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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Adventure Bivvy ZLH/WC-002
Almer Hut ZLH/WC-003
Architect Creek Hut ZLH/WC-004
Blue River (Blowfly) Hut ZLH/WC-007
Bluff Hut ZLH/WC-008
Boo Boo Hut ZLH/WC-009
Brewster Hut ZLH/WC-011 YES YES
Browning Range Biv ZLH/WC-012
Butler Junction Hut ZLH/WC-014
Campbell Bivvy ZLH/WC-015
Carroll Hut ZLH/WC-018
Cassel Flat Hut ZLH/WC-019
Cassell Flat hut ZLH/WC-020
Castle Rocks Hut ZLH/WC-021
Cedar Flat Hut ZLH/WC-022
Cedar Flat Hut (Historic) ZLH/WC-023
Centennial Hut ZLH/WC-024
Chancellor Hut ZLH/WC-026
Christmas Flat Hut ZLH/WC-027
Colin Todd Hut ZLH/WC-028
Coppermine Creek Hut ZLH/WC-030
County Stream Hut ZLH/WC-031
Crawford Junction Hut ZLH/WC-032
Creswicke Flat Hut ZLH/WC-033
Crystal Bivvy ZLH/WC-036
Dickie Spur Hut ZLH/WC-037 YES YES
Dillon Hut ZLH/WC-038
Dillons Homestead Hut (1945) ZLH/WC-039
Douglas Rock Hut ZLH/WC-040
Dunns Creek Hut ZLH/WC-041
Explorer Hut ZLH/WC-043 YES YES
Frew Hut ZLH/WC-044
Frew Saddle Bivvy ZLH/WC-045
Frisco Hut ZLH/WC-046
Gerhardt Spur Bivvy ZLH/WC-047
Goat Pass Hut ZLH/WC-049
Goat Pass Hut ZLH/WC-050
Gorge River Hut ZLH/WC-051
Grassy Flat Hut ZLH/WC-052
Griffin Creek Hut ZLH/WC-054
Harman Hut ZLH/WC-055
Healey Creek Hut ZLH/WC-056 YES YES
Horace Walker Hut ZLH/WC-059
Horace Walker Hut ZLH/WC-060
Horseshoe Flat Hut ZLH/WC-061
Hunters Hut ZLH/WC-062
Hunts Creek Hut ZLH/WC-063
Ivory Lake Hut ZLH/WC-064
Julia Hut ZLH/WC-069
Julia Hut (old 1958) ZLH/WC-070
Kiwi Flat Hut ZLH/WC-074
Koropuku Hut ZLH/WC-076
Lame Duck Hut ZLH/WC-080
Locke Stream Hut ZLH/WC-083
Lower Arahura Hut ZLH/WC-084
Lower Olderog Bivvy ZLH/WC-085
Maori Saddle Hut ZLH/WC-087
Middle Head Hut ZLH/WC-088
Mid Styx Hut ZLH/WC-090
Mid Taipo Hut ZLH/WC-091
Mikonui Flat Hut ZLH/WC-093
Mikonui Spur Bivvy ZLH/WC-094 YES YES
Moonbeam Hut ZLH/WC-097
Mt Brown Hut ZLH/WC-098
Mudflats Hut ZLH/WC-099
Mullins Hut ZLH/WC-100
Mungo Hut ZLH/WC-101
Neave Hut ZLH/WC-102
Newton Creek Hut ZLH/WC-103
Newton Range Bivvy ZLH/WC-104
Nolans Hut ZLH/WC-105
Otehake Hut ZLH/WC-106
Pfeifer Bivvy ZLH/WC-108
Pinnacle Bivvy ZLH/WC-109
Pioneer Hut ZLH/WC-110
Poet Hut ZLH/WC-111
Polluck Creek Hut ZLH/WC-112
Price Basin Hut ZLH/WC-113
Price Flat Hut ZLH/WC-114
Price Flat Hut (Historic 1949) ZLH/WC-115
Rapid Creek Hut ZLH/WC-116
Roaring Billy Hut ZLH/WC-117
Rocky Creek Biv ZLH/WC-119
Scamper Torrent Hut ZLH/WC-120
Scone Hut ZLH/WC-121
Scottys Bivvy ZLH/WC-122
Serpentine Hut ZLH/WC-123
Sir Robert Hut ZLH/WC-124
Smyth Hut ZLH/WC-126
Spoon Hut ZLH/WC-128
Stafford Hut ZLH/WC-129
Stan's Hut ZLH/WC-131
Thomas River Hut ZLH/WC-133
Toaroha Saddle Bivvy ZLH/WC-135
Top Butler Hut ZLH/WC-136
Top Crawford Hut ZLH/WC-137
Top Kokatahi Hut ZLH/WC-139
Top Olderog Bivvy ZLH/WC-140
Top Toaroha Hut ZLH/WC-142
Top Tuke Hut ZLH/WC-144 YES YES
Top Waitaha Hut ZLH/WC-145
Townsend Hut ZLH/WC-147
Tunnel Creek Hut ZLH/WC-149
Upper Deception Hut ZLH/WC-151
Welcome Flat Hut ZLH/WC-155
Whymper Hut ZLH/WC-156
Wilkinson Hut ZLH/WC-157
Wills Hut ZLH/WC-158
Yeats Ridge Hut ZLH/WC-159
Thirsty Biv ZLH/WC-160 YES YES
Greaney Hut ZLH/WC-161 YES YES
Music Biv ZLH/WC-162
Hindley Biv ZLH/WC-166 YES YES
Watney Heights Biv ZLH/WC-167 YES YES
Waiatoto Biv ZLH/WC-168 YES YES
Total Huts: 115 11 11
Cashmere Island ZLI/WC-006
Frenchies Island ZLI/WC-009
Gull Island ZLI/WC-011
Hans Island ZLI/WC-013 YES YES
Pōpōtai Island ZLI/WC-019
Stafford Rocks ZLI/WC-025
Sunbeam Island ZLI/WC-026
Taumaka Island ZLI/WC-028
Tui Island ZLI/WC-031
Total Islands: 9 1 1
Abel Lake ZLL/0001
Alpine Lake/Ata Puai ZLL/0010
Aorangi Lagoon ZLL/0014
Ariels Tarns ZLL/0017
Bell Dam ZLL/0026 YES YES
Boil Hole ZLL/0044
Charlies Ponds ZLL/0066 YES YES
Cloudmaker Lake ZLL/0068
Delta Tarn ZLL/0086
Disappearing Lake ZLL/0092
Five Mile Lagoon ZLL/0110
Hikimutu Lagoon ZLL/0141
Ice Lake ZLL/0154
Ivory Lake ZLL/0163
Kapitia Reservoir ZLL/0173 YES YES
Kumara Reservoir ZLL/0179 YES YES
Lake Anna ZLL/0195
Lake Arthur ZLL/0203 YES YES
Lake Barra ZLL/0209
Lake Barrowman ZLL/0210
Lake Browning/Whakarewa ZLL/0223
Lake Bux ZLL/0230
Lake Clarke ZLL/0252 YES YES
Lake Dan ZLL/0263
Lake Darby ZLL/0265
Lake Dime ZLL/0268
Lake Douglas ZLL/0276
Lake Eggeling ZLL/0283
Lake Ellery ZLL/0286 YES YES
Lake Florence ZLL/0298
Lake Gault ZLL/0306 YES YES
Lake Gibb ZLL/0309
Lake Greaney ZLL/0315 YES YES
Lake Hamer ZLL/0322
Lake Ianthe/Matahi ZLL/0361 YES YES
Lake Joan ZLL/0375
Lake Jumbuck ZLL/0379
Lake Kaniere ZLL/0389 YES YES
Lake Kaurapataka ZLL/0400 YES YES
Lake Kini ZLL/0407
Lake Law ZLL/0426
Lake Leeb ZLL/0427 YES YES
Lake Lyes ZLL/0440
Lake Lyttle ZLL/0442
Lake Mahinapua ZLL/0446 YES YES
Lake Mapourika ZLL/0459 YES YES
Lake Mary ZLL/0473 YES YES
Lake Matheson ZLL/0478 YES YES
Lake Miro ZLL/0499
Lake Misery ZLL/0500 YES YES
Lake Moeraki ZLL/0503 YES YES
Lake Mudgie ZLL/0510 YES YES
Lake Mueller ZLL/0511
Lake Nisson ZLL/0531 YES YES
Lake Paringa ZLL/0575 YES YES
Lake Porm ZLL/0593
Lake Pratt ZLL/0601
Lake Rasselas ZLL/0615 YES YES
Lake Rotokino ZLL/0653
Lake Roto Te Koeti ZLL/0690
Lake Sally ZLL/0705
Lake Sweeney ZLL/0725
Lake Tarleton ZLL/0739 YES YES
Lake Topsy ZLL/0772
Lake Wahapo ZLL/0795 YES YES
Lake Williamson ZLL/0850
Lake Wombat ZLL/0856 YES YES
Macs Lagoon ZLL/0879 YES YES
Manks Tarn ZLL/0887
Minim Mere ZLL/0904 YES YES
Ogilvie Lagoon ZLL/0934
Ōkāritoiti / Lake Windermere ZLL/0938
Ōkārito Lagoon ZLL/0939
Okuku Reservoir ZLL/0940 YES YES
Otoko Lake ZLL/0946
Ounatai Lagoon ZLL/0948 YES YES
Peters Pool ZLL/0960 YES YES
Pukaki Lagoon ZLL/0974
Reid Lake ZLL/0994
Saddle Lake ZLL/1012
Saltwater Lagoon ZLL/1016
Smiths Ponds ZLL/1033
Surprise Ponds ZLL/1051
Tawharekiri Lakes ZLL/1064 YES YES
Teal Tarn ZLL/1066
Theta Tarn ZLL/1084
Three Mile Lagoon ZLL/1087
Totara Lagoon ZLL/1094 YES YES
Tukes Lagoons ZLL/1104
Waiatoto Lagoon ZLL/1120 YES YES
White Heron Lagoon ZLL/1150
Woodhen Pond ZLL/1153
Zalas Pond ZLL/1155
Total Lakes: 93 34 34
Heretaniwha Point ZLB/037
Jackson Head ZLB/041
Total Lighthouses: 2 0 0
Mount Aspiring National Park ZLP/WC-0002 YES YES
Conservation Area - Cook River to Haast River ZLP/WC-0004 YES YES
Westland / Tai Poutini National Park ZLP/WC-0005 YES YES
Conservation Area - Arawhata ZLP/WC-0006 YES YES
Conservation Area - Wanganui / Otira Catchments ZLP/WC-0007 YES YES
Olivine Wilderness Area ZLP/WC-0010
Conservation Area - Waitangi Forest ZLP/WC-0011
Adams Wilderness Area ZLP/WC-0013
Hooker / Landsborough Wilderness Area ZLP/WC-0015 YES YES
Conservation Area - Waitaha Forest ZLP/WC-0017
Conservation Area - Totara - Mikonui Forests ZLP/WC-0019 YES YES
Conservation Area - Okuru-Waiatoto ZLP/WC-0024 YES YES
Waitaiki Historic Reserve ZLP/WC-0029
Lake Kaniere Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0034 YES YES
Conservation Area - Kawhaka Forest ZLP/WC-0049 YES YES
Conservation Area - Taramakau River / Otira River ZLP/WC-0062
Conservation Area - Waiatoto Valley ZLP/WC-0069 YES YES
Saltwater Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0070
Conservation Area - Arawhata Riverbed ZLP/WC-0071 YES YES
Doctor Hill Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0074
Conservation Area - Kokatahi / Hokitika Riverbed ZLP/WC-0080
Upper Totara Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0083
Okuku Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0085 YES YES
Conservation Area - Butlers ZLP/WC-0086
Lake Ianthe Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0088 YES YES
Conservation Area - Wanganui Riverbed ZLP/WC-0093
Conservation Area - Cook River ZLP/WC-0096
Waitangiroto Nature Reserve ZLP/WC-0098
Conservation Area - Ianthe Forest ZLP/WC-0101
Conservation Area - Kaniere Farm ZLP/WC-0102
Conservation Area - Big Dam Hill ZLP/WC-0109 YES YES
Kakapotahi Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0113
Conservation Area - Waiho River ZLP/WC-0116
Wilberg Range Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0121
Conservation Area - Kapitea Creek ZLP/WC-0124
Mount Hercules Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0126
Conservation Area - Kaniere Forest ZLP/WC-0129
Whataroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0130
Fergusons Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0136
Oneone Wildlife Management Area ZLP/WC-0137
Dillmanstown Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0138
Whakapohai Wildlife Refuge ZLP/WC-0142
Conservation Area - Wanganui Forest ZLP/WC-0144 YES YES
Camelback Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0145
Shamrock Creek Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0146 YES YES
Conservation Area - Dillmanstown ZLP/WC-0147
Conservation Area - Blue Spur Range ZLP/WC-0149
Lake Mahinapua Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0150 YES YES
Conservation Area - Poerua River Mouth ZLP/WC-0153
Conservation Area - Lake Mudgie ZLP/WC-0157 YES YES
Lake Paringa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0161 YES YES
Rohutu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0163
Kaniere Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0164
Waitaha Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0171
Conservation Area - Lake Ellery ZLP/WC-0175 YES YES
Conservation Area - Roto Road ZLP/WC-0176
Wanganui River Flat Wildlife Management Area ZLP/WC-0180
Conservation Area - Waitaha Riverbed ZLP/WC-0181
The Doughboy Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0182
Lower Poerua Ecological Area ZLP/WC-0187
Pukekura Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0197
Conservation Area - German Gully ZLP/WC-0201
Conservation Area - Waitangitaona River Mouth ZLP/WC-0203
Lake Moeraki Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0212 YES YES
Lake Rotokino Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0215
Conservation Area - Woolhouse Creek ZLP/WC-0218
Conservation Area - Kumara Straight ZLP/WC-0226
Lake Arthur Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0227 YES YES
Ianthe Scientific Reserve ZLP/WC-0228
Minehan Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0229
Wanganui Coastal Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0231
Conservation Area - Chesterfield ZLP/WC-0244
Conservation Area - Saltwater Forest ZLP/WC-0245
Poerua River Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0246
Conservation Area - Mikonui River ZLP/WC-0252
Conservation Area - Blue Spur Road ZLP/WC-0253
Okahu Wildlife Refuge ZLP/WC-0254 YES YES
Conservation Area - Abbey Rocks ZLP/WC-0256
Abut Head Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0259
Conservation Area - Toaroha Riverbed ZLP/WC-0261
Kumara Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0263
Conservation Area - Camp Creek ZLP/WC-0264
Conservation Area - Little Waitaha River ZLP/WC-0268
Conservation Area - Mahinapua Creek ZLP/WC-0269
Conservation Area - Waikoriri Creek ZLP/WC-0274
Conservation Area - Duart Farm ZLP/WC-0275
Milltown Amenity Area ZLP/WC-0278
Jacobs River Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0281
Pye Creek Wildlife Management Area ZLP/WC-0284
Waitangitaona Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0286
Conservation Area - Wahapo ZLP/WC-0288
Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0289
Conservation Area - Gillespies Beach ZLP/WC-0291
Conservation Area - Waiho Flat ZLP/WC-0292
Conservation Area - Lake Arthur ZLP/WC-0295
Conservation Area - Paringa Bridge ZLP/WC-0299
Conservation Area - Turnbull River ZLP/WC-0302
Toarona Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0304
The Avenue Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0305
Conservation Area - Mahitahi Riverbed ZLP/WC-0306
Conservation Area - Loan Block Road ZLP/WC-0307
Paringa Bridge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0309
Rocky Point / Tauotikirangi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0310
Conservation Area - Camelback ZLP/WC-0311
Conservation Area - La Fontaine ZLP/WC-0312
Conservation Area - Okarito Forks ZLP/WC-0313
Conservation Area - Docherty Creek ZLP/WC-0314
Conservation Area - Ferguson Creek ZLP/WC-0317
Conservation Area - Tarleton Falls ZLP/WC-0324
Conservation Area - Whataroa River ZLP/WC-0331
Conservation Area - Dicks Creek ZLP/WC-0339
Conservation Area - North Bank Arahura Road ZLP/WC-0342
Conservation Area - Upper Docherty Creek ZLP/WC-0345
Conservation Area - Waikukupa River ZLP/WC-0352
Scenic Reserve - Pearn Brook ZLP/WC-0355
Conservation Area - Dry Creek ZLP/WC-0357
Conservation Area - Blue Spur ZLP/WC-0359
Waitangiroto Wildlife Refuge ZLP/WC-0361
Conservation Area - Abut Head ZLP/WC-0362
Conservation Area - Waiho Gorge ZLP/WC-0368
Scenic Reserve - Okuru - Waiatoto ZLP/WC-0371
The Exile Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0374
Conservation Area - Duffers Creek ZLP/WC-0377
Conservation Area - Petersen Road ZLP/WC-0395
Conservation Area - Ounatai Lagoon ZLP/WC-0396
Conservation Area - Bennett Creek ZLP/WC-0398
Okuru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0400 YES YES
Conservation Area - Styx River ZLP/WC-0401
Taramakau Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0418
Conservation Area - Clearwater River ZLP/WC-0420
Conservation Area - Poerua Riverbed ZLP/WC-0423
Kakapotahi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0430
Conservation Area - Seddon Terrace ZLP/WC-0432
Conservation Area - Omoeroa River ZLP/WC-0435
Conservation Area - Waitaha River / Kakapotahi River ZLP/WC-0442
Conservation Area - Shearers Swamp - Mikonui ZLP/WC-0446
Conservation Area - Kumara - Wardens Road ZLP/WC-0453
Conservation Area - Mikonui River Mouth ZLP/WC-0454
Conservation Area - Kawhaka Creek ZLP/WC-0461
Otira Conservation Area ZLP/WC-0470
Lake Mahinapua Recreation Reserve ZLP/WC-0471 YES YES
Prossers Bush Recreation Reserve ZLP/WC-0477
Hokitika Southside Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0479
Conservation Area - Frosty Creek ZLP/WC-0480
Arawata Conservation Area ZLP/WC-0483
Mahitahi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0487
Conservation Area - Purcell Road ZLP/WC-0488
Conservation Area - Arahura River Mouth ZLP/WC-0490
Karangarua Bridge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0492
Historic reserve (located near Donoghues Road, Ross - West Coast) ZLP/WC-0498
Conservation Area - Tatare Stream ZLP/WC-0507
Whataroa Recreation Reserve ZLP/WC-0508
Conservation Area - Hokitika River - Bluff Creek ZLP/WC-0523
Conservation Area - Waitangitaona River ZLP/WC-0525
Wainihinihi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0527
Conservation Area - Stafford ZLP/WC-0531
Southside Recreation Reserve ZLP/WC-0533
Conservation Area - Kokatahi Riverbed ZLP/WC-0544
Conservation Area - Kumara ZLP/WC-0550
Ballyhooley Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0555
Scenic Reserve - Cuttance Road ZLP/WC-0567
Kawhaka Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0584
Scenic Reserve - Pleasant Flat ZLP/WC-0586
Loopline Road Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-0587
Conservation Area - Sandy Beach - Jacobs River ZLP/WC-0592
Conservation Area - Cook River Flat ZLP/WC-0595
Conservation Area - Fox River ZLP/WC-0599
Conservation Area - Okarito ZLP/WC-0603
Conservation Area - Okarito Township ZLP/WC-0608
Conservation Area - La Fontaine Stream ZLP/WC-0613
Conservation Area - Wainihinihi Creek ZLP/WC-0616
Saltwater Lagoon Scenic Reserve ZLP/WC-1393
Total Parks: 172 26 26
Westland Tai Poutini National Park NZ-0039 YES YES
Adams Wilderness Area NZ-0069
Arawhata Conservation Area NZ-0084 YES YES
Cook River to Haast River Conservation Area NZ-0087 YES YES
Kawhaka Forest Conservation Area NZ-0095 YES YES
Okuru Waiatoto Conservation Area NZ-0106 YES YES
Totara Mikonui Forests Conservation Area NZ-0115 YES YES
Waitaha Forest Conservation Area NZ-0117
Waitangi Forest Conservation Area NZ-0118
Wanganui/Otira Catchments Conservation Area NZ-0119 YES YES
Hooker/Landsborough Wilderness Area NZ-0136 YES YES
Lake Kaniere Scenic Reserve NZ-0149 YES YES
Olivine Wilderness Area NZ-0176
Waitaiki Historical Reserve NZ-0235
Gillespies Beach Conservation Area NZ-0263
Okarito Conservation Area NZ-0264
Lake Ianthe Scenic Reserve NZ-0265 YES YES
Lake Mahinapua Scenic Reserve NZ-0266 YES YES
Taramakau River / Otira River Conservation Area NZ-0509
Saltwater Ecological Area NZ-0516
Waiatoto Valley Conservation Area NZ-0517 YES YES
Arawhata Riverbed Conservation Area NZ-0518 YES YES
Doctor Hill Ecological Area NZ-0522
Kokatahi / Hokitika Riverbed Conservation Area NZ-0527
Upper Totara Ecological Area NZ-0530
Okuku Scenic Reserve NZ-0532 YES YES
Butlers Conservation Area NZ-0533
Wanganui Riverbed Conservation Area NZ-0538
Cook River Conservation Area NZ-0541
Waitangiroto Nature Reserve NZ-0543
Ianthe Forest Conservation Area NZ-0545
Kaniere Farm Conservation Area NZ-0546
Saltwater Lagoon Scenic Reserve NZ-0550
Big Dam Hill Conservation Area NZ-0553 YES YES
Total POTA Parks: 34 15 15
SOTA Summit
Hochstetter Dome ZL3/CB-009
Lauper Peak ZL3/CB-047
Mount Campbell ZL3/CB-314
ZL3/CB-873 ZL3/CB-873
Toreador Peak ZL3/FL-055
Red Hills Range ZL3/FL-474
Mount French ZL3/OT-024
Mount Enderby ZL3/OT-029
Johansen Peak ZL3/OT-109
Mount Stuart ZL3/OT-217
Mount Cross ZL3/OT-329 YES YES
Mount Tasman ZL3/WC-001
Mount Elie De Beaumont ZL3/WC-003
La Perouse ZL3/WC-004
Douglas Peak ZL3/WC-005
Minarets ZL3/WC-006
Mount Aspiring/Tititea ZL3/WC-007
Mount Spencer ZL3/WC-008
Mount Hopkins ZL3/WC-010
Mount Mannering ZL3/WC-011
Brodrick Peak ZL3/WC-012
Mount Halcombe ZL3/WC-013
Mount McKerrow ZL3/WC-014 YES YES
Mount Whitcombe ZL3/WC-015
Mount Ward ZL3/WC-016
Mount Dechen ZL3/WC-017
Mount Thomson ZL3/WC-018
Mount Hooker ZL3/WC-019
Mount Moffat ZL3/WC-020
Mount Evans ZL3/WC-021
Dilemma Peak ZL3/WC-022
Mount Isabel ZL3/WC-023
Mount Strachan ZL3/WC-025
Eagle Peak ZL3/WC-026
Newton Peak ZL3/WC-027
Mount Williams ZL3/WC-028
Mount Maori ZL3/WC-030
Mount Lydia ZL3/WC-032
Mount Victoire ZL3/WC-033
Mount Brewster ZL3/WC-034
Drummond Peak ZL3/WC-035
Malcolm Peak ZL3/WC-036
Mount Ian ZL3/WC-037
Mount Percy Smith ZL3/WC-040
Mount Spence ZL3/WC-041
The Sierra Range ZL3/WC-042
Fettes Peak ZL3/WC-043
Mount Clark ZL3/WC-045
Climax Peak ZL3/WC-047
Mount Browning ZL3/WC-048
Mount Kensington ZL3/WC-049
The Red Lion ZL3/WC-050
Blizzard Peak ZL3/WC-051
Mount Jackson ZL3/WC-052
Mount Lambert ZL3/WC-053
Mount Farrar ZL3/WC-054
Mount Marchant ZL3/WC-055
Sibyl Peak ZL3/WC-056
Pivot Peak ZL3/WC-058
Munro Peak ZL3/WC-060
Glacier Dome ZL3/WC-061
Lean Peak ZL3/WC-063
Wilczek Peak ZL3/WC-064
Mount Shyness ZL3/WC-065
Mount Westland ZL3/WC-066
Stargazer ZL3/WC-067
Mount Hulka ZL3/WC-068
Park Dome ZL3/WC-070
Dan Peak ZL3/WC-073
Mount Trent ZL3/WC-074
Mt Copland ZL3/WC-075
ZL3/WC-076 ZL3/WC-076
Dennistoun Peak ZL3/WC-078
The Amazons Breasts ZL3/WC-079
Mathers Peak ZL3/WC-081
Mount Neave ZL3/WC-083
Farrar Peak ZL3/WC-084
Mount Alpha ZL3/WC-085
Mount Fraser ZL3/WC-086
Mount Ionia ZL3/WC-087
Mount McCullaugh ZL3/WC-088
Mount Dobson ZL3/WC-090
Bannock Brae Range (East) ZL3/WC-091
Eros ZL3/WC-094
Lyttle Peak ZL3/WC-095
Mount Stoddart ZL3/WC-097
Junction Peak ZL3/WC-098
Belmont ZL3/WC-099
Guardian Peak ZL3/WC-101
ZL3/WC-102 ZL3/WC-102
Mount Adams ZL3/WC-103
Mount Hawkins ZL3/WC-104
ZL3/WC-105 ZL3/WC-105
The Great Unknown ZL3/WC-106
Mount Athene ZL3/WC-107
McFetrick Peak ZL3/WC-108
Mount Rosamond ZL3/WC-109
Gable Peak ZL3/WC-110
Mount Marshman ZL3/WC-111
Mount Armstrong ZL3/WC-112
Mount Rangatira ZL3/WC-114
Mount Mackenzie ZL3/WC-115
Mount Franklin ZL3/WC-117
Mt Beaumont ZL3/WC-119
Mount Frieda ZL3/WC-120
Artist Dome ZL3/WC-121
The Gladiator ZL3/WC-122
Mount Whataroa ZL3/WC-123
Beauty Ridge ZL3/WC-124
Mount Armstrong ZL3/WC-125
Shafto Peak ZL3/WC-126
Mount Bloomfield ZL3/WC-127
Mount Treadwell ZL3/WC-128
Mount Barlow ZL3/WC-129
Rosy Peak ZL3/WC-130
Weary Summit ZL3/WC-131
ZL3/WC-132 ZL3/WC-132
Shattered Peak ZL3/WC-133
Mount Young ZL3/WC-134
Mount Butzbach ZL3/WC-135
McGloin Peak ZL3/WC-136
ZL3/WC-137 ZL3/WC-137
Mount Barry ZL3/WC-138
Little Unknown ZL3/WC-139
Mount Eliot ZL3/WC-140
Lange Range ZL3/WC-141
Shiels Peak ZL3/WC-142
Monro Peak ZL3/WC-143
The Tusk ZL3/WC-144
Flanagans Summit ZL3/WC-145
Mount Townsend ZL3/WC-146
Mount Learmont ZL3/WC-147
Mount Park ZL3/WC-148
Souter Peak ZL3/WC-149
Mount Thorndike ZL3/WC-150
Tekoe ZL3/WC-151
Mount Bevan ZL3/WC-152
ZL3/WC-153 ZL3/WC-153
ZL3/WC-154 ZL3/WC-154
ZL3/WC-156 ZL3/WC-156
Mueller Peak ZL3/WC-157
Mount Ambrose ZL3/WC-158
Mount Taurus ZL3/WC-159
Nansen Peak ZL3/WC-160
ZL3/WC-161 ZL3/WC-161
Mt McDonald ZL3/WC-162
Bannock Brae Range (Mid) ZL3/WC-163
ZL3/WC-164 ZL3/WC-164
Mount Moltke ZL3/WC-165
Fingals Head ZL3/WC-166
Mount Bowen ZL3/WC-167
Mt Attica ZL3/WC-168
Mount Axis ZL3/WC-169
Mount Stratford ZL3/WC-170
Tyler ZL3/WC-171
Mount Lycia ZL3/WC-172
Mount Tarleton ZL3/WC-173
Mount Philistine ZL3/WC-174
Mount Tyndar ZL3/WC-175
Phipps Peak ZL3/WC-176
Mount Dispute ZL3/WC-178
ZL3/WC-179 ZL3/WC-179
Ryan Peak ZL3/WC-181
King Peak ZL3/WC-182
ZL3/WC-183 ZL3/WC-183
Mount McIntosh ZL3/WC-184
Mount Durward ZL3/WC-186
Joe Peak ZL3/WC-187
Mount Victor ZL3/WC-188
Buncombe ZL3/WC-189
Craig Peak ZL3/WC-190 YES YES
Mount Peculiar ZL3/WC-191
Mount Lathrop ZL3/WC-192
Mount Clio ZL3/WC-193
Mount Nerger ZL3/WC-194
Price Peak ZL3/WC-195
Mount Stuart ZL3/WC-196
Remote Peaks ZL3/WC-197
Bamford Knob ZL3/WC-198
The Helmet ZL3/WC-199
Mount Millington ZL3/WC-200
ZL3/WC-201 ZL3/WC-201
ZL3/WC-203 ZL3/WC-203
Mount Russel ZL3/WC-204
Low Spur ZL3/WC-205
Mount Selborne ZL3/WC-206
Mount Harris ZL3/WC-207
Mount Diomede (East Peak) ZL3/WC-208
Mount Franklin ZL3/WC-209
Mount Gow ZL3/WC-210
Cairn Peak ZL3/WC-211
Tara Tama ZL3/WC-212
Mount Axius ZL3/WC-213
Mount Ruera ZL3/WC-214
McLaurin Range ZL3/WC-215
Jagged Ridge ZL3/WC-217
Mount Campbell ZL3/WC-219
Sam Peak ZL3/WC-220
ZL3/WC-221 ZL3/WC-221
ZL3/WC-222 ZL3/WC-222
ZL3/WC-223 ZL3/WC-223
Mount Stephenson ZL3/WC-224
Retreat Pinnacles ZL3/WC-225
ZL3/WC-226 ZL3/WC-226
ZL3/WC-228 ZL3/WC-228
Eureka ZL3/WC-229
Mount Hermann ZL3/WC-230
Mount O'Connor ZL3/WC-231
Mount Walcott ZL3/WC-233
The Joker ZL3/WC-235
Rough Ridge ZL3/WC-236
Lindsay Peak ZL3/WC-237
Citheron ZL3/WC-238
Avalon Peak ZL3/WC-239
ZL3/WC-240 ZL3/WC-240
The Keystone ZL3/WC-242
Mount Warren ZL3/WC-243
Alfred Peak ZL3/WC-246
ZL3/WC-249 ZL3/WC-249
Mount Reeves ZL3/WC-250
Barron Ridge ZL3/WC-251
Mount Ross ZL3/WC-255
Bannock Brae Range (West) ZL3/WC-256
ZL3/WC-258 ZL3/WC-258
Gunn Peak ZL3/WC-259
Mount Duncan ZL3/WC-260 YES YES
Mount McRae ZL3/WC-261
Cilicia Peak ZL3/WC-263
Mount Helen ZL3/WC-265
Plover Crag ZL3/WC-267
ZL3/WC-268 ZL3/WC-268
Browning Range ZL3/WC-270
Two Peters ZL3/WC-271
ZL3/WC-272 ZL3/WC-272
ZL3/WC-275 ZL3/WC-275
Retreat Peaks ZL3/WC-277
ZL3/WC-278 ZL3/WC-278
Mount Kinihi ZL3/WC-279
Mount Hitchin ZL3/WC-280
ZL3/WC-282 ZL3/WC-282
ZL3/WC-283 ZL3/WC-283
ZL3/WC-284 ZL3/WC-284
Mount Action ZL3/WC-285
Mount Solution ZL3/WC-286
The Wart ZL3/WC-288
Hunts Ridge ZL3/WC-289
Mount Pfeifer ZL3/WC-290
Mount Argos ZL3/WC-291
Mount Newton ZL3/WC-295
Mount Cloher ZL3/WC-298
Dagon ZL3/WC-299
Selborne Range ZL3/WC-300
Mount Ferguson ZL3/WC-301
Olivine Range ZL3/WC-302
ZL3/WC-304 ZL3/WC-304
Goat Hill ZL3/WC-309 YES YES
Fardowner Peak ZL3/WC-310
Mount Abrupt ZL3/WC-311
Mount Meta ZL3/WC-312
West Peak ZL3/WC-315
ZL3/WC-318 ZL3/WC-318 YES YES
Collyer ZL3/WC-319
ZL3/WC-328 ZL3/WC-328
Rainytop ZL3/WC-336
Mount Olson ZL3/WC-337
ZL3/WC-341 ZL3/WC-341
Mount Webster ZL3/WC-342
Mount Reynolds ZL3/WC-346
Mount Swindle ZL3/WC-347
ZL3/WC-352 ZL3/WC-352
Tararua Peak ZL3/WC-355
Howe Knob ZL3/WC-364
Macpherson Knob ZL3/WC-374
Bald Mountain ZL3/WC-377
The Rampart ZL3/WC-381
Browning Range ZL3/WC-389
Mariners Peak ZL3/WC-390
The Cairn ZL3/WC-395
Rough Ridge ZL3/WC-403
ZL3/WC-404 ZL3/WC-404
Mount Watney ZL3/WC-406 YES YES
Mount Marks ZL3/WC-413
Thomas Range ZL3/WC-420
ZL3/WC-423 ZL3/WC-423
Mount Ashmore ZL3/WC-428
ZL3/WC-432 ZL3/WC-432
Rangi Taipo ZL3/WC-435
Mount Richards ZL3/WC-440
Mount Thomas ZL3/WC-456
Mount Heveldt ZL3/WC-457 YES YES
Kelly Range ZL3/WC-458
Kellys Hill ZL3/WC-459 YES YES
Mount Burster ZL3/WC-465
Speculation Range ZL3/WC-471
Mount Clarke ZL3/WC-473
Mount Barry ZL3/WC-475
Mt Turiwhate ZL3/WC-477
ZL3/WC-484 ZL3/WC-484 YES YES
Mount Inframeta ZL3/WC-487
Kea Cliffs ZL3/WC-491
Newton Range ZL3/WC-496
Mataketake Range ZL3/WC-501
ZL3/WC-503 ZL3/WC-503
Mount Brown ZL3/WC-520 YES YES
Argentum ZL3/WC-528
Urquhart Knob ZL3/WC-531
Mount Kinnaird ZL3/WC-532
Conical Hill ZL3/WC-534
One Shot Hill ZL3/WC-537
Mount Jackson ZL3/WC-545 YES YES
Fraser Peak ZL3/WC-547
Mount Delta ZL3/WC-548
Thomson Range ZL3/WC-549 YES YES
The Pommel ZL3/WC-550
ZL3/WC-553 ZL3/WC-553
Mount McInerney ZL3/WC-555
Mount Eggeling ZL3/WC-556
Mount Rangitoto ZL3/WC-557
Tuhua ZL3/WC-558 YES YES
Bonar Range ZL3/WC-565
ZL3/WC-572 ZL3/WC-572
ZL3/WC-577 ZL3/WC-577
Junction Hill ZL3/WC-582
Island Hill/Tumuaki ZL3/WC-583
Mount Beta ZL3/WC-585
ZL3/WC-589 ZL3/WC-589
ZL3/WC-592 ZL3/WC-592
ZL3/WC-593 ZL3/WC-593
Mount Misery ZL3/WC-596
Law Hill ZL3/WC-597
Mount Greenland ZL3/WC-599 YES YES
ZL3/WC-600 ZL3/WC-600
Moeraki Hill ZL3/WC-608
Mount Docherty ZL3/WC-610
Mount Graham ZL3/WC-612
ZL3/WC-613 ZL3/WC-613
ZL3/WC-617 ZL3/WC-617
Mount Ellery ZL3/WC-618
Hunt Hill ZL3/WC-621
Round Top ZL3/WC-622
ZL3/WC-625 ZL3/WC-625
Paringa Hill ZL3/WC-626
Conical Hill ZL3/WC-627
ZL3/WC-628 ZL3/WC-628
Canaurd Hill ZL3/WC-635
Mount Malcolm ZL3/WC-639
Omoeroa Hill ZL3/WC-644
Doctor Hill ZL3/WC-645
Mount McLean ZL3/WC-647
Constitution Hill ZL3/WC-648
Clarke Hill ZL3/WC-655
ZL3/WC-656 ZL3/WC-656
The Doughboy/Kokiraki ZL3/WC-659
Mosquito Hill ZL3/WC-662
Mount Camelback ZL3/WC-667 YES
ZL3/WC-677 ZL3/WC-677
Burmeister Tops ZL3/WC-679
Mount Upright/Te Taumata o Uekanuku ZL3/WC-682
ZL3/WC-685 ZL3/WC-685
ZL3/WC-687 ZL3/WC-687
ZL3/WC-689 ZL3/WC-689
ZL3/WC-691 ZL3/WC-691
ZL3/WC-693 ZL3/WC-693
ZL3/WC-694 ZL3/WC-694
Pyramid Hill ZL3/WC-696
ZL3/WC-698 ZL3/WC-698
Ralfes Knob ZL3/WC-699
Humphreys Gully Range ZL3/WC-700
Fish Hill ZL3/WC-701
Stafford Range ZL3/WC-707
Mount Gates ZL3/WC-708
Big Dam Hill ZL3/WC-709 YES YES
ZL3/WC-710 ZL3/WC-710
Mount Harry ZL3/WC-712
Blue Spur Range ZL3/WC-713 YES YES
Mount Bird ZL3/WC-717
ZL3/WC-719 ZL3/WC-719
ZL3/WC-723 ZL3/WC-723
ZL3/WC-725 ZL3/WC-725
Mount Eleanor ZL3/WC-733
Mount Browne ZL3/WC-736
ZL3/WC-737 ZL3/WC-737
Jackson Head ZL3/WC-738 YES YES
Bain Hill ZL3/WC-739
ZL3/WC-740 ZL3/WC-740
ZL3/WC-743 ZL3/WC-749
Total SOTA Summits: 386 19 18
Westland Tai Poutini National Park ZLFF-0013 YES YES
Gillespies Beach Conservation Area ZLFF-0033
Okarito Conservation Area and Reserve ZLFF-0034
Lake Ianthe Scenic Reserve ZLFF-0035 YES YES
Cook River to Haast River Conservation Area ZLFF-0036 YES YES
Lake Mahinapua Scenic Reserve ZLFF-0037 YES YES
Lake Kaniere Scenic Reserve ZLFF-0038 YES YES
Adams Wilderness Area ZLFF-0088
Hooker/Landsborough Wilderness Area ZLFF-0093 YES YES
Olivine Wilderness Area ZLFF-0098
Arawhata Conservation Area ZLFF-0103 YES YES
Kawhaka Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0138 YES YES
Okuru-Waiatoto Conservation Area ZLFF-0176 YES YES
Totara-Mikonui Forests Conservation Area ZLFF-0212
Waitaha Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0225
Waitaiki Historic Reserve ZLFF-0226
Waitangi Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0227
Wanganui-Otira Catchments Conservation Area ZLFF-0229
Total WWFF Parks: 18 9 9