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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Baikie Hut ZLH/CB-012
Ball Hut ZLH/CB-013
Barron Saddle Hut ZLH/CB-016
Camp Stream Hut ZLH/CB-033
Copland Shelter ZLH/CB-050
Dasler Biv ZLH/CB-055
Dodger Hut ZLH/CB-057
Eade Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-063
Empress Hut ZLH/CB-067
Erceg Hut ZLH/CB-068
Gardiner Hut ZLH/CB-075
Godley Hut ZLH/CB-078
Green Point Hut ZLH/CB-081
Grough Hut ZLH/CB-082
Haast Hut ZLH/CB-084
Hooker Hut ZLH/CB-093
Jollie Hut ZLH/CB-106
Kelman Hut ZLH/CB-108
Kennedy Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-109
Liebig Hut ZLH/CB-117
Macaulay Hut ZLH/CB-124
Middle Gorge Hut ZLH/CB-133
Mueller Hut ZLH/CB-140
Murchison Hut ZLH/CB-141
Onslow Hut (Steffan Memorial Hut) ZLH/CB-147
Rankin Hut ZLH/CB-163
Reardon Hut ZLH/CB-164
Red Hut ZLH/CB-165
Red Stag Hut ZLH/CB-166
Rex Simpson Memorial Hut ZLH/CB-168
Sefton Bivvy ZLH/CB-172
South Opuha Hut (New) ZLH/CB-178 YES YES
Spurs Hut ZLH/CB-180 YES YES
Tasman Saddle Hut ZLH/CB-190
Telegraph hut ZLH/CB-191
Waterfall Hut ZLH/CB-213
Total Huts: 37 2 2
Jocks Island ZLI/CB-012
Morgans Island ZLI/CB-017
Motuariki Island ZLI/CB-018
Total Islands: 3 0 0
Acland Lagoon ZLL/0003 YES YES
Blue Lakes ZLL/0041 YES YES
Boltons Gully Lagoon ZLL/0045
Boundary Tarns ZLL/0048
Braemar Kettleholes ZLL/0050
Cluster Tarns ZLL/0069
Forks Lagoon ZLL/0113
Freds Tarn ZLL/0115
Glenmore Tarns ZLL/0121
Grebe Tarn ZLL/0122
Hartley Tarn ZLL/0132 YES YES
Hooker Lake ZLL/0146
Jimmeys Lagoon ZLL/0165 YES YES
Lake Alexandrina ZLL/0190 YES YES
Lake McGregor ZLL/0484 YES YES
Lake Merino ZLL/0492 YES YES
Lake Murray ZLL/0513 YES YES
Lake Opuha ZLL/0555 YES YES
Lake Poaka ZLL/0589 YES YES
Lake Pukaki ZLL/0603 YES YES
Lake Tekapo ZLL/0749 YES YES
Lake Wardell ZLL/0832 YES YES
Loch Cameron ZLL/0864 YES YES
Patersons Ponds ZLL/0957 YES YES
Phantom Lagoon ZLL/0961
Rapuwai Lagoon ZLL/0987
Red Tarns ZLL/0992 YES YES
Roys Lagoon ZLL/1007
Scott Pond ZLL/1017 YES YES
Sealy Tarns ZLL/1019
Stony Tarn ZLL/1045 YES YES
Sunday Tarn ZLL/1049
Swan Lagoon ZLL/1054 YES YES
Tasman Lake ZLL/1060 YES YES
The Black Hole ZLL/1080
Trig 'N' Tarn ZLL/1098
Tui Tarn ZLL/1103 YES YES
Twin Lakes ZLL/1107 YES YES
Total Lakes: 38 22 22
Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0003 YES YES
Aoraki Mount Cook National Park ZLP/CB-0006 YES YES
Ruataniwha Conservation Park ZLP/CB-0013 YES YES
Tasman Islands Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0016
Braemar Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0017
Godley Peaks Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0027
Mt Cook Station Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0029
Hunter Hills Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0031
Liebig Range/Upper Jollie/ Cass Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0038
Conservation Area - Mid-Tasman River ZLP/CB-0046
Conservation Area - Maryburn ZLP/CB-0047
Peel Forest Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0048 YES YES
Lake Alexandrina Wildlife Refuge ZLP/CB-0050 YES YES
Mt Peel/Waikari Hills Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0051 YES YES
Conservation Area - Blue Mountain ZLP/CB-0054
Ben Ohau Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0072
Scenic Reserve - Irishman Creek ZLP/CB-0073
Conservation Area - Mt Gerald ZLP/CB-0086
Lake Tekapo Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0087
Conservation Area A- The Wolds ZLP/CB-0097
Conservation Area - The Island ZLP/CB-0098
Conservation Area B - The Wolds ZLP/CB-0104
Lake Alexandrina, Tekapo Domain ZLP/CB-0109 YES YES
Conservation Area - "Chetwynd" ZLP/CB-0112
Glentanner Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0123 YES YES
Conservation Area - Tekapo Triangle ZLP/CB-0126
Ahanui Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0129
Simons Hill Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0135
Scenic Reserve Lake Alexandrina ZLP/CB-0142
Lake Ruataniwha Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0144
Mount Dalgety Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0176
Pareora River Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0188
Lake Tekapo Regional Park ZLP/CB-0214 YES YES
Scientific Reserve - The Wolds ZLP/CB-0228
Pioneer Park Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0247
Godley Riverbed Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0293
Richmond Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0297
Conservation Area Hopkins River ZLP/CB-0313
Conservation Area Birch Hill Flat ZLP/CB-0326
Ohau Terminal Moraine Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0334
Aoraki/Mount Cook Amenity Area ZLP/CB-0340
Lake Poaka Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0342 YES YES
Recreation Reserve Lake Ruataniwha ZLP/CB-0360
Conservation Area North Opuha Riverbed ZLP/CB-0384
Protected Area - Hunter Hills Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0433
Conservation Area Aoraki/Mount Cook Village Road ZLP/CB-0435
Cass River Delta Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0466
Pukaki Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0523
Conservation Area Raincliff Stream ZLP/CB-0542
Tasman Smith Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0559
Lake Pukaki Terminal Moraine Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0561
Lake Alexandrina Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0635 YES YES
Micks Lagoon Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0720
Motuariki Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0743
Godley Macaulay Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0770
Omahau Downs Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0813
Conservation Area Opihi Riverbed ZLP/CB-0846
Fairlie Domain ZLP/CB-0870
Burke Pass Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0875
Pareora Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0927
Total Parks: 60 11 11
Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park ZL-0040 YES YES
Lake Tekapo Regional Park ZL-0053 YES YES
Braemar Conservation Area ZL-0078
Godley Peaks Ecological Area ZL-0128
Hunter Hills Conservation Area ZL-0139
Liebig Range/Upper Jollie/Cass Conservation Area ZL-0155
Mt Cook Station Conservation Area ZL-0171
Ruataniwha Conservation Park ZL-0200 YES YES
Tasman Islands Wildlife Refuge ZL-0212
Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park ZL-0215 YES YES
Mt. Peel Conservation Area ZL-0259 YES YES
Mid-Tasman Conservation Area ZL-0329
Maryburn Conservation Area ZL-0330
Lake Alexandrina Wildlife Refuge ZL-0331
Blue Mountain Conservation Area ZL-0335
Ben Ohau Conservation Area ZL-0348
Irishman Creek Scenic Reserve ZL-0349
Mt. Gerald Conservation Area ZL-0359
Lake Tekapo Scientific Reserve ZL-0360
Total POTA Parks: 19 5 5
SOTA Summit
Aoraki / Mount Cook (High Peak) ZL3/CB-001
Malte Brun ZL3/CB-002
Mount Hamilton ZL3/CB-003
Mount Chudleigh ZL3/CB-004
Haeckel Peak ZL3/CB-005
Mount Darwin ZL3/CB-006
Aiguilles Rouges ZL3/CB-007
Mount D'Archiac ZL3/CB-008
Mount Hutton ZL3/CB-010
Mount Ronald Adair ZL3/CB-011
Mount Sibbald ZL3/CB-012
The Nuns Veil ZL3/CB-014
Mount Johnson ZL3/CB-016
The Abbot ZL3/CB-019
Mount Sealy ZL3/CB-021
Mount Lucia ZL3/CB-022
Mount Conrad ZL3/CB-024
Mount Glenmary ZL3/CB-025
Mount Forbes ZL3/CB-027
Mount Acland ZL3/CB-030
Mount Wolseley ZL3/CB-031
Mauka Atua ZL3/CB-032
Mount William Grant ZL3/CB-033
Glentanner Peak ZL3/CB-034
High Peak ZL3/CB-036
Mount Darby ZL3/CB-037
Anzac Peaks ZL3/CB-038
Mount Jukes ZL3/CB-039
Gamack Range ZL3/CB-040
Mount Richmond ZL3/CB-042
Dun Fiunary ZL3/CB-043
Mount Glencairn ZL3/CB-044
Mount Dark ZL3/CB-045
Mount Frances ZL3/CB-048
ZL3/CB-049 ZL3/CB-049
ZL3/CB-052 ZL3/CB-052
ZL3/CB-053 ZL3/CB-053
Mount Cran ZL3/CB-054
Kaimakamaka Peaks (North) ZL3/CB-055
Mount Radove ZL3/CB-056
ZL3/CB-057 ZL3/CB-057
Hells Gates ZL3/CB-061
Mount Blackburn ZL3/CB-062
The Needles ZL3/CB-064
Mount Chevalier ZL3/CB-065
Mount Bruce ZL3/CB-068
ZL3/CB-069 ZL3/CB-069
Mount Glenisla ZL3/CB-071
Mount Edgar Thomson ZL3/CB-073
ZL3/CB-075 ZL3/CB-075
Mount Ross ZL3/CB-077
Mount Cooper ZL3/CB-079
Naumann Range ZL3/CB-080
Sibbald Range ZL3/CB-082
ZL3/CB-083 ZL3/CB-083
Split Peaks (South) ZL3/CB-085
Brass Peak ZL3/CB-086
ZL3/CB-087 ZL3/CB-087
ZL3/CB-090 ZL3/CB-090
Fox Peak ZL3/CB-091 YES
Mount Stevenson ZL3/CB-092
ZL3/CB-093 ZL3/CB-093
Hall Range ZL3/CB-096
Mount Misery ZL3/CB-097 YES YES
ZL3/CB-098 ZL3/CB-098
Taranaki Peak ZL3/CB-099
ZL3/CB-103 ZL3/CB-103
ZL3/CB-104 ZL3/CB-104
The Acolyte ZL3/CB-105
Armistice Peak ZL3/CB-108
ZL3/CB-111 ZL3/CB-111
ZL3/CB-113 ZL3/CB-113
Backbone Peak ZL3/CB-115
ZL3/CB-116 ZL3/CB-116
ZL3/CB-121 ZL3/CB-121
ZL3/CB-122 ZL3/CB-122
Prudence Peak ZL3/CB-125
ZL3/CB-127 ZL3/CB-127
ZL3/CB-133 ZL3/CB-133
ZL3/CB-136 ZL3/CB-136
Mount Haszard ZL3/CB-140
Mount German ZL3/CB-148
Mackenzies Peak ZL3/CB-149
Ben Ohau Range ZL3/CB-151
ZL3/CB-153 ZL3/CB-153
ZL3/CB-167 ZL3/CB-167
ZL3/CB-170 ZL3/CB-170 YES YES
South Burnett Monutains ZL3/CB-175
ZL3/CB-176 ZL3/CB-176
Mount Fagin ZL3/CB-179
ZL3/CB-191 ZL3/CB-191
Dobson Peak ZL3/CB-197 YES YES
ZL3/CB-200 ZL3/CB-200
ZL3/CB-202 ZL3/CB-202
Mount Kinsey ZL3/CB-204
ZL3/CB-206 ZL3/CB-206
Mount Wakefield ZL3/CB-215
The Knobbies ZL3/CB-221
ZL3/CB-224 ZL3/CB-224
ZL3/CB-234 ZL3/CB-234
Walkers Spur ZL3/CB-240
ZL3/CB-242 ZL3/CB-242
ZL3/CB-245 ZL3/CB-245
ZL3/CB-249 ZL3/CB-249
Ben Ohau Range ZL3/CB-250 YES YES
Joseph Ridge ZL3/CB-252
Black Rocks ZL3/CB-268
Mistake Peak ZL3/CB-269
Mount Edward ZL3/CB-273
The Black Hills ZL3/CB-278 YES YES
Mount Maude ZL3/CB-335
Mount Dalgety ZL3/CB-354
Mount Peel ZL3/CB-357
ZL3/CB-384 ZL3/CB-384
Observation Hill ZL3/CB-385
Sugar Loaf ZL3/CB-394 YES YES
High Claytons ZL3/CB-395
Ben Dhu ZL3/CB-422
Mount Nessing ZL3/CB-426
ZL3/CB-428 ZL3/CB-428
Blacksmith Spur ZL3/CB-440 YES YES
Mount Nimrod/Kaumira ZL3/CB-450
Ben Ohau ZL3/CB-451 YES YES
ZL3/CB-457 ZL3/CB-457
Mount Burgess ZL3/CB-480
ZL3/CB-490 ZL3/CB-490
Rollesby Range ZL3/CB-495
ZL3/CB-497 ZL3/CB-497
ZL3/CB-518 ZL3/CB-518
ZL3/CB-555 ZL3/CB-555
ZL3/CB-560 ZL3/CB-560 YES YES
ZL3/CB-561 ZL3/CB-561
ZL3/CB-563 ZL3/CB-563
Mount Hay ZL3/CB-566
Wee McGregor ZL3/CB-577
Low Claytons ZL3/CB-584
Mount Edith ZL3/CB-595
Low Claytons (West) ZL3/CB-597
ZL3/CB-600 ZL3/CB-600
Old Man Range ZL3/CB-613 YES
ZL3/CB-619 ZL3/CB-619
Mount John ZL3/CB-625 YES YES
ZL3/CB-626 ZL3/CB-626
ZL3/CB-628 ZL3/CB-628
ZL3/CB-630 ZL3/CB-630
Mount Frances ZL3/CB-631
Mount Mary ZL3/CB-642
ZL3/CB-645 ZL3/CB-645
Simons Hill ZL3/CB-652
Meikleburn Saddle Airstrip ZL3/CB-653
ZL3/CB-667 ZL3/CB-667
Single Hill (North) ZL3/CB-668
ZL3/CB-669 ZL3/CB-669
Single Hill Range (South) ZL3/CB-671
ZL3/CB-672 ZL3/CB-672
ZL3/CB-694 ZL3/CB-694
Sugar Loaf ZL3/CB-733
ZL3/CB-734 ZL3/CB-734
House Hill ZL3/CB-771
ZL3/CB-789 ZL3/CB-789
Chastleton ZL3/CB-804
Tripps Peak ZL3/CB-858
Mount Sefton ZL3/WC-002
Mount Burns ZL3/WC-009
Mount Loughnan ZL3/WC-024
Cassino Peak ZL3/WC-046
Mount Petermann ZL3/WC-069
Total SOTA Summits: 167 12 10
Aoraki Mount Cook National Park ZLFF-0007 YES YES
Ruataniwha Conservation Park ZLFF-0087 YES YES
Braemar Conservation Area ZLFF-0109
Godley Peaks Conservation Area ZLFF-0124
Hunter Hills Conservation Area ZLFF-0134
Liebig Range-Upper Jollie-Cass Conservation Area ZLFF-0148
Mount Cook Station Conservation Area ZLFF-0166
Tasman Islands Wildlife Refuge ZLFF-0207
Total WWFF Parks: 8 2 2