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Stats for callsign
ID Name
AA1 Auckland

Place Code Activated Chased
Mt Whekauwhekau ZL1/HAK-001
NoName ZL1/HAK-002
Coopers Castle ZL1/HAK-003
NoName ZL1/HAK-004
Ruaotuwhenua ZL1/HAK-005
The Hogs Back ZL1/HAK-006
NoName ZL1/HAK-007
Repeater Road (high point) ZL1/HAK-008
Rodney Road (high point) ZL1/HAK-009
Nihotupu Ridge ZL1/HAK-010
NoName ZL1/HAK-011
NoName ZL1/HAK-012
The Dome ZL1/HAK-013
NoName ZL1/HAK-014
Opaheke ZL1/HAK-015
NoName ZL1/HAK-016
NoName ZL1/HAK-017
Kraack Hill ZL1/HAK-018
NoName ZL1/HAK-019
Airstrip ZL1/HAK-020
Trig A9JJ ZL1/HAK-021
One Tree Hill ZL1/HAK-022
Jonkers Road (high point) ZL1/HAK-023
NoName ZL1/HAK-024
Wilson Road (high point) ZL1/HAK-025
Riteakawarau ZL1/HAK-026
Mt Harriet ZL1/HAK-027
Clements Hill ZL1/HAK-028
NoName ZL1/HAK-029
Kopuhanui ZL1/HAK-030
Trig 1331 ZL1/HAK-031
Tuhirangi ZL1/HAK-032
NoName ZL1/HAK-033
Trig B2KA ZL1/HAK-034
NoName ZL1/HAK-035
Trig DMNQ ZL1/HAK-036
NoName ZL1/HAK-037
Kiwitahi Road (high point) ZL1/HAK-038
Kaipara South Head (high point) ZL1/HAK-039
Waiwera (high point) ZL1/HAK-040
NoName ZL1/HAK-041
Mt Taylor ZL1/HAK-042
Mahurangi West (high point) ZL1/HAK-043
NoName ZL1/HAK-044
NoName ZL1/HAK-045
Pakihi (Sandspit) Island ZL1/HAK-046
Nelson (Peter) Island ZL1/HAK-047
Motutapu Island ZL1/HAK-048
NoName ZL1/HAK-049
Motuhaku Island ZL1/HAK-050
False Head ZL1/HAK-051
Okokewa (Green) Island ZL1/HAK-052
Paratutae Island ZL1/HAK-053
Total HEMA Humps: 53 0 0
Kaiaraara Hut ZLH/AK-001
MT Heale Hut ZLH/AK-002
Ongaruanuku ZLH/AK-003
Total Huts: 3 0 0
Ahaaha Rocks ZLI/AK-001
Aiguilles Island ZLI/AK-002
Archway Island ZLI/AK-003
Atihau Island ZLI/AK-004
Awash Rock ZLI/AK-005
Bean Rocks ZLI/AK-006
Beehive Island (Taungamaro Island) ZLI/AK-007
Bird Islet ZLI/AK-008
Bird Rock ZLI/AK-009
Bird Rocks ZLI/AK-010
Brazier Rock ZLI/AK-011
Broken Islands (Pig Islands) ZLI/AK-012
Browns Island (Motukorea) ZLI/AK-013 YES YES
Burgess Island (Pokohinu) ZLI/AK-014
Casnell Island ZLI/AK-015
Challenger Island (Little Kawau Island) ZLI/AK-016
D'Urville Rocks ZLI/AK-018
Emu Rock ZLI/AK-019
Fanal Island (Motukino) ZLI/AK-020
Flax Islands ZLI/AK-021
Frenchmans Cap ZLI/AK-022
Grants Island ZLI/AK-025
Great Barrier Island (Aotea Island) ZLI/AK-026 YES YES
Grey Group Islands ZLI/AK-027
Groper Island (Tatapihi) ZLI/AK-028
Herald Island ZLI/AK-030
Hokoromea Island ZLI/AK-031
Horn Rock ZLI/AK-032
Horseshoe Island ZLI/AK-033
Ihumoana Island ZLI/AK-034
Junction Islands ZLI/AK-035
Kaikoura Island (Selwyn Island) ZLI/AK-036
Karamuramu Island ZLI/AK-037
Kauritutahi Island ZLI/AK-038
Kauwahaia Island ZLI/AK-039
Kawau Island ZLI/AK-040 YES YES
Keyhole Rock ZLI/AK-041
Koi Island ZLI/AK-042
Kotanui Island (Frenchmans Cap) ZLI/AK-043
Lion Rock ZLI/AK-044
Lion Rock ZLI/AK-045
Lion Rock ZLI/AK-046
Little Mahuki Island ZLI/AK-048
Little Markham Island ZLI/AK-049
Lizard Isle ZLI/AK-050
Lots Wife ZLI/AK-051
Mahuki Island (Anvil Island) ZLI/AK-052
Mahurangi Island ZLI/AK-053
Manukapua Island ZLI/AK-054
Maria Island ZLI/AK-055
Martello Rock (Ruakoura) ZLI/AK-056
Mayne Islands ZLI/AK-057
Mihi Rock ZLI/AK-058
Mokohinau Islands ZLI/AK-059
Motuhaku Island ZLI/AK-060
Motuhoropapa Island ZLI/AK-061
Motuihe Island / Te Motu-a-Ihenga ZLI/AK-064 YES YES
Motukaha Island ZLI/AK-066
Motukaraka Island ZLI/AK-067
Motuketekete Island ZLI/AK-068
Motukuru Island ZLI/AK-069
Motumānawa / Pollen Island ZLI/AK-070
Motuora Island ZLI/AK-071
Motupapa Island ZLI/AK-072
Moturako Island ZLI/AK-073
Moturekareka Island ZLI/AK-074
Moturemu Island ZLI/AK-075
Motutaiko Island ZLI/AK-076
Motutapu Island ZLI/AK-077
Motutara Island ZLI/AK-078
Motutara Island ZLI/AK-079
Nani Island ZLI/AK-080
Navire Rock ZLI/AK-081
Nelson Island (Peter Island) ZLI/AK-082
Ngarango Otainui Island ZLI/AK-083
Nun Rock ZLI/AK-085
Oaia Island ZLI/AK-086
Okokewa Island (Green Island) ZLI/AK-087
Opahekeheke Island ZLI/AK-088
Opakau Island ZLI/AK-089
Orarapa Island (The Haystack) ZLI/AK-090
Otamanewa Island ZLI/AK-091
Otata Island ZLI/AK-092
Oyster Island ZLI/AK-093
Pakatoa Island ZLI/AK-095
Pakihi Island ZLI/AK-096
Palmers Island ZLI/AK-097
Panetiki Island (The Outpost) ZLI/AK-099
Papakohatu Island (Crusoe Island) ZLI/AK-100
Papakuri Island ZLI/AK-101
Pararekau Island ZLI/AK-102
Paratahi Island ZLI/AK-103
Paratutae Island ZLI/AK-104
Pembles Island (Tangaroa) ZLI/AK-105
Pitokuku Island ZLI/AK-107
Ponui Island (Chamberlins Island) ZLI/AK-109
Pudding Island ZLI/AK-110
Puharakeke Island ZLI/AK-111
Puketutu Island ZLI/AK-112
Pyramid Rock ZLI/AK-113
Quoin Island (Graves Island) ZLI/AK-114
Rabbit Island ZLI/AK-115
Rabbit Island ZLI/AK-116
Rakino Island ZLI/AK-117 YES YES
Rakitu Island (Arid Island) ZLI/AK-118
Rangiahua Island (Flat Island) ZLI/AK-119
Rangitoto Island ZLI/AK-120 YES YES
Rock Island ZLI/AK-121
Rocky Islets ZLI/AK-122
Rotoroa Island ZLI/AK-123
Sandy Bay Island ZLI/AK-125
Shag Rock ZLI/AK-126
Shark Island ZLI/AK-127
Simpson Rock ZLI/AK-128
Slip Island ZLI/AK-129
South Island ZLI/AK-130
Sphinx Rocks ZLI/AK-131
Spray Rock ZLI/AK-132
Sugarloaf ZLI/AK-133
Taitomo Island ZLI/AK-134
Takangaroa Island ZLI/AK-135
Tarahiki Island (Shag Island) ZLI/AK-136
Te Haupa Island ZLI/AK-137
Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island ZLI/AK-138
Te Hāwere-a-Maki / Goat Island ZLI/AK-139
Te Motu-o-Marae-Ariki ZLI/AK-140
The Noises ZLI/AK-145
The Pigeons (Piroque Rocks) ZLI/AK-147
The Queen ZLI/AK-148
The Tor ZLI/AK-149
Three Sisters ZLI/AK-150
Tīpare Island ZLI/AK-151
Tiritiri Matangi Island ZLI/AK-152
Traherne Island ZLI/AK-153
Twins ZLI/AK-154
Wade Island ZLI/AK-155
Waiheke Island ZLI/AK-156 YES YES
Waikauri Island ZLI/AK-157
Watchman Island / Te Kākāwhakaara ZLI/AK-159
Whangara Island ZLI/AK-160
Wiroa Island ZLI/AK-162
Wooded Island ZLI/AK-163
Wood Island ZLI/AK-164
Woody Island ZLI/AK-165
Total Islands: 144 7 7
Cosseys Reservoir ZLL/0078 YES YES
Lake Karaka ZLL/0393
Lake Kawaupaka ZLL/0401
Lake Kereta ZLL/0402
Lake Kuwakatai ZLL/0423
Lake Ngakaru ZLL/0521
Lake Ōkaihau ZLL/0541
Lake Paekawau ZLL/0568
Lake Piripoua ZLL/0588
Lake Pokorua ZLL/0591
Lake Poutoa ZLL/0600
Lake Pupuke ZLL/0607 YES YES
Lake Rototoa ZLL/0691
Lake Waiataru ZLL/0796
Lake Wainamu ZLL/0812
Lake Whatihua ZLL/0841
Lower Huia Reservoir ZLL/0872
Lower Nihotupu Reservoir ZLL/0874 YES YES
Pēhiakura Lake ZLL/0958
Slipper Lake ZLL/1032
Spectacle Lake ZLL/1039
Tomarata Lake ZLL/1093 YES YES
Upper Huia Reservoir ZLL/1109 YES YES
Upper Nihotupu Reservoir ZLL/1112
Wairoa Reservoir ZLL/1127 YES YES
Waitākere Reservoir ZLL/1129 YES YES
Total Lakes: 26 7 7
Cape Rodney ZLB/019
Compass Dolphin ZLB/025
Coppermine Island ZLB/026
Helensville River Light ZLB/036
Iliomama Rock ZLB/040
Kawati Point (Thornton Light) ZLB/046
Kawau Flat Rock ZLB/047
Manukau Heads ZLB/048
Martello Rock / Dyson Light ZLB/049
Mokohinau (Burgess) Island ZLB/052
Passage Rock ZLB/062
Piha ZLB/065
Putiki Bay ZLB/073
Rangitoto ZLB/075
Sandspit Passage ZLB/076
Shelly Beach Light ZLB/079
Tiritiri Matangi Island ZLB/091
Tryphana Point ZLB/092
Bean Rocks ZLB/100
Total Lighthouses: 19 0 0
Aotea Conservation Park ZLP/AK-0001 YES YES
Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island Nature Reserve (Gift Area) ZLP/AK-0002
Rangitoto Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0003 YES YES
Motutapu Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0004
Hirakimata/Kaitoke Swamp Ecological area ZLP/AK-0005 YES YES
Papakanui Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0006
Whatipu Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0007
Harataonga Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0008
Scenic Reserve - Kaikoura Island ZLP/AK-0009
Okiwi Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0010
Wairahi Forest Sanctuary ZLP/AK-0011
Tryphena Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0012
Dome Forest Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0013
Mataitai Forest Conservation area ZLP/AK-0014
Rakitu Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0015
Okahukura Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0016
Tauhoa Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0017
Rototoa/Lake Rototoa Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0018
Hunua Falls Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0019 YES YES
Harataonga Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0020
Totara Peak Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0021
Omaha Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0022 YES YES
Whakatiri Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0023
Omaha Ecological Area ZLP/AK-0024 YES YES
Kaukapakapa Estuary Scient Reserve ZLP/AK-0025
Goldie Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0026
Oruawharo River Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0027
Tiritiri Matangi Island Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0028
Kawau Island Historic Reserve ZLP/AK-0029
Claris Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0030
Motuihe Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0031 YES YES
Sunnybrook Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0032
Parakai Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0033
Waihunga Moirs Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0034
Tauhoa Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0035
South Head Road Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0036
Okura Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0037
Nukumea Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0038
Mokohinau Islands Nature Reserve ZLP/AK-0039
Mataitai Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0040
Motutara Settlement Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0041
Scenic Reserve - Clevedon ZLP/AK-0042 YES YES
Historic Reserve - Otuataua Stonefields ZLP/AK-0043
Paremoremo Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0044
Motuora Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0045
Awhitu Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0046 YES YES
Pohuehue Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0048
Te Henga Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0049
Kotuku Point Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0050
Coatesville Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0051
Omaha Taniko Wetlands Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0052 YES YES
Scenic Reserve - Nukumea ZLP/AK-0054
Ototoa Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0055
Wairoa Gorge Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0056
Awakohukohu Creek Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0057
Te Morehu Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0059
Te Arai Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0060 YES YES
Te Matuku Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0061
Landels Bush-Papa Turoa Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0062
Point England (Kiano) Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0064 YES YES
Historic reserve (known as the Matukuturua Stonefields Historic Reserve) ZLP/AK-0065 YES YES
Burma Road Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0066
Omaumau River Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0067
Karioitahi Gap Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0068
Logues Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0069
Pakiri Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0070 YES YES
Albany Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0071
Stony Hill Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0072
Lake Pokorua Wildlife Refuge ZLP/AK-0074
Mangere Mountain - Historic Reserve ZLP/AK-0075 YES YES
Motu Manawa Pollen Island Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0077
Henderson Valley Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0078 YES YES
Lawries Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0080
Waiheke Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0082
Cochranes Gap Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0083
Puhoi Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0084 YES YES
Moturekareka Is Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0086
Hiki Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0087
Raventhorpe Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0090
Swanson Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0092 YES YES
Stony Batter Historic Reserve ZLP/AK-0093
Kaipatiki Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0094
Run Road Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0095
Waikopua Creek Conservation area ZLP/AK-0097 YES YES
Drury Creek Islands Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0098 YES YES
Richardson Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0099
Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0101
Stony Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0104
Duck Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0105
Awana Stream Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0106
Puhinui Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0107
Clevedon Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0110 YES YES
Centennial Park Recreation Reserve (located at Wellsford) ZLP/AK-0111
Shines Road Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0114
Remigers Bush Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0115 YES YES
Omaha Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0116 YES YES
Maketu Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/AK-0117
Spectacle Lake Rec. Reserve ZLP/AK-0119
Mahurangi Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0120
Lucas Creek Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0121
Burgess Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0124
Te Rau Puriri Regional Park ZLP/AK-0467 YES YES
Te Muri Regional Park ZLP/AK-0468 YES YES
Te Arai Regional Park ZLP/AK-0469 YES YES
Tawhitokino Regional Park ZLP/AK-0470 YES YES
Tawharanui Regional Park ZLP/AK-0471 YES YES
Tapapakanga Regional Park ZLP/AK-0472 YES YES
Shakespear Regional Park ZLP/AK-0473 YES YES
Scandrett Regional Park ZLP/AK-0474 YES YES
Pakiri Regional Park ZLP/AK-0475 YES YES
Orere Point Regional Park ZLP/AK-0476 YES YES
Waitakere Ranges Regional Park ZLP/AK-0477 YES YES
Omana Regional Park ZLP/AK-0478 YES YES
Hunua Regional Park ZLP/AK-0479 YES YES
Mount Smart Regional Park ZLP/AK-0480 YES YES
Glenfern Sanctuary Regional Park ZLP/AK-0481
Mahurangi Regional Park ZLP/AK-0482 YES YES
Mutukaroa Regional Park ZLP/AK-0483 YES YES
Long Bay Regional Park ZLP/AK-0484 YES YES
Muriwai Regional Park ZLP/AK-0485 YES YES
Duder Regional Park ZLP/AK-0486 YES YES
Awhitu Regional Park ZLP/AK-0487 YES YES
Motukorea Regional Park ZLP/AK-0488 YES YES
Waitawa Regional Park ZLP/AK-0489 YES YES
Auckland Botanic Regional Park ZLP/AK-0490 YES YES
Wenderholm Regional Park ZLP/AK-0491 YES YES
Atiu Regional Park ZLP/AK-0492 YES YES
Ambury Regional Park ZLP/AK-0493 YES YES
Wenderholm Regional Park ZLP/AK-0494 YES YES
Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve ZLP/AK-0495
Te Matuku Marine Reserve ZLP/AK-0496
Cape Rodney-Okakari Point Marine Reserve ZLP/AK-0497
Motu Manawa-Pollen Island Marine Reserve ZLP/AK-0498
Tāwharanui Marine Reserve ZLP/AK-0499 YES YES
Puhinui Creek Wildlife Refuge ZLP/AK-0500 YES YES
Ti Tree Island Conservation Area ZLP/AK-0501
Waioneke Marginal Strip ZLP/AK-0502
Waiuku River Marginal Strip ZLP/AK-0503
Unnamed Local Purpose (Esplanade) Reserve - (Kawakawa Bay) ZLP/AK-0504
Ken Maunder Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0505
Waiau Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/AK-0506
Beehive Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0507
Hargreaves Basin Marginal Strp ZLP/AK-0508
Papepape Marginal Strip ZLP/AK-0509
Avondale Stream Marginal Strip ZLP/AK-0510
Local Purpose (Esplanade) Reserve - Whau River ZLP/AK-0511
Wattle Downs Local Purpose Esplanade Reserve ZLP/AK-0512 YES YES
Sandy Bay Local Purpose-Community Buildings-Reserve ZLP/AK-0513
Seabed - Jolyn Place ZLP/AK-0514 YES YES
Tamaki Bay Drive Local Purpose Esplanade Reserve ZLP/AK-0516 YES YES
Unnamed Recreation Reserve - (Kawakawa Bay) ZLP/AK-0517
Crows Park ZLP/AK-0518
Brick Bay - Puriri Place Reserve ZLP/AK-0520
Harbourview / Orangihina ZLP/AK-0521
A F Thomas Park ZLP/AK-0522
Rautawhiri Park ZLP/AK-0523
Wellsform Centennial Park ZLP/AK-0524
Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill ZLP/AK-0525 YES YES
Mount Wellington War Memorial Reserve ZLP/AK-0526 YES YES
Orewa Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0527
Otuataua Stonefields Reserve ZLP/AK-0528
Glendhu Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0529
Monte Cecilia Park ZLP/AK-0530 YES YES
Cascade Walkway ZLP/AK-0532 YES YES
Hamlins Hill Regional Park ZLP/AK-0536 YES YES
Te Henga Park ZLP/AK-0537
Thomas Bloodworth Park ZLP/AK-0538 YES YES
Te Henga Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0539
Waiwera Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0540
Muriwai Beach Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0541
Coulthards Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0542
Constellation Reserve ZLP/AK-0543
Auckland Domain ZLP/AK-0544 YES YES
Churchill Park ZLP/AK-0545 YES YES
Goodall Reserve ZLP/AK-0546
Kereru Reserve ZLP/AK-0547
Moire Park ZLP/AK-0548
Kauri Reserve ZLP/AK-0549 YES YES
Rosedale Park ZLP/AK-0550
Martins Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0552
Whenua Rangatira / Orakei Domain ZLP/AK-0553 YES YES
Le Roys Bush Reserve ZLP/AK-0554
Alison Park ZLP/AK-0556
Preston Road Reserve ZLP/AK-0557 YES YES
Rongomai Park ZLP/AK-0558 YES YES
Mangere Centre Park ZLP/AK-0559 YES YES
Walkworth Showgrounds ZLP/AK-0560
West Harbour Esplanade ZLP/AK-0561
Totara Park ZLP/AK-0562 YES YES
Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve ZLP/AK-0563 YES YES
Musick Point Esplanade Reserve ZLP/AK-0564 YES YES
Meola Reef Reserve ZLP/AK-0565
Highbrook Drive Reserve ZLP/AK-0566 YES YES
Tiringi Matangi Island Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0567
Burnside Escarpment ZLP/AK-0568
Lady Phoenix Reserve ZLP/AK-0569
Burswood Esplanade Reserve ZLP/AK-0571 YES YES
Hampton Park ZLP/AK-0572 YES YES
Ngati Otara Park ZLP/AK-0574 YES YES
Seaside Park ZLP/AK-0575
Blockhouse Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0576
Otahuhu / Mount Richmond ZLP/AK-0577 YES YES
Waikaraka Park ZLP/AK-0578 YES YES
Witheford Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0579
Okahukura Stewardship Area ZLP/AK-0580
Kariotahi Reserve ZLP/AK-0581
Wainoni Park ZLP/AK-0582
Opanuku Stream Reserve ZLP/AK-0583 YES YES
Murphys Bush Reserve ZLP/AK-0584 YES YES
Kauri Point Reserve / Carnoustie Drive Foreshore / St Annes Foreshore ZLP/AK-0585 YES YES
Wattle Farm Ponds Reserve / Volante Park ZLP/AK-0586 YES YES
Salford Park ZLP/AK-0587 YES YES
Mountfort Park ZLP/AK-0588 YES YES
Eskdale Reserve ZLP/AK-0590
Huapai Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0591
Kawakawa-Orere Road Roserve ZLP/AK-0592
Sanders Reserve ZLP/AK-0593
Ohinerau / Mount Hobson ZLP/AK-0594
South Omaha Reserve ZLP/AK-0595 YES YES
Te Pane-o-Mataaho / Mangere Mountain ZLP/AK-0596 YES YES
Papatoetoe Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0598 YES YES
Colin Dale Park ZLP/AK-0599 YES YES
Matakawau Recreation and Plantation Reserve ZLP/AK-0600
Burma Road Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0602
Woodcocks Kaweka Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0605
Puni Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0606
Hiki Stream Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0607
Moturekaraka Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0608
Aerovista Place Resrve ZLP/AK-0609 YES YES
McElroy Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0610
Point England Reserve ZLP/AK-0612 YES YES
Spectacle Lake Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0613
Helensville A and P Showgrounds ZLP/AK-0614
War Memorial Park ZLP/AK-0615
Chelsea Estate Heritage Park ZLP/AK-0616
Captains Bush to Wairaki Stream Reserves ZLP/AK-0617
Omokoiti Marginal Strip ZLP/AK-0618
Pakiri Block Stewardship Area ZLP/AK-0619 YES YES
Albany Heights / Three Streams / Serenity Reserves ZLP/AK-0620
Grey Lynn Park ZLP/AK-0621 YES YES
Clevedon Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0622 YES YES
Oteha Valley Reserve / Hooton Reserve ZLP/AK-0623
Omaumau Scientific Reserve ZLP/AK-0624
Omeru Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0625
Sonja Reserve ZLP/AK-0626
Margaret Griffin Park ZLP/AK-0627 YES YES
Kauri Point Centenial Park ZLP/AK-0628
Tahinui Historical Reserve ZLP/AK-0629
Oruawharo River Stewardship Area ZLP/AK-0630
Craigavon Park ZLP/AK-0631
Otara Creek Reserve ZLP/AK-0632 YES YES
Macleans Park ZLP/AK-0633 YES YES
Maungawhau / Mount Eden ZLP/AK-0635 YES YES
Raventhorpe Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0636
Birkenhead War Memorial Park ZLP/AK-0638
Barry Curtis Park ZLP/AK-0639 YES YES
North Omaha Reserve ZLP/AK-0640 YES YES
Puhinui Reserve ZLP/AK-0641
Maungauika / North Head ZLP/AK-0643
Kauri Glen Reserve ZLP/AK-0644
Rangatira Reserve ZLP/AK-0645
Atuanui Forest Recreation Area ZLP/AK-0646
Taipari Strand ZLP/AK-0648
Keith Hay Park ZLP/AK-0649 YES YES
Kopupaka Reserve ZLP/AK-0650
McLennan Park ZLP/AK-0651 YES YES
Clevedon Showgrounds Reserve ZLP/AK-0652 YES YES
Te Puru Park ZLP/AK-0653 YES YES
Lloyd Elsmore Park ZLP/AK-0654 YES YES
Centennial Park ZLP/AK-0656
Fernhill Escarpment ZLP/AK-0657
Henderson Valley Park ZLP/AK-0658 YES YES
Hosking Reserve ZLP/AK-0659
Paremoremo Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0660
Lendenfield Reserve / Beaufort Reserve ZLP/AK-0661 YES YES
Walter Massey Park ZLP/AK-0663
Okahukura Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0664
Seibel Scenic Rserve ZLP/AK-0665 YES YES
Shepherds Park ZLP/AK-0666
Point View Reserve ZLP/AK-0667 YES YES
Manakau Sports Bowl ZLP/AK-0668 YES YES
Parrs Park ZLP/AK-0669 YES YES
Ngahue Reserve ZLP/AK-0670 YES YES
Paremuka Lakeside ZLP/AK-0671 YES YES
Owens Green ZLP/AK-0672 YES YES
Waitoru Reserve ZLP/AK-0673
Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve ZLP/AK-0674
Waiatarua Resrve ZLP/AK-0675 YES YES
Kaipatiki ZLP/AK-0676
Gittos Domain ZLP/AK-0677
Maungarei / Mount Wellington ZLP/AK-0678 YES YES
Hunua Domain Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0679 YES YES
Colin Maiden Park ZLP/AK-0680 YES YES
Portage Road Reserve ZLP/AK-0682 YES YES
Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park Domain ZLP/AK-0684 YES YES
Clarks Beach Recreation Reserve ZLP/AK-0685
Victor Eaves Park ZLP/AK-0686
Kahuora Park ZLP/AK-0687 YES YES
Rahui Kahika Reserve ZLP/AK-0688
Fowlds Park ZLP/AK-0690 YES YES
Colin Lawrie Fields ZLP/AK-0691
Aorere Park ZLP/AK-0692
Karaka Recreation Rserve ZLP/AK-0693
Silverdale War Memorial Park ZLP/AK-0694
Bledisloe Park ZLP/AK-0695
Kepa Bush Reserve ZLP/AK-0696 YES YES
Mangamangaroa Reserve ZLP/AK-0697 YES YES
Western Springs Lakeside ZLP/AK-0698 YES YES
Glenbrook Foreshore Esplanade Reserve ZLP/AK-0701
Run Road Stewardship Area ZLP/AK-0702
Pitt Avenue Foreshore ZLP/AK-0703 YES YES
Kauri Park ZLP/AK-0704
Radonich Park ZLP/AK-0705 YES YES
Cornwall Park ZLP/AK-0706 YES YES
Hayman Park ZLP/AK-0707 YES YES
Whakatiwai Regional Park ZLP/AK-0708 YES YES
Whakanewha Regional Park ZLP/AK-0709 YES YES
Waharau Regional Park ZLP/WK-1841 YES YES
Total Parks: 318 130 130
Ambury Regional Park NZ-0001 YES YES
Atiu Regional Park NZ-0002 YES YES
Auckland Botanic Regional Park NZ-0003 YES YES
Awhitu Regional Park NZ-0004 YES YES
Duder Regional Park NZ-0005 YES YES
Glenfern Sanctuary Regional Park NZ-0006
Hunua Regional Park NZ-0007 YES YES
Long Bay Regional Park NZ-0008 YES YES
Mahurangi Regional Park NZ-0009 YES YES
Mount Smart Regional Park NZ-0010 YES YES
Muriwai Regional Park NZ-0011 YES YES
Motukorea Regional Park NZ-0012 YES YES
Mutukaroa Regional Park NZ-0013 YES YES
Omana Regional Park NZ-0014 YES YES
Orere Point Regional Park NZ-0015 YES YES
Pakiri Regional Park NZ-0016 YES YES
Scandrett Regional Park NZ-0017 YES YES
Shakespear Regional Park NZ-0018 YES YES
Tapapakanga Regional Park NZ-0019 YES YES
Tawharanui Regional Park NZ-0020 YES YES
Tawhitokino Regional Park NZ-0021 YES YES
Te Arai Regional Park NZ-0022 YES YES
Te Muri Regional Park NZ-0023 YES YES
Te Rau Puriri Regional Park NZ-0024 YES YES
Waitakere Ranges Regional Park NZ-0026 YES YES
Waitawa Regional Park NZ-0027 YES YES
Wenderholm Regional Park NZ-0028 YES YES
Whakanewha Regional Park NZ-0029 YES YES
Aotea Conservation Park NZ-0073 YES YES
Music Point Esplanade Reserve NZ-0241 YES YES
Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island Nature Reserve NZ-0295
Rangitoto Island Scenic Reserve NZ-0296 YES YES
Motutapu Island Recreation Reserve NZ-0297
Hirakimata/Kaitoke Swamp Ecological Area NZ-0298
Papakanui Conservation Area NZ-0299
Tiritiri Matangi Island Scientific Reserve NZ-0616
Total POTA Parks: 36 30 30
SOTA Summit
Mount Hauturu ZL1/AK-001
Mount Hobson ZL1/AK-002 YES YES
Tataweka ZL1/AK-003
Te Toiokawharu ZL1/AK-004 YES YES
Tamahunga ZL1/AK-005 YES YES
St Paul ZL1/AK-006
Te Ahumata ZL1/AK-007 YES YES
Ruahine ZL1/AK-008
Windy Hill ZL1/AK-009
Mataikokako ZL1/AK-010
Moir Hill ZL1/AK-011 YES YES
Whangaparapara ZL1/AK-012
Atuanui / Mount Auckland ZL1/AK-013 YES YES
Manukau Heads ZL1/AK-014 YES YES
ZL1/AK-015 ZL1/AK-015
Rangitoto ZL1/AK-016 YES YES
Kikitangeo ZL1/AK-017
ZL1/AK-018 ZL1/AK-018 YES YES
ZL1/AK-019 ZL1/AK-019 YES YES
Maunganui ZL1/AK-020 YES YES
Rakitu Island (South) ZL1/AK-021
Rakitu Island (North) ZL1/AK-022
Maungawhau / Mount Eden ZL1/AK-023 YES YES
Mitre Peak ZL1/AK-024 YES YES
Grey Heights ZL1/AK-025 YES YES
Ponui ZL1/AK-026 YES YES
Pukekohe Hill ZL1/AK-027 YES YES
Puketutu ZL1/WK-158 YES YES
ZL1/WK-181 ZL1/WK-181
Total SOTA Summits: 29 17 17
Aotea Conservation Park ZLFF-0078
Total WWFF Parks: 1 0 0