fairlie Domain ZLP/CB-0870
Kendal Road Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0871
Jellie Park ZLP/CB-0873
Burke Pass Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0875
Akaroa Head Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0876
Burwood Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0878
Scenic Reserve Ouruhia ZLP/CB-0879
Chertsey Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0881
Lake Grasmere Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0883 YES YES
Milton Memorial Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0884
Fyffe Palmer Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0886
Conservation Area Forest Creek Margin ZLP/CB-0887
Geraldine Domain ZLP/CB-0891
Conservation Area - Conway River mouth ZLP/CB-0895
Lords Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0897
Hinds Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0898
Goodwin Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0899
Fishermans Bend Camping Ground ZLP/CB-0901
Coalgate Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0902
Tutakakahikura Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0905
Prebbleton Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0907
Lovetts Road Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0908
Conical Hill Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0912
Cust Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0913
Short Street Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0914
Hanmer Springs Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0915 YES YES
Loch Katrine Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0916
Raupo Pond Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0917 YES YES
Conservation Area Rakaia River Margin Martello Cliffs ZLP/CB-0918
Conservation Area Lower Waitaki Riverbed (Kurow Island) ZLP/CB-0920
Conservation Area Ashley River Mouth ZLP/CB-0924
Pareora Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0927
Loch Laird Camping Ground ZLP/CB-0928
Waipara Riverbed Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0931
Conservation Area Rakaia River Margin Peak Hill ZLP/CB-0936
Conservation Area Selwyn Riverbed Vanliegh ZLP/CB-0937
Parsons Rock Camping Ground ZLP/CB-0938
Culverden Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0941
Conservation Area Ashburton Riverbed Terrace Dale ZLP/CB-0949
Westlake Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0950
Akaroa Marine Reserve ZLP/CB-4631
McCormacks Bay ZLP/CB-4633
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore below Ella ZLP/CB-4634
Rat Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-4638
Horomaka Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-4640 YES YES
Recreation Reserve Onawe ZLP/CB-4641
King Billy Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-4643
Pukerauaruhe Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-4644
Recreation Reserve Monks Bay ZLP/CB-4646
Total Parks: 499 98 98
Arthur's Pass National Park ZL-0038 YES YES
Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park ZL-0040 YES YES
Waimakariri River Regional Park ZL-0051 YES YES
Ashley/Rakahuri River Regional Park ZL-0052 YES YES
Lake Tekapo Regional Park ZL-0053 YES YES
Craigieburn Forest Forest Reserve ZL-0058 YES YES
Lake Sumner Forest Park ZL-0061 YES YES
Ahuriri Conservation Park ZL-0070 YES YES
Braemar Conservation Area ZL-0078
Central Southern Alps Wilberforce Conservation Area ZL-0083
Castle Hill Conservation Area ZL-0086 YES YES
Hakatere Conservation Park ZL-0092
Double Hill Conservation Area ZL-0123
Godley Peaks Conservation Area ZL-0128
Hakatere Conservation Area ZL-0131 YES YES
Hakatere Conservation Park ZL-0132 YES YES
Hunter Hills Conservation Area ZL-0139
Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia Conservation Park ZL-0141 YES YES
Kirkliston Range Conservation Area ZL-0145
Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands Conservation Park ZL-0147 YES YES
Lake Sumner (Hoka Kura) Regional Park ZL-0150 YES YES
Liebig Range/Upper Jollie/Cass Conservation Area ZL-0155
Lindis Conservation Area ZL-0156 YES YES
Lochinva Forest Conservation Area ZL-0157
Mount Hutt Conservation Area ZL-0167 YES YES
Mount Ida Conservation Area ZL-0168 YES YES
Mt Cook Station Conservation Area ZL-0171
Mt Potts Conservation Area ZL-0172
Mt.Thomas Forest Conservation Area ZL-0173 YES YES
Oteake Conservation Park ZL-0179 YES YES
Oxford Forest Conservation Area ZL-0181 YES YES
Puketeraki Forest Conservation Area ZL-0186 YES YES
Rakaia Forest Conservation Area ZL-0190
Rangitata/Rakaia Head Waters Conservation Area ZL-0193
Ruataniwha Conservation Area ZL-0199 YES YES
Ruataniwha Conservation Park ZL-0200 YES YES
St James Conservation Area ZL-0205 YES YES
Tasman Islands Wildlife Refuge ZL-0212
Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park ZL-0215 YES YES
The Hossack Conservation Area ZL-0221
Upper Hope Nature Reserve ZL-0227
Mt. Peel Conservation Area ZL-0259
Kura Tawhiti / Castle Hill Scenic Reserve ZL-0260
Lake Pearson Conservation Area ZL-0261
Mt. Grey / Mawkutere Conservation Area ZL-0267
Wairewa Conservation Area ZL-0268
Hanmer Forest Park ZL-0269
Total POTA Parks: 47 25 25
SOTA Summit
Aoraki / Mount Cook (High Peak) ZL3/CB-001
Malte Brun ZL3/CB-002
Mount Hamilton ZL3/CB-003
Mount Chudleigh ZL3/CB-004
Haeckel Peak ZL3/CB-005
Mount Darwin ZL3/CB-006
Aiguilles Rouges ZL3/CB-007
Mount D'Archiac ZL3/CB-008
Mount Hutton ZL3/CB-010
Mount Ronald Adair ZL3/CB-011
Mount Sibbald ZL3/CB-012
Mount Arrowsmith ZL3/CB-013
The Nuns Veil ZL3/CB-014
Jagged Peak ZL3/CB-015
Mount Johnson ZL3/CB-016
Couloir Peak ZL3/CB-017
Red Peak ZL3/CB-018
The Abbot ZL3/CB-019
North Peak ZL3/CB-020
Mount Sealy ZL3/CB-021
Mount Lucia ZL3/CB-022
Manakau ZL3/CB-023
Mount Conrad ZL3/CB-024
Mount Glenmary ZL3/CB-025
Te ao Whekere ZL3/CB-026
Mount Forbes ZL3/CB-027
The Warrior ZL3/CB-028
ZL3/CB-029 ZL3/CB-029
Mount Acland ZL3/CB-030
Mount Wolseley ZL3/CB-031
Mauka Atua ZL3/CB-032
Mount William Grant ZL3/CB-033
Glentanner Peak ZL3/CB-034
The Thumbs ZL3/CB-035
High Peak ZL3/CB-036
Mount Darby ZL3/CB-037
Anzac Peaks ZL3/CB-038
Mount Jukes ZL3/CB-039
Gamack Range ZL3/CB-040
Alma ZL3/CB-041
Mount Richmond ZL3/CB-042
Dun Fiunary ZL3/CB-043
Mount Glencairn ZL3/CB-044
Mount Dark ZL3/CB-045
Amazon Peak ZL3/CB-046
Mount Frances ZL3/CB-048
ZL3/CB-049 ZL3/CB-049
Mount Ramsay ZL3/CB-050
Tent Peak ZL3/CB-051
ZL3/CB-052 ZL3/CB-052
ZL3/CB-053 ZL3/CB-053
Mount Cran ZL3/CB-054
Kaimakamaka Peaks (North) ZL3/CB-055
Mount Radove ZL3/CB-056
ZL3/CB-057 ZL3/CB-057
The Marquee ZL3/CB-058
Big Hill Range (North) ZL3/CB-059
ZL3/CB-060 ZL3/CB-060
Hells Gates ZL3/CB-061
Mount Blackburn ZL3/CB-062
Mount Murchison ZL3/CB-063
The Needles ZL3/CB-064
Mount Chevalier ZL3/CB-065
Cloudy Peak ZL3/CB-066
ZL3/CB-067 ZL3/CB-067
Mount Bruce ZL3/CB-068
ZL3/CB-069 ZL3/CB-069
Outlaw Peak ZL3/CB-070
Mount Glenisla ZL3/CB-071
ZL3/CB-072 ZL3/CB-072
Mount Edgar Thomson ZL3/CB-073
Captains Peak ZL3/CB-074 YES YES
ZL3/CB-075 ZL3/CB-075
Mount Nicholson ZL3/CB-076
Mount Ross ZL3/CB-077
Surveyor Peak ZL3/CB-078
Mount Cooper ZL3/CB-079
Naumann Range ZL3/CB-080
South Peak ZL3/CB-081
Sibbald Range ZL3/CB-082
ZL3/CB-083 ZL3/CB-083
Mount Goethe ZL3/CB-084
Split Peaks (South) ZL3/CB-085
Brass Peak ZL3/CB-086
ZL3/CB-087 ZL3/CB-087
Mount Saint Mary ZL3/CB-088
Mount Taylor ZL3/CB-089 YES YES
ZL3/CB-090 ZL3/CB-090
Fox Peak ZL3/CB-091 YES
Mount Stevenson ZL3/CB-092
ZL3/CB-093 ZL3/CB-093
Mount Johnstone ZL3/CB-094
Mount Greenlaw ZL3/CB-095
Hall Range ZL3/CB-096
Mount Misery ZL3/CB-097 YES YES
ZL3/CB-098 ZL3/CB-098
Taranaki Peak ZL3/CB-099
Mount Williams ZL3/CB-100
Mount Una ZL3/CB-101
Taylor Range ZL3/CB-102 YES YES
ZL3/CB-103 ZL3/CB-103
ZL3/CB-104 ZL3/CB-104
The Acolyte ZL3/CB-105
Temple Peak ZL3/CB-106
Rabbiters Peak ZL3/CB-107
Armistice Peak ZL3/CB-108
Mount Hiwiroa ZL3/CB-109
Mount Davie ZL3/CB-110
ZL3/CB-111 ZL3/CB-111
Mount Rolleston ZL3/CB-112
ZL3/CB-113 ZL3/CB-113
Graf Spee ZL3/CB-114
Backbone Peak ZL3/CB-115
ZL3/CB-116 ZL3/CB-116
Cloudy Peak Range ZL3/CB-117
Boanerges ZL3/CB-118
Pyramus Peak ZL3/CB-119
ZL3/CB-120 ZL3/CB-120
ZL3/CB-121 ZL3/CB-121
ZL3/CB-122 ZL3/CB-122
ZL3/CB-123 ZL3/CB-123
Mount Maitland ZL3/CB-124
Prudence Peak ZL3/CB-125
Jollie Range ZL3/CB-126
ZL3/CB-127 ZL3/CB-127
Taiaha Peak ZL3/CB-128
Mount Jollie ZL3/CB-129
Pakeke Peak ZL3/CB-130
Rolleston Range ZL3/CB-131
Elusive Peak ZL3/CB-132
ZL3/CB-133 ZL3/CB-133
Mount Harper ZL3/CB-134
Mount Toby ZL3/CB-135 YES YES
ZL3/CB-136 ZL3/CB-136
Mount Peterson ZL3/CB-137
The Sentinel ZL3/CB-138
ZL3/CB-139 ZL3/CB-139
Mount Haszard ZL3/CB-140
Uwerau ZL3/CB-141
ZL3/CB-142 ZL3/CB-142
ZL3/CB-143 ZL3/CB-143
Mount Stafford ZL3/CB-144
Steeple Peak ZL3/CB-145
ZL3/CB-146 ZL3/CB-146
ZL3/CB-147 ZL3/CB-147
Mount German ZL3/CB-148
Mackenzies Peak ZL3/CB-149
Paku Peak ZL3/CB-150
Ben Ohau Range ZL3/CB-151
Mount Enys ZL3/CB-152 YES
ZL3/CB-153 ZL3/CB-153
Jacks Hill ZL3/CB-154
Jollie Sisters ZL3/CB-155
Bruce Peak ZL3/CB-156
ZL3/CB-157 ZL3/CB-157
Mount Hutt ZL3/CB-158 YES YES
Hinge Peak ZL3/CB-159
Mount Potts ZL3/CB-160
Mount Bryce ZL3/CB-161
Mount Kinkel ZL3/CB-162
Gillies Peak ZL3/CB-163
Seaward Kaikoura Range ZL3/CB-164
Review Peak ZL3/CB-165
ZL3/CB-166 ZL3/CB-166
ZL3/CB-167 ZL3/CB-167
ZL3/CB-169 ZL3/CB-169
ZL3/CB-170 ZL3/CB-170 YES YES
Mount Gizeh ZL3/CB-171
Ragged Range (Mid) ZL3/CB-172
ZL3/CB-173 ZL3/CB-173
ZL3/CB-174 ZL3/CB-174
South Burnett Monutains ZL3/CB-175
ZL3/CB-176 ZL3/CB-176
Birdwood Range ZL3/CB-177
Potts Range (South) ZL3/CB-178
Mount Fagin ZL3/CB-179
ZL3/CB-180 ZL3/CB-180
Agassiz Range ZL3/CB-181
Mount Princess ZL3/CB-182
ZL3/CB-183 ZL3/CB-183
ZL3/CB-184 ZL3/CB-184
ZL3/CB-185 ZL3/CB-185
ZL3/CB-186 ZL3/CB-186
ZL3/CB-187 ZL3/CB-187
Mount Camsell ZL3/CB-188
Mount Marion ZL3/CB-189
ZL3/CB-190 ZL3/CB-190
ZL3/CB-191 ZL3/CB-191
Grey Range ZL3/CB-192
Mount Butler ZL3/CB-193
ZL3/CB-194 ZL3/CB-194
ZL3/CB-195 ZL3/CB-195
Mount Olympus ZL3/CB-196
Dobson Peak ZL3/CB-197 YES YES
Tobacco Range ZL3/CB-198
Godley Peak ZL3/CB-199
ZL3/CB-200 ZL3/CB-200
Braun-Elwert Peak ZL3/CB-201 YES YES
ZL3/CB-202 ZL3/CB-202
Mount Catherine ZL3/CB-203
Mount Kinsey ZL3/CB-204
Watchdog Peak ZL3/CB-205
ZL3/CB-206 ZL3/CB-206
ZL3/CB-207 ZL3/CB-207
ZL3/CB-208 ZL3/CB-208
Black Hill ZL3/CB-209
Packard Peak ZL3/CB-210
Mount Sinclair ZL3/CB-211
Gerard Peak ZL3/CB-212
ZL3/CB-213 ZL3/CB-213
ZL3/CB-214 ZL3/CB-214 YES YES
Mount Wakefield ZL3/CB-215
ZL3/CB-216 ZL3/CB-216
Mount Oates ZL3/CB-217
North Birdwood Range ZL3/CB-218
ZL3/CB-219 ZL3/CB-219
ZL3/CB-220 ZL3/CB-220
The Knobbies ZL3/CB-221
Potts Range (Mid) ZL3/CB-222
ZL3/CB-223 ZL3/CB-223
ZL3/CB-224 ZL3/CB-224
ZL3/CB-225 ZL3/CB-225
ZL3/CB-226 ZL3/CB-226
Mount Wilson ZL3/CB-228
ZL3/CB-229 ZL3/CB-229
ZL3/CB-230 ZL3/CB-230
Mount Turnbull ZL3/CB-231
Turret Peak ZL3/CB-233
ZL3/CB-234 ZL3/CB-234
Kohurau ZL3/CB-235
Wild Mans Brother Range ZL3/CB-236
Mount Sutton ZL3/CB-237 YES YES
Smite Peak ZL3/CB-238
ZL3/CB-239 ZL3/CB-239 YES YES
Walkers Spur ZL3/CB-240
Castle Hill Peak ZL3/CB-241 YES YES
ZL3/CB-242 ZL3/CB-242
Crimea Range (Mid) ZL3/CB-243
Lagoon Peak ZL3/CB-244
ZL3/CB-245 ZL3/CB-245
The Spurs ZL3/CB-246
ZL3/CB-247 ZL3/CB-247
Mount Crossley ZL3/CB-248
ZL3/CB-249 ZL3/CB-249
Ben Ohau Range ZL3/CB-250 YES YES
ZL3/CB-251 ZL3/CB-251 YES YES
Joseph Ridge ZL3/CB-252
ZL3/CB-253 ZL3/CB-253
ZL3/CB-254 ZL3/CB-254
Ben McLeod Range ZL3/CB-255
Dome ZL3/CB-256
Mount Clara ZL3/CB-257
ZL3/CB-258 ZL3/CB-258
Potts Range (North) ZL3/CB-259
ZL3/CB-260 ZL3/CB-260
ZL3/CB-261 ZL3/CB-261
Saint Marys Range ZL3/CB-262
Mount Domett ZL3/CB-263 YES YES
ZL3/CB-264 ZL3/CB-264
Chest Peak ZL3/CB-265
ZL3/CB-266 ZL3/CB-266
Hamilton Peak ZL3/CB-267 YES YES
Black Rocks ZL3/CB-268
Mistake Peak ZL3/CB-269
Philosophers Knob ZL3/CB-270
Ohau Peak ZL3/CB-271
Mount Sutton ZL3/CB-272
Mount Edward ZL3/CB-273
ZL3/CB-274 ZL3/CB-274 YES YES
Mount Ethel ZL3/CB-275
Black Range (East) ZL3/CB-276 YES YES
ZL3/CB-277 ZL3/CB-277
The Black Hills ZL3/CB-278 YES YES
Falling Mountain ZL3/CB-279
Mount Longfellow ZL3/CB-280
ZL3/CB-281 ZL3/CB-281
Benmore Peak ZL3/CB-282
ZL3/CB-283 ZL3/CB-283 YES
ZL3/CB-284 ZL3/CB-284
Mount Kirkliston ZL3/CB-285
Mount McMillan ZL3/CB-286
Cascade Range ZL3/CB-287
Steepface Hill ZL3/CB-288 YES
Miromiro ZL3/CB-289
Shingle Hill ZL3/CB-290
ZL3/CB-291 ZL3/CB-291
Mount Technical ZL3/CB-292
Snowflake ZL3/CB-293 YES
Mount Jervois ZL3/CB-294
ZL3/CB-295 ZL3/CB-295
Mount Binser ZL3/CB-296
Studleigh Range (Mid) ZL3/CB-297
Little Domett ZL3/CB-298 YES YES
Mount Manson ZL3/CB-299 YES
Wild Mans Hill ZL3/CB-300
The Candlesticks ZL3/CB-301
Red Peak ZL3/CB-302 YES YES
Mount Kruse ZL3/CB-303
ZL3/CB-304 ZL3/CB-304
Mount Valiant ZL3/CB-305
ZL3/CB-306 ZL3/CB-306
Dampier Range ZL3/CB-307
Gray Hill ZL3/CB-308
Mount Bealey ZL3/CB-309 YES
Mons Sex Millia ZL3/CB-310
Mount Northumberland ZL3/CB-311
Mount Milne ZL3/CB-312
Mount Harper/Mahaanui ZL3/CB-313 YES
Mount Bruce ZL3/CB-315
Opera Range ZL3/CB-316
Mount Hunt ZL3/CB-317
Totara Peak ZL3/CB-318
Mount Findlay ZL3/CB-319
Paget Ridge ZL3/CB-320 YES
ZL3/CB-321 ZL3/CB-321
Studleigh Range (West) ZL3/CB-322
Mount Seymour ZL3/CB-323 YES
Turton Tops ZL3/CB-324
Black Mountain ZL3/CB-325
ZL3/CB-326 ZL3/CB-326
Palmer Range ZL3/CB-327
Mount Foweraker ZL3/CB-328
Shingle Hill ZL3/CB-329
Mount Willmer ZL3/CB-330
Studleigh Range (East) ZL3/CB-331
ZL3/CB-332 ZL3/CB-332
ZL3/CB-333 ZL3/CB-333
Mount Sadd ZL3/CB-334
Mount Maude ZL3/CB-335
Mount Scarface ZL3/CB-336
Mount Brabazon ZL3/CB-337
ZL3/CB-338 ZL3/CB-338
Mottram Peaks ZL3/CB-339
ZL3/CB-340 ZL3/CB-340
Mount Captain ZL3/CB-341
Mount Lakeman ZL3/CB-342
Cascade Range (North) ZL3/CB-343
ZL3/CB-344 ZL3/CB-344 YES YES
Mount Saint Patrick ZL3/CB-345 YES YES
Mount Gideon ZL3/CB-346
Neutral Hill ZL3/CB-347 YES YES
ZL3/CB-348 ZL3/CB-348
Peveril Peak ZL3/CB-349
ZL3/CB-350 ZL3/CB-350
Poulter Range (Mid) ZL3/CB-351
ZL3/CB-352 ZL3/CB-352
Crooked Spur ZL3/CB-353 YES YES
Mount Dalgety ZL3/CB-354
Mount Douglas ZL3/CB-355
ZL3/CB-356 ZL3/CB-356
Mount Peel ZL3/CB-357
Mount Carrington ZL3/CB-358
Mount White ZL3/CB-359
The Devils Rampart ZL3/CB-360
Poulter Range (South) ZL3/CB-361
Mount Hecla ZL3/CB-362
Terrible Knob ZL3/CB-363
Mount Tuke ZL3/CB-364
Norma ZL3/CB-365
ZL3/CB-366 ZL3/CB-366
Mount Morrison ZL3/CB-367
ZL3/CB-368 ZL3/CB-368
Mount Williams ZL3/CB-369
Brown Hill ZL3/CB-370
ZL3/CB-371 ZL3/CB-371
Mount Pember ZL3/CB-372
Ben Avon ZL3/CB-373
ZL3/CB-374 ZL3/CB-374
ZL3/CB-375 ZL3/CB-375
Mount Saint Andrew ZL3/CB-376
ZL3/CB-377 ZL3/CB-377
Mount Skedaddle ZL3/CB-378
Mount Winterslow ZL3/CB-379
Winterslow Range ZL3/CB-380
ZL3/CB-381 ZL3/CB-381
Mount Ida ZL3/CB-382
Mount Southey ZL3/CB-383 YES
ZL3/CB-384 ZL3/CB-384
Observation Hill ZL3/CB-385
ZL3/CB-386 ZL3/CB-386
Mount Somers ZL3/CB-387 YES
Poulter Range (North) ZL3/CB-388
Manuka Peak ZL3/CB-389
ZL3/CB-390 ZL3/CB-390 YES YES
Purple Hill ZL3/CB-391 YES
ZL3/CB-392 ZL3/CB-392
ZL3/CB-393 ZL3/CB-393
Sugar Loaf ZL3/CB-394 YES YES
High Claytons ZL3/CB-395
Mount Skiddaw ZL3/CB-396
Black Range (West) ZL3/CB-397 YES YES
ZL3/CB-399 ZL3/CB-399
Yanks Hill ZL3/CB-400
Mount Maria ZL3/CB-401
Grayson Peak ZL3/CB-402 YES YES
Shingle Hill ZL3/CB-403
Gargarus ZL3/CB-404
Pancake Range ZL3/CB-405
The Nelson Tops ZL3/CB-406
Lookout Peak ZL3/CB-407
Plinlimmon ZL3/CB-408
ZL3/CB-409 ZL3/CB-409
ZL3/CB-410 ZL3/CB-410
Red Hill ZL3/CB-411 YES YES
Scaw Fell ZL3/CB-412
Mount Schiehallion ZL3/CB-413
Mount Oakden ZL3/CB-414
Mount Percival ZL3/CB-415 YES
Mount Bruce ZL3/CB-416 YES YES
Dampier Corner ZL3/CB-417
Middle Hill ZL3/CB-418
Coal Hill ZL3/CB-419 YES YES
Maukuratawhai ZL3/CB-420 YES YES
Mount Tekoa ZL3/CB-421
Ben Dhu ZL3/CB-422
ZL3/CB-423 ZL3/CB-423
ZL3/CB-424 ZL3/CB-424
Mount Fyffe ZL3/CB-425 YES
Mount Nessing ZL3/CB-426
ZL3/CB-427 ZL3/CB-427
ZL3/CB-428 ZL3/CB-428
Devils Peak ZL3/CB-429
ZL3/CB-430 ZL3/CB-430
Hanmer Range ZL3/CB-431
Green Hill ZL3/CB-432
Hooligan ZL3/CB-433
ZL3/CB-434 ZL3/CB-434
ZL3/CB-435 ZL3/CB-435
ZL3/CB-436 ZL3/CB-436
ZL3/CB-437 ZL3/CB-437 YES
ZL3/CB-438 ZL3/CB-438 YES YES
Mount Horrible ZL3/CB-439
Blacksmith Spur ZL3/CB-440 YES YES
ZL3/CB-441 ZL3/CB-441
ZL3/CB-442 ZL3/CB-442
Mount Saint Cuthbert ZL3/CB-443
Cascade Hill ZL3/CB-444
Dogs Range ZL3/CB-445
Castle Hill ZL3/CB-446
Shale Peak ZL3/CB-448
Jollie Brook ZL3/CB-449
Mount Nimrod/Kaumira ZL3/CB-450
Ben Ohau ZL3/CB-451 YES YES
Mackintosh Knob ZL3/CB-452
Crooked Spur ZL3/CB-453
Organ Range (South) ZL3/CB-454
ZL3/CB-455 ZL3/CB-455
ZL3/CB-456 ZL3/CB-456
ZL3/CB-457 ZL3/CB-457
ZL3/CB-458 ZL3/CB-458
Windy Knob ZL3/CB-459
Mount Lyndon ZL3/CB-460 YES YES
ZL3/CB-461 ZL3/CB-461
Warder ZL3/CB-462
Staces Hill ZL3/CB-463 YES YES
ZL3/CB-464 ZL3/CB-464
ZL3/CB-465 ZL3/CB-465
Mount Cotton ZL3/CB-466
ZL3/CB-467 ZL3/CB-467
Te Kooti ZL3/CB-468
ZL3/CB-469 ZL3/CB-469 YES YES
Rat Hill ZL3/CB-470
ZL3/CB-471 ZL3/CB-471 YES YES
Eulalie Mound ZL3/CB-472 YES
Mount Clear ZL3/CB-473
Cloudy Hill ZL3/CB-474 YES YES
ZL3/CB-475 ZL3/CB-475
Macs Knob ZL3/CB-476
Lake Hill ZL3/CB-477
Organ Range (North) ZL3/CB-478
ZL3/CB-479 ZL3/CB-479
Mount Burgess ZL3/CB-480
ZL3/CB-481 ZL3/CB-481
Mount David ZL3/CB-482
ZL3/CB-483 ZL3/CB-483
The Brothers ZL3/CB-484
Lilburne Hill ZL3/CB-485 YES YES
Niggerhead ZL3/CB-486
Billhook Peak ZL3/CB-487
ZL3/CB-488 ZL3/CB-488
Oronoko Range ZL3/CB-489
ZL3/CB-490 ZL3/CB-490
ZL3/CB-491 ZL3/CB-491 YES YES
Mount Fitzwilliam ZL3/CB-492
ZL3/CB-493 ZL3/CB-493
Mount Tripp ZL3/CB-494
Rollesby Range ZL3/CB-495
Big Ben ZL3/CB-496
ZL3/CB-497 ZL3/CB-497
Mount Horrible ZL3/CB-498
Mount Barrosa ZL3/CB-499 YES YES
Mount Oxford ZL3/CB-500 YES
ZL3/CB-501 ZL3/CB-501
Big Big D ZL3/CB-502
Woolshed Ridge ZL3/CB-503
Sugar Loaf ZL3/CB-504
The Beacon ZL3/CB-505
ZL3/CB-506 ZL3/CB-506 YES YES
ZL3/CB-507 ZL3/CB-507
ZL3/CB-508 ZL3/CB-508
ZL3/CB-509 ZL3/CB-509
ZL3/CB-510 ZL3/CB-510 YES YES
Horseshoe Hill ZL3/CB-511
Black Hill ZL3/CB-512 YES
ZL3/CB-513 ZL3/CB-513
ZL3/CB-514 ZL3/CB-514 YES YES
ZL3/CB-515 ZL3/CB-515
ZL3/CB-516 ZL3/CB-516
Dog Hill ZL3/CB-517
ZL3/CB-518 ZL3/CB-518
Mount Isobel ZL3/CB-519 YES YES
Limestone Hill ZL3/CB-520
Mount Guy ZL3/CB-521 YES YES
Knuckles ZL3/CB-522
ZL3/CB-523 ZL3/CB-523
ZL3/CB-524 ZL3/CB-524
ZL3/CB-525 ZL3/CB-525
ZL3/CB-526 ZL3/CB-526
Dumblane ZL3/CB-527 YES YES
Amuri Range ZL3/CB-528
Haycock Range ZL3/CB-529
ZL3/CB-530 ZL3/CB-530
ZL3/CB-531 ZL3/CB-531
ZL3/CB-532 ZL3/CB-532
ZL3/CB-533 ZL3/CB-533
ZL3/CB-534 ZL3/CB-534
ZL3/CB-535 ZL3/CB-535
Trig M ZL3/CB-536 YES YES
Peninsula ZL3/CB-537
ZL3/CB-538 ZL3/CB-538 YES YES
The Buscot ZL3/CB-539
Rawtor ZL3/CB-540
Big Flora ZL3/CB-541
Peak Hill ZL3/CB-542 YES YES
Grey Hill ZL3/CB-543
Mount Sugarloaf ZL3/CB-544
Mount Horrible ZL3/CB-545 YES YES
ZL3/CB-546 ZL3/CB-546
ZL3/CB-547 ZL3/CB-547
ZL3/CB-548 ZL3/CB-548
ZL3/CB-549 ZL3/CB-549
Goldney Hill ZL3/CB-550
Russel Range (West) ZL3/CB-551 YES YES
ZL3/CB-552 ZL3/CB-552
Kingsdown Hills ZL3/CB-553
ZL3/CB-554 ZL3/CB-554
ZL3/CB-555 ZL3/CB-555
Mount Alexander ZL3/CB-556
Beacon Hill ZL3/CB-557
Batty ZL3/CB-558
Nigger Hill ZL3/CB-559
ZL3/CB-560 ZL3/CB-560 YES YES
ZL3/CB-561 ZL3/CB-561
The Pikes ZL3/CB-562
ZL3/CB-563 ZL3/CB-563
Peters Hill ZL3/CB-564 YES YES
ZL3/CB-565 ZL3/CB-565
Mount Hay ZL3/CB-566
Otekaieke Hill ZL3/CB-567
Mount Alford ZL3/CB-568 YES YES
ZL3/CB-569 ZL3/CB-569
ZL3/CB-570 ZL3/CB-570 YES YES
Mount Walker ZL3/CB-571
ZL3/CB-572 ZL3/CB-572
ZL3/CB-573 ZL3/CB-573 YES YES
Moorhouse Range ZL3/CB-574 YES YES
Mount Meehan ZL3/CB-575
Mount Gooch ZL3/CB-576
Wee McGregor ZL3/CB-577
Okuku Hill ZL3/CB-578
ZL3/CB-579 ZL3/CB-579
The Redoubt ZL3/CB-580
ZL3/CB-581 ZL3/CB-581
Nomans Land ZL3/CB-582
The Brothers ZL3/CB-583
Low Claytons ZL3/CB-584
ZL3/CB-585 ZL3/CB-585
Paterson Hill ZL3/CB-586
Mount Hennah ZL3/CB-587
ZL3/CB-588 ZL3/CB-588 YES
ZL3/CB-589 ZL3/CB-589
ZL3/CB-590 ZL3/CB-590 YES
Cass Hill ZL3/CB-591
Kingsdown Hills (East) ZL3/CB-592
Conway Spur ZL3/CB-593
Laings Hill ZL3/CB-594
Mount Edith ZL3/CB-595
Mount Studholme ZL3/CB-596 YES YES
Low Claytons (West) ZL3/CB-597
Manuka Range ZL3/CB-598
ZL3/CB-599 ZL3/CB-599 YES
ZL3/CB-600 ZL3/CB-600
Island Hills ZL3/CB-601
Mead Hill ZL3/CB-602
Peter Range ZL3/CB-603
ZL3/CB-604 ZL3/CB-604
ZL3/CB-605 ZL3/CB-605
Carriage Drive ZL3/CB-606
Trinity Hill ZL3/CB-607
Longman Range ZL3/CB-608
Little Mount Ida ZL3/CB-609
Little Knuckles ZL3/CB-610
Mount Jonathan ZL3/CB-611
Mount Richardson ZL3/CB-612 YES YES
Old Man Range ZL3/CB-613 YES
ZL3/CB-614 ZL3/CB-614
The Sisters ZL3/CB-615 YES YES
Sugar Loaf ZL3/CB-616
ZL3/CB-617 ZL3/CB-617 YES YES
Ladbrooks Hill ZL3/CB-618 YES YES
ZL3/CB-619 ZL3/CB-619
Sugarloaf ZL3/CB-620
Little Flora ZL3/CB-621
Ben Hope ZL3/CB-622
Birch Topping ZL3/CB-623
Mount Rosa ZL3/CB-624
Mount John ZL3/CB-625 YES YES
ZL3/CB-626 ZL3/CB-626
ZL3/CB-627 ZL3/CB-627
ZL3/CB-628 ZL3/CB-628
ZL3/CB-629 ZL3/CB-629
ZL3/CB-630 ZL3/CB-630
Mount Frances ZL3/CB-631
Red Hill ZL3/CB-632
Mount Orr ZL3/CB-633
Mount Saul ZL3/CB-634
Mount MacGregor ZL3/CB-635
Ricki Spur ZL3/CB-636
ZL3/CB-637 ZL3/CB-637
Mount Cecil ZL3/CB-638
ZL3/CB-639 ZL3/CB-639
Mount Blyth ZL3/CB-640
Flock Hill ZL3/CB-641
Mount Mary ZL3/CB-642
Kaka Hill ZL3/CB-643
Mount Peter ZL3/CB-644
ZL3/CB-645 ZL3/CB-645
Bullock Hill ZL3/CB-646
The Big Island Hills ZL3/CB-647
Dog Hill ZL3/CB-648
ZL3/CB-649 ZL3/CB-649
Mount Karetu ZL3/CB-650 YES YES
ZL3/CB-651 ZL3/CB-651
Simons Hill ZL3/CB-652
Meikleburn Saddle Airstrip ZL3/CB-653
High Peak ZL3/CB-654
Gibson Spur ZL3/CB-655
ZL3/CB-656 ZL3/CB-656
Emily Hill ZL3/CB-657 YES
ZL3/CB-658 ZL3/CB-658
ZL3/CB-659 ZL3/CB-659
ZL3/CB-660 ZL3/CB-660
ZL3/CB-661 ZL3/CB-661
Mount Leslie ZL3/CB-662
Snowy Peak ZL3/CB-663
ZL3/CB-664 ZL3/CB-664
ZL3/CB-665 ZL3/CB-665
Mount Georgina ZL3/CB-666
ZL3/CB-667 ZL3/CB-667
Single Hill (North) ZL3/CB-668
ZL3/CB-669 ZL3/CB-669
Hurunui Peak ZL3/CB-670 YES YES
Single Hill Range (South) ZL3/CB-671
ZL3/CB-672 ZL3/CB-672
Mount Grey/Maukatere ZL3/CB-673 YES YES
Magog ZL3/CB-674
ZL3/CB-675 ZL3/CB-675
Wallace Peak ZL3/CB-676 YES YES
Gog ZL3/CB-677
Mount Herbert/Te Ahu Patiki ZL3/CB-678 YES YES
ZL3/CB-679 ZL3/CB-679
ZL3/CB-680 ZL3/CB-680
Mount Paul ZL3/CB-681
Bluff Hill ZL3/CB-682
ZL3/CB-683 ZL3/CB-683
Middle Hill ZL3/CB-684
Mount Roderick ZL3/CB-685
Round Hill ZL3/CB-686
ZL3/CB-687 ZL3/CB-687
Flagpole ZL3/CB-688 YES
Mount Barker ZL3/CB-689
ZL3/CB-690 ZL3/CB-690
Okuku Range ZL3/CB-691
ZL3/CB-692 ZL3/CB-692
Station Peak ZL3/CB-693
ZL3/CB-694 ZL3/CB-694
ZL3/CB-695 ZL3/CB-695 YES YES
ZL3/CB-696 ZL3/CB-696
The Puffer ZL3/CB-697
Little Sisters ZL3/CB-698 YES YES
ZL3/CB-699 ZL3/CB-699
Waikari Hills ZL3/CB-700
Wilson Hill ZL3/CB-701
Whale Hill ZL3/CB-702
Mount Selfe (NW Spur) ZL3/CB-703
ZL3/CB-704 ZL3/CB-704
ZL3/CB-705 ZL3/CB-705
ZL3/CB-706 ZL3/CB-706
Devils Hill ZL3/CB-707
Mount Kakapo ZL3/CB-708
Mizzen Peak ZL3/CB-709
Mount Cookson ZL3/CB-710
ZL3/CB-711 ZL3/CB-711
ZL3/CB-712 ZL3/CB-712
ZL3/CB-713 ZL3/CB-713
ZL3/CB-714 ZL3/CB-714
ZL3/CB-715 ZL3/CB-715
ZL3/CB-716 ZL3/CB-716
ZL3/CB-717 ZL3/CB-717
Blue Mountain ZL3/CB-718
Conical Hill ZL3/CB-719 YES
Mount Mason ZL3/CB-720
ZL3/CB-721 ZL3/CB-721
ZL3/CB-722 ZL3/CB-722
ZL3/CB-723 ZL3/CB-723
Long Hill ZL3/CB-724
Saddle Hill ZL3/CB-725 YES YES
Mount Sinclair ZL3/CB-726 YES YES
ZL3/CB-727 ZL3/CB-727
Cloud Hill (North East Peak) ZL3/CB-728
Knowles Top ZL3/CB-729 YES YES
ZL3/CB-730 ZL3/CB-730
Russel Range (East) ZL3/CB-731 YES YES
Castle Hill ZL3/CB-732
Sugar Loaf ZL3/CB-733
ZL3/CB-734 ZL3/CB-734
French Hill ZL3/CB-735 YES YES
Mount Catherine ZL3/CB-736
Flag Peak ZL3/CB-737 YES YES
Wyndale Hills ZL3/CB-738
Peaked Hill ZL3/CB-739
ZL3/CB-740 ZL3/CB-740
Pass Peak ZL3/CB-741
Doctors Hills ZL3/CB-742
Black Hills ZL3/CB-743
Meyer ZL3/CB-744
Dampier Knob ZL3/CB-745
Carews Peak ZL3/CB-746 YES YES
ZL3/CB-747 ZL3/CB-747
Quartz Hill ZL3/CB-748
ZL3/CB-749 ZL3/CB-749
Cavendish Hills ZL3/CB-750
Mount Lance ZL3/CB-751
The Ned ZL3/CB-752
ZL3/CB-753 ZL3/CB-753
ZL3/CB-754 ZL3/CB-754
ZL3/CB-755 ZL3/CB-755
View Hill ZL3/CB-756 YES YES
Lavericks ZL3/CB-757 YES YES
Mount Alexander ZL3/CB-758 YES
Duvauchelle Peak ZL3/CB-759 YES YES
Pearce ZL3/CB-760 YES YES
ZL3/CB-761 ZL3/CB-761
ZL3/CB-762 ZL3/CB-762
ZL3/CB-763 ZL3/CB-763
Pullwool Peak ZL3/CB-764
Fighting Hill ZL3/CB-765 YES
Mount Arden ZL3/CB-766
Kaitoa ZL3/CB-767
ZL3/CB-768 ZL3/CB-768
ZL3/CB-769 ZL3/CB-769
Mount Evans ZL3/CB-770 YES YES
House Hill ZL3/CB-771
Double Hill (North Peak) ZL3/CB-772
ZL3/CB-773 ZL3/CB-773
Lowry Peaks Range ZL3/CB-774
ZL3/CB-775 ZL3/CB-775
Mount Parnassus ZL3/CB-776
Dog Hill ZL3/CB-777
Constitution Hill ZL3/CB-778
ZL3/CB-779 ZL3/CB-779
Gibraltar ZL3/CB-780
Division Hill ZL3/CB-781
Mount Misery ZL3/CB-782
Mount Parker ZL3/CB-783
ZL3/CB-784 ZL3/CB-784
ZL3/CB-785 ZL3/CB-785
Tuku Tuku Iwi ZL3/CB-786
Mount Wilson ZL3/CB-787
ZL3/CB-788 ZL3/CB-788
ZL3/CB-789 ZL3/CB-789
ZL3/CB-790 ZL3/CB-790
Gawler Downs ZL3/CB-791
ZL3/CB-792 ZL3/CB-792
ZL3/CB-793 ZL3/CB-793
ZL3/CB-794 ZL3/CB-794
Ragged Robin ZL3/CB-795
Mount Hilton ZL3/CB-796
ZL3/CB-797 ZL3/CB-797
ZL3/CB-798 ZL3/CB-798
Dead Mans Hill ZL3/CB-799
ZL3/CB-800 ZL3/CB-800
Kurow Hill/Te Kohurau ZL3/CB-801
ZL3/CB-802 ZL3/CB-802
Old Man Hills ZL3/CB-803
Chastleton ZL3/CB-804
Abners Head ZL3/CB-805 YES
Coopers Knob ZL3/CB-806 YES YES
North Dean ZL3/CB-807
The Humps ZL3/CB-808
Mole Hill ZL3/CB-809
Centre Hill ZL3/CB-810
Mount Culverden ZL3/CB-811
Totara ZL3/CB-812 YES
ZL3/CB-813 ZL3/CB-813
Flax Hill ZL3/CB-814
Cave Hill ZL3/CB-815
ZL3/CB-816 ZL3/CB-816
Rangiaeta ZL3/CB-817
Pendle Hill ZL3/CB-818
ZL3/CB-819 ZL3/CB-819
ZL3/CB-820 ZL3/CB-820
The Wart ZL3/CB-821
Tauhinukorokio/Mount Pleasant ZL3/CB-822 YES YES
Misty Hill ZL3/CB-823
Mount Donald ZL3/CB-824
Mount Brown ZL3/CB-825
ZL3/CB-826 ZL3/CB-826
Mount Jon ZL3/CB-827
ZL3/CB-828 ZL3/CB-828
Mount Highfield ZL3/CB-829
ZL3/CB-830 ZL3/CB-830
ZL3/CB-831 ZL3/CB-831
Limestone Hill ZL3/CB-832
Mount Beautiful ZL3/CB-833
Vulcan ZL3/CB-834
ZL3/CB-835 ZL3/CB-835
Mount Guardian ZL3/CB-836
Kakahu Hill ZL3/CB-837
Isolated Hill ZL3/CB-838
Mount Horrible ZL3/CB-839
ZL3/CB-840 ZL3/CB-840
ZL3/CB-841 ZL3/CB-841
Jacob ZL3/CB-842
Esau ZL3/CB-843
ZL3/CB-844 ZL3/CB-844
ZL3/CB-845 ZL3/CB-845
Rangamahoe ZL3/CB-846
Deadman Hill ZL3/CB-847
Mount Seddon ZL3/CB-848
ZL3/CB-849 ZL3/CB-849
Back Peak ZL3/CB-850 YES YES
ZL3/CB-851 ZL3/CB-851
Mephistopheles ZL3/CB-852
Snowy Top ZL3/CB-853
ZL3/CB-854 ZL3/CB-854
ZL3/CB-855 ZL3/CB-855
Mt Esther ZL3/CB-856
Big Ben Range ZL3/CB-857 YES YES
Tripps Peak ZL3/CB-858
ZL3/CB-859 ZL3/CB-859 YES YES
Te Hero o Kahukura / Sugar Loaf ZL3/CB-860 YES YES
Mount Alarm ZL3/MB-002
Mount Cold ZL3/MB-006
Mount Major ZL3/MB-008
Mount Ross ZL3/MB-113
Palmer ZL3/MB-199
Iwitahi Ridge ZL3/MB-206
Green Hill ZL3/MB-333
Mount Huxley ZL3/OT-011
ZL3/OT-036 ZL3/OT-036
ZL3/OT-074 ZL3/OT-074
Mount Martha ZL3/OT-198
Birch Hill ZL3/OT-208 YES YES
Hawkdun Range ZL3/OT-209 YES YES
Mount Gladwish ZL3/OT-216 YES YES
Puke Makariri ZL3/OT-220 YES YES
Saddle Ridge Track ZL3/OT-267 YES YES
Mount Ida ZL3/OT-283 YES YES
Dromedary Hill ZL3/OT-296 YES YES
Pavilion Peak ZL3/OT-309 YES YES
ZL3/OT-315 ZL3/OT-315 YES YES
Cone ZL3/OT-323 YES YES
Maerewhenua Spur ZL3/OT-347
ZL3/OT-360 ZL3/OT-360 YES YES
ZL3/OT-382 ZL3/OT-382
Ben Lomond ZL3/OT-398 YES
Lower Ben Lomond ZL3/OT-407
Gloriana Peak ZL3/TM-008
Mount Humboldt ZL3/TM-010
ZL3/TM-015 ZL3/TM-015
ZL3/TM-029 ZL3/TM-029
Mount Sefton ZL3/WC-002
Mount Burns ZL3/WC-009
Mount Loughnan ZL3/WC-024
Blair Peak ZL3/WC-038
McClure Peak ZL3/WC-039
Cassino Peak ZL3/WC-046
Mount Jackson ZL3/WC-052
Outram Peak ZL3/WC-057
Mount Edison ZL3/WC-071
Sword Peak ZL3/WC-072
Sceptre Peak ZL3/WC-077
Bonds Peak ZL3/WC-080
Hidden Peak ZL3/WC-082
Mount Stout ZL3/WC-116
Eric Twins ZL3/WC-118
Mount Eliot ZL3/WC-140
ZL3/WC-247 ZL3/WC-247
Opera Range (High Point) ZL3/WC-257
ZL3/WC-276 ZL3/WC-276
Zampa ZL3/WC-287
The Grand Duchess ZL3/WC-292
ZL3/WC-314 ZL3/WC-314
Total SOTA Summits: 904 135 104
Arthur's Pass National Park ZLFF-0002 YES YES
Aoraki Mount Cook National Park ZLFF-0007 YES YES
Mt Peel Conservation Area ZLFF-0022 YES YES
Craigieburn Forest Park ZLFF-0024 YES YES
Lake Sumner Forest Park ZLFF-0025 YES YES
Hakatere Conservation Park ZLFF-0026 YES YES
Korowai - Torlesse Tussocklands Conservation Park ZLFF-0027 YES YES
Kura Tawhiti (Castle Hill) Scenic Reserve ZLFF-0028
Lake Pearson Conservation Area ZLFF-0029 YES YES
Oteake Conservation Park ZLFF-0030 YES YES
Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park ZLFF-0031 YES YES
Mount Grey / Maukutere Conservation Area ZLFF-0039 YES YES
Wairewa / Lake Forsyth Conservation Area ZLFF-0040 YES YES
Mount Thomas Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0041 YES YES
Hanmer Forest Park ZLFF-0044 YES YES
Ahuriri Conservation Park ZLFF-0077 YES YES
Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia Conservation Park ZLFF-0082
Ruataniwha Conservation Park ZLFF-0087 YES YES
Braemar Conservation Area ZLFF-0109
Castle Hill Conservation Area ZLFF-0112 YES YES
Central Southern Alps Wilberforce Conservation Area ZLFF-0114
Double Hill Conservation Area ZLFF-0118
Godley Peaks Conservation Area ZLFF-0124
Hakatere Conservation Area ZLFF-0128 YES YES
Hunter Hills Conservation Area ZLFF-0134
Kirkliston Range Conservation Area ZLFF-0139
Lake Sumner-Hoka Kura Recreational Hunting Area ZLFF-0142
Liebig Range-Upper Jollie-Cass Conservation Area ZLFF-0148
Lindis Conservation Area ZLFF-0149 YES YES
Lochinvar Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0151
Mount Cook Station Conservation Area ZLFF-0166
Mount Hutt Conservation Area ZLFF-0168
Mount Ida Conservation Area ZLFF-0169
Mount Potts Conservation Area ZLFF-0170
Oxford Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0180 YES YES
Puketeraki Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0184
Rakaia Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0189
Rangitata - Rakaia Head Waters Conservation Area ZLFF-0192
Ruataniwha Conservation Area ZLFF-0196 YES YES
St James Conservation Area ZLFF-0200
Tasman Islands Wildlife Refuge ZLFF-0207
The Hossack Conservation Area ZLFF-0210
Upper Hope Ecological Area ZLFF-0217
Total WWFF Parks: 43 21 21