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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Crosbies Hut ZLH/WK-002
Pinnacles Hut ZLH/WK-010
Total Huts: 2 0 0
Atiu or Middle Island ZLI/WK-002
Big Hump ZLI/WK-003
Cathedral Rock (Moturoa) ZLI/WK-007
Channel Island ZLI/WK-008
Cuvier Island (Repanga Island) ZLI/WK-010
Flat Island ZLI/WK-013
Great Mercury Island (Ahuahu) ZLI/WK-017
Green Island ZLI/WK-018
Half Island ZLI/WK-019
Hauturu Island ZLI/WK-021
Hongiora ZLI/WK-025
Kawhitu or Stanley Island ZLI/WK-034
Korapuki Island ZLI/WK-035
Little Hump ZLI/WK-037
Mahurangi Island (Goat Island) ZLI/WK-041
Matariki Islands ZLI/WK-044
Middle Island ZLI/WK-050
Motueka Island (Pigeon Island) ZLI/WK-054
Motukaha Island ZLI/WK-056
Motukahaua Island (Happy Jack Island) ZLI/WK-057
Motukakarikitahi Island (Rat island) ZLI/WK-060
Motukaramarama Island (Bush Island) ZLI/WK-062
Motukopake Island ZLI/WK-067
Motukoranga Island ZLI/WK-069
Motumakareta Island ZLI/WK-073
Motuoruhi Island (Goat Island) ZLI/WK-079
Motupohukuo Island (Turkey Island) ZLI/WK-080
Moturoa Island (Tower Rock) ZLI/WK-082
Moturua Island (Rabbit Island) ZLI/WK-083
Motutapere Island ZLI/WK-087
Motuwhakakewa Island ZLI/WK-094
Motuwharangi Island ZLI/WK-096
Motuwi Island (Double Island) ZLI/WK-097
Nga Horo Island ZLI/WK-103
Ohinau Island ZLI/WK-108
Okorotere Island ZLI/WK-110
Papamaire Island ZLI/WK-119
Penguin Island ZLI/WK-120
Rabbit Island ZLI/WK-126
Rabbit Island ZLI/WK-127
Rangipukea Island ZLI/WK-128
Red Mercury Island (Whakau) ZLI/WK-130
Ruamahuaiti Island ZLI/WK-132
Ruamahuanui Island ZLI/WK-133
Sail Rock ZLI/WK-134
Shoe Island (Motuhoa) ZLI/WK-135
Slipper Island (Whakahau) ZLI/WK-136
Square Top Island ZLI/WK-137
Tataweka Island ZLI/WK-142
Te Karaka Island ZLI/WK-146
Te Tio Island ZLI/WK-151
The Sister Rocks ZLI/WK-157
The Spire ZLI/WK-158
Waimate Island ZLI/WK-168
Waipapa Island ZLI/WK-169
Wekarua Island ZLI/WK-172
Whanganui Island ZLI/WK-175
Whenuakura Island ZLI/WK-178
Total Islands: 58 0 0
Cuvier (Repanga) Island ZLB/027
Slipper Island ZLB/080
Whakapenui Point ZLB/098
Total Lighthouses: 3 0 0
Coromandel State Forest Park ZLP/WK-0003 YES YES
Whangapoua Forest Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0014 YES YES
Tairua Forest Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0015
Moehau Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0016
Papakai Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0019
Kapowai Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0037
Waiomu Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0047 YES YES
Stony Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0053
Waikawau Bay Farm Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0054
Conservation Area - Tararu ZLP/WK-0059
Port Jackson Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0072
Sandy Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0074
Conservation Area - Whangapoua Forest (Tokatea) ZLP/WK-0076
(Temporarily Closed) - Manaia Forest Sanctuary ZLP/WK-0083
Conservation Area - Kitahi ZLP/WK-0103
Fantail Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0106
Conservation Area - Whangapoua Forest/Hukarahi ZLP/WK-0118
Pauanui Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0126
Conservation Area - Oteao Stream ZLP/WK-0127
Conservation Area - Stock Block ZLP/WK-0132
Matarangi Bluff Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0140
Red Mercury Island (Whakau) ZLP/WK-0150
Conservation Area - Haunoni Headwater ZLP/WK-0153
Conservation Area - Karaka Stream ZLP/WK-0158
Fletcher Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0160
Conservation Area - Goldsmith Block ZLP/WK-0161
Horseshoe Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0167
Conservation Area - Wairakau Stream ZLP/WK-0168
Conservation Area - Kitahi (proposed Scenic Res) ZLP/WK-0169
Tapu-Ruamahunga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0171
Conservation Area - Kapowai River ZLP/WK-0173
Repanga (Cuvier) Island Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0178
Conservation Area - Karaka ZLP/WK-0183
Waikawau Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0187
Puriri Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0193
Kaitoke Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0204
Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0205
Aldermen Islands (Ruamaahu) Wildlife Sanctuary ZLP/WK-0210
Aldermen Islands (Ruamaahu) Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0211
Waitaia Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0214
Conservation Area - Whangapoua Forest (outlier) ZLP/WK-0224
Kawhitu Island (Stanley) Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0225
Conservation Area - Tawhetarangi Stream ZLP/WK-0229
Black Jack Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0235
Conservation Area - Waiwhango River ZLP/WK-0244
Opoutere Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0250
Conservation Area - Harataunga Stream ZLP/WK-0253
Conservation Area - Mangaroa Stream ZLP/WK-0259
Conservation Area - Mataiterangi Stream ZLP/WK-0266
Conservation Area - Rangihau Stream ZLP/WK-0293
Conservation Area - Whenuakite Farm Settlement 1 ZLP/WK-0305
Waihou Forest Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0311
Onewhero Pa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0312
Cathedral Cove Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0317
Motutapere Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0324
Waiau Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0325
Thornton Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0328
Te Puru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0335
Pauanui Point Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0342
Red Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0344
Shakespeare's Cliff Scenic and Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0347
Conservation Area - Kauri Block ZLP/WK-0365
Double Island (Moturehu) Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0377
Tapuaetahi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0378
Dickson Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0389
Te Pupuha Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0390
Papa Aroha Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0401
Opera Point Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0415
Long Bay Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0422
Conservation Area - Broken Hills ZLP/WK-0424
Mahakirau Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0427
Hot Water Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0434
Hot Water Beach Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0439
Cook Bluff Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0441
Mahurangi Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0443
Conservation Area - Mangarehu Stream ZLP/WK-0445
Scenic Reserve - Torehina Block ZLP/WK-0455
Wharekawa Harbour Wildlife Refuge ZLP/WK-0465
Korapuki Island ZLP/WK-0484
Conservation Area - Fourth Branch ZLP/WK-0487
Conservation Area - Otama River West ZLP/WK-0491
Chiltern Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0495
Otama Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0508
Whitianga Rock Scenic and Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0521
Conservation Area - Whenuakite Farm Settlement 2 ZLP/WK-0527
Whangamatā Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0529
Atiu or Middle Island ZLP/WK-0540
Punaruku Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0576
Onemana Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0580
Conservation Area - Papamaire Island ZLP/WK-0582
Kūaotunu Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0593
Marginal Strip - Purangi River ZLP/WK-1844
Marginal Strip - Te Rerenga ZLP/WK-1847
Total Parks: 93 3 3
Coromandel State Forest Park NZ-0057 YES YES
Whangapoua Forest Conservation Area NZ-0561 YES YES
Tairua Forest Conservation Area NZ-0562 YES YES
Moehau Ecological Area NZ-0563
Papakai Ecological Area NZ-0566
Kapowai Ecological Area NZ-0578
Waiomu Ecological Area NZ-0583 YES YES
Total POTA Parks: 7 4 4
SOTA Summit
Moehau ZL1/WK-037
Kaitarakihi ZL1/WK-041 YES YES
Table Mountain ZL1/WK-044
Motutapere ZL1/WK-046
Maumaupaki (Camels Back) ZL1/WK-048
Pakirarahi ZL1/WK-056
ZL1/WK-059 ZL1/WK-059
The Pinnacles ZL1/WK-060 YES YES
Hihi ZL1/WK-072 YES YES
ZL1/WK-073 ZL1/WK-073
Kakatarahae ZL1/WK-075
ZL1/WK-077 ZL1/WK-077 YES YES
Ngapuketurua ZL1/WK-082
ZL1/WK-083 ZL1/WK-083
ZL1/WK-091 ZL1/WK-091 YES YES
ZL1/WK-092 ZL1/WK-092
Tanehua ZL1/WK-093
ZL1/WK-112 ZL1/WK-112
Kaipawa ZL1/WK-113 YES YES
Horomanga ZL1/WK-114
ZL1/WK-115 ZL1/WK-115
ZL1/WK-119 ZL1/WK-119
Hauturu ZL1/WK-124
ZL1/WK-126 ZL1/WK-126
Castle Rock ZL1/WK-127 YES YES
ZL1/WK-129 ZL1/WK-129
ZL1/WK-140 ZL1/WK-140
ZL1/WK-143 ZL1/WK-143
ZL1/WK-145 ZL1/WK-145
Momoparaua ZL1/WK-150
Pauanui ZL1/WK-151 YES YES
Puroa ZL1/WK-152
Ohiwai ZL1/WK-166
Waitaia ZL1/WK-170
ZL1/WK-171 ZL1/WK-171
ZL1/WK-172 ZL1/WK-172
Maungatawhiri ZL1/WK-173 YES YES
Kahutara ZL1/WK-178
ZL1/WK-184 ZL1/WK-184
ZL1/WK-185 ZL1/WK-185
Rangitoto ZL1/WK-186
Mohi Mountain ZL1/WK-187
Rangipo ZL1/WK-189
Cuvier (Repanga) Island ZL1/WK-190
Tahanga ZL1/WK-191
ZL1/WK-193 ZL1/WK-193
Ruamahuaiti Island ZL1/WK-194
Paku ZL1/WK-195 YES YES
Motutapere Island ZL1/WK-196
Motuoruji Island ZL1/WK-197
Ruamahuanui Island ZL1/WK-198
Red Mercury Island (Whakau) ZL1/WK-201
Total SOTA Summits: 52 10 10
Coromandel Forest Park ZLFF-0043 YES YES
Total WWFF Parks: 1 1 1