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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Cape Brett Hut ZLH/NL-001
Frampton's Hut ZLH/NL-002
Lane Cove Hut ZLH/NL-003
Motukawanui Hut ZLH/NL-004
Total Huts: 4 0 0
Ahoroa Rock ZLI/NL-001
Aroha Island ZLI/NL-007
Battleship Rock ZLI/NL-011
Black Rocks ZLI/NL-015
Cone Island ZLI/NL-020
Dead Whale Reef ZLI/NL-025
Dog Island (Motuwhangaikirehe Island) ZLI/NL-026
Flat Island (Motueka Island) ZLI/NL-028
Fraser Rock ZLI/NL-032
Hamaruru Island ZLI/NL-039
Harakeke Island ZLI/NL-040
Haraweka Island ZLI/NL-041
Hat Island ZLI/NL-042
Hororoa Rock ZLI/NL-048
Howe Rock ZLI/NL-049
Kahangaro Island ZLI/NL-051
Kaiaraara Island ZLI/NL-052
Kaipohue Island ZLI/NL-053
Keokeo Island ZLI/NL-060
Kuiamokimoki Island ZLI/NL-063
Mahena Island ZLI/NL-069
Mahenotapuku ZLI/NL-070
Mahenotiti Island ZLI/NL-071
Mangrove Island ZLI/NL-073
Marriott Island ZLI/NL-076
Milford Island / Wairaupo ZLI/NL-081
Milford Island (Wairaupo Island) ZLI/NL-082
Motiti Island ZLI/NL-084
Motuarahi Island ZLI/NL-085
Motuekaiti Island ZLI/NL-087
Motuharakeke Island ZLI/NL-088
Motuiwi Island ZLI/NL-091
Motukaraka Island ZLI/NL-094
Motukaraka Island ZLI/NL-095
Motukauri Island ZLI/NL-099
Motu Kauri Island ZLI/NL-100
Motukawaiti Island (Step Island) ZLI/NL-101
Motukawanui Island ZLI/NL-102
Motukiekie Island ZLI/NL-106
Motukiore Island ZLI/NL-109
Motukokako Island (Piercy Island) ZLI/NL-110
Motumaire Island ZLI/NL-116
Motumareti Island ZLI/NL-117
Motungarara Island ZLI/NL-120
Motuoi Island ZLI/NL-121
Motuone Island ZLI/NL-122
Motuopao Island ZLI/NL-123
Motuotuna Island ZLI/NL-125
Motupapa Island (Cocked Hat Island) ZLI/NL-127
Motu Puruhi Island ZLI/NL-130
Moturahurahu Island ZLI/NL-131
Moturoa Island ZLI/NL-135
Moturoa Island ZLI/NL-137
Moturua Island ZLI/NL-140
Motutapere Island ZLI/NL-144
Motutapu Island ZLI/NL-145
Motutapu Island ZLI/NL-146
Motutara Island ZLI/NL-149
Motuterahiki Island ZLI/NL-152
Motutokape Island ZLI/NL-156
Motutui Island ZLI/NL-157
Motu Wai Island (Red Island) ZLI/NL-158
Motuwheteke Island ZLI/NL-161
Murimotu Island ZLI/NL-162
Ngatokaparangi Islands ZLI/NL-167
Nukutaunga Island ZLI/NL-169
Ohauroro Island ZLI/NL-171
Okahu Island ZLI/NL-172
Okatakata Islands ZLI/NL-174
Omaia Island ZLI/NL-177
Otuwhanga Island ZLI/NL-183
Paekawa Island ZLI/NL-184
Paewhenua Island ZLI/NL-185
Pakatahi Island ZLI/NL-187
Panaki Island ZLI/NL-188
Piraunui Island ZLI/NL-196
Pirikawau Island ZLI/NL-197
Poroporo Island ZLI/NL-199
Puketu Island ZLI/NL-200
Putahataha Island ZLI/NL-203
Rahui Islands ZLI/NL-206
Rangiatea Island ZLI/NL-208
Rat Island ZLI/NL-210
Roberton Island / Motuarohia Island ZLI/NL-213
Rocky Island ZLI/NL-215
Round Island ZLI/NL-216
Ruapapaka Island ZLI/NL-217
Scheigis Rock ZLI/NL-219
Shark Island ZLI/NL-221
Simmonds Islands ZLI/NL-222
Stephenson Island / Mahinepua Island ZLI/NL-223
Tāhuahua-Paopao-Karoro Island ZLI/NL-226
Taranaki Island ZLI/NL-229
Tawiriwiri Island ZLI/NL-234
Taylor Island ZLI/NL-235
Te Ao Island ZLI/NL-238
Te Miko Reef ZLI/NL-243
Te Motu Island ZLI/NL-244
Te Pahi Islands ZLI/NL-245
Te Waha Island ZLI/NL-249
Tiheru Island ZLI/NL-251
Tiheru Island (The Dog) ZLI/NL-252
Tikorangi Island ZLI/NL-253
Tokoroa Island ZLI/NL-256
Toretore Island ZLI/NL-257
Tuputupungahau Island ZLI/NL-258
Uruapukapuka Island ZLI/NL-261
Urupukapuka Island ZLI/NL-262
Waewaetorea Island ZLI/NL-263
Wainui Island ZLI/NL-267
Wakatehāua Island ZLI/NL-272
Total Islands: 111 0 0
Bulrush Lake ZLL/0056
Half Mile Lagoon ZLL/0129
Lake Half ZLL/0320
Lake Kaiwai ZLL/0387
Lake Kihona ZLL/0404
Lake Manuwai ZLL/0458
Lake Morehurehu ZLL/0505
Lake Ngakapua ZLL/0520
Lake Ngakeketa ZLL/0522
Lake Ngatu ZLL/0528
Lake Ōmāpere ZLL/0548
Lake Ōwhareiti ZLL/0567
Lake Puhau ZLL/0602
Lake Rotokawau ZLL/0648
Lake Rotokawau ZLL/0650
Lake Rotokereru ZLL/0652
Lake Rotomata ZLL/0662
Lake Rotoroa ZLL/0680
Lake Taeore ZLL/0728
Lake Tairutu ZLL/0734
Lake Tangonge ZLL/0737
Lake Tauanui ZLL/0740
Lake Te Kahika ZLL/0747
Lake Waikanae ZLL/0799
Lake Waikaramu ZLL/0800
Lake Waimimiha ZLL/0811
Lake Waingaro ZLL/0813
Lake Waiparera ZLL/0818
Lake Waiporohita ZLL/0820
Lake Whirirau ZLL/0844
Salt Lake ZLL/1014
Split Lake ZLL/1043
Swan Lake ZLL/1055
Swan Lake ZLL/1056
The Big Lake ZLL/1079
Wahakari Lake ZLL/1119
Waihopo Lake ZLL/1121
Waitahora Lagoon ZLL/1128
Total Lakes: 38 0 0
Te Paki Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0001 YES YES
Waipoua Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0002 YES YES
Puketi Forest (Pt.Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0003 YES YES
Russell Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0004 YES YES
Warawara Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0006 YES YES
Raetea Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0007 YES YES
Omahuta Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0008 YES YES
Mataraua Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0009 YES YES
Waima Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0010 YES YES
Herekino Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0011 YES YES
Ahipara Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0013
Mangamuka Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0016
Onekura Ecological Area ZLP/NL-0017
Waipoua Sanctuary Area ZLP/NL-0020
Mokaikai Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0021
Opua Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0022 YES YES
Manganuiowae Ecological Area ZLP/NL-0023
Ranfurly Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0024
East Beach Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0027
Maungataniwha Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0029 YES YES
Ngaiotonga Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0030
Nga Kiekie Whawhanui a Uenuku Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0032
Puketi Forest (Addition No 2) Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0033
Te Hura Ecological Area ZLP/NL-0035
Waikino Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0036 YES YES
Omahuta Forest (Addition) Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0037
Kaimaumau Scientific Reserve ZLP/NL-0038
Rangaunu Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0040
Otangaroa Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0042
Pukewharariki Forest Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0044
Hilel Korman Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0045
North Cape Scientific Reserve ZLP/NL-0046
Paponga Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0050
Warawara Forest Sanctuary Area ZLP/NL-0052
Waitangi Endowment Forest ZLP/NL-0053
Maitai Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0054
Lake Ohia Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0055
Paxton Point Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0056
Maungataniwha Forest Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0057
Omahuta Forest Scenic Reserve No 2 ZLP/NL-0060
Hukerenui Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park) ZLP/NL-0061 YES YES
Paeroa-Knuckle Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0062
Aratoro Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0064
Ruapekapeka Forest (Pt Northland Cons. Park) ZLP/NL-0065 YES YES
Tokerau Beach Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0067
Paranui Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0068
Motukawanui Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0069
Kaeo Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0070
Manawahuna Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0073
Motukaraka Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0074
Te Koroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0078
Wahaotetupua Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0081
Pukekohe Stream Ecological Area ZLP/NL-0083
Whangamumu Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0084
Waikaramu Lake Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0085
Maungatoa Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0086
Pukewharariki Forest Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0089
Te Ramanuka Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0095
Paikauri Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0096
Tauranga Valley Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0097
Whakarara Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0098
Ahipara Gumfields Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0099
Tapuwae Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0103
Urupukapuka Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0104
Pukemiro Block Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0105
Takou River Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0107
Upokorau Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0109
Wekaweka Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0110
Moturoa and Black Rocks Wildlife Refuge ZLP/NL-0112
Karikari Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0114
Whangae Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0117
Waima Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0119
Frampton Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0120
Riponui Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0121
Moturua Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0122
Utakura Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0125
Puwheke Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0126
Puketona Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0130
Pakanae Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0135
Haumanga Valley Wildlife Refuge ZLP/NL-0136
Omahuta Forest Addition No1.Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0139
Te Toroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0141
Oraora Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0144
Manginangina Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0145
Kukuparere Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0150
Ahutoatoa Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0158
Pareokawa Water Conservation Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0159
Waitangi Wetland Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0160
Whangaroa Forest Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0161
Mangataipa Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0163
Puketi Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0169
Sweetwater Dune Lakes Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0171
Aputerewa Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0172
St. Pauls Rock Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0174
Lake Ngatu Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0175
Kowhai Beach Wildlife Refuge ZLP/NL-0181
Wiroa Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0183
Whakaangi Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0186
Mangatete Farm Settlement Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0189
Motuarohia Island Wildlife Refuge ZLP/NL-0194
Kaikohe Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0196
Marko Buselich Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0198
Waewaetorea Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0199
Rotokakahi River Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0200
Waimamaku Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0201
Tipatipa Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0202
Mangatete Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0203
Waitawa Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0205
Ngawha Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0206
Akatere Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0209
Lake Waiparaheka Scientific Reserve ZLP/NL-0212
Kawakawa Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0216
Mahinepua Peninsula Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0218
Rangikapiti Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0219
Pukewhau Ecological Area ZLP/NL-0221
Arai-Te-Uru Recreation Reserve Addition ZLP/NL-0227
Omatai Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0229
Taemaro Bay Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0236
Horotutu Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0240
Motuopao Island Nature Reserve ZLP/NL-0242
Popo Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0243
Te-Rere-O-Te-Kerikeri Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0247
Mataraua Valley Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0257
Bulrush Lake Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0260
Taumarumaru Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0268
Okuratope Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0269
Okohine Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0272
Okahu Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0273
Kerikeri River Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0276
Waipapakauri Beach Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0277
Waikare Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0278
Taronui Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0280
Cape View Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0282
Rangitane Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0284
Sweetwater Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0287
Herekino Forest Addition Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0292
Kerikeri Basin Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0293
Waipapakauri Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0300
Tapuhi Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0303
Hongi Hika Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0304
Motuarohia Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0305
Akeake Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0311
Arai-Te-Uru Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0317
Rangiputa Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0319
Mangonui Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0323
Waiotehue Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0324
Rangiahua Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0327
Black Rocks Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0328
Marsden Cross Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0330
Karakamatamata Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0332
Maungakawakawa Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0333
Harrison Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0337
Te Karae Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0338
Ruapekapeka Historic Reserve ZLP/NL-0343
Waitata Point Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0345
Kokohuia Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0347
Lake Ngākeketo Recreation Reserve ZLP/NL-0352
Lake Waiporohita Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0356
Ngawha Scenic Reserve ZLP/NL-0357
Mitimiti Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0360
Blacksmiths Bay Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0365
Kahikatoa Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0960
Man O War Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0961
Rangiora Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0962
Walker Island Nature Reserve ZLP/NL-0964
Karuhiruhi Creek Marginal Strip No 2 ZLP/NL-0967
Karuhiruhi Creek Marginal Strip No 1 ZLP/NL-0968
Karuhiruhi Creek Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0969
Esplanade Reserve - Monkey Point ZLP/NL-0974
Motutokape Island Conservation Area ZLP/NL-0975
Total Parks: 170 15 15
Mataraua Forest Conservation Park ZL-0164 YES YES
Omahuta Forest (Pt Northland Conservation Park ZL-0177 YES YES
Puketi Forest Conservation Park ZL-0187 YES YES
Raetea Forest Conservation Park ZL-0188 YES YES
Russell Forest Conservation Park ZL-0201 YES YES
Te Paki Recreation Park ZL-0216 YES YES
Waipoua Forest Conservation Park ZL-0233 YES YES
Warawara Forest Conservation Park ZL-0237 YES YES
Herekino Forest Conservation Park ZL-0246 YES
Hukerenui Forest Conservation Park ZL-0248 YES
Maungataniwha Forest Conservation Park ZL-0252 YES
Opua Forest Conservation Park ZL-0253 YES
Ruapekapeka Forest Conservation Park ZL-0255 YES
Waikino Forest Conservation Park ZL-0257 YES
Waima Forest Conservation Park ZL-0258 YES
Total POTA Parks: 15 15 8
SOTA Summit
Te Raupua ZL1/NL-001
Raetea ZL1/NL-003
Panguru ZL1/NL-004
Moumoukai ZL1/NL-005
Hauturu ZL1/NL-008
Hikurangi ZL1/NL-009
Maungapohatu ZL1/NL-010
ZL1/NL-011 ZL1/NL-011
Maungataniwha ZL1/NL-013
Taumatamahoe ZL1/NL-015 YES
ZL1/NL-017 ZL1/NL-017
ZL1/NL-019 ZL1/NL-019
ZL1/NL-021 ZL1/NL-021
ZL1/NL-023 ZL1/NL-023
ZL1/NL-028 ZL1/NL-028
Monoa ZL1/NL-029
ZL1/NL-030 ZL1/NL-030
ZL1/NL-032 ZL1/NL-032
ZL1/NL-036 ZL1/NL-036
Haunga ZL1/NL-037
Maungaemiemie ZL1/NL-045
Koheroa ZL1/NL-048 YES YES
Te Ranga ZL1/NL-049
Akatere ZL1/NL-050
ZL1/NL-051 ZL1/NL-051
ZL1/NL-054 ZL1/NL-054
Rakaumangamanga ZL1/NL-055
Paikauri ZL1/NL-057
Pukehuia ZL1/NL-059
Whakakoro ZL1/NL-060
Whakaangi ZL1/NL-061
Kopuokai ZL1/NL-063
Te Paki ZL1/NL-065 YES
Unuwhao ZL1/NL-066
Ongaru ZL1/NL-067
Taratara ZL1/NL-068
ZL1/NL-070 ZL1/NL-070
ZL1/NL-072 ZL1/NL-072
Te Kaiatewhetu ZL1/NL-075
Mataka ZL1/NL-077
Patakorokoro ZL1/NL-078
Tukuehi ZL1/NL-081
Hiriki ZL1/NL-082
Mount Camel ZL1/NL-083
Surville Cliffs ZL1/NL-085
Te Kahikatoa ZL1/NL-087
Ohakiri ZL1/NL-090 YES
ZL1/NL-094 ZL1/NL-094
Motukawanui Island ZL1/NL-098
Motukokako Island ZL1/NL-102
Total SOTA Summits: 50 4 1
Herekino Forest Park ZLFF-0045 YES YES
Hukerenui Forest Park ZLFF-0047 YES YES
Mataraua Forest Park ZLFF-0053 YES YES
Maungataniwha Forest Park ZLFF-0054 YES YES
Omahuta Forest Park ZLFF-0057 YES YES
Opua Forest Park ZLFF-0058 YES YES
Puketi Forest Park ZLFF-0061 YES YES
Raetea Forest Park ZLFF-0063 YES YES
Ruapekapeka Forest Park ZLFF-0066 YES YES
Russell Forest Park ZLFF-0067 YES YES
Waikino Forest Park ZLFF-0070 YES YES
Waima Forest Park ZLFF-0071 YES YES
Waipoua Forest Park ZLFF-0072 YES YES
Warawara Forest Park ZLFF-0073 YES YES
Te Paki Recreation Reserve ZLFF-0233 YES YES
Total WWFF Parks: 15 15 15