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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Cascade Hut ZLH/WK-001 YES YES
Crosbies Hut ZLH/WK-002
Daly's Clearing Hut ZLH/WK-003
Kohukohunui Hut ZLH/WK-004
Leitchs Hut ZLH/WK-005
Mangamuka Hut ZLH/WK-006
Oturere Hut ZLH/WK-007
Pahautea Hut ZLH/WK-008
Piggots Hut ZLH/WK-009
Pinnacles Hut ZLH/WK-010
Waihaha Hut ZLH/WK-011
Waihohonu Hut ZLH/WK-012
Waipakihi Hut ZLH/WK-013 YES YES
Waitawheta Hut ZLH/WK-014
Wildlife (Cowan Block) Hut ZLH/WK-015
Total Huts: 15 2 2
Atiu or Middle Island ZLI/WK-002
Big Hump ZLI/WK-003
Cathedral Rock (Moturoa) ZLI/WK-007
Channel Island ZLI/WK-008
Cuvier Island (Repanga Island) ZLI/WK-010
Flat Island ZLI/WK-013
Graham Island ZLI/WK-016
Great Mercury Island (Ahuahu) ZLI/WK-017
Green Island ZLI/WK-018
Half Island ZLI/WK-019
Hauturu Island ZLI/WK-021
Hikurangi Island ZLI/WK-023
Hongiora ZLI/WK-025
Jones Island ZLI/WK-026
Kaiwaka No. 1 Island ZLI/WK-027
Kaiwaka No. 2 Island ZLI/WK-028
Kaiwhai Island ZLI/WK-029
Karetoto Island ZLI/WK-031
Karihoa Island ZLI/WK-033
Kawhitu or Stanley Island ZLI/WK-034
Korapuki Island ZLI/WK-035
Little Hump ZLI/WK-037
Mahurangi Island (Goat Island) ZLI/WK-041
Maketu Island ZLI/WK-042
Manutahi Island ZLI/WK-043
Matariki Islands ZLI/WK-044
Matekuri Island ZLI/WK-045
Middle Island ZLI/WK-050
Motakorea Island ZLI/WK-052
Motuahi Island ZLI/WK-053
Motueka Island (Pigeon Island) ZLI/WK-054
Motukaha Island ZLI/WK-056
Motukahaua Island (Happy Jack Island) ZLI/WK-057
Motukahu Rocks ZLI/WK-058
Motukakaho Island ZLI/WK-059
Motukakarikitahi Island (Rat island) ZLI/WK-060
Motukaraka Island ZLI/WK-061
Motukaramarama Island (Bush Island) ZLI/WK-062
Motukauere Island ZLI/WK-064
Motukopake Island ZLI/WK-067
Motukoranga Island ZLI/WK-069
Motukotuku Rocks ZLI/WK-072
Motumakareta Island ZLI/WK-073
Motunuia Island ZLI/WK-076
Motuopuhi Island ZLI/WK-078
Motuoruhi Island (Goat Island) ZLI/WK-079
Motupohukuo Island (Turkey Island) ZLI/WK-080
Moturoa Island (Tower Rock) ZLI/WK-082
Moturua Island (Rabbit Island) ZLI/WK-083
Motutāhae ZLI/WK-084
Motutaiko Island ZLI/WK-085
Motutapere Island ZLI/WK-087
Motutara Island ZLI/WK-088
Motutawa Island ZLI/WK-089
Motutere Island ZLI/WK-090
Motutieke Island ZLI/WK-091
Motuwhakakewa Island ZLI/WK-094
Motuwhara Island ZLI/WK-095
Motuwharangi Island ZLI/WK-096
Motuwi Island (Double Island) ZLI/WK-097
Namuheiriro Island ZLI/WK-099
Ngāhinapōuri Island ZLI/WK-102
Nga Horo Island ZLI/WK-103
Ngatokakairiri Island ZLI/WK-105
Ohinau Island ZLI/WK-108
Okorotere Island ZLI/WK-110
Opeope Rocks ZLI/WK-112
Opuawhanga Island ZLI/WK-113
O Wiwi Ku ZLI/WK-116
Pakepake Island ZLI/WK-117
Panirau Island ZLI/WK-118
Papamaire Island ZLI/WK-119
Penguin Island ZLI/WK-120
Puehunui Island ZLI/WK-122
Punikanae Rock ZLI/WK-124
Purimu Rocks ZLI/WK-125
Rabbit Island ZLI/WK-126
Rabbit Island ZLI/WK-127
Rangipukea Island ZLI/WK-128
Red Mercury Island (Whakau) ZLI/WK-130
Ruamahuaiti Island ZLI/WK-132
Ruamahuanui Island ZLI/WK-133
Sail Rock ZLI/WK-134
Shoe Island (Motuhoa) ZLI/WK-135
Slipper Island (Whakahau) ZLI/WK-136
Square Top Island ZLI/WK-137
Tarahanga Island ZLI/WK-141
Tataweka Island ZLI/WK-142
Tawanui Island ZLI/WK-143
Te Kapua Island ZLI/WK-145
Te Karaka Island ZLI/WK-146
Te Kopura Island ZLI/WK-147
Te Motu Island ZLI/WK-148
Te Rarangi Rocks ZLI/WK-149
Te Teko Island ZLI/WK-150
Te Tio Island ZLI/WK-151
Te Toki Island ZLI/WK-152
Te Weranga Okapu Island ZLI/WK-153
The Sister Rocks ZLI/WK-157
The Spire ZLI/WK-158
Tokapiko Rocks ZLI/WK-162
Tuapu Island ZLI/WK-166
Waimate Island ZLI/WK-168
Waipapa Island ZLI/WK-169
Wekarua Island ZLI/WK-172
Whakamourore ZLI/WK-173
Whanganui Island ZLI/WK-175
Whatamakiri Island ZLI/WK-176
Whatitirinui Island ZLI/WK-177
Whenuakura Island ZLI/WK-178
Total Islands: 110 0 0
Alum Lake ZLL/0011
Bain Pool ZLL/0022
Blue Lake ZLL/0038
Breakaway Pool ZLL/0052
Champagne Pool ZLL/0063
De Lautours Pool ZLL/0085 YES YES
Emerald Lakes ZLL/0102
Hamareha Lakes ZLL/0130
Hardcastle Lagoon ZLL/0131
Horseshoe Lake ZLL/0150 YES YES
Lake A ZLL/0182
Lake Arapuni ZLL/0198
Lake Aratiatia ZLL/0199
Lake Areare ZLL/0200 YES YES
Lake Ātiamuri ZLL/0204
Lake B ZLL/0207 YES YES
Lake C ZLL/0231
Lake Cameron ZLL/0235 YES YES
Lake D ZLL/0261 YES YES
Lake E ZLL/0280
Lake Hakanoa ZLL/0318
Lake Harihari ZLL/0325
Lake Hinemaiaia ZLL/0345
Lake Hotoananga ZLL/0354 YES YES
Lake Karapiro ZLL/0395 YES YES
Lake Kimihia ZLL/0406
Lake Kopuera ZLL/0417
Lake Koraha ZLL/0420
Lake Koromatua ZLL/0421
Lake Kuratau ZLL/0422
Lake Mangahia ZLL/0452
Lake Mangakaware ZLL/0453
Lake Maraetai ZLL/0460
Lake Maratoto ZLL/0463
Lake Moananui ZLL/0501 YES YES
Lake Ngahewa ZLL/0519 YES YES
Lake Ngakoro ZLL/0523
Lake Ngaroto ZLL/0525 YES YES
Lake Ngarotoiti ZLL/0526
Lake Numiti ZLL/0535
Lake Ohakuri ZLL/0537 YES YES
Lake Ohinewai ZLL/0539
Lake Okoroire ZLL/0546
Lake Okowhao ZLL/0547
Lake Opouri ZLL/0553
Lake Orotu ZLL/0560
Lake Otamatearoa ZLL/0562
Lake Parangi ZLL/0573
Lake Pataka ZLL/0576
Lake Pikopiko ZLL/0586
Lake Piopio ZLL/0587
Lake Puketi ZLL/0605
Lake Puketirini ZLL/0606
Lake Rotoaira ZLL/0628 YES YES
Lake Rotohoko ZLL/0632
Lake Rotoiti ZLL/0635
Lake Rotokauri ZLL/0642 YES YES
Lake Rotokawa ZLL/0645
Lake Rotokawau ZLL/0649
Lake Rotokotuku ZLL/0655
Lake Rotokura ZLL/0657
Lake Rotomanuka ZLL/0661
Lake Rotongaio ZLL/0663
Lake Rotongaro ZLL/0665
Lake Rotongaroiti ZLL/0666
Lake Rotongata ZLL/0668
Lake Rotopotaka ZLL/0674
Lake Rotopounamu ZLL/0675 YES YES
Lake Rotoroa ZLL/0682
Lake Rotoroa / Hamilton Lake ZLL/0684 YES YES
Lake Rototapu ZLL/0689
Lake Ruatuna ZLL/0700
Lake Serpentine ZLL/0710 YES YES
Lake Taharoa ZLL/0729
Lake Taupō / Taupōmoana ZLL/0741 YES YES
Lake Te Kapa ZLL/0748
Lake Te Ko Utu ZLL/0753 YES YES
Lake Te Rotopupu ZLL/0761
Lake Tutaeinanga ZLL/0781
Lake Waahi ZLL/0794
Lake Waikare ZLL/0802 YES YES
Lake Waipapa ZLL/0817
Lake Waitamoumou ZLL/0825
Lake Waiwhata ZLL/0828
Lake Whakamaru ZLL/0835
Lake Whangape ZLL/0838
Leesons Pond ZLL/0859
Mangatangi Reservoir ZLL/0886 YES YES
Parkinsons Lake ZLL/0956
Pukuriri Lagoon ZLL/0977
Reed Pool ZLL/0993
Rotowhero / Green Lake ZLL/1005
Sulphur Lagoon ZLL/1048
Turtle Lake ZLL/1105 YES YES
Upper Mangatāwhiri Reservoir ZLL/1111 YES YES
Upper Tama ZLL/1113
Whāngioterangi / Echo Lake ZLL/1145
Whiritoa Lagoon ZLL/1149
Total Lakes: 98 23 23
Channel Island ZLB/024
Cuvier (Repanga) Island ZLB/027
Ohinau Island ZLB/059
Old Man Rock ZLB/061
Slipper Island ZLB/080
Te Kouma Head ZLB/090
Whakapenui Point ZLB/098
Total Lighthouses: 7 0 0
Kaimanawa Forest Park ZLP/WK-0001 YES YES
Pureora Forest Park ZLP/WK-0002 YES YES
Coromandel State Forest Park ZLP/WK-0003 YES YES
Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park ZLP/WK-0004 YES YES
Pirongia Forest Park ZLP/WK-0005 YES YES
Conservation Area - Whareorino ZLP/WK-0006 YES YES
Waihaha Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0008 YES YES
Te Tatau-Pounamu Wilderness Area ZLP/WK-0011 YES YES
Horohoro Forest ZLP/WK-0012 YES YES
Whangapoua Forest Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0014 YES YES
Tairua Forest Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0015
Moehau Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0016
Conservation Area - Panirau ZLP/WK-0017
Mamaku Forest ZLP/WK-0018
Papakai Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0019
Mangatutu Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0023 YES YES
Maungatautari Mountain Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0024 YES YES
Mokau River Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0025
Te Kopia Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0026 YES YES
Conservation Area - Mangapehi ZLP/WK-0027
Waipapa Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0028
Conservation Area - Tawarau ZLP/WK-0029
Gordon Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0030
Hakarimata Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0032 YES YES
Whenuakura Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0033
Te Tapui Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0034 YES YES
Maurihoro Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0035
Mokaihaha Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0036
Kapowai Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0037
Matahuru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0039 YES YES
Mangatawhiri Forest Conservation area ZLP/WK-0045 YES YES
Conservation Area - Mahoenui ZLP/WK-0046
Waiomu Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0047 YES YES
Ōpārau Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0048 YES YES
Te Kauri Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0049 YES YES
Hapuakohe Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0050
Arahiwi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0051
Stony Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0053
Waikawau Bay Farm Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0054
Taumatatotara East Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0055
Conservation Area - Raepahu ZLP/WK-0056
Kawakawa Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0057
Conservation Area - Tararu ZLP/WK-0059
Conservation Area - Hauturu east ZLP/WK-0061
Waimonoa Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0062
Moeatoa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0063
Hingarae Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0064
Awaroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0065
Scenic Reserve - Puaroa Forest ZLP/WK-0066
Conservation Area - Mangakotukutuku ZLP/WK-0067
Scenic Reserve - Manganui Road ZLP/WK-0068
Taupiri Scientific Reserve ZLP/WK-0069
Huikomako Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0070
Port Jackson Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0072
Conservation Area - Taumatatotara west ZLP/WK-0073
Sandy Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0074
Conservation Area - Whangapoua Forest (Tokatea) ZLP/WK-0076
Mokau Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0077
Whakaipo Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0078
Lake Waahi Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0081
Aotea Heads Scientific Reserve ZLP/WK-0082
(Temporarily Closed) - Manaia Forest Sanctuary ZLP/WK-0083
Karakariki Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0084
Waihaha Scenic Reserve (Part) ZLP/WK-0085
Waihora Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0089
Otaketake Stream Scenic Reserve Part A ZLP/WK-0090
Waikino Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0091
Vining Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0092
Rainbow Mountain Scenic Reserve - Maunga Kakaramea ZLP/WK-0095 YES YES
Taumatatawhero Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0096
Scenic Reserve - Hauturu East ZLP/WK-0097
Te Miro Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0098
Otahu Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0099
Conservation Area - Hauturu west ZLP/WK-0100
Conservation Area - Lake Rotokawau ZLP/WK-0101
Selwyn Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0102
Conservation Area - Kitahi ZLP/WK-0103
Conservation Area - Ngapaenga ZLP/WK-0104
Fantail Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0106
Whakaroa Point Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0107
Conservation Area - Matakana ZLP/WK-0108
Waipuna Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0110
Miranda Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0111
Te Marama Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0113
Mangapiko Valley Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0114
Conservation Area - Hapuakohe ZLP/WK-0116
Arorangi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0117 YES YES
Conservation Area - Whangapoua Forest/Hukarahi ZLP/WK-0118
Waikato Heads Conservation area ZLP/WK-0119
Whakaipo Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0120
Pirongia Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0122
Miranda Scientific Reserve ZLP/WK-0123
Mangatoa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0124
Te Toto Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0125
Pauanui Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0126
Conservation Area - Oteao Stream ZLP/WK-0127
Patetere Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0128
Arapuni Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0129
Kaiapo Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0131
Conservation Area - Stock Block ZLP/WK-0132
Puketehi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0133
Rangitukua Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0134
Scenic Reserve - Galaxy Rd ZLP/WK-0136
Conservation Area - Awakino ZLP/WK-0137
Conservation Area - Kaniwhaniwha ZLP/WK-0138
Conservation Area - Kinohaku ZLP/WK-0139
Matarangi Bluff Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0140
Otoru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0141
Mahoenui Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0142
Te Hapua Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0143
Rararimu Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0144
Herekawe Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0145
Conservation Area - Leslie Rd ZLP/WK-0146
Rapurapu Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0147
Conservation Area - Mapara ZLP/WK-0148
Te Puroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0149
Red Mercury Island (Whakau) ZLP/WK-0150
Mangaokewa Road Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0151
Waireinga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0152
Conservation Area - Haunoni Headwater ZLP/WK-0153
Lake Rotokawa Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0154
Waiotapu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0155
Mangaohae Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0157
Conservation Area - Karaka Stream ZLP/WK-0158
Mangaokewa Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0159
Fletcher Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0160
Conservation Area - Goldsmith Block ZLP/WK-0161
Maungaongaonga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0162
Taumatatotara East Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0163
Waitanguru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0164
Opepe Bush Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0165
Horseshoe Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0167
Conservation Area - Wairakau Stream ZLP/WK-0168
Conservation Area - Kitahi (proposed Scenic Res) ZLP/WK-0169
Mahoenui Giant Weta Scientific Reserve ZLP/WK-0170
Tapu-Ruamahunga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0171
Waiotaka Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0172
Conservation Area - Kapowai River ZLP/WK-0173
Conservation Area - Moeatoa ZLP/WK-0174
Conservation Area - Kakara ZLP/WK-0175
Kotukutuku Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0176
Turaerae Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0177
Repanga (Cuvier) Island Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0178
Waikite Valley Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0179
Aratiatia Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0180
Scenic Reserve - Maungatautari Mountain addition ZLP/WK-0181
Conservation Area - Mahoe ZLP/WK-0182
Conservation Area - Karaka ZLP/WK-0183
Tongariro River Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0184
Conservation Area - Taumatatotara north ZLP/WK-0185
Conservation Area - Hangawera ZLP/WK-0186
Waikawau Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0187
Lake Ngaroto Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0188 YES YES
Mokau Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0189
Hangatiki Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0191
Tirohanga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0192
Puriri Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0193
Richard Sylvan Memorial Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0194
Kakepuku Mountain Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0195 YES YES
Hinemaiaia Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0196
Wairakau Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0198
Raepahu Fernbird Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0199
Ngaroma Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0202
Mangaorongo Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0203
Kaitoke Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0204
Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0205
Moanatuatua Peat Scientific Reserve ZLP/WK-0206
Ruakuri Caves & Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0207
Pukerimu Stream Ecological Area ZLP/WK-0208
Aldermen Islands (Ruamaahu) Wildlife Sanctuary ZLP/WK-0210
Aldermen Islands (Ruamaahu) Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0211
Mangatutu Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0212
Waitaia Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0214
Conservation Area - Waipuna ZLP/WK-0216
Colebaker Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0217
Ngatamahine Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0218
Kaahu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0221
Te Toi Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0222
Huka Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0223
Conservation Area - Whangapoua Forest (outlier) ZLP/WK-0224
Kawhitu Island (Stanley) Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0225
Taumangahau Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0226
Tutaeuaua Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0227
Conservation Area - Whareroa Stream ZLP/WK-0228
Conservation Area - Tawhetarangi Stream ZLP/WK-0229
Marokopa Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0230
Arahiwi Railway Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0231
Awakino Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0232
Tui Park Reserve Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0233 YES YES
Recreation Reserve - Wainui Pilot ZLP/WK-0234
Black Jack Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0235
Wairere Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0237
Aratiatia Rapids Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0238
Kahuwera Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0241
Conservation Area - Waiwhango River ZLP/WK-0244
Conservation Area - Mangatapu Stream ZLP/WK-0247
Moerangi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0249
Opoutere Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0250
Mangaotaki Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0251
Conservation Area - Harataunga Stream ZLP/WK-0253
Pukerewa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0254
Waitetoko Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0256
Conservation Area - Waitete Road ZLP/WK-0257
Conservation Area - Waipa River - Ahora ZLP/WK-0258
Conservation Area - Mangaroa Stream ZLP/WK-0259
Conservation Area - Mangamahaki ZLP/WK-0260
Pouakani Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0261
Conservation Area - Toomey Stream ZLP/WK-0264
Conservation Area - Mataiterangi Stream ZLP/WK-0266
Te Rauamoa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0269
Putaki Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0271
Parakawai Geological Area ZLP/WK-0272
Mangaotaki Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0273
Unnamed Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0274
Marokopa Natural Tunnel Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0275
Ngāruawāhia Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0276
Kawhia Harbour (Te Umuroa) Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0278
Conservation Area - Waikite Valley ZLP/WK-0279
Port Waikato Sand Dunes Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0281
Totoro Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0282
Waimarino River Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0283
Waikato River Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0285
Kurukuru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0286
Waikari Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0287
Whareroa Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0289
Parkinson Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0290
Conservation Area - Rangihau Stream ZLP/WK-0293
Puaiti Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0294
Taumatini Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0295
Aratiatia Rapids Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0296
Te Karaka Memorial Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0297
Scenic Reserve - Owawenga Road ZLP/WK-0298
Brook Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0299
Te Aroha Mountain Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0300
Conservation Area - Patetonga ZLP/WK-0301
Ngahuinga Bluff Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0303
Ngatamariki Hot Springs Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0304
Conservation Area - Whenuakite Farm Settlement 1 ZLP/WK-0305
Kawakawa Bay Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0308
Pakoka Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0309
Te Raumauku Caves Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0310
Waihou Forest Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0311
Onewhero Pa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0312
Conservation Area - Elstow Canal ZLP/WK-0313
Ahoroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0314
Mangapehi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0315
Cathedral Cove Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0317
Otamati Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0318
Conservation Area - Awaiti Canal ZLP/WK-0319
Mt William Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0320
Tongariro River No. 2 Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0321
Conservation Area - Plateau Rd ZLP/WK-0322
Conservation Area - Waikato River (Takupu Island) ZLP/WK-0323
Motutapere Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0324
Waiau Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0325
Conservation Area - McNichol Stream ZLP/WK-0326
Te Aroha Hot Springs Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0327
Thornton Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0328
Recreation Reserve - Wainui Bay ZLP/WK-0330
Motukokako Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0333
Arohena Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0334
Te Puru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0335
Waipouwerawera Stream Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0336
Ngutunui Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0337
Plows Road Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0338
Oamaru Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0339
Lake Ngahewa Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0340
Conservation Area - Patetonga (Flax Mill Road) ZLP/WK-0341
Pauanui Point Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0342
Red Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0344
Pihanga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0345
Recreation Reserve - Raglan Golf Course ZLP/WK-0346
Shakespeare's Cliff Scenic and Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0347
Tauhara Mountain Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0348 YES YES
Tahuna Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0350
Hollow Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0353
Waipahihi Botanical Reserve Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0354
Oruatua Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0356
Kawhia Harbour (Rakaunui) Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0357
Owen Delany Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0358
Pakuri Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0359
Te Ramarama Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0360
Motutere Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0361
Grand Canyon Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0362
Kaitaringa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0363
Conservation Area - Kauri Block ZLP/WK-0365
Ohinewai Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0366
Kawhia Harbour (Awaroa) Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0367
Omori Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0368
Whangamata Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0370
Tapuae Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0371
Kawhia Harbour (Te Arero) Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0373
Conservation Area - Waikino ZLP/WK-0374
Delta Recreation Reserve (Secondary Use) ZLP/WK-0376
Double Island (Moturehu) Nature Reserve ZLP/WK-0377
Tapuaetahi Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0378
Conservation Area - Waihou Forest (Komata Reefs) ZLP/WK-0379
Crescent Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0380
Conservation Area - Te Awaiti ZLP/WK-0381
Conservation Area - Waihou Forest (Waitekauri) ZLP/WK-0382
Conservation Area - Kakaho ZLP/WK-0383
Kawhia Harbour (Waiharakeke) Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0385
Jones Point Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0387
Taupo Nursery Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0388
Dickson Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0389
Te Pupuha Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0390
Koporonui Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0391
Stanley Avenue Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0392
Waihou Forest ZLP/WK-0394
Paemako Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0395
Opawa Bush Scientific Reserve ZLP/WK-0397
Conservation Area - Orongo ZLP/WK-0399
Papa Aroha Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0401
Morunga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0402
Waiharakeke Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0405
Tironui Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0407
Conservation Area - Lake Ohinewai ZLP/WK-0408
Koropupu Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0410
Tukorehe Scenic Reserve (part of reserve administered by the Department of Conservation) ZLP/WK-0411
Okaia Stream Scenic Reserve Part A ZLP/WK-0412
Opera Point Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0415
Kohua Road Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0418
Tokaanu Thermal Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0420
Long Bay Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0422
Conservation Area - Katikako Stream, Mt Pirongia ZLP/WK-0423
Conservation Area - Broken Hills ZLP/WK-0424
Mahakirau Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0427
Ngapaenga Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0428
Scenic Reserve - Kahuhuru Stream ZLP/WK-0429
Manganui Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0431
Hot Water Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0434
Conservation Area - Ruakuri ZLP/WK-0435
Conservation Area - Waikato River (Ohinewai) ZLP/WK-0437
Hot Water Beach Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0439
Cook Bluff Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0441
Five Mile Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0442
Mahurangi Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0443
Conservation Area - Mangarehu Stream ZLP/WK-0445
Oruatua Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0447
Recreation Reserve (known as Mangaiti Park) ZLP/WK-0452 YES YES
Brabant Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0453
Motuoapa Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0454
Scenic Reserve - Torehina Block ZLP/WK-0455
Waimama Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0456
Mangaiti Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0458
Maleme Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0464
Wharekawa Harbour Wildlife Refuge ZLP/WK-0465
Kihikihi Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0468
Crown Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0469
Karapiro Lake Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0470 YES YES
Paurini Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0471
Conservation Area - Waihou River ZLP/WK-0476
Recreation Reserve - Lake Maraetai ZLP/WK-0477
Waikato River Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0480
Kawhia Harbour (Puti) Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0483
Korapuki Island ZLP/WK-0484
Puketapu Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0486
Conservation Area - Fourth Branch ZLP/WK-0487
Okaia Stream Reserve Part B ZLP/WK-0490
Conservation Area - Otama River West ZLP/WK-0491
Bryant Memorial Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0494
Chiltern Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0495
Recreation Reserve - Mokau ZLP/WK-0497
St Helens Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0499
Karangahake Walkway Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0501
Keeley Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0503 YES YES
Te Awamutu Domain Recreation Reserves ZLP/WK-0504
Umutoatoa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0505
Conservation Area - Mount Karioi ZLP/WK-0506
Waingaro Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0507
Otama Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0508
Recreation Reserve - Awakino River mouth ZLP/WK-0512
Mangakowhiriwhiri Stream Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0513
Conservation Area - Pirongia ZLP/WK-0517
Recreation Reserve - Bush Tramway Rotowaro ZLP/WK-0518
Makomako Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0519
Whitianga Rock Scenic and Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0521
Tuakau Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0522
Conservation Area - Woodland Rd ZLP/WK-0526
Conservation Area - Whenuakite Farm Settlement 2 ZLP/WK-0527
Whangamatā Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0529
Kaniwhaniwha Stream Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0530
Conservation Area - Manganui River ZLP/WK-0532
Huioteko Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0534
Te Kauwhata Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0537
Karioitahi Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0538
Atiu or Middle Island ZLP/WK-0540
Rototuna Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0542
Junction Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0543
Conservation Area - Te Ramarama (proposed Scenic R ZLP/WK-0544
Recreation Reserve - Tutukau Road ZLP/WK-0547
Whaanga Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0551
Gardiners Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0552
Sandel Road Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0554
Herries Memorial Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0558
Waitakaruru Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0559
Rukuhia Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0562
Papahua Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0569
Tukorehe Scenic Reserve (part of reserve controlled and managed by the South Waikato District Council) ZLP/WK-0575
Punaruku Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0576
Whewells Bush Scientific Reserve ZLP/WK-0577
Tuhingakakapo Conservation Area ZLP/WK-0578
Onemana Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0580
Wharekawa Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0581
Conservation Area - Papamaire Island ZLP/WK-0582
Waikite Thermal Pool Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0584
Uekaha Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0587
Ruapuke Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0588
Mangakotaha Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0589
Conservation Area - Pirongia (Corcoran Road) ZLP/WK-0590 YES YES
Tukorehe Scenic Reserve (part of reserve vested in the South Waikato District Council) ZLP/WK-0591
Kūaotunu Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0593
Kaniwhaniwha Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0595
Tokaanu Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0596
Awaroa Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-0597
Victoria Battery Historic Reserve ZLP/WK-0598
Piripiri Caves Scenic Reserve ZLP/WK-0600
Marginal Strip - Purangi River ZLP/WK-1844
Marginal Strip - Opotoru River ZLP/WK-1845
Raglan Recreation Reserve ZLP/WK-1846
Marginal Strip - Te Rerenga ZLP/WK-1847
Esplanade - Manawatuhatuha Stream, Kawhia Harbour ZLP/WK-1848
Total Parks: 422 30 30
Waharau Regional Park ZL-0025 YES YES
Whakatiwai Regional Park ZL-0030 YES YES
Tongariro National Park ZL-0031 YES YES
Coromandel State Forest Park ZL-0057 YES YES
Kaimanawa Forest Park ZL-0059 YES YES
Pirongia Forest Park ZL-0063 YES YES
Pureora Conservation Area ZL-0109 YES
Whareorino Conservation Area ZL-0120 YES YES
Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park ZL-0142 YES YES
Te Tatau Pounamu Wilderness Area ZL-0218 YES YES
Waihaha Ecological Area ZL-0229 YES YES
Waihaha Ecological Area Ecological Reserve ZL-0279 YES YES
Horohoro Forest Reserve ZL-0560 YES YES
Whangapoua Forest Conservation Area ZL-0561 YES YES
Tairua Forest Conservation Area ZL-0562 YES YES
Moehau Ecological Area ZL-0563
Panirau Conservation Area ZL-0564
Mamaku Forest Reserve ZL-0565
Papakai Ecological Area ZL-0566
Mangatutu Ecological Area ZL-0567
Mokau River Scenic Reserve ZL-0568
Te Kopia Scenic Reserve ZL-0569 YES YES
Mangapehi Conservation Area ZL-0570
Gordon Park Scenic Reserve ZL-0571
Waipapa Ecological Area ZL-0572
Tawarau Conservation Area ZL-0573
Hakarimata Scenic Reserve ZL-0574 YES YES
Whenuakura Ecological Area ZL-0575
Te Tapui Scenic Reserve ZL-0576 YES YES
Maurihoro Scenic Reserve ZL-0577
Kapowai Ecological Area ZL-0578
Mokaihaha Ecological Area ZL-0579
Matahuru Scenic Reserve ZL-0580 YES YES
Mangatawhiri Forest Conservation Area ZL-0581 YES YES
Mahoenui Conservation Area ZL-0582
Waiomu Ecological Area ZL-0583 YES YES
Oparau Ecological Area ZL-0584 YES YES
Te Kauri Park Scenic Reserve ZL-0585 YES YES
Total POTA Parks: 38 23 22
SOTA Summit
Maungaongaonga ZL1/BP-129
Tumunui Hill ZL1/BP-153 YES YES
Whakapapataringa ZL1/BP-180
Mount Ngauruhoe ZL1/MW-002
Taiping ZL1/MW-034 YES YES
Weraroa ZL1/MW-065 YES YES
ZL1/MW-073 ZL1/MW-073
ZL1/WK-001 ZL1/WK-001
Karikaringa ZL1/WK-002
ZL1/WK-003 ZL1/WK-003
Motutere ZL1/WK-004
Tama ZL1/WK-005 YES YES
ZL1/WK-008 ZL1/WK-008
Umukarikari ZL1/WK-009 YES YES
Waipahihi ZL1/WK-010
Ngapuketurua ZL1/WK-012
Ngapukeahuanga ZL1/WK-013
ZL1/WK-015 ZL1/WK-015 YES YES
Pihanga ZL1/WK-016 YES YES
ZL1/WK-017 ZL1/WK-017
Kakaramea ZL1/WK-018
Ahipaepae ZL1/WK-022
Tihia ZL1/WK-023 YES YES
Kuharua ZL1/WK-025
Tauhara ZL1/WK-026 YES YES
Titiraupenga ZL1/WK-028
Pukehuia ZL1/WK-029
Paeroa ZL1/WK-030
Ranginui ZL1/WK-031 YES YES
ZL1/WK-032 ZL1/WK-032
ZL1/WK-033 ZL1/WK-033 YES YES
Pirongia ZL1/WK-034 YES YES
Te Aroha ZL1/WK-035 YES YES
Maroanui ZL1/WK-036 YES YES
Moehau ZL1/WK-037
ZL1/WK-038 ZL1/WK-038
Rangitoto ZL1/WK-039 YES YES
ZL1/WK-040 ZL1/WK-040 YES YES
Kaitarakihi ZL1/WK-041 YES YES
Ngatamahinerua ZL1/WK-042
ZL1/WK-043 ZL1/WK-043
Table Mountain ZL1/WK-044
ZL1/WK-045 ZL1/WK-045
Motutapere ZL1/WK-046
ZL1/WK-047 ZL1/WK-047
Maumaupaki (Camels Back) ZL1/WK-048
ZL1/WK-049 ZL1/WK-049
Maungamangero ZL1/WK-050 YES YES
ZL1/WK-051 ZL1/WK-051
Maungatautari ZL1/WK-052 YES YES
Whakamaru Lookout ZL1/WK-053 YES YES
Maungatewharau ZL1/WK-054 YES YES
Ngangautu ZL1/WK-055 YES YES
Pakirarahi ZL1/WK-056
Maungaiti ZL1/WK-057
ZL1/WK-058 ZL1/WK-058
ZL1/WK-059 ZL1/WK-059
The Pinnacles ZL1/WK-060 YES YES
Te Weraiti ZL1/WK-061
Mount Karioi ZL1/WK-063 YES YES
Whakamoehau ZL1/WK-064
Pukekaikiore ZL1/WK-065
Motutapere ZL1/WK-066
ZL1/WK-067 ZL1/WK-067
ZL1/WK-069 ZL1/WK-069
Marotiri ZL1/WK-070
ZL1/WK-071 ZL1/WK-071
Hihi ZL1/WK-072 YES YES
ZL1/WK-073 ZL1/WK-073
Rangitukua ZL1/WK-074 YES YES
Kakatarahae ZL1/WK-075
Karangahape ZL1/WK-076 YES YES
ZL1/WK-077 ZL1/WK-077 YES YES
ZL1/WK-078 ZL1/WK-078 YES YES
ZL1/WK-079 ZL1/WK-079
ZL1/WK-080 ZL1/WK-080 YES YES
Hiwiroa ZL1/WK-081
Ngapuketurua ZL1/WK-082
ZL1/WK-083 ZL1/WK-083
Whakaahu ZL1/WK-084 YES YES
Haparangi ZL1/WK-085
Kohukohunui ZL1/WK-086 YES YES
ZL1/WK-087 ZL1/WK-087
ZL1/WK-088 ZL1/WK-088
ZL1/WK-089 ZL1/WK-089
ZL1/WK-090 ZL1/WK-090
ZL1/WK-091 ZL1/WK-091 YES YES
ZL1/WK-092 ZL1/WK-092
Tanehua ZL1/WK-093
Tuahu ZL1/WK-094
Puaiti ZL1/WK-095
Whareorino ZL1/WK-096
Waikarariki Point ZL1/WK-097
ZL1/WK-099 ZL1/WK-099
Pukemoremore ZL1/WK-101 YES YES
Ngautuku ZL1/WK-102 YES YES
Te Weta ZL1/WK-103
ZL1/WK-104 ZL1/WK-104
ZL1/WK-105 ZL1/WK-105
Maungarahiri ZL1/WK-106
ZL1/WK-107 ZL1/WK-107
Pukepapataringa ZL1/WK-108
ZL1/WK-110 ZL1/WK-110 YES YES
Ngapoipoiatore ZL1/WK-111
ZL1/WK-112 ZL1/WK-112
Kaipawa ZL1/WK-113 YES YES
Horomanga ZL1/WK-114
ZL1/WK-115 ZL1/WK-115
ZL1/WK-116 ZL1/WK-116
Ongahoro ZL1/WK-118
ZL1/WK-119 ZL1/WK-119
Koponui ZL1/WK-120
ZL1/WK-121 ZL1/WK-121
Puketawa ZL1/WK-122
Pohaturoa ZL1/WK-123
Hauturu ZL1/WK-124
Maungakawa ZL1/WK-125 YES YES
ZL1/WK-126 ZL1/WK-126
Castle Rock ZL1/WK-127 YES YES
Ngaraparapa ZL1/WK-128
ZL1/WK-129 ZL1/WK-129
Te Uku Wind Farm ZL1/WK-130 YES YES
ZL1/WK-131 ZL1/WK-131 YES YES
ZL1/WK-132 ZL1/WK-132
ZL1/WK-133 ZL1/WK-133
Maungakawa ZL1/WK-134 YES YES
Te Tapui ZL1/WK-135 YES YES
Mangatangi ZL1/WK-136 YES YES
Pehimatea ZL1/WK-137
Ruru ZL1/WK-138 YES YES
Kakepuku ZL1/WK-139 YES YES
ZL1/WK-140 ZL1/WK-140
ZL1/WK-141 ZL1/WK-141 YES YES
Taumatamaire ZL1/WK-142 YES YES
ZL1/WK-143 ZL1/WK-143
ZL1/WK-144 ZL1/WK-144
ZL1/WK-145 ZL1/WK-145
Te Iringa ZL1/WK-146
Klondyke ZL1/WK-147 YES YES
ZL1/WK-148 ZL1/WK-148
ZL1/WK-149 ZL1/WK-149
Momoparaua ZL1/WK-150
Pauanui ZL1/WK-151 YES YES
Puroa ZL1/WK-152
Pukemako ZL1/WK-153 YES YES
ZL1/WK-154 ZL1/WK-154
Kahuwera ZL1/WK-155
Hakarimata ZL1/WK-157 YES YES
ZL1/WK-159 ZL1/WK-159
ZL1/WK-160 ZL1/WK-160
Mapara ZL1/WK-161
Turaerae ZL1/WK-162
ZL1/WK-163 ZL1/WK-163 YES YES
Tikitiki ZL1/WK-164
ZL1/WK-165 ZL1/WK-165
Ohiwai ZL1/WK-166
Pukekiekie ZL1/WK-167
Rataroa ZL1/WK-168 YES YES
ZL1/WK-169 ZL1/WK-169 YES YES
Waitaia ZL1/WK-170
ZL1/WK-171 ZL1/WK-171
ZL1/WK-172 ZL1/WK-172
Maungatawhiri ZL1/WK-173 YES YES
Hangawera ZL1/WK-174
Orangiwhao ZL1/WK-175
Taupiri ZL1/WK-176 YES YES
Te Herunga ZL1/WK-177
Kahutara ZL1/WK-178
Pukemore ZL1/WK-179 YES YES
ZL1/WK-180 ZL1/WK-180
Pahaoa ZL1/WK-182
Pukerimu ZL1/WK-183 YES YES
ZL1/WK-184 ZL1/WK-184
ZL1/WK-185 ZL1/WK-185
Rangitoto ZL1/WK-186
Mohi Mountain ZL1/WK-187
Puketarata ZL1/WK-188 YES YES
Rangipo ZL1/WK-189
Cuvier (Repanga) Island ZL1/WK-190
Tahanga ZL1/WK-191
ZL1/WK-192 ZL1/WK-192 YES YES
ZL1/WK-193 ZL1/WK-193
Ruamahuaiti Island ZL1/WK-194
Paku ZL1/WK-195 YES YES
Motutapere Island ZL1/WK-196
Motuoruji Island ZL1/WK-197
Ruamahuanui Island ZL1/WK-198
ZL1/WK-199 ZL1/WK-199
ZL1/WK-200 ZL1/WK-200 YES YES
Red Mercury Island (Whakau) ZL1/WK-201
Total SOTA Summits: 190 63 63
Coromandel Forest Park ZLFF-0043 YES YES
Kaimanawa Forest Park ZLFF-0050 YES YES
Pirongia Forest Park ZLFF-0059 YES YES
Pureora Forest Park ZLFF-0062 YES YES
Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park ZLFF-0083 YES YES
Te Tatau-Pounamu Wilderness Area ZLFF-0096 YES YES
Waihaha Ecological Area ZLFF-0219 YES YES
Whareorino Conservation Area ZLFF-0232 YES YES
Total WWFF Parks: 8 8 8