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Stats for callsign
ID Name
MD4 Marlborough District

Place Code Activated Chased
Barbers Hut ZLH/MB-001
Begley Hut ZLH/MB-002
Black Birch Bivvy ZLH/MB-003
Blue Mountain Hut ZLH/MB-004
Bottom Gordon Hut ZLH/MB-005
Bottom Misery Hut ZLH/MB-006
Boulder Forks Hut ZLH/MB-007
Branch Bivvy ZLH/MB-008
Bull Paddock Creek Hut ZLH/MB-009
Captains Creek Hut ZLH/MB-010
Caves Hut ZLH/MB-011 YES YES
Connors Creek Hut ZLH/MB-012
Devils Creek Hut ZLH/MB-013
Elliott Biv ZLH/MB-014
Fishtail Hut ZLH/MB-015
Fosters Hut ZLH/MB-016
Gosling Hut ZLH/MB-017
Greigs Hut ZLH/MB-018 YES YES
Hidden Hut ZLH/MB-019
Isolation Hut ZLH/MB-021
Lake Alexander Hut ZLH/MB-022
Lake Chalice Hut ZLH/MB-023 YES YES
Lake McRae Hut ZLH/MB-024
Lees Creek Hut ZLH/MB-025
Lost Stream Bivvy ZLH/MB-026
Lower Goulter Hut ZLH/MB-027 YES YES
Matai Bay Hut ZLH/MB-028 YES YES
Middy Creek Hut ZLH/MB-029
Mid Goulter Hut ZLH/MB-030
Mid Silverstream Hut ZLH/MB-031
Mt Fell Hut ZLH/MB-032
Mt Rintoul Hut ZLH/MB-033
Mt Sunday Bivvy ZLH/MB-034
Old Man Hut ZLH/MB-035
Omaka Bivvy ZLH/MB-036
Paske Hut ZLH/MB-037
Penk Hut ZLH/MB-038
Pine Valley Hut ZLH/MB-039
Red Hills Hut ZLH/MB-040
Richmond Saddle Hut ZLH/MB-041 YES YES
Rocks Hut ZLH/MB-042 YES YES
Roebuck Hut ZLH/MB-043
Saxton Hut ZLH/MB-044
Severn Hut ZLH/MB-046
Siberia Hut ZLH/MB-047
Silverstream Bivvy ZLH/MB-048
Slaty Hut ZLH/MB-049
Tarn Hut ZLH/MB-050
Top Gordon Hut ZLH/MB-051
Top Leatham Hut ZLH/MB-052
Top Misery Hut ZLH/MB-053
Turkeys Nest Bivvy ZLH/MB-054
Total Huts: 54 7 7
Allports Island ZLI/MB-001
Amerikiwhati Island ZLI/MB-002
Anatakupu Island ZLI/MB-003
Arapaoa Island ZLI/MB-004
Bird Island ZLI/MB-006
Blumine Island (Oruawairua) ZLI/MB-008
Bottle Rock ZLI/MB-009
Budges Island ZLI/MB-010
Chetwode Islands ZLI/MB-011
Clara Island ZLI/MB-012
Clark Island ZLI/MB-013
Cone Island ZLI/MB-014
Coombe Rocks ZLI/MB-015
Dart Rock ZLI/MB-016
Fleet Rocks ZLI/MB-017
Forsyth Island (Te Paruparu) ZLI/MB-018
Glasgow Island ZLI/MB-019
Hāpuka Island ZLI/MB-020
Hautai Island ZLI/MB-021
Horahora Kakahu Island ZLI/MB-022
Jordy Rocks ZLI/MB-023
Karaka (Hamilton Island) ZLI/MB-024
Kokomohua Islands ZLI/MB-025
Le Brun Island ZLI/MB-026
Long Island ZLI/MB-028
Mabel Island ZLI/MB-029
Matapara / Pickersgill Island ZLI/MB-030
Maud Island / Te Hoiere ZLI/MB-031
May Island ZLI/MB-032
Moerepo Island ZLI/MB-033
Moioio Island ZLI/MB-034
Motuanauru Island ZLI/MB-036
Motuara Island ZLI/MB-037
Motungarara Island ZLI/MB-038
Moukirikiri Island ZLI/MB-039
Nelsons Monument (Kaitaore) ZLI/MB-040
Ninepin Rock ZLI/MB-041
Nukuwaiata Island ZLI/MB-042
Oke Rock ZLI/MB-043
Otuhaereroa Island ZLI/MB-045
Ouokaha Island ZLI/MB-046
Penguin Island ZLI/MB-047
Pūangiangi Island ZLI/MB-049
Puotewheke (Scuffle Island) ZLI/MB-050
Rahuinui ZLI/MB-052
Rangitoto Islands ZLI/MB-053
Rangitoto ki te Tonga/D'Urville Island ZLI/MB-056
Saddle Rocks ZLI/MB-057
Seagull Island ZLI/MB-058
Sentinel Rock ZLI/MB-059
Shag Rock ZLI/MB-060
Squadron Rocks ZLI/MB-061
Stephens Island (Takapourewa) ZLI/MB-062
Stewart Island (Tekuru Kuru) ZLI/MB-063 YES YES
Sugar Loaf ZLI/MB-064
Tarakaipā Island ZLI/MB-065
Taungahaika Islands ZLI/MB-067
Tawhitinui Island ZLI/MB-068
Te Horo Island ZLI/MB-070
Te Kakaho Island ZLI/MB-071
The Brothers ZLI/MB-072
The Haystack (Moturaka) ZLI/MB-073
The Islands ZLI/MB-074
The Twins ZLI/MB-075
Tīnui Island ZLI/MB-076
Titi Island ZLI/MB-077
Trio Islands (Kuru Pongi) ZLI/MB-078
Tu Araiawa Island (Fin Island) ZLI/MB-079
Victory Island (Moutiti) ZLI/MB-080
Wakaterepapanui Island ZLI/MB-081
Walker Rock ZLI/MB-082
Wharenoa (Cemetery Island) ZLI/MB-083
White Horse Rock ZLI/MB-084
Total Islands: 73 1 1
Argyle Pond ZLL/0016 YES YES
Big Lagoon ZLL/0028 YES YES
Bowscale Tarn ZLL/0049
Chandlers Lagoon ZLL/0065 YES YES
Fish Lake ZLL/0109
Island Lake ZLL/0159
Lake Alexander ZLL/0189
Lake Chalice ZLL/0245 YES YES
Lake Elterwater ZLL/0289 YES YES
Lake Grassmere/Kapara Te Hau ZLL/0313 YES YES
Lake Jasper ZLL/0372 YES YES
Lake McRae ZLL/0490
Lake Sedgemere ZLL/0708
Lake Tīmara ZLL/0771 YES YES
Upper Lagoon ZLL/1110 YES YES
Waikārapi Lagoon ZLL/1122
Moawhiti ZLL/1158
Total Lakes: 17 9 9
Brothers Island ZLB/007
Cape Campbell ZLB/009 YES YES
Cape Jackson ZLB/012
Cape Jackson Rock ZLB/013
Dart Rock ZLB/028
French Pass Channel Point ZLB/033
French Pass Reef ZLB/034
Ninepin Rock ZLB/055
Okuri Point ZLB/060
Scraggy Point Light ZLB/077
Stephens Island ZLB/084
West Head Light ZLB/097
Total Lighthouses: 12 1 1
Molesworth Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0001 YES YES
Mount Richmond Forest Park ZLP/MB-0002 YES YES
Leatham Conservation Area ZLP/MB-0003 YES YES
Rainbow Conservation Area ZLP/MB-0004
Conservation Area - Glazebrook ZLP/MB-0005
Conservation Area - Rainbow Run ZLP/MB-0006
Conservation Area - Ferny Gair ZLP/MB-0007
Tennyson Inlet Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0009 YES YES
D'Urville Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0010
Conservation Area - Leatham River ZLP/MB-0011
Robertson Range Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0012 YES YES
Mount Stokes Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0013
Tapuae O Uenuku "Scenic" Reserve Addition ZLP/MB-0014
Black Birch Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0015
Isolated Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0016
Paradise Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0017
Conservation Land - Compensation Run ZLP/MB-0018 YES YES
Tapuae O Uenuku Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0020
Trio Islands Wildlife Sanctuary ZLP/MB-0023
Te Arowhenua Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0024
Chance Penguin & Fairy Bays Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0025
Kenepuru Sound Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0026
Tahuakai Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0027
Nydia Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0028
Ship Cove Historic Reserve ZLP/MB-0029
Conservation Area - Red Hills ZLP/MB-0030
Arapawa Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0031
Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0032
Titirangi Farm Park ZLP/MB-0033
Tinline Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0034
Conservation Area - Blairich ZLP/MB-0035
Whites Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0036
Scenic Reserve - Odlins Exchange ZLP/MB-0037
Garne and Savill Bays Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0038
Deep Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0039
Mount Cawte Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0041
Iwituaroa Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0042
Tawa Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0043
Okiwi Bay & Moncrieff Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0044
Cannibal Cove Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0045
Ngakuta Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0046
Big Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0047
Ngaruru Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0049
Bay Of Many Coves Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0050
Grants Lookout Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0052
Conservation Area - Big Bolton ZLP/MB-0053
Rocks Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0054
Six Mile Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0055
Boundary Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0056
Wakaretu Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0057
Ruakaka Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0058
Howdens Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0059
Blumine Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0060
Mount Oliver Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0061
Kumutoto Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0062
Ruaomoko Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0063
Scenic Reserve - Wairau River Wash Bridge ZLP/MB-0064 YES YES
Lochmara Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0065
Mahakipawa Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0066
Scenic Reserve - Kaiuma Saddle ZLP/MB-0067
Tom Shand Scientific Reserve ZLP/MB-0068
Kenny Isle Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0069
Waimaru Recreation & Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0070
Conservation Area - Tinline ZLP/MB-0071
Kahikatea Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0072 YES YES
Chetwode Island Nature Reserve ZLP/MB-0074
Conservation Area - Lucky Point, Cloudy Bay ZLP/MB-0077
Momorangi Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0078
Scenic Reserve - Tinline ZLP/MB-0079
Conservation Area - Wairau Diversion Mouth ZLP/MB-0080 YES YES
Bobs Knob Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0082
Brooklyn Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0083
Toenga Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0084
Wedge Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0085
Mount Freeth Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0086
Puzzle Peak Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0087
Blackwood Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0088
Kaiuma Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0089
Conservation Area - Symonds Bay ZLP/MB-0090
Victoria Recreation Reserve - Picton ZLP/MB-0091 YES YES
Havelock Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0092
Boulder Bank Site Historic Reserve ZLP/MB-0093
Conservation Area - Waikakaho Walkway ZLP/MB-0094
Cape Lambert Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0096
Yncyca Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0097
Endeavour Inlet Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0098
Wharehunga Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0099
Jacobs Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0100
Conservation Area - Mt Kiwi ZLP/MB-0101
Conservation Area -Taipare Bay ZLP/MB-0102
Lake Elterwater Wildlife Refuge ZLP/MB-0103 YES YES
Resolution Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0105
Takapourewa Nature Reserve ZLP/MB-0106
Nydia Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0107
Katoa Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0108
Picton Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0109
Putanui Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0110
Torea Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0111
Scenic Reserve - Melville Cove ZLP/MB-0112
Stafford Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0113
Long Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0114
Mistletoe Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0115
Bulwer Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0116
Pickersgill Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0117
Golden Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0118 YES YES
Goodwin Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0119
Elie Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0121
Scenic Reserve - Sweets Stream ZLP/MB-0122
Ferndale Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0126
Aorangi Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0127
Pelorus Bridge Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0128 YES YES
Pari Kawau Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0130
Weka Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0131
Four Fathom Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0133
Edgecombe Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0134
Tipi Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0135
Tuna Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0136
Odlins Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0137
Henry Brown Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0138
Whenuanui Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0139
Tawaroa Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0140
John Chaytor Family Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0141
Motuara Island Scenic & Historic Reserve ZLP/MB-0144
Cullen Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0146
Conservation Area - Flaxbourne River ZLP/MB-0147
Wakaterepapanui Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0151
Faunistic Reserve - Lake Chalice ZLP/MB-0153 YES YES
Marfells Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0158 YES YES
Conservation Area - Wairau Diversion mouth ZLP/MB-0159 YES YES
Conservation Area - Port Underwood ZLP/MB-0160
Tarakaipa Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0166
Dieffenbach Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0167
Camp Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0169
Conservation Area - Waima Hills ZLP/MB-0170
Conservation Area - Teme River ZLP/MB-0172
Malcolm's Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0173
Kaipupu Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0174
Portage Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0180
Onamalutu Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0181 YES YES
Tawhitinui Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0183
Titi Island Nature Reserve ZLP/MB-0185
Round Hill Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0186
Scenic Reserve - Kenepuru Sound ZLP/MB-0187
Conservation Area - Wairau Riverbed Kaituna ZLP/MB-0188
Waikawa Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0191
Pollard Park ZLP/MB-0192 YES YES
Otuhaereroa Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0194
Recreation Reserve - Hillersdon Domain ZLP/MB-0195
Cooper Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0196
Pipi Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0199
Recreation Reserve - Rarangi ZLP/MB-0201 YES YES
Conservation Area - Cat Creek Wairau Valley ZLP/MB-0202
Crail Bay Historic Reserve ZLP/MB-0203
Ronga Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0206
Conservation Area - Flemings Road Seddon ZLP/MB-0207
Allports Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0210
Otoromiro Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0212
Conservation Area - Onahau Bay ZLP/MB-0213
Conservation Area - Grassmere Beach ZLP/MB-0214
Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0218
French Pass Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0219
Conservation Area - Wairau Riverbed ZLP/MB-0221
Scenic Reserve - Twidles Island, Havelock ZLP/MB-0223
Waitaria Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/MB-0224
Rarangi Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0228 YES YES
Conservation Area - Pear Tree Flat Wakamarina ZLP/MB-0229
Conservation Area - Rarangi ZLP/MB-0234 YES YES
Conservation Area - Flaxmill Creek ZLP/MB-0236 YES YES
The Brothers Islands Wildlife Sanctuary ZLP/MB-0237
Taylor Dam Recreation Reserve ZLP/MB-0240 YES YES
Conservation Area - Riverbed Awatere River ZLP/MB-0244
Long Island - Kokomohua Marine Reserve ZLP/MB-0587
Duffers Reef Wildlife Sanctuary ZLP/MB-0588
Esplanade Reserve - Whangataura Bay ZLP/MB-0589
Conservation Area - Accretion Clova Bay ZLP/MB-0590
Perano Whaling Station Historic Reserve ZLP/MB-0591
Conservation Area - Picton Foreshore ZLP/MB-0592
Conservation Area - Accretion Camp Bay ZLP/MB-0593
Conservation Area - Reclaimed Admiralty Bay ZLP/MB-0594
Total Parks: 179 23 23
Mount Richmond Forest Park ZL-0062 YES YES
Ferny Gair Conservation Area ZL-0089
Glazebrook Conservation Area ZL-0090
Leatham River Conservation Area ZL-0096
Rainbow Run Conservation Area ZL-0111
D'Urville Island Scenic Reserve ZL-0121
Leatham Conservation Area ZL-0153 YES YES
Molesworth Regional Reserve ZL-0166 YES YES
Rainbow Conservation Area ZL-0189
Tennyson Inlet Scenic Reserve ZL-0220 YES YES
Robertson Range Scenic Reserve ZL-0384
Mount Stokes Scenic Reserve ZL-0385
Tapuae O Uenuku Scenic Reserve ZL-0386
Black Birch Scenic Reserve ZL-0387
Isolated Hill Scenic Reserve ZL-0388
Paradise Bay Scenic Reserve ZL-0389
Tapuae O Uenuku Scenic Reserve ZL-0390
Trio Islands Wildlife Sanctuary ZL-0391
Te Arowhenua Scenic Reserve ZL-0392
Chance Penguin & Fairy Bays Scenic Reserve ZL-0393
Kenepuru Sound Scenic Reserve ZL-0394
Tahuakai Scenic Reserve ZL-0395
Nydia Bay Scenic Reserve ZL-0396
Ship Cove Historical Reserve ZL-0397
Arapawa Island Scenic Reserve ZL-0398
Red Hills Conservation Area ZL-0399
Total POTA Parks: 26 4 4
SOTA Summit
Mount Dora ZL3/CB-168
Crimea Range (North) ZL3/CB-227
Sebastopol Ridge ZL3/CB-232
Mount Balfour ZL3/CB-398
ZL3/CB-447 ZL3/CB-447 YES YES
Tapuae-o-Uenuku ZL3/MB-001
Mitre Peak ZL3/MB-003
Mount Symons ZL3/MB-004
Mount Gladstone ZL3/MB-005
Inland Kaikoura Range ZL3/MB-007
Saint Bernard ZL3/MB-009
Mount Paske ZL3/MB-011
Mount Chittenden ZL3/MB-012
ZL3/MB-013 ZL3/MB-013
Dillon Cone ZL3/MB-014
ZL3/MB-015 ZL3/MB-015
Scotts Knob ZL3/MB-016
ZL3/MB-017 ZL3/MB-017
Raglan Range (North) ZL3/MB-018
Raglan Range (Mid) ZL3/MB-019
Turk Ridge ZL3/MB-020
ZL3/MB-021 ZL3/MB-021
ZL3/MB-022 ZL3/MB-022
ZL3/MB-023 ZL3/MB-023
Pinnacle ZL3/MB-024
Mount Weld ZL3/MB-025
Mount Iris ZL3/MB-026
ZL3/MB-027 ZL3/MB-027
Shingle Peak ZL3/MB-028
ZL3/MB-029 ZL3/MB-029
ZL3/MB-030 ZL3/MB-030
Mangerton Ridge (South) ZL3/MB-031
Saw Spur ZL3/MB-032
ZL3/MB-033 ZL3/MB-033
ZL3/MB-034 ZL3/MB-034
ZL3/MB-035 ZL3/MB-035
ZL3/MB-036 ZL3/MB-036
Blue Mountain ZL3/MB-037
Mangerton Ridge (North) ZL3/MB-038
Bounds ZL3/MB-039
Saxton ZL3/MB-040
ZL3/MB-041 ZL3/MB-041
ZL3/MB-042 ZL3/MB-042
Severn ZL3/MB-043
ZL3/MB-044 ZL3/MB-044
ZL3/MB-045 ZL3/MB-045
Boundary ZL3/MB-046
ZL3/MB-047 ZL3/MB-047
ZL3/MB-048 ZL3/MB-048
ZL3/MB-049 ZL3/MB-049
ZL3/MB-050 ZL3/MB-050
ZL3/MB-051 ZL3/MB-051
ZL3/MB-052 ZL3/MB-052
ZL3/MB-053 ZL3/MB-053
ZL3/MB-054 ZL3/MB-054
Turks Head ZL3/MB-055
ZL3/MB-056 ZL3/MB-056
ZL3/MB-057 ZL3/MB-057
Mount Balaclava ZL3/MB-058 YES YES
Barefell ZL3/MB-059
Boddington Range (High Point) ZL3/MB-060
ZL3/MB-061 ZL3/MB-061
ZL3/MB-062 ZL3/MB-062
ZL3/MB-063 ZL3/MB-063
ZL3/MB-064 ZL3/MB-064
Mount Giles ZL3/MB-065
ZL3/MB-066 ZL3/MB-066
Murphy ZL3/MB-067
ZL3/MB-068 ZL3/MB-068
Mount Lookout ZL3/MB-069
Rachel Range ZL3/MB-070
ZL3/MB-071 ZL3/MB-071
ZL3/MB-072 ZL3/MB-072
Mount Tarndale ZL3/MB-073
ZL3/MB-074 ZL3/MB-074
Barometer ZL3/MB-075
ZL3/MB-076 ZL3/MB-076
ZL3/MB-077 ZL3/MB-077
ZL3/MB-078 ZL3/MB-078
ZL3/MB-079 ZL3/MB-079
Mount Richmond ZL3/MB-080
ZL3/MB-081 ZL3/MB-081
Mount Tinline ZL3/MB-082
Mount Terako ZL3/MB-083 YES YES
Mount Rintoul ZL3/MB-084 YES YES
ZL3/MB-085 ZL3/MB-085
Glenlee North ZL3/MB-086
ZL3/MB-087 ZL3/MB-087 YES YES
The Pinnacles ZL3/MB-088
ZL3/MB-089 ZL3/MB-089 YES YES
ZL3/MB-090 ZL3/MB-090
ZL3/MB-091 ZL3/MB-091
ZL3/MB-092 ZL3/MB-092
Altimarloch ZL3/MB-093 YES YES
Mount Gordon ZL3/MB-094 YES YES
Ferny Gair ZL3/MB-095
Mount Patriarch ZL3/MB-096 YES YES
ZL3/MB-097 ZL3/MB-097
Mount Fishtail ZL3/MB-098
Mount Northampton ZL3/MB-099
Alma Peak ZL3/MB-100
Big Castle ZL3/MB-101
ZL3/MB-102 ZL3/MB-102
ZL3/MB-103 ZL3/MB-103
Mount Fell ZL3/MB-104
ZL3/MB-105 ZL3/MB-105 YES YES
ZL3/MB-106 ZL3/MB-106
Cloudy Range ZL3/MB-107
Beattie ZL3/MB-108
ZL3/MB-109 ZL3/MB-109
ZL3/MB-110 ZL3/MB-110
ZL3/MB-111 ZL3/MB-111
ZL3/MB-112 ZL3/MB-112
ZL3/MB-114 ZL3/MB-114
Mount Malingson ZL3/MB-115
ZL3/MB-117 ZL3/MB-117
Boddington Range (North) ZL3/MB-118
ZL3/MB-119 ZL3/MB-119
Mount Jackson ZL3/MB-120
ZL3/MB-121 ZL3/MB-121 YES YES
Mount Chisholm ZL3/MB-122
Mount Elliott ZL3/MB-123
Mount Grant ZL3/MB-124
Blairich ZL3/MB-125
Grass Knob ZL3/MB-126
Mount Edelweiss ZL3/MB-127 YES YES
Black Mount ZL3/MB-128
Mount Monro ZL3/MB-129
ZL3/MB-130 ZL3/MB-130
ZL3/MB-131 ZL3/MB-131
Jacks Brother ZL3/MB-132
ZL3/MB-133 ZL3/MB-133
ZL3/MB-134 ZL3/MB-134 YES YES
Mount Malvern ZL3/MB-135
ZL3/MB-136 ZL3/MB-136
ZL3/MB-137 ZL3/MB-137
ZL3/MB-138 ZL3/MB-138
ZL3/MB-139 ZL3/MB-139
ZL3/MB-140 ZL3/MB-140
ZL3/MB-141 ZL3/MB-141 YES YES
ZL3/MB-142 ZL3/MB-142
ZL3/MB-143 ZL3/MB-143
ZL3/MB-144 ZL3/MB-144
ZL3/MB-145 ZL3/MB-145
Stronvar ZL3/MB-146
Star Hill ZL3/MB-147
Mount Royal ZL3/MB-148
ZL3/MB-149 ZL3/MB-149
ZL3/MB-150 ZL3/MB-150
Mount Abrupt ZL3/MB-151
ZL3/MB-152 ZL3/MB-152
ZL3/MB-153 ZL3/MB-153
Mount Argelin ZL3/MB-154
ZL3/MB-155 ZL3/MB-155
Mount Baldy ZL3/MB-156
Mount Riley ZL3/MB-157
ZL3/MB-158 ZL3/MB-158
ZL3/MB-159 ZL3/MB-159
Rocky Gill ZL3/MB-160
ZL3/MB-161 ZL3/MB-161
Ben More ZL3/MB-162
Blue Mountain ZL3/MB-163
Mount Augarde ZL3/MB-164 YES YES
ZL3/MB-165 ZL3/MB-165
Reserve Hill ZL3/MB-166
Round Hill ZL3/MB-167
Saddle Hill ZL3/MB-168
Mount Stokes ZL3/MB-169 YES YES
ZL3/MB-170 ZL3/MB-170
ZL3/MB-171 ZL3/MB-171
ZL3/MB-172 ZL3/MB-172
ZL3/MB-173 ZL3/MB-173
ZL3/MB-174 ZL3/MB-174
Big Hill ZL3/MB-175
ZL3/MB-176 ZL3/MB-176
ZL3/MB-177 ZL3/MB-177
ZL3/MB-178 ZL3/MB-178
Brian Boru ZL3/MB-179
ZL3/MB-180 ZL3/MB-180
ZL3/MB-181 ZL3/MB-181
ZL3/MB-182 ZL3/MB-182
Chalk Range ZL3/MB-183
Peggioh ZL3/MB-184
ZL3/MB-185 ZL3/MB-185
Mount Cullen ZL3/MB-186
Benbown ZL3/MB-187
ZL3/MB-188 ZL3/MB-188
Isolated Hill ZL3/MB-189
Tokomaru/Mount Robertson ZL3/MB-190 YES YES
Mount Upcot ZL3/MB-191
ZL3/MB-192 ZL3/MB-192
ZL3/MB-193 ZL3/MB-193
ZL3/MB-194 ZL3/MB-194 YES YES
Mount Rutland ZL3/MB-195
ZL3/MB-196 ZL3/MB-196
ZL3/MB-197 ZL3/MB-197
ZL3/MB-198 ZL3/MB-198
ZL3/MB-200 ZL3/MB-200
Welds Hill ZL3/MB-201
ZL3/MB-202 ZL3/MB-202
ZL3/MB-203 ZL3/MB-203
Mount Stanley ZL3/MB-204
Piripiri ZL3/MB-205
ZL3/MB-207 ZL3/MB-207
ZL3/MB-208 ZL3/MB-208
Wether Hill ZL3/MB-209
Dukeshead ZL3/MB-210
Wards Peak ZL3/MB-211
Opouri Peak ZL3/MB-212
ZL3/MB-213 ZL3/MB-213
The Ned ZL3/MB-214 YES YES
Lookout Peak ZL3/MB-215
Little Bolton ZL3/MB-216
The Observatory ZL3/MB-217
Kahuroa Hill ZL3/MB-218
ZL3/MB-219 ZL3/MB-219
ZL3/MB-220 ZL3/MB-220
ZL3/MB-221 ZL3/MB-221
ZL3/MB-222 ZL3/MB-222
ZL3/MB-223 ZL3/MB-223
ZL3/MB-224 ZL3/MB-224
Grants Lookout ZL3/MB-225
Bull Range (North) ZL3/MB-226
Tahuakai ZL3/MB-227
Bull Range (Mid) ZL3/MB-228
ZL3/MB-229 ZL3/MB-229
ZL3/MB-230 ZL3/MB-230
ZL3/MB-231 ZL3/MB-231
ZL3/MB-232 ZL3/MB-232
ZL3/MB-233 ZL3/MB-233
Mount Furneaux ZL3/MB-234
ZL3/MB-235 ZL3/MB-235
ZL3/MB-236 ZL3/MB-236
ZL3/MB-237 ZL3/MB-237
ZL3/MB-238 ZL3/MB-238
Mount Ronga ZL3/MB-239
ZL3/MB-240 ZL3/MB-240
Benhopai ZL3/MB-241
ZL3/MB-242 ZL3/MB-242
ZL3/MB-243 ZL3/MB-243
ZL3/MB-244 ZL3/MB-244
Mount Shewell ZL3/MB-245
ZL3/MB-246 ZL3/MB-246
ZL3/MB-247 ZL3/MB-247
Water Hill ZL3/MB-248
Gibraltar Hill ZL3/MB-249
ZL3/MB-250 ZL3/MB-250
ZL3/MB-251 ZL3/MB-251
ZL3/MB-252 ZL3/MB-252
ZL3/MB-253 ZL3/MB-253
Takapōtaka/Attempt Hill ZL3/MB-254
Mount McLaren ZL3/MB-255
ZL3/MB-256 ZL3/MB-256
ZL3/MB-257 ZL3/MB-257
The Castles ZL3/MB-258
ZL3/MB-259 ZL3/MB-259
ZL3/MB-260 ZL3/MB-260
ZL3/MB-261 ZL3/MB-261
Mount Oliver ZL3/MB-262
Mount Woore ZL3/MB-263
Oterawhanga ZL3/MB-264
ZL3/MB-265 ZL3/MB-265
Turner Peak ZL3/MB-266
ZL3/MB-267 ZL3/MB-267
ZL3/MB-268 ZL3/MB-268
Mount Drew ZL3/MB-269
Tennyson ZL3/MB-270
ZL3/MB-271 ZL3/MB-271
ZL3/MB-272 ZL3/MB-272
Dumgree ZL3/MB-273
Kahikatea ZL3/MB-274 YES YES
ZL3/MB-275 ZL3/MB-275
ZL3/MB-276 ZL3/MB-276
ZL3/MB-277 ZL3/MB-277
Rahotia ZL3/MB-278
Bobs Peak ZL3/MB-279
ZL3/MB-280 ZL3/MB-280
ZL3/MB-281 ZL3/MB-281
ZL3/MB-282 ZL3/MB-282
ZL3/MB-283 ZL3/MB-283
Taraukawa ZL3/MB-284
Wells Peak ZL3/MB-285
ZL3/MB-286 ZL3/MB-286 YES YES
ZL3/MB-287 ZL3/MB-287
Kauauroa ZL3/MB-288
ZL3/MB-289 ZL3/MB-289
Mount Victoria ZL3/MB-290
Narawhia ZL3/MB-291
ZL3/MB-292 ZL3/MB-292
Onahau ZL3/MB-293
ZL3/MB-294 ZL3/MB-294
ZL3/MB-295 ZL3/MB-295
ZL3/MB-296 ZL3/MB-296
ZL3/MB-297 ZL3/MB-297
ZL3/MB-298 ZL3/MB-298
Askews Hill ZL3/MB-299
Spencer Point ZL3/MB-300
ZL3/MB-301 ZL3/MB-301
ZL3/MB-302 ZL3/MB-302
ZL3/MB-303 ZL3/MB-303
Orr Hill ZL3/MB-304
ZL3/MB-305 ZL3/MB-305
Arapawa ZL3/MB-306
Mt Cawte ZL3/MB-307
ZL3/MB-308 ZL3/MB-308
Eatwells Lookout ZL3/MB-309
Dog Hill ZL3/MB-310
ZL3/MB-311 ZL3/MB-311
ZL3/MB-312 ZL3/MB-312
ZL3/MB-313 ZL3/MB-313
ZL3/MB-314 ZL3/MB-314 YES YES
ZL3/MB-315 ZL3/MB-315
ZL3/MB-316 ZL3/MB-316
Cape Koamaru ZL3/MB-317
ZL3/MB-318 ZL3/MB-318
ZL3/MB-319 ZL3/MB-319
ZL3/MB-320 ZL3/MB-320 YES YES
ZL3/MB-321 ZL3/MB-321 YES YES
ZL3/MB-322 ZL3/MB-322
ZL3/MB-323 ZL3/MB-323
ZL3/MB-324 ZL3/MB-324
Cliff Peaks ZL3/MB-325
Kaitapeha ZL3/MB-326
ZL3/MB-327 ZL3/MB-327
Tower Ridge ZL3/MB-328
ZL3/MB-329 ZL3/MB-329
Maud Island (Te Hoiere) ZL3/MB-330
Weld Cone ZL3/MB-331
ZL3/MB-332 ZL3/MB-332
Forsyth Island (Te Paruparu) ZL3/MB-334
Limestone Ridge ZL3/MB-335
ZL3/MB-336 ZL3/MB-336
London Hill ZL3/MB-337
ZL3/MB-338 ZL3/MB-338
Hollow Top ZL3/MB-339
Rocks ZL3/MB-340
Alligator Head ZL3/MB-341
Blumine Island (Oruawairua) ZL3/MB-342
ZL3/MB-343 ZL3/MB-343
Stephens Island (Takapourewa) ZL3/MB-344
ZL3/MB-345 ZL3/MB-345
Nukuwaiata Island (West) ZL3/MB-346
ZL3/MB-347 ZL3/MB-347
Nukuwaiata Island (East) ZL3/MB-348
Tapapa Point ZL3/MB-349
Whakatari ZL3/MB-350
Tinui Island ZL3/MB-351
Matapara / Pickersgill Island ZL3/MB-352
Te Kakaho Island ZL3/MB-353
Kaiaho Point ZL3/MB-354 YES
Long Island ZL3/MB-355
ZL3/MB-356 ZL3/MB-356
ZL3/MB-357 ZL3/MB-357
Mount McKay ZL3/TM-003
Cotterell Peak ZL3/TM-024
ZL3/TM-032 ZL3/TM-032
ZL3/TM-069 ZL3/TM-069 YES YES
Hacket Peaks ZL3/TM-099
ZL3/TM-147 ZL3/TM-147 YES
North Castor Peak ZL3/TM-218
ZL3/TM-263 ZL3/TM-263
Total SOTA Summits: 361 27 25
Mount Richmond Forest Park ZLFF-0055 YES YES
D'Urville Island Scenic Reserve ZLFF-0115
Ferny Gair Conservation Area ZLFF-0122
Glazebrook Conservation Area ZLFF-0123
Leatham Conservation Area ZLFF-0145 YES YES
Leatham River Conservation Area ZLFF-0146
Molesworth Recreation Reserve ZLFF-0163 YES YES
Rainbow Conservation Area ZLFF-0187
Rainbow Run Conservation Area ZLFF-0188
Tennyson Inlet Scenic Reserve ZLFF-0209
Total WWFF Parks: 10 3 3