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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Adelaide Tarn Hut ZLH/TM-001
Anatoki Forks Hut ZLH/TM-002
Anchorage Hut ZLH/TM-003
Angelus Hut ZLH/TM-004
Asbestos Cottage ZLH/TM-005 YES YES
Awapoto Hut ZLH/TM-006
Awaroa Hut ZLH/TM-007
Balloon Hut ZLH/TM-008
Bark Bay Hut ZLH/TM-009 YES YES
Beebys Hut ZLH/TM-010 YES YES
Blue Lake Hut ZLH/TM-011
Bobs Hut ZLH/TM-012
Boulder Lake Hut ZLH/TM-013
Branch Creek Hut ZLH/TM-014
Brown Hut ZLH/TM-015
Browning Hut ZLH/TM-016
Burn Creek Hut ZLH/TM-017
Bushline Hut ZLH/TM-018
Castle Rocks Hut ZLH/TM-019
Cecil Kings Hut ZLH/TM-020
Chaffey Hut ZLH/TM-021
Coldwater Hut ZLH/TM-023 YES YES
Cupola Hut ZLH/TM-024
Downie Hut ZLH/TM-025
D'Urville Hut ZLH/TM-027
East Matakitaki Hut ZLH/TM-028
Ellis Hut ZLH/TM-029
Flanagans Hut ZLH/TM-031 YES YES
Flora Hut ZLH/TM-032 YES YES
George Lyon (formerly Ella) Hut ZLH/TM-033
Gouland Downs Hut ZLH/TM-034
Granity Pass Hut ZLH/TM-035
Hacket Hut ZLH/TM-036
Hopeless Hut ZLH/TM-037
Hunters Hut ZLH/TM-038
Hurricane Hut ZLH/TM-039
John Reid Hut ZLH/TM-040
John Tait Hut ZLH/TM-041
Kahurangi Keepers House ZLH/TM-042
Kings Creek Hut ZLH/TM-043
Kiwi Saddle Hut ZLH/TM-044 YES YES
Lakehead Hut ZLH/TM-045
Lake Matiri Hut ZLH/TM-046 YES YES
Lonely Lake Hut ZLH/TM-047
McConchies Hut ZLH/TM-048
Mid Wairoa Hut ZLH/TM-049
Ministry of Works Historic Hut ZLH/TM-050
Mole Hut ZLH/TM-051
Morgan Hut ZLH/TM-052
Mount Misery Hut ZLH/TM-053
Mt Arthur Hut ZLH/TM-054
Myttons Hut ZLH/TM-055
Nardoo Hut ZLH/TM-056
Perry Saddle Hut ZLH/TM-057
Poor Pete's Hut ZLH/TM-058
Porters Creek Hut ZLH/TM-059
Riordans Hut ZLH/TM-060
Sabine Hut ZLH/TM-061
Salisbury Lodge ZLH/TM-062
Saxon Hut ZLH/TM-063
Speargrass Hut ZLH/TM-064
Starveall Hut ZLH/TM-065 YES YES
Stone Hut ZLH/TM-066
Sylvester Hut ZLH/TM-067 YES YES
Tiraumea Hut ZLH/TM-069
Top Wairoa Hut ZLH/TM-070
Trilobite Hut ZLH/TM-071 YES YES
Upper D'Urville Hut ZLH/TM-072
Upper Gridiron Hut ZLH/TM-073
Waingaro Forks Hut ZLH/TM-075
Wainui Hut ZLH/TM-076 YES YES
West Sabine Hut ZLH/TM-077
Whariwharangi Hut ZLH/TM-078
Wheel Creek Hut ZLH/TM-079
Total Huts: 77 13 13
Archway Islands ZLI/TM-002
Armchair Island ZLI/TM-003
Ballon Rock ZLI/TM-005
Bell Island ZLI/TM-006
Best Island ZLI/TM-008 YES YES
Bird Island ZLI/TM-010
Fisherman Island ZLI/TM-011
Jackett Island ZLI/TM-013
Kākā Island ZLI/TM-014
Motuareronui / Adele Island ZLI/TM-015
Motu Island ZLI/TM-016
Moturoa / Rabbit Island ZLI/TM-017 YES YES
Ngaio Island ZLI/TM-018
Ngawhiti Island ZLI/TM-019
Outer Island ZLI/TM-020
Pinnacle Island ZLI/TM-024
Rough Island ZLI/TM-026
Tata Islands ZLI/TM-028
Tonga Island ZLI/TM-029
Total Islands: 19 2 2
Adelaide Tarn ZLL/0004
Boulder Lake ZLL/0047
Camp Lake ZLL/0059
Cobb Reservoir ZLL/0072 YES YES
Darby Pond ZLL/0082
Diamond Lake ZLL/0090
Hinapouri Tarn ZLL/0142
Iron Lake ZLL/0158 YES YES
Kaihoka Lakes ZLL/0166 YES YES
Lake Aorere ZLL/0197
Lake Caslani ZLL/0240
Lake Clara ZLL/0250
Lake Cobb ZLL/0254
Lake Ella ZLL/0285
Lake Jeanette ZLL/0373
Lake Killarney ZLL/0405 YES YES
Lake Lillie ZLL/0430
Lake Lindsay ZLL/0431
Lake Lockett ZLL/0433
Lake Matiri ZLL/0480 YES YES
Lake Otuhie ZLL/0564 YES YES
Lake Peel ZLL/0580
Lake Rotoiti ZLL/0634 YES YES
Lake Rotoroa ZLL/0683 YES YES
Lake Sparrow ZLL/0713
Lake Stanley ZLL/0716
Lake Sylvester ZLL/0727
Little Sylvester Lake ZLL/0863
Luna Lake ZLL/0877
Paratītahi Tarns ZLL/0953
Paraumu Tarn ZLL/0954
Rotomairewhenua / Blue Lake ZLL/1000
Rotomaninitua / Lake Angelus ZLL/1001
Rotopōhueroa / Lake Constance ZLL/1003
Round Lake ZLL/1006
Ruby Lake ZLL/1008
Total Lakes: 36 8 8
Farewell Spit ZLB/031 YES YES
Pillar Point ZLB/066
Pitt Head ZLB/067 YES YES
Separation Point ZLB/078
Total Lighthouses: 4 2 2
Nelson Lakes National Park ZLP/TM-0001 YES YES
North West Nelson Forest Park ZLP/TM-0002 YES YES
Abel Tasman National Park ZLP/TM-0003 YES YES
Tutaki West Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0004
Big Bush Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0005 YES YES
Tutaki East Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0006 YES YES
Matakitaki South Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0007
Tutaki North Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0008 YES YES
Howard Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0009
Matakitaki West Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0010
Central Maruia Ecological Area ZLP/TM-0011
Conservation Area - Newton River ZLP/TM-0012
Deepdale Ecological Area ZLP/TM-0013
Conservation Area - Maruia River West Bank ZLP/TM-0015
Glenhope Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0016
Conservation Area - Aorere Goldfields ZLP/TM-0017
Warbeck Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0018
Conservation Area - Shenandoah River ZLP/TM-0019
Conservation Area - Braeburn Track ZLP/TM-0020
Conservation Area - Sams Creek ZLP/TM-0022
Puponga Farm Park ZLP/TM-0023
Conservation Area - Shenandoah Saddle ZLP/TM-0024
Recreation Reserve - Wairoa Gorge ZLP/TM-0025
Conservation Area - Takaka River ZLP/TM-0026
Conservation Area - Matakitaki River Headwaters ZLP/TM-0027
Abel Tasman Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0028
Canaan Downs Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0029
Sphinx Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0030
Conservation Area - Korere-Tophouse Road ZLP/TM-0031
Conservation Area - Diamond Creek ZLP/TM-0033
Conservation Area - Shenandoah ZLP/TM-0034
Owen River Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0035
Conservation Area - Blue Glen Creek ZLP/TM-0036
Pretty Bridge Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0037
Takaka Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0038
Conservation Area - Blue Rock Creek ZLP/TM-0039
Conservation Area - Eighty Eight Valley Road ZLP/TM-0040
Conservation Area - Minehaha Maruia ZLP/TM-0041
Conservation Area - Rappahannock River ZLP/TM-0042
Conservation Area - Cobb Lake Bed ZLP/TM-0045 YES YES
Conservation Area - Caves Road ZLP/TM-0046
Conservation Area - Drummonds Road Baton River ZLP/TM-0047
Conservation Area - Hacket ZLP/TM-0048
Kaka Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0049
Conservation Land Ruffe Creek, Shenandoah ZLP/TM-0050
Conservation Area - Murchison ZLP/TM-0051
Scenic Reserve - Gowan River ZLP/TM-0052
Conservation Area - Doughboy Road ZLP/TM-0053
Rabbit Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/TM-0054
Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve ZLP/TM-0055
Kaihoka Lakes Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0056
Conservation Area - Warwick River ZLP/TM-0057
Conservation Area - Prospect Creek ZLP/TM-0059
Spooners Range Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0060 YES YES
Scenic Reserve - Upper Rosser Block ZLP/TM-0061
Slippery Creek Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0063
Milnthorpe Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0064
Conservation Area - Riverbed Glenroy River ZLP/TM-0065
Conservation Area - Glenhope ZLP/TM-0067
Lake Matiri Conservation Area ZLP/TM-0069 YES YES
Conservation Area - Glenroy Road Murchison ZLP/TM-0070
East Takaka Scenic Reserve (adj. Rameka Track) ZLP/TM-0073
Conservation Area - Maruia Saddle Road ZLP/TM-0075
Conservation Area - Owen Valley East Road ZLP/TM-0077
Conservation Area - Higgins Bluff Maruia ZLP/TM-0078
Conservation Area - Black Valley Wetland ZLP/TM-0079
Conservation Area - Wainui Road ZLP/TM-0080
Dry River Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0081
Aniseed Valley Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0083
Conservation Area - Tadmor ZLP/TM-0084
Conservation Area - Burnbrae ZLP/TM-0085
Matiri Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0086
Lake Matiri Wildlife Refuge ZLP/TM-0088 YES YES
Wangapeka Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0090
Scenic Reserve - Rawhiti Caves ZLP/TM-0093
Whanganui Inlet Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0094
Paynes Ford Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0097
Conservation Area - Owen Valley ZLP/TM-0098
Scenic Reserve - Otūwhero Inlet - Nell Reed Block ZLP/TM-0099
Conservation Area - Shedwood Bush ZLP/TM-0101
Conservation Land - Puramahoi ZLP/TM-0102
Scenic Reserve - Aorere ZLP/TM-0103
Aorere Caves Recreation Reserve ZLP/TM-0104
Brooklyn Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0105
Tophouse Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0106
Clifton Recreation Reserve (located in Golden Bay) ZLP/TM-0108
Longford Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0110
Conservation Area - Wainui River ZLP/TM-0111
Matakitaki Bridge Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0112
Conservation Area - Four Rivers Plain ZLP/TM-0116
W F Moss Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0117 YES YES
Scenic Reserve - Skeet River Wangapeka ZLP/TM-0119
Conservation Area - Lyell ZLP/TM-0121
Riverview Recreation Reserve (located near Murchison) ZLP/TM-0122
Eves Valley Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0125 YES YES
Conservation Area - Riverbed Buller River ZLP/TM-0126
Te Waikoropupu Springs Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0127
Conservation Area - Otuwhero Valley Road ZLP/TM-0128
Conservation Area - Buller River - Thurlow ZLP/TM-0129
Four Rivers Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0130
Little Ben Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0131
Conservation Area - Hodgson Stream ZLP/TM-0134
Maruia Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0135
Conservation Area - St Arnaud ZLP/TM-0139 YES YES
Conservation Area - Glengary Stream ZLP/TM-0143
Rameka Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0144
Conservation Area - Riverbed Maitkitaki River ZLP/TM-0147
Conservation Area - Gowan River ZLP/TM-0148
Shenandoah Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0149
Grove Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0150
Historic Reserve - Glenhope Railway ZLP/TM-0152
Conservation Area - Town of St Arnaud ZLP/TM-0153 YES YES
Conservation Area - Otuwhero Inlet ZLP/TM-0154
Hanson Winter Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0155
Kawatiri Junction - Crown Land LINZ Licence ZLP/TM-0159
Washbourne Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0160
Fry Scenic Reserve ZLP/TM-0161
Farewell Spit Nature Reserve ZLP/TM-0765 YES YES
Westhaven (Whanganui Inlet) Wildlife Management Reserve ZLP/TM-0766
Tonga Island Marine Reserve ZLP/TM-0767
Westhaven (Te Tai Tapu) Marine Reserve ZLP/TM-0769
Scenic Reserve - Westhaven ZLP/TM-0771
Scenic Reserve - Collingwood ZLP/TM-0772
Motueka Sandspit ZLP/TM-0773
Recreation Reserve - Motueka Beach ZLP/TM-0774
Esplanade - Moutere Estuary - Kina Peninsula ZLP/TM-0776
Conservation Area - Collingwood Bach ZLP/TM-0778
Total Parks: 127 15 15
Abel Tasman National Park ZL-0034 YES YES
Kahurangi National Park ZL-0035 YES YES
Nelson Lakes National Park ZL-0036 YES YES
Big Bush Conservation Area ZL-0075 YES YES
Central Maruia Ecological Area ZL-0082
Newton River Conservation Area ZL-0104
Deepdale Ecological Area ZL-0122
Farewell Spit Nature Reserve ZL-0126 YES YES
Howard Conservation Area ZL-0137
Matakitaki South Conservation Area ZL-0162
Matakitaki West Conservation Area ZL-0163
Tutaki East Conservation Area ZL-0223 YES YES
Tutaki North Conservation Area ZL-0224 YES YES
Tutaki West Conservation Area ZL-0225
North West Nelson Forest Park ZL-0270
Onekaka River Conservation Park ZL-0271
Newton River Conservation Area ZL-0278
Maruia River West Bank Conservation Area ZL-0482
Glenhope Scenic Reserve ZL-0483
Westhaven (Whanganui Inlet) Wildlife Management Reserve ZL-0484
Tonga Island Marine Reserve ZL-0485
Aorere Goldfields Conservation Area ZL-0486
Warbeck Scenic Reserve ZL-0487
Shenandoah River Conservation Area ZL-0488
Braeburn Track Conservation Area ZL-0489
Sams Creek Conservation Area ZL-0490
Puponga Farm Park ZL-0491
Total POTA Parks: 27 7 7
SOTA Summit
Kehu Peak ZL3/MB-010
Mount Franklin ZL3/TM-001
Mount Travers ZL3/TM-002
Mount Hopeless ZL3/TM-004
Mount Ella ZL3/TM-005
Mount Cupola ZL3/TM-006
Faerie Queene ZL3/TM-007
ZL3/TM-009 ZL3/TM-009
ZL3/TM-011 ZL3/TM-011
Mount Mahanga ZL3/TM-012
Mount Dorothy ZL3/TM-013
Mount Magdalene ZL3/TM-014
ZL3/TM-016 ZL3/TM-016
Franklin Ridge ZL3/TM-017
ZL3/TM-018 ZL3/TM-018
ZL3/TM-019 ZL3/TM-019
Mount Maling ZL3/TM-020
ZL3/TM-021 ZL3/TM-021
Mahanga Range ZL3/TM-022
ZL3/TM-023 ZL3/TM-023
ZL3/TM-025 ZL3/TM-025
Angelus Ridge ZL3/TM-026
ZL3/TM-027 ZL3/TM-027
Maniniaro/Angelus Peak ZL3/TM-028
Emily Peaks ZL3/TM-030
ZL3/TM-031 ZL3/TM-031
ZL3/TM-033 ZL3/TM-033
Mount Owen ZL3/TM-034 YES YES
Mount Snowdon ZL3/TM-035
Mount Bell ZL3/TM-036 YES YES
ZL3/TM-037 ZL3/TM-037
Maungakura/Red Hill ZL3/TM-038
Devil River Peak ZL3/TM-039
Kakapo Peak ZL3/TM-040
Culliford Hill ZL3/TM-041
Porters Knob ZL3/TM-044
Mount Patriarch ZL3/TM-045
Iron Hill ZL3/TM-046
Gordon Range (West) ZL3/TM-047
Mount Benson (High Point) ZL3/TM-048
ZL3/TM-049 ZL3/TM-049
Dragons Teeth ZL3/TM-050
Lookout Range (North) ZL3/TM-052 YES YES
Billies Knob ZL3/TM-053 YES YES
Anatoki Range ZL3/TM-054
ZL3/TM-055 ZL3/TM-055 YES YES
Lead Hills ZL3/TM-057
Mount Lockett ZL3/TM-058
Mount Mantell ZL3/TM-059
Waingaro Peak ZL3/TM-060
Loveridge Peak ZL3/TM-061
ZL3/TM-062 ZL3/TM-062
ZL3/TM-063 ZL3/TM-063
Lookout Range (South) ZL3/TM-064
ZL3/TM-065 ZL3/TM-065
Centre Mountain ZL3/TM-066
Gordon Range (East) ZL3/TM-067 YES YES
The Needle ZL3/TM-068
Yuletide Peak ZL3/TM-070
Paradise Peak ZL3/TM-072
Slaty Peak ZL3/TM-073 YES YES
Mount Starveall ZL3/TM-076 YES YES
ZL3/TM-077 ZL3/TM-077
Old Man ZL3/TM-079 YES YES
Mount Inaccessible ZL3/TM-080
ZL3/TM-082 ZL3/TM-082
ZL3/TM-083 ZL3/TM-083
ZL3/TM-084 ZL3/TM-084
Hoary Head ZL3/TM-085
Mount Murchison ZL3/TM-086 YES YES
ZL3/TM-087 ZL3/TM-087
ZL3/TM-088 ZL3/TM-088
Lodestone ZL3/TM-089 YES YES
Calphurnia Peak ZL3/TM-090
Rocky Tor ZL3/TM-091
Brown Cow ZL3/TM-092
Trent Peak ZL3/TM-093
Beebys Knob ZL3/TM-094 YES YES
ZL3/TM-095 ZL3/TM-095
Gouland Range (South) ZL3/TM-096
ZL3/TM-097 ZL3/TM-097
ZL3/TM-098 ZL3/TM-098
ZL3/TM-100 ZL3/TM-100
Mount Crusader ZL3/TM-101
ZL3/TM-102 ZL3/TM-102
ZL3/TM-103 ZL3/TM-103
Mount Hutton ZL3/TM-104
ZL3/TM-105 ZL3/TM-105
ZL3/TM-106 ZL3/TM-106
Mount Hodder ZL3/TM-107
ZL3/TM-108 ZL3/TM-108
Mount Glennie ZL3/TM-109
ZL3/TM-110 ZL3/TM-110
ZL3/TM-111 ZL3/TM-111
ZL3/TM-112 ZL3/TM-112
Barron Bold ZL3/TM-113
ZL3/TM-114 ZL3/TM-114
ZL3/TM-115 ZL3/TM-115
Pukeone/Mount Campbell ZL3/TM-116 YES YES
Mount Rutland ZL3/TM-117
ZL3/TM-118 ZL3/TM-118
ZL3/TM-119 ZL3/TM-119
ZL3/TM-120 ZL3/TM-120
Gouland Range (North) ZL3/TM-121
ZL3/TM-122 ZL3/TM-122
ZL3/TM-123 ZL3/TM-123
Hailes Knob ZL3/TM-124
ZL3/TM-125 ZL3/TM-125
Thomson ZL3/TM-126
Mount Hope (High Point) ZL3/TM-127
ZL3/TM-128 ZL3/TM-128
ZL3/TM-129 ZL3/TM-129
Parapara Peak (High Point) ZL3/TM-130
Bushy Top ZL3/TM-131
Mount Cotton ZL3/TM-132
ZL3/TM-133 ZL3/TM-133
ZL3/TM-134 ZL3/TM-134
Mount Perry ZL3/TM-135
ZL3/TM-136 ZL3/TM-136
ZL3/TM-137 ZL3/TM-137
ZL3/TM-138 ZL3/TM-138
Mount Stevens ZL3/TM-140
ZL3/TM-141 ZL3/TM-141
Devils Thumb ZL3/TM-142
ZL3/TM-143 ZL3/TM-143
ZL3/TM-144 ZL3/TM-144
Walker Ridge ZL3/TM-145
ZL3/TM-146 ZL3/TM-146
Percy Peak ZL3/TM-148
ZL3/TM-149 ZL3/TM-149
ZL3/TM-150 ZL3/TM-150
Mount Evans ZL3/TM-151
Cobb Ridge ZL3/TM-152 YES YES
Twins ZL3/TM-153
ZL3/TM-154 ZL3/TM-154
ZL3/TM-157 ZL3/TM-157
ZL3/TM-158 ZL3/TM-158
Mount Harte ZL3/TM-159
ZL3/TM-160 ZL3/TM-160
ZL3/TM-161 ZL3/TM-161
Mount Baring ZL3/TM-162
ZL3/TM-163 ZL3/TM-163
ZL3/TM-164 ZL3/TM-164
ZL3/TM-166 ZL3/TM-166
ZL3/TM-167 ZL3/TM-167
Murray Peak ZL3/TM-168
ZL3/TM-169 ZL3/TM-169
ZL3/TM-170 ZL3/TM-170
ZL3/TM-171 ZL3/TM-171
ZL3/TM-172 ZL3/TM-172
Three Peaks ZL3/TM-173
Sugar Loaf ZL3/TM-174
ZL3/TM-176 ZL3/TM-176
Pikikiruna ZL3/TM-177
ZL3/TM-178 ZL3/TM-178
ZL3/TM-179 ZL3/TM-179
ZL3/TM-180 ZL3/TM-180
Blue Cliffs Ridge ZL3/TM-181
Three Sisters ZL3/TM-182
ZL3/TM-183 ZL3/TM-183
Sutton ZL3/TM-184
ZL3/TM-185 ZL3/TM-185
ZL3/TM-186 ZL3/TM-186
ZL3/TM-188 ZL3/TM-188
ZL3/TM-189 ZL3/TM-189
ZL3/TM-190 ZL3/TM-190
ZL3/TM-191 ZL3/TM-191
ZL3/TM-192 ZL3/TM-192
ZL3/TM-193 ZL3/TM-193
The Dreadnought ZL3/TM-194
Old Sow Road ZL3/TM-195
ZL3/TM-196 ZL3/TM-196
Old Sow ZL3/TM-197
ZL3/TM-199 ZL3/TM-199
ZL3/TM-200 ZL3/TM-200
Tutaki ZL3/TM-201
Mount Jones ZL3/TM-202
ZL3/TM-203 ZL3/TM-203
ZL3/TM-204 ZL3/TM-204
ZL3/TM-205 ZL3/TM-205
Granite Pinnacle ZL3/TM-207
Big Bush Forest (High Point) ZL3/TM-208
Slate Range ZL3/TM-209
ZL3/TM-210 ZL3/TM-210
ZL3/TM-211 ZL3/TM-211
ZL3/TM-212 ZL3/TM-212
ZL3/TM-213 ZL3/TM-213
ZL3/TM-214 ZL3/TM-214
ZL3/TM-215 ZL3/TM-215
ZL3/TM-216 ZL3/TM-216
Little Ben ZL3/TM-217
Mount Teddy ZL3/TM-220
ZL3/TM-221 ZL3/TM-221
Mount Brown ZL3/TM-222
ZL3/TM-223 ZL3/TM-223
ZL3/TM-224 ZL3/TM-224
ZL3/TM-225 ZL3/TM-225
ZL3/TM-226 ZL3/TM-226 YES YES
ZL3/TM-227 ZL3/TM-227
ZL3/TM-228 ZL3/TM-228
ZL3/TM-229 ZL3/TM-229
ZL3/TM-230 ZL3/TM-230
ZL3/TM-231 ZL3/TM-231
Matiri Hill ZL3/TM-232
Thomson Hill ZL3/TM-233
ZL3/TM-234 ZL3/TM-234
ZL3/TM-235 ZL3/TM-235
Sphinx ZL3/TM-236
ZL3/TM-237 ZL3/TM-237
ZL3/TM-239 ZL3/TM-239
ZL3/TM-240 ZL3/TM-240
ZL3/TM-241 ZL3/TM-241
ZL3/TM-242 ZL3/TM-242
ZL3/TM-243 ZL3/TM-243
ZL3/TM-245 ZL3/TM-245 YES YES
ZL3/TM-246 ZL3/TM-246
Mount Burnett ZL3/TM-247
ZL3/TM-248 ZL3/TM-248
Mount Haidinger ZL3/TM-249
ZL3/TM-250 ZL3/TM-250
ZL3/TM-253 ZL3/TM-253 YES YES
ZL3/TM-254 ZL3/TM-254 YES
ZL3/TM-255 ZL3/TM-255
Goat Hill ZL3/TM-257
ZL3/TM-258 ZL3/TM-258
ZL3/TM-259 ZL3/TM-259
ZL3/TM-260 ZL3/TM-260
ZL3/TM-262 ZL3/TM-262
ZL3/TM-264 ZL3/TM-264
Knuckle Hill ZL3/TM-265 YES YES
ZL3/TM-266 ZL3/TM-266
ZL3/TM-267 ZL3/TM-267
ZL3/TM-268 ZL3/TM-268
ZL3/TM-271 ZL3/TM-271
ZL3/TM-273 ZL3/TM-273 YES YES
ZL3/TM-274 ZL3/TM-274
ZL3/TM-275 ZL3/TM-275
ZL3/TM-276 ZL3/TM-276
ZL3/TM-277 ZL3/TM-277
ZL3/TM-278 ZL3/TM-278 YES YES
ZL3/TM-279 ZL3/TM-279
Mount Lunar ZL3/TM-280
ZL3/TM-281 ZL3/TM-281
Meroiti ZL3/TM-282
Cave Point ZL3/TM-283
The Twins ZL3/WC-232
Mount Arthur ZL3/WC-241 YES YES
ZL3/WC-245 ZL3/WC-245
Mount Prospect ZL3/WC-293
Mount Cann ZL3/WC-297
Mount Victoria ZL3/WC-322
Wharepapa / Arthur Range ZL3/WC-325
Mount Crosscut ZL3/WC-333
Fyfe Peak ZL3/WC-335
ZL3/WC-339 ZL3/WC-339
Mount Gomorrah ZL3/WC-345
Wharepapa / Arthur Range ZL3/WC-365
ZL3/WC-367 ZL3/WC-367
Mount Pelion ZL3/WC-408
ZL3/WC-419 ZL3/WC-419
Deepdale Ridge ZL3/WC-464
ZL3/WC-579 ZL3/WC-579
Total SOTA Summits: 262 22 21
Abel Tasman National Park ZLFF-0001 YES YES
Nelson Lakes National Park ZLFF-0008 YES YES
North West Nelson Forest Park ZLFF-0056
Onekaka River Conservation Park ZLFF-0084
Central Maruia Ecological Area ZLFF-0113
Deepdale Ecological Area ZLFF-0117
Farewell Spit Nature Reserve ZLFF-0121 YES YES
Howard Conservation Area ZLFF-0132
Matakitaki South Conservation Area ZLFF-0159
Matakitaki West Conservation Area ZLFF-0160
Newton River Conservation Area ZLFF-0173
Tutaki East Conservation Area ZLFF-0213 YES YES
Tutaki North Conservation Area ZLFF-0214
Tutaki West Conservation Area ZLFF-0215
Total WWFF Parks: 14 4 4