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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
A Frame Hut ZLH/CB-001
Boundary Creek Hut ZLH/CB-025
Cameron Hut ZLH/CB-031
Centennial Cabin ZLH/CB-043
Comyns Hut ZLH/CB-048
Cookies Hut ZLH/CB-049
Curtis Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-054
Double Hut ZLH/CB-059
Evans Hut ZLH/CB-071
Jellicoe Hut ZLH/CB-103
Lawrence Bivvy ZLH/CB-115
Lawrence Hut ZLH/CB-116
Louper Bivvy ZLH/CB-120
Lyell Hut ZLH/CB-123
Manuka Hut ZLH/CB-130 YES YES
Mathias Hut ZLH/CB-131
McCoy Hut ZLH/CB-132
Mistake Flat Hut ZLH/CB-136
Pinnacles Hut ZLH/CB-155
Potts Hut ZLH/CB-158
Reischek Hut ZLH/CB-167
St Winifreds Hut ZLH/CB-186
Top Hut ZLH/CB-197
Tribulation Hut ZLH/CB-199
Watchdog Hut ZLH/CB-212
West Mathias Bivvy ZLH/CB-216
Wild Mans Hut ZLH/CB-218
Woolshed Creek Hut ZLH/CB-220 YES YES
Total Huts: 28 2 2
Walkers Island ZLI/CB-036
Total Islands: 1 0 0
Lake Camp ZLL/0236 YES YES
Lake Clearwater ZLL/0253 YES YES
Lake Denny ZLL/0266
Lake Donne ZLL/0273
Lake Emily ZLL/0290 YES YES
Lake Emma ZLL/0291 YES YES
Lake Heron ZLL/0341 YES YES
Lake Hood ZLL/0349 YES YES
Lake Roundabout ZLL/0694 YES YES
Lake Trinity ZLL/0773
Lambies Lagoon ZLL/0857 YES YES
Manuka Lake ZLL/0889 YES YES
Maori Lakes ZLL/0891 YES YES
Mystery Lake ZLL/0923
Quagmire Tarn ZLL/0982
Seagull Lake ZLL/1018 YES YES
Spider Lakes ZLL/1042
Windy Tarn ZLL/1152
Total Lakes: 18 11 11
Hakatere Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0008 YES YES
Rangitata/Rakaia Head Waters Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0009
Hakatere Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0018 YES YES
Rakaia Forest Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0022
Mt Potts Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0026 YES YES
Mount Hutt Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0032 YES YES
Double Hill Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0036
Conservation Area - Hakatere Conservation Park (Proposed Addition) ZLP/CB-0039
Mount Somers Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0053 YES YES
Mathias Ecological Area ZLP/CB-0066
Tenehaun Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0081 YES YES
Lake Heron Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0096 YES YES
Lake Heron Nature Reserve ZLP/CB-0099 YES YES
Lake Clearwater Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0149 YES YES
Maori Lakes Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0154 YES YES
Sharplin Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0169
Mt Alford Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0257 YES YES
Tinwald Domain ZLP/CB-0289 YES YES
Redcliffe Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0291
Lake Camp Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0307 YES YES
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Karambi ZLP/CB-0362
Lake Camp Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0369 YES YES
Ashburton Racecourse ZLP/CB-0386
Ashburton Racecourse Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0387
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Rosebank ZLP/CB-0405
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Balrazie ZLP/CB-0480
Mount Somers Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0514
Stavaley Lime Kilns Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0521
Pudding Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0528
Alford Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0551
Maori Lakes Nature Reserve ZLP/CB-0565 YES YES
Tenehaun Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0645
Lake Denny Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0657
Ashburton Rifle Range ZLP/CB-0658
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Peterhead ZLP/CB-0681
Rakaia Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0705
Ashburton Showgrounds ZLP/CB-0750
Conservation Area South Branch Hinds Riverbed ZLP/CB-0778
Conservation Area Rakaia River Margin Blackford ZLP/CB-0801
Conservation Area Rakaia Riverbed Glenaan ZLP/CB-0830
Mount Somers Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0836
Ruapuna Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0867
Chertsey Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0881
Hinds Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0898
Lovetts Road Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0908
Short Street Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0914
Conservation Area Ashburton Riverbed Terrace Dale ZLP/CB-0949
Total Parks: 47 15 15
Hakatere Conservation Park NZ-0092
Double Hill Conservation Area NZ-0123
Hakatere Conservation Area NZ-0131 YES YES
Hakatere Conservation Park NZ-0132 YES YES
Mount Hutt Conservation Area NZ-0167 YES YES
Mt Potts Conservation Area NZ-0172 YES YES
Rakaia Forest Conservation Area NZ-0190
Rangitata/Rakaia Head Waters Conservation Area NZ-0193
Mount Somers Conservation Area NZ-0334 YES YES
Mathias Ecological Area NZ-0343
Tenehaun Conservation Area NZ-0354 YES YES
Total POTA Parks: 11 6 6
SOTA Summit
Mount Arrowsmith ZL3/CB-013
Jagged Peak ZL3/CB-015
Couloir Peak ZL3/CB-017
Red Peak ZL3/CB-018
North Peak ZL3/CB-020
The Warrior ZL3/CB-028
Amazon Peak ZL3/CB-046
Mount Ramsay ZL3/CB-050
Tent Peak ZL3/CB-051
The Marquee ZL3/CB-058
Big Hill Range (North) ZL3/CB-059
Cloudy Peak ZL3/CB-066
ZL3/CB-067 ZL3/CB-067
Outlaw Peak ZL3/CB-070
Mount Nicholson ZL3/CB-076
South Peak ZL3/CB-081
Mount Goethe ZL3/CB-084
Mount Taylor ZL3/CB-089 YES YES
Mount Johnstone ZL3/CB-094
Taylor Range ZL3/CB-102 YES YES
Cloudy Peak Range ZL3/CB-117
Pyramus Peak ZL3/CB-119
ZL3/CB-120 ZL3/CB-120
ZL3/CB-123 ZL3/CB-123
Jollie Range ZL3/CB-126
Mount Jollie ZL3/CB-129
The Sentinel ZL3/CB-138
ZL3/CB-139 ZL3/CB-139
ZL3/CB-146 ZL3/CB-146
ZL3/CB-147 ZL3/CB-147
Jollie Sisters ZL3/CB-155
ZL3/CB-157 ZL3/CB-157
Mount Hutt ZL3/CB-158 YES YES
Hinge Peak ZL3/CB-159
Mount Potts ZL3/CB-160
Mount Kinkel ZL3/CB-162
Review Peak ZL3/CB-165
Ragged Range (Mid) ZL3/CB-172
ZL3/CB-173 ZL3/CB-173
Potts Range (South) ZL3/CB-178
ZL3/CB-180 ZL3/CB-180
Agassiz Range ZL3/CB-181
ZL3/CB-183 ZL3/CB-183
ZL3/CB-184 ZL3/CB-184
Mount Marion ZL3/CB-189
ZL3/CB-190 ZL3/CB-190
Mount Butler ZL3/CB-193
ZL3/CB-194 ZL3/CB-194
ZL3/CB-195 ZL3/CB-195
Godley Peak ZL3/CB-199
Mount Catherine ZL3/CB-203
Watchdog Peak ZL3/CB-205
ZL3/CB-207 ZL3/CB-207
Black Hill ZL3/CB-209
ZL3/CB-213 ZL3/CB-213
ZL3/CB-216 ZL3/CB-216
ZL3/CB-219 ZL3/CB-219
ZL3/CB-220 ZL3/CB-220
Potts Range (Mid) ZL3/CB-222
ZL3/CB-223 ZL3/CB-223
ZL3/CB-229 ZL3/CB-229
Wild Mans Brother Range ZL3/CB-236
Smite Peak ZL3/CB-238
Lagoon Peak ZL3/CB-244
Potts Range (North) ZL3/CB-259
ZL3/CB-266 ZL3/CB-266
ZL3/CB-281 ZL3/CB-281
ZL3/CB-284 ZL3/CB-284
Mount McMillan ZL3/CB-286
Steepface Hill ZL3/CB-288 YES YES
Shingle Hill ZL3/CB-290
Wild Mans Hill ZL3/CB-300
Mount Harper/Mahaanui ZL3/CB-313 YES YES
Mount Bruce ZL3/CB-315
Turton Tops ZL3/CB-324
Palmer Range ZL3/CB-327
ZL3/CB-338 ZL3/CB-338
ZL3/CB-352 ZL3/CB-352
Mount Hecla ZL3/CB-362
Mount Winterslow ZL3/CB-379 YES YES
Winterslow Range ZL3/CB-380 YES YES
Mount Somers ZL3/CB-387 YES YES
Manuka Peak ZL3/CB-389
ZL3/CB-399 ZL3/CB-399
Middle Hill ZL3/CB-418
ZL3/CB-434 ZL3/CB-434
ZL3/CB-442 ZL3/CB-442
Cascade Hill ZL3/CB-444
Dogs Range ZL3/CB-445
ZL3/CB-456 ZL3/CB-456
Staces Hill ZL3/CB-463 YES YES
Rat Hill ZL3/CB-470
ZL3/CB-475 ZL3/CB-475
Mount Tripp ZL3/CB-494 YES YES
Mount Barrosa ZL3/CB-499 YES YES
ZL3/CB-513 ZL3/CB-513
ZL3/CB-514 ZL3/CB-514 YES YES
Mount Guy ZL3/CB-521 YES YES
ZL3/CB-525 ZL3/CB-525
Mount Sugarloaf ZL3/CB-544
ZL3/CB-547 ZL3/CB-547
ZL3/CB-552 ZL3/CB-552
Mount Alford ZL3/CB-568 YES YES
ZL3/CB-572 ZL3/CB-572 YES YES
Moorhouse Range ZL3/CB-574 YES YES
Manuka Range ZL3/CB-598 YES YES
Peter Range ZL3/CB-603 YES YES
Trinity Hill ZL3/CB-607
Longman Range ZL3/CB-608 YES YES
Ricki Spur ZL3/CB-636 YES YES
ZL3/CB-649 ZL3/CB-649 YES YES
Emily Hill ZL3/CB-657 YES YES
Double Hill (North Peak) ZL3/CB-772
Gawler Downs ZL3/CB-791
ZL3/CB-849 ZL3/CB-849
ZL3/CB-862 ZL3/CB-862
Blair Peak ZL3/WC-038
McClure Peak ZL3/WC-039
Outram Peak ZL3/WC-057
Mount Edison ZL3/WC-071
Sword Peak ZL3/WC-072
Sceptre Peak ZL3/WC-077
Bonds Peak ZL3/WC-080
Hidden Peak ZL3/WC-082
Eric Twins ZL3/WC-118
Total SOTA Summits: 125 22 22
Hakatere Conservation Park ZLFF-0026 YES YES
Double Hill Conservation Area ZLFF-0118
Hakatere Conservation Area ZLFF-0128 YES YES
Mount Hutt Conservation Area ZLFF-0168 YES YES
Mount Potts Conservation Area ZLFF-0170 YES YES
Rakaia Forest Conservation Area ZLFF-0189
Rangitata - Rakaia Head Waters Conservation Area ZLFF-0192
Total WWFF Parks: 7 4 4