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Lake ZLL/0001 Abel Lake WC Lake on west side of Main Divide, feeding into the Perth River
Lake ZLL/0002 Acheron Lakes SL For the two small lakes in the headwaters of the Upukerora River (midway between the lakes)
Lake ZLL/0003 Acland Lagoon CB Feature shown on: NZMS260 H37 Edition 1 1994
Lake ZLL/0004 Adelaide Tarn TM Tarn in the Douglas Range, 500m east of the peak, "Trident", at the head of the Clark River.
Lake ZLL/0005 Albatross Tarns Group of tarns on north side of Southeast Harbour, Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku.
Lake ZLL/0006 Albert Lake CB Small man made lake, east of Lake Victoria in North Hagley Park, Christchurch
Lake ZLL/0007 Alga Lakes
Numerous small lakes found on Mawson Oasis.
Lake ZLL/0008 Algal Lake
A small, roughly circular meltwater lake about midway between Skua Lake and Island Lake on Cape Evans, Ross Island.
Lake ZLL/0009 Alph Lake
Permanently ice covered lake surrounded by steep ice-covered moraine slope.
Lake ZLL/0010 Alpine Lake/Ata Puai WC Feature shown on: NZMS260-H35 777650; NZTopo50-BW15 677033;
Lake ZLL/0011 Alum Lake WK
Feature shown on: NZMS260 U17 Edition 1 1982 Limited Revision 1996
Lake ZLL/0012 Amberley Beach Lagoon CB A wetland area, probably containing more water in former years, situated at northern end of Amberley Beach, 1/2km north of Amberley Beach locality.
Lake ZLL/0013 Anvil Pond
A freshwater frozen pond 1.3km to the W of Healy Trough in the Labyrinth of Wright Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys.
Lake ZLL/0014 Aorangi Lagoon WC Feature shown on: NZMS260 H34
Lake ZLL/0015 Arethusa Pool OT Feature shown on: NZMS260 F39 Edition 1 1993 Reprinted 1995, NZTopo50-CA12 890592
Lake ZLL/0016 Argyle Pond MB
Feature shown on: NZMS260 N29 Edition 1 1984 Limited Revision 1996
Lake ZLL/0017 Ariels Tarns WC Feature shown on: NZMS260 K33 Edition 1 1989 Limited Revision 1997
Lake ZLL/0018 Arohaki Lagoon BP A very small lake/pond located on the left bank of Waiatui Stream, and immediately south-east of Pukehinau (hill), and within the Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tāne Conservation Park. Feature shown on: NZMS260 V18 Edition 1 1987 Reprinted 1994; NZTopo50 BG38-Wairapukao, GR 185 123.
Lake ZLL/0019 Ashworths Ponds CB
Ponds 2-3 kms south of Leithfield Beach. Situated in the sand dunes north of Ashworths spit, the 3 ponds level fluctuates with seasonal changes and sand encroachment.
Lake ZLL/0020 Astelia Lake SL Lake on Secretary Island, approximately 2.5km north-northeast of All Round Peak.