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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Aranga Hut ZLH/HB-001 YES YES
Awatere Hut ZLH/HB-002 YES YES
Back Ridge Bivvy ZLH/HB-003
Back Ridge Hut ZLH/HB-004
Ballard Hut ZLH/HB-005
Barlow Hut ZLH/HB-006 YES YES
Black Birch Bivvy ZLH/HB-007
Boyd Hut ZLH/HB-008
Cameron Hut ZLH/HB-009
Central Te Hoe Hut ZLH/HB-010
Central Waiau Hut ZLH/HB-011
Comet Hut ZLH/HB-012 YES YES
Daphne Hut ZLH/HB-013 YES YES
Dead Dog Hut ZLH/HB-014 YES YES
Dianes Hut ZLH/HB-015 YES YES
Dominie Hut ZLH/HB-016 YES YES
Ellis Hut (Murderer's Hut) ZLH/HB-017
Gold Creek Hut ZLH/HB-018 YES YES
Happy Daze Hut ZLH/HB-019 YES YES
Harkness Hut ZLH/HB-020
Harkness Saddle Biv ZLH/HB-021
Herricks Hut ZLH/HB-022 YES YES
Hinerua Hut ZLH/HB-023 YES YES
Howletts Hut ZLH/HB-024 YES YES
Ikawatea Forks Hut ZLH/HB-025
Iron Whare Hut ZLH/HB-026
Kaweka Flats Bivvy ZLH/HB-027
Kiwi Mouth Hut ZLH/HB-028
Kiwi Saddle Hut ZLH/HB-029 YES YES
Kylie Bivvy ZLH/HB-030
Longview Hut ZLH/HB-031 YES YES
Lower Matakuhia Hut ZLH/HB-032
Mackintosh Hut ZLH/HB-033 YES YES
Makahu Saddle Hut ZLH/HB-034 YES YES
Makaretu Hut ZLH/HB-035 YES YES
Makino Hut ZLH/HB-036
Mangakahika Hut ZLH/HB-037
Mangatainoka Heads Biv ZLH/HB-038
Mangatainoka Hut ZLH/HB-039
Mangaturutu Hut ZLH/HB-040
Manson Bivvy ZLH/HB-041
Manson Hut ZLH/HB-042
Manuoha Hut ZLH/HB-043
Marauiti Hut ZLH/HB-044
Middle Hill Hut ZLH/HB-045
Mistake Biv ZLH/HB-046
Moerangi Hut ZLH/HB-047
Ngaawapurua Hut ZLH/HB-048
No Mans Hut ZLH/HB-049
Oamaru Hut ZLH/HB-050 YES YES
Old Manson Hut (historic) ZLH/HB-051
Omarukokere Bivvy ZLH/HB-052
Otore Biv (Otorehinaiti Hunters Camp) ZLH/HB-053
Otutu Hut ZLH/HB-054
Panekire Hut ZLH/HB-055
Parks Peak Hut ZLH/HB-056 YES YES
Poutaki Hut ZLH/HB-057 YES YES
Rocks Ahead Bivvy ZLH/HB-058
Rocks Ahead Hut ZLH/HB-059
Rockslide Hut ZLH/HB-060 YES YES
Rogers Hut (Te Wairoa) ZLH/HB-061
Ruahine Hut ZLH/HB-062 YES YES
Sandy Bay Hut ZLH/HB-063
Sentry Box Hut ZLH/HB-064 YES YES
Shutes Hut ZLH/HB-065 YES YES
Skips Hut (Whangatawhia) ZLH/HB-066
Smiths Stream Hut ZLH/HB-067 YES YES
Sparrowhawk Bivvy ZLH/HB-068 YES YES
Studholme Saddle Hut ZLH/HB-069 YES YES
Studholm Saddle Biv ZLH/HB-070
Sunrise Hut ZLH/HB-071 YES YES
Tarn Bivvy ZLH/HB-072 YES YES
Taruarau Bivvy ZLH/HB-073 YES YES
Te Puia Hut (Lodge) ZLH/HB-074
Te Puke (Te Pukeohikarua) Hut ZLH/HB-075
Te Totara Hut ZLH/HB-076
Te Waiotukapiti Hut ZLH/HB-077
Triplex Hut ZLH/HB-078 YES YES
Tussock Hut ZLH/HB-079
Upper Makaroro Hut ZLH/HB-080 YES YES
Upper Matakuhia Hut ZLH/HB-081
Upper Te Hoe Hut ZLH/HB-082
Venison Tops Hut (Tira Lodge) ZLH/HB-083
Waiharuru Hut ZLH/HB-084
Waiopaoa Hut ZLH/HB-085
Waipawa Forks Hut ZLH/HB-086 YES YES
Whakatakaa Hut ZLH/HB-087
Whanganui Hut ZLH/HB-088
Total Huts: 88 34 34
Motungarara Island ZLI/HB-004
Motutorutoru Island ZLI/HB-006
Portland Island ZLI/HB-007
Rahui Island ZLI/HB-008
Te Arakoau Island ZLI/HB-010
Te Kahaatuwai Island ZLI/HB-011
Te Motu-o-Kura / Bare Island ZLI/HB-012
Te Oneatahu Island ZLI/HB-013
Total Islands: 8 0 0
Awamate Lagoons ZLL/0021 YES YES
Blue Lake ZLL/0037
Hikaka ZLL/0140
Hine Rere ZLL/0144
Horseshoe Lake ZLL/0149
Kaipo Lagoon ZLL/0168
Lake Horotea ZLL/0352
Lake Kaitawa ZLL/0386 YES YES
Lake Kiriopukae ZLL/0408
Lake Opouahi ZLL/0552
Lake Orakai ZLL/0558 YES YES
Lake Poukawa ZLL/0597
Lake Rotongaio ZLL/0664
Lake Rotonuiaha ZLL/0670
Lake Rotopounamu ZLL/0676 YES YES
Lake Rotoroa ZLL/0681
Lake Ruapani ZLL/0697
Lake Ruapapa ZLL/0698
Lake Te Pōhue ZLL/0757
Lake Te Rotookiwa ZLL/0760
Lake Tūtira ZLL/0783 YES YES
Lake Waikareiti ZLL/0803
Lake Waikaremoana ZLL/0804 YES YES
Lake Waikopiro ZLL/0809 YES YES
Lake Whakamarino ZLL/0834 YES YES
Lake Whalehole ZLL/0837
Lake Whatumā ZLL/0842
Lake Wherowhero ZLL/0843 YES YES
Long Range Lake ZLL/0870
Maungawhio Lagoon ZLL/0897 YES YES
Mauriahea ZLL/0898 YES YES
Ngamotu Lagoon ZLL/0927
Nga Whanau A Ruapani Tarns ZLL/0929
Ngutu Manu ZLL/0930
Northern Pond ZLL/0931 YES YES
Ohuia Lagoon ZLL/0936
Oingo Lake ZLL/0937 YES YES
Pakiaka ZLL/0950 YES YES
Pandora Pond ZLL/0951 YES YES
Potaka ZLL/0969 YES YES
Potaka Lake ZLL/0970 YES YES
Purimu Lake ZLL/0980
Rūnanga Lake ZLL/1010 YES YES
Taumaharau Lake ZLL/1062 YES YES
Te Paeroa Lagoon ZLL/1072
Te Roto Kare ZLL/1074
Te Whakatutu ZLL/1076 YES YES
Rototuna ZLL/1081
Umuomahu ZLL/1108
Wairau Lagoon ZLL/1126
Westshore Lagoon ZLL/1140 YES YES
Whakaki Lagoon ZLL/1142 YES YES
Whakamahi Lagoon ZLL/1143 YES YES
Whano O Ruapani ZLL/1146
Rotoroa ZLL/1161
Te Whanganui-a-Orotū ZLL/1162
Total Lakes: 56 23 23
Black Head ZLB/005
Cape Kidnappers ZLB/015
Portland Island ZLB/071
Table Cape ZLB/086
Total Lighthouses: 4 0 0
Kaweka Forest Park ZLP/HB-0001 YES YES
Waipunga Forest ZLP/HB-0002
Rangitaiki Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0003
Kokomoka Forest ZLP/HB-0004
Waikareiti Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0005
Awarua Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0006 YES YES
Mangaone Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0007
Panekirikiri Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0008
Gwavas Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0009 YES YES
Waitere Kiwi Reserve Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0010
Te Heru o Tureia Historic Reserve (Gift Area) ZLP/HB-0011
Tarawera Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0012
Kaweka Forest Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0013 YES YES
Ruahine Forest (East) Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0014 YES YES
Stoney Creek Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0015
Heruiwi Block Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0016
Boundary Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0017
Pihanui Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0018
Tutaemaro Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0019
Ahuriri Estuary Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0020 YES YES
Mangatahae Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0021
Mahia Peninsula Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0022
Morere Springs Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0023
Waihi South Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0024
Gwavas Leased Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0025
Erepeti Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0026
Pakaututu Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0027
Painga Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0028
Kumi Pakarae Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0029
Kakariki Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0030 YES YES
Waikoau Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0031
Ruakituri Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0032
Lakes Orakai, Tutira, and Waikopiro Wildlife Refuge ZLP/HB-0034 YES YES
Onepoto Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0035 YES YES
Mangaone Stream Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0036
Bellbird Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0037
Taraponui-a-Kawhea Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0038
Ahuriri Wildlife Refuge ZLP/HB-0039 YES YES
Waipunga No 2 Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0040
Conservation Area - Tataraakina Rd ZLP/HB-0042
Turangakumu Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0044
Anaura Stream Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0046
Opouahi Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0047
Balls Clearing Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0048
Esk Kiwi Sanctuary Area ZLP/HB-0049
Clifton Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0052
Opoto Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0056
Onepoto - Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0058
Gwavas Lease Exchange Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0060
Urutomo Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0061
Mangapukahu Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0062
Tutaekuri Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0063
Mangaone Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0064
Mangatewai River Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0065
Willowflat Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0066
Tuai Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0067 YES YES
Waipatiki Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0068
Hutchinson Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/HB-0069
Frasers Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0070
Rewarewa Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0072
Kahika Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0074
Otatara Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/HB-0075
Tangoio Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0078
Hutchinson Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0081
Waipunga Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0083
Mohaka Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0084
Mohi Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0085
Waipawa Riverbed Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0086
Te Raupo Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0087
Maraetotara Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0089
Hiranui Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0090
A'Deanes Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0091
Elsthorpe Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0092
Clive Grange Recreation Reserve (known as Clive Grange Domain) ZLP/HB-0093
Conservation Area - Gorge Stream, Kaweka ZLP/HB-0096
Fern Bird Bush Nature Reserve ZLP/HB-0098
Waipunga Recreation Area ZLP/HB-0099
Mcleans Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0101
Sentry Box Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0102
Te Aute Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0104
Esk Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0106
Heipipi Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/HB-0108
Tarawera Town Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0111
Inglis Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0116
Kakariki Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0119
Awaototara Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0120
Tutira Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/HB-0123
White Pine Bush Scenic Reserve (located in Hawke's Bay) ZLP/HB-0125
Upoko Block Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0127
Monckton Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0132
Te Reinga Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0135
William Hartree Memorial Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0136
Clifton No 2 Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/HB-0138
Frasertown Recreation Reserve (near Wairoa - Northern Hawke's Bay) ZLP/HB-0139
Tarawera South Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0141
Tarawera Hot Springs Reserve ZLP/HB-0143
Conservation Area - Waipunga River ZLP/HB-0145
Opoutama Sections Conservation Area ZLP/HB-0146
Maraetotara Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0147
Matai Moana Scenic Reserve ZLP/HB-0152
Total Parks: 100 11 11
Kaweka Forest Park ZL-0060 YES YES
Ruahine Forest Park ZL-0066 YES YES
Rangitaiki Conservation Area ZL-0192
Waipunga Forest Reserve ZL-0370
Kokomoka Forest Reserve ZL-0371
Waikareiti Conservation Area ZL-0372
Awarua Conservation Area ZL-0373
Mangaone Conservation Area ZL-0374
Panekirikiri Conservation Area ZL-0375
Gwavas Conservation Area ZL-0376
Waitere Kiwi Reserve Conservation Area ZL-0377
Te Heru o Tureia Historical Reserve ZL-0378
Tarawera Conservation Area ZL-0379
Kaweka Forest Conservation Area ZL-0380
Ruahine Forest (East) Conservation Area ZL-0381
Stoney Creek Conservation Area ZL-0382
Heruiwi Block Conservation Area ZL-0383
Total POTA Parks: 17 2 2
SOTA Summit
Whakataka ZL1/BP-017
Ahikaeaea ZL1/BP-018
Te Matai ZL1/BP-022
ZL1/BP-023 ZL1/BP-023
ZL1/BP-024 ZL1/BP-024
ZL1/BP-025 ZL1/BP-025
ZL1/BP-030 ZL1/BP-030
ZL1/BP-032 ZL1/BP-032
Big Ben ZL1/BP-033
Otumakiore ZL1/BP-035
ZL1/BP-037 ZL1/BP-037
ZL1/BP-040 ZL1/BP-040
ZL1/BP-043 ZL1/BP-043
ZL1/BP-049 ZL1/BP-049
Moerangi ZL1/BP-050
ZL1/BP-060 ZL1/BP-060
ZL1/BP-065 ZL1/BP-065
ZL1/BP-068 ZL1/BP-068
ZL1/BP-087 ZL1/BP-087
Whakapunake ZL1/GI-041
ZL1/GI-058 ZL1/GI-058
Kaweka ZL1/HB-001 YES YES
Te Pukeohikarua ZL1/HB-002
ZL1/HB-003 ZL1/HB-003 YES YES
Venison Top ZL1/HB-004
Ngakawekaiti ZL1/HB-006
ZL1/HB-007 ZL1/HB-007 YES YES
Maminga ZL1/HB-008
Te Ruatakaikare ZL1/HB-009
Ikawetea ZL1/HB-010 YES YES
Manuoha ZL1/HB-011
ZL1/HB-012 ZL1/HB-012
Pohokura ZL1/HB-013
ZL1/HB-014 ZL1/HB-014 YES YES
Maungataniwha ZL1/HB-015
Bare Top ZL1/HB-016
ZL1/HB-017 ZL1/HB-017
ZL1/HB-018 ZL1/HB-018
ZL1/HB-019 ZL1/HB-019
Taraponui ZL1/HB-020 YES YES
Wharerangiora ZL1/HB-021
ZL1/HB-022 ZL1/HB-022
ZL1/HB-023 ZL1/HB-023
ZL1/HB-024 ZL1/HB-024
ZL1/HB-025 ZL1/HB-025
ZL1/HB-026 ZL1/HB-026
Te Peekeotumariu ZL1/HB-027
ZL1/HB-028 ZL1/HB-028
ZL1/HB-029 ZL1/HB-029
Mapouriki ZL1/HB-030
ZL1/HB-031 ZL1/HB-031
ZL1/HB-032 ZL1/HB-032
Panekiri Range ZL1/HB-033 YES YES
ZL1/HB-034 ZL1/HB-034
ZL1/HB-035 ZL1/HB-035
ZL1/HB-036 ZL1/HB-036
ZL1/HB-037 ZL1/HB-037
ZL1/HB-038 ZL1/HB-038
Tataraakina ZL1/HB-039
Ngamoko ZL1/HB-040 YES YES
ZL1/HB-041 ZL1/HB-041
ZL1/HB-042 ZL1/HB-042
ZL1/HB-043 ZL1/HB-043
ZL1/HB-044 ZL1/HB-044
ZL1/HB-045 ZL1/HB-045
ZL1/HB-046 ZL1/HB-046
ZL1/HB-047 ZL1/HB-047
Te Waka Range ZL1/HB-048
ZL1/HB-049 ZL1/HB-049
ZL1/HB-050 ZL1/HB-050
ZL1/HB-051 ZL1/HB-051
Poutaki ZL1/HB-052 YES YES
Taharewaewae ZL1/HB-053
Kohinga (Bonny Mary) ZL1/HB-054 YES YES
ZL1/HB-055 ZL1/HB-055
Miriroa ./ Cattle Hill ZL1/HB-056
ZL1/HB-057 ZL1/HB-057
ZL1/HB-058 ZL1/HB-058
ZL1/HB-059 ZL1/HB-059
Burns Range ZL1/HB-060 YES YES
Don Juan ZL1/HB-061 YES YES
Puketukutuku Range ZL1/HB-062
ZL1/HB-063 ZL1/HB-063
ZL1/HB-064 ZL1/HB-064
ZL1/HB-065 ZL1/HB-065
ZL1/HB-066 ZL1/HB-066
ZL1/HB-067 ZL1/HB-067
Wharangi ZL1/HB-068
ZL1/HB-069 ZL1/HB-069
ZL1/HB-070 ZL1/HB-070
ZL1/HB-071 ZL1/HB-071
ZL1/HB-072 ZL1/HB-072
The Lizard ZL1/HB-073
ZL1/HB-074 ZL1/HB-074
Parahakipaku ZL1/HB-075
Otangihia ZL1/HB-076
ZL1/HB-077 ZL1/HB-077
Briens ZL1/HB-078
ZL1/HB-079 ZL1/HB-079
Heruotureia ZL1/HB-080
ZL1/HB-081 ZL1/HB-081
Tahau ZL1/HB-082
ZL1/HB-083 ZL1/HB-083
Pukenui ZL1/HB-084
Rakawhia ZL1/HB-085
Te Ihuorurumaioterangi ZL1/HB-086
Pukakaramea ZL1/HB-087
Big Hill ZL1/HB-088
Te Kooti's Lookout ZL1/HB-089
Folgers Hill ZL1/HB-090
Pebbly Hill ZL1/HB-091
ZL1/HB-092 ZL1/HB-092
ZL1/HB-093 ZL1/HB-093
Waihore ZL1/HB-094
ZL1/HB-095 ZL1/HB-095
Tourere ZL1/HB-096 YES YES
Kahuranaki ZL1/HB-097 YES YES
ZL1/HB-098 ZL1/HB-098 YES YES
Pūrahotangihia ZL1/HB-099 YES YES
Tangihanga ZL1/HB-100
ZL1/HB-101 ZL1/HB-101
Moumoukai ZL1/HB-102
Rangitoto ZL1/HB-103
Mount Mary ZL1/HB-104
ZL1/HB-105 ZL1/HB-105
Te Awaputahi ZL1/HB-106 YES YES
ZL1/HB-107 ZL1/HB-107
Whanawhana (The Fort) ZL1/HB-108
Tukurangi ZL1/HB-109
Te Ahioteatua ZL1/HB-110 YES
ZL1/HB-111 ZL1/HB-111
Rocky Range ZL1/HB-112 YES YES
Omakere ZL1/HB-113 YES YES
Table Mountain ZL1/HB-114 YES YES
ZL1/HB-115 ZL1/HB-115
Mt Erin ZL1/HB-116 YES YES
Te Atua ZL1/HB-117
Rangitapu ZL1/HB-118
ZL1/HB-119 ZL1/HB-119
The Dome ZL1/HB-120 YES YES
ZL1/HB-121 ZL1/HB-121
Whakaumu ZL1/HB-122
ZL1/HB-123 ZL1/HB-123
ZL1/HB-124 ZL1/HB-124
ZL1/HB-125 ZL1/HB-125
ZL1/HB-126 ZL1/HB-126
ZL1/HB-127 ZL1/HB-127
Kauahei ZL1/HB-128 YES YES
Silver Range (South) ZL1/HB-129
Mount Threeve ZL1/HB-130 YES YES
ZL1/HB-131 ZL1/HB-131 YES YES
Mahia Peninsula ZL1/HB-132
Mount Carlyon ZL1/HB-133
Puketapu ZL1/HB-134
Te Mata Peak ZL1/HB-135 YES YES
Mount Cameron ZL1/HB-136 YES YES
ZL1/HB-137 ZL1/HB-137
Puketapu ZL1/HB-138
Te Pae ZL1/HB-139
ZL1/HB-140 ZL1/HB-140
Silver Range (North) ZL1/HB-141
ZL1/HB-142 ZL1/HB-142
ZL1/HB-143 ZL1/HB-143
McNeill ZL1/HB-144
Rangitoto ZL1/HB-145
Te Hiwera ZL1/HB-146
Cooks Tooth ZL1/HB-147 YES YES
ZL1/HB-148 ZL1/HB-148
ZL1/HB-149 ZL1/HB-149 YES YES
Whaitirinui Range ZL1/HB-150
ZL1/HB-151 ZL1/HB-151
ZL1/HB-152 ZL1/HB-152
ZL1/HB-153 ZL1/HB-153 YES
ZL1/HB-154 ZL1/HB-154
ZL1/HB-155 ZL1/HB-155
ZL1/HB-156 ZL1/HB-156
ZL1/MW-006 ZL1/MW-006
Ohuinga ZL1/MW-009
ZL1/MW-028 ZL1/MW-028
Manson ZL1/MW-029
ZL1/MW-033 ZL1/MW-033
Boyds Rocks ZL1/MW-039
Te Iringa ZL1/MW-040
Hogget ZL1/MW-047
ZL1/MW-055 ZL1/MW-055
Sparrowhawk Range ZL1/MW-058
ZL1/MW-061 ZL1/MW-061
Komata ZL1/MW-066 YES YES
ZL1/MW-076 ZL1/MW-076
ZL1/MW-107 ZL1/MW-107 YES YES
Waingakia ZL1/WK-006
Maungaorangi ZL1/WK-014
Rouiti ZL1/WK-019
Te Iringa ZL1/WK-020
ZL1/WK-021 ZL1/WK-021
ZL1/WK-027 ZL1/WK-027
Total SOTA Summits: 196 33 31
Te Urewera ZLFF-0012
Kaweka Forest Park ZLFF-0051 YES YES
Rangitaiki Conservation Area ZLFF-0191
Total WWFF Parks: 3 1 1